Thank you Daddy – Part 2


Thank you Daddy – Part 2Tom pulled the car in next to the cabin.“You go and shower,” he said, “l’ll make you a nice hot chocolate and take it through to the bedroom.”Tom watched her as she got out of the car, her tits bobbing as she trotted into the cabin.“Warmed up now,” he said as Ella entered the bedroom looking fresh and pink from a hot shower. He pulled back the quilt so that she could slip into the bed alongside him. Ella snuggled up alongside him. “Mmmmm, that’s nice Daddy,” she said, snuggling against his warm body, her hand went to his cock, pleased to find him rock hard. “Mmmmm, is this for me too?” She said, resting her head on his chest, kissing his nipple before biting it gently. “Was l good Daddy, it was so exciting, l wanted to be good for you, is that the sort of thing you want me to do.” She slid down the bed, resting her head on his tummy, the tip of his cock resting against her lips, she kissed it. “Do you want to fuck me now Daddy?”“In a minute,” he replied, caressing the back of her neck. “You were good baby,” he said, “but that was just a taster to begin with, it was good though, at least there were a few there, l was pretty sure there would be, it was Edna’s regular night and she is quite well known now, fellas come from miles away to shag her.”“I’m surprised an old woman like her gets so much interest,” she said, her lips brushing against his cock as she spoke, her hand around his shaft feeling him throbbing, she smiled as the deep purple head expanded and contracted with each pulse.“It’s a fantasy for some fellas,” he said, “fucking your mother, or in some cases your grandmother, it turns a lot of men on.”“Did you ever want to fuck Grandma Daddy?” She asked, flicking her tongue into the eye of his cock, feeling him shifting position, his cock pulsing hard in response.Tom was silent, in his mind he was remembering those times.Ella twisted her head round to look up at him, seeing the expression on his face. “You did didn’t you,” she said, suddenly getting up on her knees then straddling him, sitting on his tummy, his hard cock resting against her back. “Come on, tell me, you did didn’t you, you fucked Grandma….oh god Daddy that is so sexy, to think that Grandma let you fuck her, she’s always so sweet and innocent, she’s lovely but l never ever could have imagined her doing that, when did it start, were you a virgin, did she seduce you? Oh come on Daddy, tell me, this is so erotic,” she reached behind her back, taking hold of his cock, stroking it gently. “To think Grandma had this up her pussy, oh, what was it like Daddy, was it special like it feels special when you fuck me, do you still fuck her now, oh god Daddy, is that why you go to see her on your own sometimes, so you can fuck her, oh Daddy, tell me,”. She bounced up and down on his tummy, her tits swinging above his face. “You have to tell me Daddy, oh can l come with you next time, l’d love to see you fucking her, tell me, come on, tell me.”“Okay, l’ll tell you,” he sighed, “but you have to stop squeezing my cock or l’m going to shoot my load.”“Sorry Daddy,” she said, releasing him, “shall l put him inside me?” “Not if you want me to tell you about Grandma,” he smiled, “once he gets in your cunt l’m going to have to fuck you, you’ll have to wait, here,” he said, patting the bed beside him, “come and sit beside me and drink your chocolate.”Ella shuffled up beside him, Tom put his arm around her, cupping her breast, rolling his thumb gently over her nipple as she sipped her chocolate.“It all really started by accident,” he said, “l mean l knew she was an attractive woman but l never had any thoughts about her in that way.”“She’s still a good looking woman now,” Ella said.“Yes, she is,” he said, “anyway, l was se******n, l had just started to learn the pleasures of masturbation, l hadn’t started long before and l was at the stage where l was wanking at every opportunity.”“I know the feeling,” Ella laughed, “the first time l frigged myself off l couldn’t believe how good it felt, l was doing it any chance l could, even on the bus coming home from school.”“Well, l’d found an old magazine,” he continued, “it had pictures of people in nudist camps, it sounds daft now but it only showed tits, all the cunts had been smudged out, so at that stage l didn’t know what a real cunt looked like.”“Here’s mine Daddy,” Ella giggled, parting her legs, “but you see mine every day now.”Tom smiled, turning and kissing the top of her head, Ella snuggled in closer in response.“Anyway,” he said, “l was in my bedroom wanking, Mum didn’t even know l was in the house, she had just done the washing and was bringing my clean underwear into the bedroom. She came straight in, catching me stood in front of the mirror, my trousers and pants round my ankles, wanking.”“Did she get on her knees and suck you off,” Ella laughed, “l would have.”“Yes well she wasn’t a slut like you,” he laughed, tweaking her nipple. “I just panicked, grabbed my clothes and tried to cover up.”“What did Grandma do?”“She just threw my laundry on the bed and walked out,” he said, “when l finally plucked up the courage to go into the kitchen where she was, she never mentioned it.”“I bet her pussy was creaming though,” Ella said, “did Grandad have a big cock like you?”“Much later she told me he was big but not as big as me,” Tom said.“He’d have to be a horse to be bigger than you,” Ella laughed. “When did you start fucking her then?”“Well, after that l kept having dreams where she walked in when l was wanking and she would take hold of my cock and wank me. I woke up one night and l’d had a huge wet dream, there was cum all over my sheet, l didn’t know what to do, in the end l just left it, god knows what l thought was going to happen, l was only se******n, l didn’t have a clue. Then, when l went to get back into bed the next night, there was a big stain on my sheet and it had dried all crusty.”Ella burst out laughing. “Oh Daddy, you poor thing, did you sleep on it?”“I had to,” he replied, “then, the next day, l went to school, when l got home l noticed that Mum had put fresh bedding on my bed, l didn’t know what to do. Then, later that evening, Dad had gone to the pub, l was in my bedroom, l started thinking about Mum finding my spunk stain on the sheet, l got excited and started wanking. I was just on the point of cumming, l had a vision in my head of my mother in her bathing costume, she’d worn it on holiday the previous year. I must have had my eyes closed, when l opened them Mum was stood in the doorway.”“Oh lovely,” Ella laughed. “What did you do?”“I went to cover myself but she stopped me, told me not to be ashamed of what l was doing that it was natural for young boys.”“Wow,” Ella said, “when did you fuck her?”“Oh not then,” he replied, “you have to remember, we lived in a small town, there was no internet in those days, sex was still a mystery to boys of my age, all we’d been told in school was that the man lay on top of a woman then nine months later she had a b**y.”“Really?” Ella laughed.“I know it sounds stupid but that’s the way it was,” he said.“So you were just sat there with your cock on show?”“I was just about to pull the quilt over me,” he replied, “but she sat on the bed, l couldn’t move it. She told me l should be proud of what l had, she even told me it was bigger than Dad’s. Then she asked me if l knew what it was for.”“Mmmmm, well you do now,” Ella said, putting down her mug and sliding down the bed, taking hold of his cock and kissing the tip.“I told her l didn’t understand a lot of things,” he said, “l told her that l had asked some older boys but they had just laughed at me. We started talking, she asked what l wanted to know, l said that l wanted to know what a girl looked like naked, l explained the pictures in my magazine. I don’t know if she realised what she was doing but as we talked, her hand rested on my cock.”“Mmmmmm, sounds suspiciously like she knew what she was doing,” Ella laughed.“I know, looking back on it now,” he said, “but at the time l was taken by surprise, but l was afraid to make a fuss, it felt so good to have her hand touching me, l didn’t want her to stop. Then she put her hand round my cock and started stroking it.”“Like this?” Ella said, taking a firm grip on his shaft and walking him slowly.“Not as hard as that,” Tom laughed, “but don’t stop.”“Get to the juicy bit Daddy,” she said, “did you fuck her then?”“You’re so impatient,” he laughed.“No Daddy,” she said, springing up and straddling his thighs, taking hold of his cock with both hands, “l want to fuck, let me put him inside, then you can tell me the rest.”“Go on then,” he smiled, “l won’t get any peace until you’ve got him up bahis şirketleri your cunt.”“Oh Daddy,” she giggled, “you know you shouldn’t talk to your daughter like that, it makes me go all wet.”After only a few seconds of manipulation, Tom was at full erection.“Oh l do love doing it like this,” she said, moving up over him, guiding him to the entrance of her vagina, then, in one movement lowering herself so that she was sitting on him, his full length nestled inside her. “Oh god Daddy, that is heavenly, aren’t l a clever girl to be able to take him like that?”“You’re a slut that’s what you are,” he said, reaching up and tweaking her nipples, feeling the immediate response of a flood of heat bathing his cock.Ella shuddered from head to toe. “Oh Daddy, that is so beautiful, l can’t believe Mummy doesn’t want this every day, l want it every minute, l wish l could spend all day with you inside me, that would be such fun.” She leaned forward, bending to kiss him. Tom grabbed her swinging breasts, digging his fingers into the soft flesh as her mouth came down on his, her tongue invading him hungrily as he twisted her breasts. Her cunt contracting on his cock, milking him.“You’re a witch,” he smiled up at her as she pulled away, smiling at him.“And you’re my stud Daddy,” she giggled, gyrating her hips. “Go on, tell me the rest.”Tom went on to tell her about that conversation he’d had with his mother, probably the weirdest conversation of his life. How she had absentmindedly stroked his cock as she told him how it was important for him to understand his role in sex, how he had to understand that the sheer size of him would cause problems in as much as girls would be afraid of him hurting them.“Mmmmmm, you can hurt me any time you want,” Ella giggled, bouncing on his cock.Tom went on to tell how he’d told his mother that he didn’t understand where about on a girl his penis had to go, he said he had watched horses mating but that he had been a good distance away and that it looked like the male horse was putting his cock into the bottom of the female.“Mmmmmmm, l wish,” Ella said, gyrating her hips, “maybe l can take him there one day.”“Slut!” Tom said, jerking his hips upward, smiling when Ella squealed in response.He carried on, telling how his mother had tried to explain about her vagina and how he had asked her if he could see hers.“Oh l bet that made her wet,” Ella giggled.“Well, by that time my cock was as hard as iron,” Tom said, “your Grandma said she would show me but that l must never tell anyone about what we were doing.”“Did she strip off completely?” Ella asked.“Not immediately,” Tom replied, “she stood up, put her hands under her skirt and pulled down her panties, then she just raised her skirt and showed me her hairy patch. I was fascinated by the dark triangle of hair, l didn’t realise then but she kept it trimmed into a neat shape, but l told her l still didn’t understand where my cock was supposed to go.”“I’m glad you worked it out Daddy,” she said, flexing her muscles to grip his cock.“Well she said she would sit on the bed and open her legs,” Tom said, “l asked her if she would show me her tits as well, l said l had only ever seen tits in a magazine, l had put my hand inside the top of a couple of girls in the cinema but never actually seen tits.”“I bet she had beautiful tits then,” Ella said, “l’ve seen her showering after swimming and they are still full now, but her cunt is smooth now Daddy.”“Yes, she did that after Grandad died because l said l preferred it,” he said.“I prefer being smooth,” Ella said, “it makes me look younger don’t you think?”“I think you’re beautiful,” he said, grabbing her and trying to turn her over and get on top of her.“Oh no you don’t,” she giggled, wriggling out of his grasp but still managing to stay impaled on his cock. “Finish the story, then you can fuck me,” she said.“I think she must have lost a bit of control,” Tom said, “because straight away she removed her dress and bra, suddenly she was naked in front of me. Then she laid on the bed and told me to explore her body.”“Oh god, that must have felt so good,” Ella said, “feeling her son’s hands roaming over her body.”“She told me where to touch her,” he said, “showed me how her nipples responded when l pinched them, just like these.” He reached up, pinching Ella’s nipples hard, feeling her cunt respond.“Mmmmm Daddy!” She sighed, “tell me the rest quickly, l want you to fuck me so badly.”“Well it sort of progressed from there,” he said, “she parted her legs and told me how to explore her cunt, how to open it up, how to locate her clitoris. She told me to look closely as she instructed me how to stimulate her clitoris. I ended up with my face close to her cunt, l could smell her.”“Did that put you off?” Ella said.‘Not at all,” Tom replied, “l fell in love with that smell, and when she told me how to stimulate her clit l suddenly saw moisture oozing from her. I don’t know what made me do it,” he said, “but l just had the urge to taste that moisture, l put my mouth over her cunt, she suddenly cried out, arching her back, she pressed my head against her as l felt a stream of liquid flowing from her cunt.”“God she must have been hot,” Ella said, “l love having my pussy eaten, my tutor eats me for ages, l have multiple orgasms. What did you do Daddy.”“I just stayed there,” he said, “it just tasted so good, l just lapped it up, l’ve been hooked on cunt juice ever since.”“Did you fuck her then?”“Well somehow she managed to swivel round on the bed,” he said, “because the next thing l knew, she was holding my cock and kissing it, l’d heard the older boys in school talking about girls who sucked cocks but l had never experienced it, then, when she slid her lips over the head of my cock, l couldn’t hold back, l just came.”“Wow, you mean in her mouth,” Ella said, jigging up and down on his cock, “your mother…Grandma…took your cum in her mouth.”“I just lost control,” Tom said, “l tried to stop, but l couldn’t. I tried to pull away but she held on to me, sliding her mouth down over me, l could feel her swallowing, feel her sucking me.”“Wow, that is so sexy,” Ella said. “Was that it then, you didn’t fuck her?”“Well, when l’d finished,” he said, “l didn’t know what to do, l said l was sorry but she told me not to be, that she had wanted it, she said it was necessary for me to get rid of my first orgasm so that when it came to fucking properly l would last longer. I couldn’t believe my mother was talking like that, plus, she had never let go of my cock and as she was talking to me, she kept playing with me, keeping me hard.”“Wow, I knew Grandma was a bit saucy, but never like that,” Ella giggled, “it must be every boy’s dream to have a mother like that. What happened next, god l’m so hot, tell me how you fucked her.”“She told me l had to learn how to do it properly with a girl,” Tom said. “She laid back on the bed and opened her legs, she told me how to get on top of her, then she guided my cock into her.”“How much did she take?”“I didn’t know what l was doing,” Tom said, “all l could feel was how good it felt, she was so slippery and hot, it felt like my cock was burning, l couldn’t resist it so l pushed myself all the way in.”“Oh Jesus!” Ella cried, “what, all the way, just like that, oh my god, that must have felt like heaven for Grandma.”“It frightened me because she cried out,” he said, “l thought l had hurt her, but when l tried to pull out she wrapped her legs round my waist and clamped me inside her. Then she started jerking herself up to meet me, telling me to fuck her. Her cunt felt so hot, l couldn’t think, l just wanted to ram myself into her and as l did she kept encouraging me, telling me to do it harder.”“Oh fucking Jesus, l can’t wait any longer,” Ella cried, rolling sideways, managing to enfold him between her thighs, she brought him with her so that she ended on her back, her father above her. “Fuck me Daddy,” she said, “just like you fucked Grandma, do it just like that, ram that beautiful cock up me.”Tom began to move slowly.“No Daddy,” she yelled, “not gentle, no Daddy…..just like you did with her, l want it like that.”“I don’t want to hurt you,” he said looking down at her, seeing the heat and passion in her face.“I want it Daddy,” she said, “please, l want it, fuck me hard Daddy.”Tom came down on top of her, his pelvis crashing against her as his cock plunged the depths of her cunt.“Oh Jesus yes!” She cried, “again Daddy, do it again….harder.”“You little witch,” he said, withdrawing then plunging in again.“Oh yes Daddy,” she cried, “that’s beautiful Daddy, just like when you fucked Grandma, am l as good as Grandma Daddy, does my cunt feel as hot as bahis firmaları Grandma’s.”“Bitch!” He hissed as he rammed into her again, Ella raising her hips to meet his thrust, her nails scoring down his back, she buried her face in his shoulder, biting his flesh as that beautiful pain shot through her time and again. She could hear the suction in her cunt as he withdrew, then felt her juices being forced out as he filled her again.“Oh god!” She cried as her body convulsed in orgasm, the hot flood of liquid spurting from her cunt as he drove in again. “I love you Daddy, fuck me Daddy, oh god this is heaven.”Time after time he drove into her, his hands found her breasts, his fingers bruising the soft flesh. He felt his own orgasm building, felt the pain deep in his balls. With one final lunge he crashed down on top of her, Ella screamed as she orgasmed again, Tom felt the fire of his own cum as he exploded inside her. He saw her eyes rolling back in her head as he humped against her, pumping jet after jet of his spunk into her.“Yes Daddy, give it to me Daddy,” she cried, “make a b**y in me Daddy, give me your b**y, oh god that’s beautiful,” she shuddered again as another lesser orgasm flowed through her. “I love you so much Daddy, l’ll do anything for you Daddy, just fuck me, show me how much you love me, fuck me.”Tom collapsed on top of her, then rolled sideways. Ella went with him, her legs still wrapped around him.“Don’t go Daddy,” she whispered, “stay inside me, l want to feel you in there, he’s still pulsating, l can feel him.” She gripped him tight, clenching her cunt muscles, milking him. “Can you feel that Daddy, l want every last drop of your seed Daddy, you’re going to make ba***s in me.”“Witch,” he whispered, kissing her, “l’m under your spell.”Ella giggled, “You’re stirring my cauldron Daddy,” she laughed, “you’ve filled my cauldron with cum and now you’re stirring it, all those little tiny sperm swimming up inside me, looking for my eggs, one day they are going to find one Daddy and something beautiful is going to happen inside me, oh l love you so much Daddy.” She held him tight with arms and legs, her inner muscles squeezing him.“You’re crazy,” he said, kissing her, “full of fantasy ideas.”“I’m full of cum and a beautiful cock at the moment,” she giggled, “oh, don’t worry Daddy, l’m on the pill, but one day Daddy, one day l’m going to get what l want, one day you are going to plant a seed inside me and it is going to grow into the most beautiful b**y in the world.”“Yes, well we’ll talk about that some other time,” he said, “you should be looking for someone your own age and start a family with him.”“Don’t start on that,” she scowled, “you’re as bad as Mummy, she’s always trying to match me off with someone, I’ve got the only man l want inside me now. Anyway, come on, tell me more, did you fuck Grandma again?”“I wasn’t sure what to do,” he said, “almost as soon as l’d finished, she scuttled off and left me, the rest of the evening l stayed in my room, not sure what to say to her. The next morning we hardly spoke, Dad was there, he usually dropped me off at school on his way to work. I had a terrible day in school, couldn’t stop thinking about what we’d done.”“Did you wank Daddy?”“I had to,” he replied, “l kept getting an erection, l was afraid someone would see me, twice l had to go to the toilets and wank, l just had to close my eyes and l could see her naked, lying there with her legs parted, l could still taste her.”“Did you cum loads Daddy?” Ella said, squirming against him, smiling as she felt him reacting inside her. “I bet Grandma was back at home frigging off, dreaming of your cock inside her….mmmmmm Daddy, l can feel you growing again,” she giggled, squeezing her cunt and feeling him respond.“Stop it, you shameless slut,” he smiled, kissing the tip of her nose.“Oh Daddy,” she sighed, “that feels so good, l can feel him growing hard again, he wants to fuck me again Daddy, go on, tell me more.”“I was uncertain about going home,” he said, shifting position slightly which changed the angle of his cock in her cunt, Ella giggling in response. “I wasn’t sure what she would be like, whether she had had second thoughts about it and that she had regretted the whole thing. When l got home, initially l didn’t see her, l knew she was home as the back door was unlocked so l called out, she replied that she was upstairs and for me to go up.”“Mmmmm, l think l know what’s coming,” Ella said, clenching her cunt muscles around his cock, feeling him pulsate in response.“I went upstairs,” he continued, “when l got to her bedroom door, she was on the bed naked, her legs wide open, l was shocked but obviously excited, this was how l had hoped it would be, anyway Mum told me l had to be quick as Dad would be home from work in an hour.”“I bet you were quick,” Ella giggled.“I was so awkward,” he smiled, remembering how he had stumbled around the bedroom trying to undress in a hurry, “then, once l got between her legs she was like a wild a****l, she grabbed me, guiding my cock into her cunt, l just fucked her as hard as l could.”“Mmmmm, lucky Grandma,” Ella said, grinding her pelvis against her father.“I came so quickly,” Tom said, “l can’t have been in her more than a few seconds, but she came with me, l couldn’t believe how much spunk l had, remember l’d already wanked off twice at school.”“Was she disappointed?” Ella asked.“No,” he replied, “l kept apologising but she kept telling me not to worry. When l tried to pull out she stopped me, she rolled on top of me, keeping me inside her, l couldn’t believe l wasn’t dreaming, l had my mother on top of me, impaled on my cock, her big tits swinging in front of my face. She told me to suck her nipples, then she told me to bite then gently, she could obviously feel me getting hard inside her again.”“Just like you are in me now,” Ella said. “Oh it must have felt wonderful for her.”“She kept telling me to bite her nipples,” Tom said, “l was afraid l would hurt her but she kept telling me to bite harder, l couldn’t help myself, l could feel myself hardening, then l just lost control completely, l rolled her over, and fucked her just like l just did to you.”“Mmmmmm, oh Daddy,” Ella said, squirming, “l want it again Daddy.”“What do you think l’m doing now,” he laughed, jerking his hips, driving his cock into her.“Not like this Daddy,” she said, “it’s too gentle, l want it like you fuck me in the shed, doggy style.”Ella wriggled he way away from him, quickly getting up on all fours, her bum raised and her legs parted. “Like this Daddy, it will be better than in the shed, you can fuck me hard and l don’t have to be quiet. Come on Daddy, be rough with me, l love it when you’re rough with me.”“You’re an insatiable slut,” Tom said, getting to his knees behind her. Ella reached under her, gripping his cock and guiding it to the entrance of her vagina. Tom took a firm grip on her hips then lunged forward, impaling her with one savage thrust, slamming against her buttocks.“Oh Jesus Christ Daddy,” she screamed as her whole body convulsed in orgasm. Tom felt hot liquid spurting from her cunt, soaking his balls. He pulled back, slamming into her again.“Oh Jesus fucking Christ Daddy,” she yelled, “you’re killing me Daddy, it’s beautiful, don’t stop Daddy, l’m going to cum again, oh yes…..yes.”Tom drove into her time and again, driving her down onto the bed, then picking her up and driving into her again, each time she screamed that she loved him, begging him for more. He reached under her, grabbing her swinging tits, using them to pull her back hard onto his cock. He felt her fluids shooting from her cunt again as she cried out. He felt his own orgasm building as again she collapsed onto the bed under the force of his thrust, this time he pulled out almost completely, he looked down at her quivering body, she knew what was coming, trying to relax her body ready for him. He gave her bottom a mighty slap, a big red hand print raising on her pure white flesh, then he launched him self, full weight on top of her, his cock ploughing into her.“Oh god…yes,” she screamed, as his cock exploded inside her. Her back arched as he pulled her hair back, he body convulsing again in orgasm.Tom collapsed on top of her, his cock pumping his seed into her, her cunt contracting to milk him, their perspiration soaked bodies sticking together until he finally rolled off her onto his back.Immediately, Ella was above him, kissing his cock, licking the residue from his cock and balls, taking as much of him into her mouth as she could, savouring the taste of both of their love juices.Finally, she released him, smiling up at him. “Oh Daddy,” she said, kaçak bahis siteleri “you’re going to kill me with that thing….l do love you Daddy.”“I love you baby,” he replied, rolling her so that they were side by side, holding her tight and kissing her.“How often did you fuck Grandma?” Ella asked.“”Every day if l could,” he replied, “it was easy in the week, Dad was never home from work before half past five so once l got home from school we had an hour.”“Was she always naked waiting for you?”“No,” he said, “sometimes she would be in the kitchen making a meal, l would tell her to bend over the table and fuck her there, she was always ready for it.”“Oh that’s so sexy Daddy,” Ella said, “l would never have believed it of Grandma.”“She couldn’t get enough,” he laughed, “she was always finding ways to touch my cock, sometimes she would give me a quick flash of her tit behind Dad’s back, or lift her skirt to show she wasn’t wearing panties. You wouldn’t believe what a slut your Grandma is.”“Are you going to tell her about us?” Ella asked.“She already knows,” he replied, “l told her the last time l fucked her.”“What did she say?”“She laughed,” he replied, “said you were a lucky girl.”“Oh l am Daddy,” she kissed him, “when you go and see her next, can l come, you can have us both together, oh Daddy that would be such fun. Didn’t Grandad ever suspect what was going on?”“If he did he never said anything, he was so wrapped up in the various committees he was involved with, he was out most evenings, usually, l was fucking Grandma before he had driven off the drive, she was insatiable.”“I can understand why,” Ella smiled, “it must be every woman’s dream to have a cock like this inside them.” She bent down and kissed the tip of his cock. “I bet she was disappointed when you went to University.”“She did get a bit emotional,” Tom said, “we had been fucking almost every day for the best part of a year, we had got quite shameless about it, finding different places to do it. The best was when she took me to the beach, we used to go to Harvest Cove.”“It’s lovely there, l remember you and Grandma taking me there.”“Yes,” he chuckled, “you were making sand castles while l was fucking Grandma behind a rock.”“You dirty b**st,” she smiled, giving him a playful punch on his chest. “So she had to go without when you were at University.”“Well there was always the holidays,” he replied, “we made up for it then, but then l met your mother.”“Did you start fucking Mummy straight away?”“Oh no,” he smiled, “she made me work for it, that was probably what made her more attractive.”“Did Mum ever find out about you and Grandma?”“Oh god no,” he replied, “she would kill me if she knew, the same about you, sex has never been that important to your mother. Don’t get me wrong, in the early days, once she had got used to the size of me we had some great times, she would fuck anywhere, beach, garden, in the car.”“Did she go dogging like you took me?”“Oh no,” he said, “there was never any mention of her going with other men.”“Was it when she started to lose interest that you started fucking Aunt Cathy?”“No, I was fucking her before l fucked your mother. In fact it was your mother that started us off, not that she knew it.”“What do you mean?”“Well your mother and l had been going out for a while,” he said, “after an evening at the cinema we would drive to a local picnic spot for a kiss and a cuddle, it started out as no more than that. After a couple of times l started feeling her tits, she made a fuss about it at first but after a couple of times she let me do it, then l wanted to undo her dress and get her tits out, strangely enough that didn’t take much persuading, then l got my cock out and asked her to hold it.”“Ooooo, l bet she liked that,” Ella giggled.“She couldn’t encircle it with one hand, she wanted to know if that was normal, l told her l was bigger than most men.”“Certainly bigger than l’ve seen,” Ella laughed, “but he is beautiful.” She went down and kissed his helmet.“She wanted to know if it would hurt when it went inside her,” he said, “l said that as long as l made sure she was ready to take it, and then if l was gentle, it shouldn’t hurt too much the first time, but after that it would get easier.”“Did she let you fuck her then?”“Oh no,” he chuckled, “your mother was adamant there would be none of that before we were married, l did get her to stroke it, then, the next time l got her to wank me, she was horrified when l came, it shot up all over my shirt, just missed her face.”“Oh what a waste of lovely spunk,” Ella said, “l bet it made a mess of your shirt, you make a lot of spunk.”“I had to tell your grandma when l got home,” he said, “she wanted to know all the details, she wasn’t happy with your mother, said she was a stupid tart to not let me fuck her, l ended up fucking your grandma over the kitchen table, Dad was outside in the garage.”“So how did you start fucking Auntie Cathy then?”“It was the following Saturday,” Tom replied, “l was supposed to be going to a football match but it got called off at the last minute, so l decided to go and see your mother. When l got there, she had gone shopping with her mother, Cathy was on her own in the house, she invited me in.”“You dirty rat,” Ella giggled, “fucking your girlfriend’s sister.”“It wasn’t like that,” Tom protested, “well yes, l suppose it was…but it didn’t start out like that. We were in the lounge having coffee, just chatting, then Cathy said that your mother had told her what had happened. She said that your mother had told her l had a big cock and she was frightened by it.”“In fairness to Aunty Cathy,” Ella said, “if anyone had told me a boy had a huge cock l would want to see it for myself.”“Well that’s what Cathy wanted,” Tom said. “I refused at first, but then she came and sat by me she put her hand on the front of my trousers. Now Cathy is a good looking woman, l mean, who is going to refuse a good looking woman when she wants to see your cock.”“So you ended up fucking her,” Ella said.“Well yes,” Tom replied.“Did she take you easily?”“She said l was the biggest cock she’d ever had, but that didn’t stop her taking it all,” he said. “I think it was the frustration of not being able to fuck your mother, but l ended up fucking Cathy hard, she loved it, kept telling me to do it harder.”“Why didn’t you marry Aunt Cathy then Daddy? I mean she is better looking than Mum, she has got a better figure, her tits are much better, and she wanted you to fuck her, she would have been perfect.”“Oh Cathy had her sights firmly set on Steve,” Tom said, “he comes from a very well off family, Cathy has a yearning for the finer things in life.”“Like this?” Ella said, giving his cock a squeeze.“Cathy isn’t that fussy when it comes to cocks,” Tom laughed, “she just likes plenty of it.”“Isn’t she afraid Uncle Steve will find out?”“Oh he likes to watch her with other men,” Tom replied.“Has he watched her with you?”“Many times,” Tom said, “Steve is bisexual so he’s as interested in the cocks as she is.”“Wow!” Ella said, “that is so sexy, l would love to see two men together, have you ever…..?”“What, done it with him?”“Yes,” she said, “have you ever fucked him….oh Daddy l would love to see that.”“I hate to disappoint you,” Tom laughed, “l’m not a fan of anal sex, oh l’ve done it a couple of times with Cathy and with your Grandma.”“You mean you’ve fucked Grandma up her bum?”“Yes, only a couple of times,” he said.“God, l bet that hurt,” Ella said.“Well obviously l had to use a lot of lubrication, and l had to be careful,” he replied, “but your Grandma had seen it on a porn site where a woman was pushing large objects up her arse so she wanted to try it, after the second time we both agreed that her cunt was more fun.”“God Daddy!” She said, “the things l’m learning about you, l would never have believed it. You’re a real dark horse,” she giggled, grabbing his cock, “talking of horses,” she laughed.“Leave him alone,” Tom said, “you’ve had enough for one day, you’ve got a busy day tomorrow.”“Why Daddy?” She said, sitting up a look of excitement on her face. “What are you going to do to me tomorrow?”“You wait and see,” he replied, “now you must be tired, l know l am, turn over, l’ll spoon behind you and we can get some sleep.”“I don’t know if l can sleep Daddy,” she said, “it’s been such a wonderful day.” She kissed him, turned over, snuggling her bottom back into him.Tom put his arm over her, cupping her breast as her rested his flaccid cock in the crack of her bum.“I’m glad you enjoyed it baby,” he said, “Goodnight sweetheart.”“Goodnight Daddy,” she said, “thank you Daddy.”Tom held her, feeling her body relax and her breathing get deeper. He tried not to think of what they had done, or would be doing, he felt his cock twitch and Ella’s instinctive response as she pushed back against him. Eventually, he too relaxed, matching his breathing to hers, he drifted off to sleep.

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