Teresa’s Torment Pt 2. Prologue!


Teresa’s Torment Pt 2. Prologue!I naturally never forgot the indident when Teresa cuckolded Dad and in a way, me too, selling herself and becoming a temporary sex slave to the SM circle.Some time after I finally saw the film, the infamous film of my Stepmother’s willing but unprecedented prostitution of herself to an exclusive BDSM circle to save us from debt and poverty, I visited a sex shop in a big city in the south.Minding my own business, looking through the goods, I was surprised to hear a customer ask the staff for the sequel to Teresa’s Torture!Initially I thought somebody had recognized who I was and was taking the mickey. No, they were serious. Looking toward the counter, two women were there, asking the guy for it. They were mature, strict and severe looking types, the sort who might be headmistresses, or in jobs in charge of other people. With them was a younger, cheeky looking girl, who must have been in her twenties.He said they did have it, but there was only one copy left, and it was only sold to certain people. He added that if they were the right people, they would know why, and what the word was. The women all smiled knowingly, and one of them whispered something I could not catch into the guy’s ear. He smiled back then and took them into the back, leaving the shop to his assistant.I knew there was a back alley with a window that looked in to that area of the shop. It was dark now, and I went with my heart thumping into the alley. The blinds were left open and I hid behind the tree next to the window.Being Fall and still temperate, it was warm enough for them to have left a top panel open to the air. I was able to see and hear what went on, although whether I was lucky to be able to is perhaps open to your opinion.In the store room was a DVD player and a large screen. He displayed some of the film for the three women.To my own intense feelings of horror and disgust mingled with compelling curiosity and shameful sexual arousal, I witnessed izmir escort bayan the sight of Teresa’s sequel sex film. There was indeed no mistake. It starred Mum!I could not see everything he showed, but I saw Mum come up on the screen topless, with strange decorations around her nipples. She was saying something to the camera. He flicked to other scenes.She was in some kind of medical chair in the next scene. She was stripped naked, strapped in with her legs up and spread, locked in the stirrups. What seemed to be electrodes were clamped to her red distended titties, and Mum was having her clitoris mechanically extended by a device I cannot quite describe. Something similar to the vacuum toys you see on sale now, I’d say.Around her stood three women I was shaken to the core to recognise. One was a stocky, red haired nurse, whom I’d known as Nurse Foxley. The second was a very strange female doctor who had always dressed in black as a punk or goth type, whom I’d known as Dr Bradbury. She had short dyed hair that often changed colour, and a strange offhand way about her that always made me nervous. She was attractive, but in a strange way, with a sexiness that was hard and humourless. She clearly used to enjoy verbally subjugating me and playing mind games, using body language etc which bordered on the Mistress/Slave interplay people do in the SM scene. However she never crossed the line into inappropriate or explicitly unprofessional behaviour with me. I remember the erotic way she dressed, often wearing fishnets with black leather sandals that gave a strong impression of a BDSM foot mistress.The third woman was a particularly hard, bossy and domineering hospital sister I’d known as sister Sue.I had known these women many years ago. They had been staff at a clinic I had attended, during therapy for depression as a young college age man. If I was to date the film, I would say late Eighties, because they all looked as they had then. Not long after izmir escort bayan the original Teresa’s Torture had been made, I’d guess.I knew Mum used to speak with them sometimes on the phone about me, and she had met them once or twice. I had no idea in any way of anything else happening. I had sensed an undercurrent somehow though, of their interest in my sexual behaviour and thoughts at the time, and also that they had some unspoken interest in Teresa. It had been some of their questions during private discussions… They asked irrelevant and deeply personal things sometimes, which used to make be blush!On the film screen now, Nurse Foxley leaning over Teresa, reached under her and taunted Mum, saying “Open Wide now, be a Good Girl!” She grabbed and squeezed Mum’s bare bottom hard, then stretched Mum’s buttocks wide open with white rubber gloved hands, exposing her arse shamelessly. Dr Bradbury stood forward and began to introduce a dark nasty looking probe of some kind into Teresa’s brown bum hole. This seemed to be wired in to the same control box as the electrodes on her tits.Sister Sue was tickling and teasing at Teresa’s hairy unshaven cunt with her own gloved fingers, invading Mum’s moist married cunt with a finger at one point, while looking coldly into her blushing humiliated face.The icy punk dominatrix squinted evilly at Teresa, snarling insults. “Stupid bitch, stupid bitch!”As she called her names, the cold punk professional gyrated the electrified probe, working it into Mum’s helpless asshole. Mum groaned a loud, disgusted but strangely passionate sounding “WWWOOOOAAARRRGH!” Just like she had on the original Teresa’s Torture film, when she’d been aroused by the things the others had done to her too.My flesh crawled at this sight, and I shuddered uncontrollably. Yet, how my dick throbbed in spite of me, pulsating in tormented arousal.In the sex shop’s back room, the cheeky looking girl clapped her hands in delight, exclaiming loudly in glee. The older women laughed quietly in sadistic satisfation at my Mum’s plight.He flicked the film a bit futher on.Now sister Sue was pulling little clumps of Teresa’s pubic hair out with a pair of pliers, as Dr Bradbury administered shocks to Mum’s tits, pussy and asshole. She was jerking, tensing her naked body up and trembling, and giving loud howls of agony, with the electrodes on her most sensitive parts. The probe trembled, protruding from her bum.Sister Sue’s severely styled helmet of hair remained motionless as if cut from granite. Her monkey like, wizened up, cruel, pinched in features showed little emotion except her hard sadistic mouth pursing as she twisted the pliers. She yanked another tuft of Teresa’s pubes from her tortured private parts.Nurse Foxley chided Mum in her agony. “Keep still, Teresa! It’s all part of your treatment!”I knew I had to see this sequel for myself, as I watched the women go from the room. My heart and mind was in the discreet brown paper bag that they carried away with them!Mum obviously read my diary entry after this experience. There was a packet of photographs left with my diary. The first ones showed Mum and Dr Bradbury, with the Doctor wagging her finger sternly at her. Mum was stripping her clothes off at that psychopath’s orders. The punk bitch was wearing those black fishnets she often did, with the leather Roman sandals. Mum was then kneeling, removing the sandals from the doctor’s feet. Sister Sue was standing over Mum’s naked form, lashing her bare bottom with a singletail whip.It curled nastily around Mum’s bum, viciously making long red weals across her buttocks and stretching to her hips.Teresa was worshipping at Dr Bradbury’s feet, in subsequent pictures, with her tongue between the Doctor’s dominant toes.Poking her tongue in every diamond shaped gap in the fishnets, and doing her level best to tongue in between her toes. Licking out the toejam. Mum’s nipples were all up red and distended. She was excited at the degradation, it was clear. She had one hand between her legs, her eyes closed, clearly climaxing in some photos. The sequel will follow if people show an interest!

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