Tennis With The Neighbor, Part III


I couldn’t believe my luck. Pam lived two doors down from my wife and I and was my wife’s jogging buddy. My attraction to Pam grew over a period of time. Marianne had struggled with her health which had an adverse effect on our sex life. Pam was always flirting with me, but I never really paid much attention to her flirting, until one day when she invited me to play tennis. Marianne didn’t play tennis, but I loved the game and was quite good at it. I saw an opportunity to explore the possibilities of getting to know Pam a little better. Pam’s on-the-court flirting, and her playing sans underwear, caught my attention in a big way. Pam had a killer body for a thirty-three year bahis siteleri old, but out of respect for Marianne, my wife, I did my best to keep both my eyes and my hands where they belonged. But I could only hold out for so long. I had just finished mowing the yard one Saturday and was about to put away the mower when Pam pulled up in front of our house in her little red sports car. She waved and I waved back. Pam motioned for me to come over to her car. I stepped over to the passenger’s side window and leaned in. Pam was wearing her tennis outfit, which exposed quite a bit of her long legs and beautiful thighs. Her pleated skirt was bunched up and it didn’t take canlı bahis siteleri much for me to realize she was again sans panties. “Whatcha up to?” Pam asked as I leaned in the window of her car. “Finishing up some yard work,” I replied. “Do you feel like some tennis?” Pam asked. As she spoke, she twirled a lone finger in a strand of her long brown hair. I was tired. Marianne was gone for the weekend to visit her mother. “Pullease,” Pam begged. I was tired and I was sweaty. “I like sweaty,” Pam intoned. She was pouring on the charm. “Would you give me a few minutes to shower?” I asked. “Only if you let me shower with you,” Pam teasingly replied. I chuckled. canlı bahis “Come on,” I jokingly replied. I pushed the mower down the sidewalk, as Pam drove off. I lowered the garage door and headed for the bedroom, where I stripped naked. The water felt good on my sore muscles. Then, de ja vu. I saw movement in the foggy mirror of the bathroom. Instantly, I had a quick flashback to a serendipitous blow job in the shower. The shower door opened and in stepped Pam. She wasted no time in pressing her luscious body up against mine, her hand finding its way to my crotch, her other hand pulling me down into a soulful and passionate kiss. My heart was racing, as she pushed the shower door open, and pulled me from under the shower spray. “I want it,” Pam extolled, pulling on my hand, stepping towards the bedroom. I managed to reach back and turn off the shower. We both fell on to the bed, our bodies intertwined.

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