Teachers Know


My twelfth-grade English teacher was a gorgeous petite blonde who wore tight little skirts and low-cut blouses. Once, as she walked past my desk, I dropped my pen deliberately so I could look up her skirt. I’m sure she wasn’t wearing knickers, but she caught me looking, and with blazing blue eyes and flushed face, gave me a furious lecture followed by detention.  I had to clean out the filing room güvenilir bahis which was painful until she came in with a step ladder, then climbed up to get more files to hand down to me. Whilst she studiously perused the contents of each file I had a perfect view of her vagina and beautiful arse perched above me. Of course, I had an erection one couldn’t jump, over, straining my shorts until güvenilir bahis siteleri I thought they would burst. Descending the ladder, she requested I hold it steady for her and as she backed down between my arms her bottom brushed firmly against my engorged and rampant penis. I almost came. She wiggled her cute little arse firmly against me, then stepped away from the ladder, and iddaa siteleri with a little smile reached into my shorts and artfully caressed my swollen cock. Gasping for breath, I ejaculated profusely all over her hand and my shorts. She withdrew her hand covered in semen, touched some to her lips to taste, and said, “Mmm nice and fresh.” Then wiped the rest on my shirt and bluntly said, “This is our secret, if you say anything about what I wear under my skirt I’ll tell about how quickly you cum.” With a toss of her long blonde hair, then walked quickly, teacher-like, away to the staff room, making eyes at the sports master on the way.

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