Sweet Desire


She feels his hands softly squeezing her shoulders as he comes up close behind her. She feels his breath hot as he bends down, his lips touching the soft pale skin of her neck, his teeth nipping her lightly as his tongue darts out between. She trembles, knowing he is smiling as she quivers under his touch. He shifts; moving his hips forward and she can feel him pressing hard against her ass. Her hips move, pushing back against him, rubbing against him, in her mind she imagines she can feel the heat of his cock burning her skin through their clothes. She feels her own juices flowing now at the thought of him pushing against her and a moan escapes her lips. Now his hands move down her sides and back, squeezing her, working out the tension that is in her muscles until his hands are on her waist. With his hands on her hips he grinds against almanbahis şikayet her. Pushing hard at the clothes between them she tries to get him inside of her through the cloth. Slowly his hands begin to move again, under her shirt, her soft skin caressed by his rough. Kneading her flesh, she feels his hands make their way around to her stomach, sliding ever upward until they find her breasts. When his hands find her nipples, pinching them through the lace of her bra, she moans louder than she did before. The heat between her thighs growing, and she can feel the wetness between her legs. His fingers release her nipples, then he takes her breasts in his hands, his fingers squeezing them, putting pressure on her nipples as he pulls her closer to him. With one hand she reaches behind her, rubbing his cock through his pants, and almanbahis canlı casino now she can feel the heat of it through the fabric. Her other hand slips down between her own thighs and she is not surprised at the wet spot she finds welcoming her as she begins to rub. Electric sensations shoot out through her body from her clit as her fingers work it through her pants. Now she grinds harder against him, trapping her hand between their bodies, and she grinds harder against herself in the front feeling the wet spot grow. Then his hands leave her breasts, making their way back down her stomach, until he can undo her pants. When she fells them leave her hips her hand slides underneath the cloth of her panties, her finger sliding on the wetness deep inside her. His hands work their way back up her back so he can undo her bra, almanbahis casino freeing her breasts so he can squeeze her nipples harder. Eyes closed she can hear him talking, his voice cutting through her pleasure as she listens to him, her only thought to do as he says. Slowly she slides her panties down to her ankles and steps out of them, and then she bends over in front of him as he gets down on his knees. She feels his hot breath again; this time on her ass as his tongue darts out, feels his lips on her cheeks, then his teeth as he bites them, taking her into his mouth. As his tongue works its way up and down between her cheeks he whispers for her to pull them apart opening her ass for him. When she does she holds her breath knowing what is coming next. With his hands on her hips, cheeks pulled wide apart, he pulls her back sliding his tongue deep into her asshole. She feels it sliding inside her as her body builds toward an orgasm. Slowly at first, then getting faster, he works his tongue in and out of her tight asshole, her muscles trying to pull it deeper inside her when he pulls it out.

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