Suspicious Behavior, Part 3


Suspicious Behavior, Part 3The drive home was uneventful. My wife sat up and put on her seatbelt, per my request, yet stayed in the backseat. The car was very quiet until about two blocks from our house.”I imagine that it’s pretty messy back there?” I said knowingly. “I put my panties back on” she replied, “but a lot was already running out of me.””So you’re a drippy mess?” I added, “Yes baby” my wife replied, lowering her head away from my sight in the rearview mirror, “I am…””Once in the garage” I continued, “go straight upstairs and into the back bedroom. Do NOT stop and clean-up.””But I really need to pee” she said, a sense of urgency obvious in her tome.”Very well” I conceded, “But keep any wiping and cleanup to a minimum and then get into the back bedroom quickly.””Yes Sir” she said. I rather liked the add of the “SIR” and was not sure where that was coming from, but I liked it.Once the car was in the garage and the garage door closed, I opened the rear door and offered my wife my hand. She smiled and stood up beside me. She leaned up and kissed me once again and I suddenly felt a new level of intimacy in out relationship. Once we broke the kiss, I patted of on her ass.”Of to pee” I said “and to the back bedroom. I’ll be up shortly.”As my wife casino siteleri weaved a little as she ascended up the stairs and into the house, I surveyed the back seat. It was a wet mess with the fuck-stain clearly visible on the light beige fabric of my wife’s car seat. I made a mental note to add to my wife’s humilation by having her dress provocatively when she takes the car into the dealership to be cleaned…. Just so others would know that she is a back-seat fuck!I then joined her upstairs and in the back bedroom. She was still dressed from the evenings activities. I said noting as I lowered my pants and offered her my sticky cock. Like a good little whore, she dropped to her knees and took me into her mouth. As she obedianetly sucked me, I asked her some questions:”You fucked someone other than Me, your husband?” I asked.”Yes Sir” she said, her mouth full of my cock.”Is he the only one?””Yes Sir” she replied, How long as this been going on?” I probed deeper.”Two months” she replied her sobs now audible.”How many times have you and he fucked?” I asked.”Six” she said, still sobbing as she sucked me, “tonight was the 6th time.””And you allowed me to eat your pussy, even though you’ve been fucking him?” I almost yelled, my hard cock güvenilir casino still in her mouth.”I tried to stop you last week” she tried to explain”What about the many other times that I went down on you?” I yelled, “After you fucked him?””Last week was the only time that it was immediately after!” She added, now crying and doing her best to orally pleasure me.”Keep sucking me, whore” I said, trying to stall while I figured my next move.She was really getting into sucking me and I was getting arroused so I knew that I needed to do something other than simply cum.”Has he ever fucked your ass?” I blurted out.”NO” she yelled, “only you. YOU’RE the only one who’s ever done that, ever!””Well” I added, sarcastically, “Perhaps it’s time that you get that again tonight… Stand up and get on the bed… On all fours.””Oh Please baby” she pleaded. “Not now… Not while you’re in this state of mind.””Why NOT now?” I asked, “I want SOMETHING that’s just mine… And that one-thing is no longer your pussy, is it?”My wife looked defeated, so she got up on the bed and On all fours. “Get naked for me” I barked. “Clothes on are fine for a backseat fuck, but you’re in a bed now, whore. I want you naked.”As my wife struggled to get out of her clothes, canlı casino

I gazed down on her beauty and imagined all of the nasty things that lay ahead for us! Once she was naked, she returned to all fours, ass in the air and chest on the bed… “An obedient whore” I said outloud. I then leaned down and spit on her little puckered hole.”Please tell me that you’re going to use more than your spit as lube?” My wife asked, almost begging.”Well.” I added, using a sarcastic tome, “There’s always your cunt-drool. There’s quiet a lot dripping from you…. Your excitment, my cum… Oh, and of course, HIS cum.”I slowly pushed my middle finger DEEP into her squishy cunt and she let out a soft moan.I then laid out the new rules:”We’re in a new place now” I said, “You and I. You fucked another man, so you’re now MY whore, do you understand?””Well” she said, between moans from her vaginal pleasure being provided by my twisting fingers. “I’m not sure. I mean my behavior was admittedly whore-ish, but I get the feeling that YOU are saying something else.””I’m saying that YOU are MY whore” I said in simple syllables. “You will fuck who I say and when.” “Oh Baby, NO” she cried out…. Her vaginal muscles, once again, clamping down on my probing fingers, her climax was obvious!”Your whore body just betrayed you again” I said, indicating her obvious arrousal at my earlier statement. “You can’t help who and what you are… But I sure as shit can enjoy it. Now, reach back here and spread your ass-cheeks.”To Be Continued…..

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