Suspended Animation

Big Dicks

My pet and I were enjoying a nice Saturday afternoon together one day, just lounging in the living room and savoring each other’s company, when a sudden knock on the front door broke the idyllic spell. Pet, who had her head resting on my lap while I gently stroked her long luxurious hair, sat up so that I could answer the door and find out who had the nerve to interrupt such a peaceful moment.I always answered the door, since she was not allowed to touch a doorknob in my presence (who said chivalry was dead?) and being naked as she was, wasn’t exactly prepared to welcome company! The interloper turned out to be the UPS deliveryman with a fairly good sized package for me. I took the package, signed for it, and brought it inside. Pet, whose natural curiosity often gets her into trouble, came over to see what wonder I had in the plain brown box.”Not yet, pet… you’ll have to wait a bit for it,” I told her. The tiny pout on her sweet lips told me she wasn’t happy with that arrangement, but she knew there wasn’t much she could do about it, either. I put the box down on the dining room table – both because I wanted to have it in plain view so it would wear on my dear pet’s inquisitiveness, and because I wanted to get back to what I was doing in the living room.”Come, pet,” I told her and took her by the hand. I led her back into the living room, but I felt her turn around a couple times looking back at the box on the table. We resumed our places on the couch and she lay her head back in my lap. However, I could tell that her thoughts were elsewhere. She no longer purred like she had before the interruption, and I smiled knowing that is was my present that had her so piqued.”Master, may I be excused to go to the bathroom?” she asked, after a bit.”Yes, pet,” I said and she left to go upstairs to the bathroom. However, I noticed she walked a little slower as she passed the dining room. The anticipation must be killing her! While she was gone, I took the box from the table and brought it over to where I was sitting – placing it on the side of the couch out of her view. When she returned from the bathroom almanbahis şikayet she noticed the box was gone. She quietly came back and sat down with me, resigned that she wouldn’t be able to get so much as a clue what might be in the mysterious box now that it had been put away someplace.”I suppose, my dear pet, you are wondering what is in the box that you have been eyeing so intensely,” I said, after a few minutes. “Would you like to see?””Yes, Master, please?” she said, her eyes lighting up as she looked at me.”Well, I will show you, but first you will need to do something for me,” I told her.”What, Master… I’ll do anything you ask!” she said, excitedly.”Good. Go to your toy box and bring me a blindfold, and the Magic Wand vibrator,” I told her.She smiled broadly. Now she had some idea what might be in the box! She didn’t know the contents, but she knew the purpose! She dashed off to complete her mission and returned moments later with the requested items.”Here they are, Master. Now may I see what is in the box… please?” she asked, looking at me with those delightful blue eyes that I fell so in love with. I couldn’t resist her.”All right, pet. Hand me the box on the side of the couch and I’ll let you have a peek,” I said. She clapped her hands gleefully and brought the box to me.”Sit,” I told her. And she took her place, kneeling at my feet with her hands behind her back and sitting on her heels, just as I have taught her. I placed the box on my lap and used my pocketknife to cut the packing tape to open the box. I took a little more time than pet would have liked – intentionally of course – but finally the box was open.”May I see?” she asked, not moving from her spot until I gave her permission, no matter how much she wanted to.”Yes, pet, come see what has you is such a dither,” I told her. She raised up from her position to a regular kneeling position so she could peer over the top of the box. What greeted her was a plastic bag with leather, leather straps, and chains inside in a big tangled wad of confusion. The box had obviously not had a smooth trip from the factory!”What is it, almanbahis canlı casino Master?” she asked, puzzled by the baffling jumble in the bag.”It’s a little something I ordered a few weeks ago for you,” I said, handing her the instruction sheet. She looked at the picture on the instructions and I saw those blue eyes widen and her jaw drop noticeably.”That’s right my sweet little pet, it’s a pleasure swing like we saw on the movie we watched that night. I noticed that you seemed more than a little turned on watching that blonde getting fucked in the swing, so I got on the ‘Net a few days after we watched the movie and found out where to get one for you.””Oh, Master! Oh, thank you!” she said kissing my cheek several times. “Oh, can we try it out tonight?” she asked, excitedly.”Well, that will depend on you, pet. Do you feel up to ‘hanging around’ with me?” I asked her teasingly.”Oh, yes, Master… I would love to ‘hang around’ with you tonight!” she said, grinning broadly.”Very well, then. But I will have to set it up. That might take a few minutes. While I’m busy doing that, I want to make sure you don’t get bored. Come over her and sit on this stool,” I said, standing behind a wooden barstool.Pet came over happily and sat down on the stool. It was tall enough that when she sat on it, she couldn’t touch the floor and I scooted her back so her ass was against the high back of the stool. I put her hands behind her and over the back and securely tied them there. I ran another rope around her waist and across the back of the stool, looping it once around each of the sides of the stool back. Then I brought the ropes back across her naked breasts in an X fashion before securing them over her shoulders to the top rail of the back.”Okay, so much for keeping you out from underfoot while I put up your swing. Now let’s see what we can do about those lovely legs.” I said. Taking another rope I tied one end off to a stool leg, then pulled her legs together and wrapped both ankles together before tying the other end of the rope to the other leg of the stool.”Now, just so you won’t get bored, I’m almanbahis casino going to place this egg vibrator on your pussy so you can entertain yourself while I work,” I told her. I placed a rather large vibrating egg between her thighs and then used a belt to hold her knees together, trapping the device right against her already damp pussy. I turned the vibrator on using the remote and her soft sigh told me it was working.”One more thing,” I said. I brought out a pair of clover-type nipple clamps connected by a chain. She moaned loudly when she saw these wicked little tormentors.”Now, now, you know how much I love to see you in these, pet,” I said, smiling. She closed her eyes and acceptingly thrust out her tits as much as she could, bound as she was.”That’s my good girl,” I said. I placed one clamp and then the other on her swollen nipples, each one eliciting a groan of pain mixed with pleasure from her lips. With my pet now safely out of the way and amused with the egg buzzing at her soft, velvety pussy, I had time to get started on her swing.The instructions were simple enough, although I went a little overboard in securing the swing to the ceiling. I know my pet, and if the blonde in that movie was having as much fun as her actions would suggest, my little slut would really be rocking this swing! I glanced over at pet and smiled when I saw her enjoying herself on the barstool. She was squirming and fidgeting around on the seat as the egg was working on her, vibrating and teasing her wet pussy and causing her to moan and sigh as she got more and more aroused. I took a moment to walk over to her just to see how she was coming along.”How are we doing over here, pet?” I said, reaching out to caress one of her full, ripe tits. She moaned and laid her head on my arm as I fondled her. She always did like her tits played with – a trait I was more than happy to enlist at every possible opportunity. I fondled one tit for a second while I moved around behind her to work on both at the same time. She laid her head back on my chest and moaned softly.”Look at me. I want to see those beautiful blue eyes, slut,” I said. She opened her eyes and looked up lovingly at me. She was such a lovely girl; every time I looked at her it was like staring straight into beauty itself. “Are you having a good time over here?” I asked her again.”Yes, Master…” she said.

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