Suprise 7 in one.


So i never talk about this one, its a crazy one even for me.

I’d just moved to the town i live in now three years back, me and a friend Natasha went out on the drink, i only went because i figured i needed to get out n start fresh, as i didnt have a job yet and i needed to star making friends, we were in a club on a thursday (cheap drinks) and we were dancing in the RnB room when we started getting hit on by a few black guys my friend started sexy dancing with one of the lads, while the others danced around me.  i was tipsy but not overly drunk so just relaxed thinking whats the worst that could happen,it was a first for me to be dancing with mads like this  and having so much attention lavished on the way i move well it must of made my brain block out everything else. Im 5″4 pale skinned, wit blondeshoulder length hair  and  nicely built body, wearing a size 6-8 dress, anyway these men were quite interested in us somhow im not even sure how, but i was getting fingered against a wall while everyone was dancing around us, then the guy left me.  i was lost not sure how that had happened, or if i was cool with it, next thing the lad was back. Him and his mate asked us to go back to theirs to party, i didn’t really want to, I  have no trust for people i dont know, but my friend was adamant on going, so dutifully i agreed; thinking I’m going to keep an eye on her because  id hate to of let her get in any trouble. well they drove us back to there house i can assume thinking back that they were on the pull as they drove so mustnt of been drinking.  When we got inside we saw that each room in the house had locks on so there were 8 or 9  lads living in this house, im unsure of how it happened but my friend went into a room with the lad she’d liked and the one who brough me home ended up fighting with his house mates two guys grabbed me and told me to go upstairs the lad id been with was shouting for them to leave me be, i had no clue what was happening but went upstairs thinking id figure it out, two guys took me in a room and locked the door and started kissing me touching me and fingering me then dropping my little escort izmit black thong to the floor they proceeded to bend me over so i was leaned toward the bed where one held his cock for me to suck i had no idea how i ended up in this position and to be honest thought “go with the flow itll be somthing to add to the list of experiances” next the other guy stood behind me and started rubbing his cock against my tight little pussy, using my juices as lube he then slipped it in deep slamming in to me hard and fast making my full body move so my mouth bobbed up and down on the other guys cock they both praised me and told me how good i was next was a banging on the door and as i looked up i saw natasha stood their asking me if i was ok, i figured it wasnt so bad two guys fucking you even if you disnt know what they looked like in the dark  so i nodded like a startled rabbit and she proceeded to leave, i started to calm down and enjoy it still worrying about the locked door but kept sucking and taking a huge cock till they both cum i could feel my pussy juices and what i thought to be cum down my leg.  Next thing i knew  more black guys came in the door was locked again i was startled suddenly there was a total of 6 guys around me with their cocks out one of them was telling the others what to do, to wear condoms to fuck my little pussy till they came then switch while another got to fuck my mouth. I was freaked out didnt know what to do they positioning me on the bed the leader got the most fun demanding me to suck his huge cock, to my determined and stubborn anger i refused saying i ,  threatening to bite even though i knew if i did id get hurt, i knew better than to fight them id been scared since id been locked in the room ond morse so since these other guys came in, but i knew that if i went with it id still be able to have some dignity and a chance i wouldnt get hurt maybe even enjoy it or not, anyhow he dragged me ontop of him getting me to sit on his cock which was huge and streched my little hole he slid me up and down while fucking me from below at each thrust he was telling me how much he loved how i could take his cock izmit escort n how he loved to hear me cry out as he slammed it deep into me, telling each of his eager friends how well he was doing my pussy saying he would show them how it was done, then letting them have a go, i was like a doll taking cock after cock in a daze, my threats ment nothig to them as they coaxed me to suck their cocks to help them get hard again. I knew that my protests were to deaf ears but there was not much i could do but take it. i eventually felt my pussys pain it couldnt take any more touching, i curled up n begged to be left alone. one  of the lads took pitty on me and forced them to let me go down stairs they walked me out of the room and down to my friend who lookd worried, i told her what had happened in not so many words she was furious and told me that when her lad had left her alone a guy had tryed to pin her tothe bed but he’d been caught and had been kicked out, i sat on the edge of the bed awkwardly my pusy was swollen and battered after being fucked for hours by 6 huge black cocks, and  at one point blacked out and hit the floor, to be picked up by the leader from earlier,  i realised my underwear was missing we went up to find it but we searched and searched but found nothing theyd kept it as a trophy to my annoyance as it was very easy to see my little shaved pussy all red and swolen if i was to sit down. So natasha gave me her underwear as she was wearing leggings and i a little black dress next i remeber was the leader was begging me to go out into the hall with him saying he needed to talk to me, so i went he got meto sit nex to him while he praised my stamina and my body he told me he wanted to fuck me more i refused he got out his cock and requested a blow job he was desperate to feel my mouth around him again and for some reason i did it i took his cock in my hand and let my mouth slide down his long thick shaft it nearly didn’t fit in my mouth i sucked and licked and teased but then as he mentioned me going upstairs again i refused and walked away back to my friends and safety. Then the original guy from the izmit kendi evi olan escort club appeared he’d been kicked out of the house so they could all have there way with me, but he looked as though he felt sorry for me and sat me down and kept an eye on me. he was kind and he knew what id just been doing but didnt seem to think differently of me, all four of us went upstairs to a differnt room and smoked a bit of green the nice lad told me it would help with the pain, and should ease my mind,  not long after he took me to the toilet and then i ended up in his room, so my frined could have more private time with her lad. When he was alone with me he started talking and cuddling into my tense body as i floated around stoned letting my mind replay my time in the locked room, he asked me if he could fuck me. i told him  my pussy really hurt n couldn’t take anymore and that  i doubted i would be able to sit for a while, or even.  he was undetered and  continued  telling me he wanted to take me and feel my tight little pussy clamped around his cock. In the end i relented, thinking after everything that had happened nothing could be worse, he got me to suck his huge black cock to lube it up then he laid me gently on the edge of the bed and then sunk his length deep into me the pain was imence i tryed to hide it and make my reactions neutral  but he knew i was suffering, he carried on for 10 minutes or so but then pulled out, apologizing because he knew i wasnt enjoying it. i was just letting him fuck me while i dealt with the pain, just to let him enjoy himself. we laid together for a while i hadnt slept and could feel my body begging me to go home it was 7am by the time i text my frined begging for a taxi to go home eventually we went home and discussed what had happened i decided i would do nothing about it because in the end what would be the point i didnt lnow them i couldnt be sure if id made it 100% clear i wasn’t happy or if id fought with them. my mind was a mess.  I put it down to experience i didn’t just get a threesome with two guys i got a lot more.

This is a real life event for me iv been concidering writing it up for a while but just didnt want to remeber it in detail, but now is good because i have alot of stories and this may be the one always in my mind so i remeber the details. 

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