Subject: Summer With Uncle Jake (Gay / Incest, oral, anal, b/mMM Incest, oral, anal, b/mMM This story is a work of fiction and contains descriptions of explicit sexual acts of boys and men discovering their sexuality. It contains graphic scenes of sex between a consenting underage boy and adult males. If this type of content offends you or you are under the age of 18 do not read it. Copyright 2022 Wolf, all rights reserved. You may contact me at ail if you like. All flames will be ignored. Summer With Uncle Jack By Wolf Mother’s brother Jake was always a lot of fun when he visited. He was about five-feet-ten-inches tall and a Rollie- Polly kind of guy. He weighed 325 pounds. He has wavy brown hair and blue eyes. He always had a smile on his face and a joke to tell. The nephews and nieces had great fun crawling all over him. One summer my mother asked me if I would like to spend the summer at Uncle Jakes at his home in Encinitas, California. He had a nice little bungalow on A street. It was only a few blocks south and down the hill to Moonlight Beach where I would spend the summer. I flew into the San Diego International Airport and Uncle Jake drove down to pick me up in his old 1955 Ford Station Wagon that had been restored twenty years ago and was showing signs of needing to be freshened up again. I was excited about seeing my uncle’s home. It was a freshly painted home in dark blue with light gray trim and door. When we entered his home, I was deeply impressed. The house was perched on the bluff with no view of the Pacific Ocean but the air was full on the smell of the salty mist of the ocean fragrance. The interior was freshly painted with yellow and ragged with ochre to give the walls the bright appearance of a plastered wall. The furniture was modern and upholstered in dark coffee colored soft leather. The coffee table was bright steel and glass, the entertainment center was also made of bright steel. The painting on the wall behind the couch was a night scene of a rocky cove with the moon shining through the breaking waves in a brilliant silvery-green glow. It was titled Laguna Beach Red Tide by moonlight. He proudly showed me the small kitchen and combined dining area. The kitchen had manmade sandstone countertops with the latest kitchen appliances. The bathroom was spacious with a big modern tub and walk in shower. The toilet was a Japanese import that had a heated seat and befit and warm air dryer. I was surprised to see a water-color over the toilet tank of two very young boys standing next to each other holding each other’s penises while they were peeing into a brook. I found the painting amusing to be looking at while pissing into the toilet. The last two rooms were the bedrooms. He showed me his bedroom first. The dominant feature was the queen size bed. The headboard was made from a two-inch slab of a trunk of an old oak tree burl. The dresser, armoire, night stands, and valet were in white oak. As well as the white oak floors. The walls were tan ragged with brown and touches of gold. The guest room was a little smaller but just as well furnished. The walls were in federal blue and ragged with a dark blue. He helped me unpack my bags and we filled the drawers and hung the shirts and pants in the closet. After I was settled in, we took a walk up the rise west to watch the sun set into the Ocean. We had pizza delivered for dinner. We watched some wrestling on the TV and istanbul travesti that led to us hoarding around. We were working up a sweat and the clothes were shed until we were down to our underwear. Uncle Jake was wearing silk boxers and I was wearing white cotton Calvin Kline jockey shorts. Jakes baggy shorts were so low that a lot of the crack of his ass showed and when he sat on my face pinning me to the floor I could smell his asshole, and it was sexually stimulating to me causing me to get a boner that tented my underwear up, allowing a few of my newly sprouted blond pubic hairs to be exposed. When Jake wrapped his hand around the bulge I froze. I didn’t know what to do but I liked the feeling. At that point Jake suggested that we take a bath before we go to bed. We gathered up our clothes and took them to his bedroom before we went to the bathroom and he started drawing water into the tub. He added some bath-salts and turned on the air jets before he stepped into the tub and adjusted the temperature before allowing me to get into the tub between his legs. Jake began soaping my back, chest, and arm. Then he had me stand up so he could soap up my crotch. He spent a lot of time soaping up my penis and scrotum, then he soaped up my butt. He covered his finger with a lot of liquid soap and soaped up the interior of my asshole. When he was satisfied that I was clean he rinsed me off and while I stood in the tub and used a soft bath towel to dry my upper body before he allowed me to step out of the rum to dry my legs and feet. While I brushed my teeth, Jake finished bathing and drying himself. I watched him brush his teeth before he said:” Davie, I want you to sleep with me tonight, so that I can teach you about the love of a man for boys.” He led me to his bedroom. He invited me to lay on the bed and he lay next to me. He asked me if I knew what a blowjob is? I told him that an older neighborhood boy told me that his girlfriend sucked his cock almost every day. Then he asked if I had ever had a blowjob? I reluctantly professed that I had never had one. That was when He bent over my body and he held my penis in his hand and took my penis into his mouth and proceeded to suck on it. It was the most exciting thing to happen to me to that date. Being that it was my first time I was starting to believe I would never cum. I was starting to cry, when Jake stuck his finger into my mouth. Me made sure his finger was wet with my spit before he reached under me and tickled my asshole before sticking his finger deep into my ass. The shock of what was doing took my mind off of my dick. That was when I had a dry orgasm in Uncle Jake’s mouth. I thought Uncle Jake was going to have me suck his cock, but my uncle had other ideas. He had me lay on my back and he picked up my legs by my ankles and placed my keels on his shoulders and he elevated my butt and spit on my asshole before he lined up my asshole with the head of his cock. He cautioned me that it was going to hurt like hell until he got the head in. Just as he predicted it hurt like hell as the head of his cock penetrated my asshole. I was crying like a baby. When he pulled back the pin eased until he thrust in again. It felt like he fucked me for a long time, but I’m sure it was only a few minutes before he squirted cum into my ass. He allowed my legs to slide off his body and rest on the mattress. As his cock softened it slipped out of my ass. Uncle Jake gathered me into his bear-like arms and kadıköy travesti spooned me as we drifted off to sleep. My asshole throbbing Kept me up a little longer. The following morning, we awoke as the morning sun filtering through the windows lit up the room and we woke up and kissed each other before we headed for the bathroom to relieve our bladders, wash our faces, brush our teeth, and comb our hair before making the bed and getting dressed. Jake toasted a bagel and brewed a half pot of coffee for himself and filled a bowl with raisin bran and milk for me. We talked about what we were going to do for the next couple of days. Jake told me that there was a boy that lived nearby that was only a couple of years older, and he was sure that Billy would enjoy showing me around and might even teach me to surf. We were planning on walking down the hill to the Moonlight beach, so we put on bathing suits and put our clothes over them and slung beach towels over our shoulders. When we exited the house and started walking south. We had only walked past a couple of houses when a boy called out to Jake: “Where are you going Mr. Ferguson?” Jake turned and said: “I was just taking my nephew Dave down to the beach. Then he said: Davie, this is my neighbor Billy. Billy, would you like to join us?” Billy said: “Just give me a minute to change!” We waited while Billy ran home and changed clothes and joined us in trunks, barefooted, and towel over his shoulder. We proceeded to walk down the hill to the beach. Jake chose to place his blanket on the sand and watch over my close and stuff while Billy and I went into the play. We were horsing around and having a good time. We must have been playing for an hour when we were about chest deep and Billy was facing me when he asked me if my uncle had slept with me yet. As he asked, he placed his hand on the crotch of my bathing suit and gave my junk a gentle squeeze. I was too embarrassed to answer his question. It took me a moment before it dawned on me that my uncle Jake must be having sex with Billy. Billy was the one to suggest that we return to the beach. As we were approaching the beach, we were looking for Uncle Jake. When we spotted him, he was talking to a ginger haired man. When we approached them, Jake introduced us to his friend Jessy, and asked us if we were ready to get something to eat. We admitted that we were starved. Jessy told us that his car was parked on the parking lot on the south slope, and offered to go get it and take us to get Mexican food. We accepted and while he went to get his car Billy and I showered in the outdoor shower. We were drying off when he pulled up in front of the building. Jake got in the front seat and Billy and I piled into the back seat. He drove us south on the Coast Highway to The Taco Stand where Uncle Jake bought us four dinners. We returned to Uncle Jake’s home when we finished eating. As soon as we arrived home Billy ran home to ask his mother for permission to spend the night at Jake’s home with me. He returned with a change of clothes and a toothbrush. Billy and I needed to take another shower to rinse the sand out of the crotches of our bathing suits, so we showered together. While we were rinsing off Billy started playing with my penis and I couldn’t resist playing with his bigger cock. When he turned off the water, and we stepped out of the shower and proceeded to dry off. When we were finished, I was about to head to my room to put on fresh clothes, bakırköy travesti but Billy took hold of my penis and led me towards the living room. I balked when it came to actually entering the room. Billy Pulled me harder, and I had to follow him into the room. I was surprised to see Jake and Jess totally naked on the couch when I entered the room. Jess was sucking on one of Jake’s flabby tits and he was jerking off my uncle. When they became aware that we were in the room Jess rolled back over so that he was sitting next to Jake. I was fascinated by Jessy’s body. Jess was a tall man, over six-feet tall, and he had a slender body. He also had ginger body hair all over his body. That was all over his body from his chest down to his ankles. He was sitting there with his legs spread open that showed off his truly impressive cock and scrotum. His scrotum was resting on the cushion of the couch and looked to so long. His cock was really impressive though. Looking at it I guessed that his cock was close to a foot-long and almost as thick as Uncle Jake’s. Jess reached out and took hold of my hand and pulled me between his legs, so Billy knelt between Jake’s chubby thighs and started licking and sucking his balls and cock. It was so exciting burying my nose in his brick red pubic hair and smelling the manly odor. He was humping my face until He abruptly stopped and pulled my head off of his cock. He virtually picked me up bodily and placed me on the sturdy glass and steel coffee table on my back. Then he took hold of my ankles and lifted my legs up and placed my heels against his hairy chest, before he guided the head of his big cock against my asshole and started pushing it into my ass. I didn’t think he could get all of it into my ass but eventually I felt the flesh of his body pressing against my butt and his pubic hair pressing against my scrotum. He fucked until he squirted his cum into my ass. When he pulled out his white cum flowed out of my gaping asshole and pooled onto the glass table top. Jessy helped me up and he sat me on the couch and knelt between my legs to suck me off. At that point Jake Led Billy to the coffee table and had him kneel on top of the table and Jake proceeded to reach under Billy and milked his penis with Billy’s scrotum draped over his wrist and he used his finger on the other hand to probe Billy’s asshole. After Billy had an orgasm and added his cum to the glass top of the coffee table, Jake lined up the head of his cock with Billy’s asshole and as he thrusted his hips forward driving his cock deep into Billy’s asshole, and he placed both hands on Billy’s hips to help him thrust back and forth. When Jake came in Billy’s ass and pulled out cum dribbled out of his gaping asshole to add to the cum onto the table top. When they were finished it was getting late so Jessy had to get dressed to go home because he had to go to work the next day. Jake got out the glass cleaner and cleaned up the table top, while Billy and I went to the bathroom to take a dump and clean up. When we came out of the bathroom Jake insisted on the two of us sleeping with him. The next morning after Jake got the boys up and fed them, he had to get ready to go to work himself. As he was leaving, he saw Billy’s mother and he thanked her for allowing Billy to be friends with his nephew. He told her that I was spending the summer and Billy had offered to teach him how to surf. Billy taught me to surf on a longboard until I was comfortable with it before he introduced me to the short board. Our evenings were spent enjoying the pleasures of sex with each other and my Uncle Jake, If you enjoyed the story and have a story you want me to write about your introduction to the world of male sexuality, please send your outline to ail

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