Summer Shore Sex Part 3

Abella Danger

After about fifteen minutes, the door opened again and Jenny stepped through, still naked. She seemed to be alone until she reached back and pulled an obviously unsure Valeri into the room. She then pushed her in front of her. “It took some convincing, but we’re both ready for you,” Jenny said excitedly I could tell Valeri was still nervous. I was sitting on the bed naked with only a sheet covering my growing cock and legs. She was just staring at the sheet not taking her eyes off it for a second. “Valeri, why don’t you take your clothes off too and come sit next to me.” She didn’t release her stare until out of nowhere, Jenny grabbed the elastic of her shorts and panties and yanked them both down. Her head whipped around toward Jenny and her draw dropped. “You were taking too long,” exclaimed Jenny. Valeri’s pussy was a petite little clamshell, hairy but trimmed. Before she could turn back around I had gotten up and decided to help her with her shirt. Once her shirt was off over her head she immediately looked me in the eyes, not wanting to look down. I took her hand and walked her over to the bed. I leaned in and whispered into her ear, “Just lay back and we’ll take it slow. If you want to stop, just tell me. I won’t be mad.” “It’s not that I don’t want this, it’s that I’ve had a crush on you for years,” she finally spoke. “I just can’t believe it’s finally gonna happen. I…” before she could get out another word I kissed her passionately. I felt her tongue begin to dance with mine. We were making out for a couple minutes before I felt something else. I broke away from Valeri’s mouth and almanbahis turned to find Jenny licking and kissing my cock. Valeri then put her hand on it as well and began to stroke it while Jenny continued to play with the head. I turned back to her and began to kiss her some more while she stroked. I kissed down her neck and along her collarbone before beginning to fondle and kiss her breasts. I worked my way around her areolas before getting to her now quite perky nipples. I flicked them with my tongue and every so often took a light nibble with my teeth, which seemed to drive her crazy. I could see her pussy getting moist and with the way the two of them were working my cock, I was taken over by a ravenous need for sex and knew exactly how I wanted them. I eased Jenny’s mouth off my cock and stood up, walking over to my bag. “Don’t stop now, my whole body is tingling,” Valeri said sitting disappointed on the bed. “Are you going to fuck me like…?” Jenny asked and trailed off as she looked over at Valeri. She knew not to ruin the moment by telling Valeri I had fucked her mom. She got up and sat on the bed too. “Oh we’re not done yet. I’m not stopping til both of you cum,” I said as I pulled out a couple condoms from my bag. I opened one and put it on before walking over to the bed. I grabbed Jenny and stood her up. Then I grabbed Valeri and positioned her at one end of the bed with her legs spread a little, her moist pussy looking so inviting. I lay down between her legs on my side. “Jenny, come lay down next to me.” She practically jumped into the bed, and laid there staring at me, almanbahis yeni giriş looking me up and down. She was practically shaking with anticipation. I first began to play with Valeri’s pussy with one hand and then pulled Jenny in closer with the other. I kissed Jenny on the lips and continued to make out with her as I caressed the curves of her body with my free hand. Valeri began to moan a little. Jenny was a little wild and all over the place with her tongue until my hand found her now soaking wet pussy. Her tongue stopped and I felt her body finally relax. She looked down at my hand playing with her pussy. She arched one of her legs to allow my hand better access and began to moan a little as well. I noticed both girls purse and bite their lips. After a couple minutes I changed things up. I had them switch positions, but then moved my body further up between Jenny’s legs so I could kiss and lick her pussy. I then turned Valeri’s body away from me before pulling her in close. Jenny’s pussy was so warm and wet as I kissed around her pussy and licked and fingered her clit. I caressed Valeri’s body feeling my way up and down. I lifted her one leg so I could better feel her pussy. The girls began to moan again. I spread Valeri’s pussy lips with my hand and to her surprise, slid the head of my cock in its tight embrace. “OH MY GOD!” she blurted out. “I know, aren’t his hands amazing?” Jenny asked in between moans of excitement. As I began to slowly move in and out with my cock, Valeri’s moans got a little louder with some “oh my gods, and “yeses” thrown in. “His hands are almanbahis giriş good, but his cock feels amazing.” I saw Jenny look down toward my cock thrusting in and out of Valeri’s pussy with and increasing speed. “Don’t worry you’re next,” I assured her to ease and preempt her obvious protest. After several more minutes of moaning, I pulled out of Valeri’s pussy and stopped sucking on Jenny’s clit. “NOOO!” they both exclaimed. I smiled and slid up the bed next to Jenny. “Stand up for a sec, Jenny.” She stood up on the bed and I lay on my back in the middle of the bed. Valeri had turned toward me and began to fondle my balls. “Valeri come here and let me taste your sweet pussy.” She crawled up the bed and straddled my body up on her knees. I grabbed Valeri’s tight ass with both hands. “Jenny. . .” before I could get any more words out Jenny had kneeled down over my cock and was positioning it into her pussy. I pulled Valeri’s pussy toward me and began to lick and kiss it. After sliding my cock in, and beginning to bounce up and down on it, she said, “Valeri was right, you’re cock feels so good.” She continued to move up and down at varying speeds. I could feel her weight shift as she tried different angles and approaches. I continued to make Valeri moan and she began grind her pussy into my face. She rotated her hands between leaning against the wall, fondling her breasts and pulling my hair. “I feel like I’m going to explode,” exclaimed Jenny. “Yes.” “Yes.” “OH MYYYY GOOOOOOD!” I felt her pussy squeeze my cock right before she came to a stop with it completely inside of her. I felt her get off and then slide the condom off. I could then feel her tongue on my balls and hand stroking my cock. I was almost ready to explode myself. With this feeling I pulled Valeri’s clit in tighter as I sucked on it and smacked and squeezed her ass.

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