Summer Camp


Summer CampAll characters contained within are entirely fictional; any similarity to any real or fictional person living or deceased is totally unintentional. Do not read this story if you do not enjoy reading about consensual sexual activities of an exhibitionist nature. Otherwise read on…… CHAPTER 1 – INTRODUCTIONHi it’s me, Jo Ashram, I’m back again, putting pen to paper (or rather fingers to keyboard) to carry on where I left off with ‘Becoming a Model Patient’. It’s been a week since the private party, life is resuming some semblance of normality and my body has stopped aching from the ordeal it endured the previous week! It is now the University’s summer holidays and virtually all of the students have gone home for the duration. As a result we (Ethan, Tang, Marc and I) are not required, instead we will receive a retaining fee until the autumn term commences. For me this is music to my ears, six weeks to do as I please and get paid for it!Having parted company with the guys late on Saturday morning I went home and caught up with all the mundane chores that were waiting for me i.e. housework, washing, shopping etc. What a come down, I thought, from being the center of attention at an orgy to being a cleaner! On the other hand it was good to get some time to myself, straighten out my head and get my ego back to a manageable size…. By the evening I’d completed all the chores and had crashed out on my sofa with a couple of bottles of beer to watch a football match on TV. Compared to the football games that I’d played it all seemed rather tame and before long I called it a day, went upstairs, had a shower and crawled naked into bed exhausted.I had a restless night, tossing and turning feeling that something was missing. When I did eventually drift off to sleep I dreamt of a handsome muscular black man who kept enveloping his arms and legs around me, pinning me down. I felt both trapped and secure simultaneously, initially I tried to resist his encompassing limbs but after a long struggle I gave up the fight. No sooner had I relinquished control than I felt his throbbing cock nudging at my back door, surrendering to the sensations I let him in and felt him slide up inside me until he could go no further. Then my dream took a surreal turn because I felt his cock expanding and his body merging into mine until we had become one person yet retaining our own identities. The dream faded out but one word lingered in my mind – Marc.Sunday morning dawned late for me; pulling back the bedroom curtains I squinted and held a hand out before my eyes as the hot summer sun struck me full in the face. It felt good on my skin but was a shock to my senses having only just woken up. Once my eyes became accustomed to the brightness I gazed out over my back garden. Garden? More like a jungle! It is my pride and joy but since working at the University I simply haven’t had the time or energy to devote to it and in my absence the grass and weeds had grown like wildfire turning the neat borders, lawn and vegetable patch into a wilderness. I decided that today was the day I regained control of the wilderness, so quickly making my bed I donned a pair of shorts, went downstairs to have some breakfast before making my way out into the garden. I have always found gardening the****utic so as I mowed the lawn any cares I had melted away, life felt wonderful and I was in my own little world. In the background I heard a phone ringing, sounds familiar I thought, then with a jolt I realized it was my phone! I raced into the kitchen, and yes, as is predictable it stopped ringing as I ran into the room. Checking the missed call function I saw it was Marc, my heart skipped a beat, I wondered what he wanted and it seemed like ages since I’d last spoken to him (all of one week). Wasting no time I called him back, trying to maintain a calm tone in my voice was considerably harder than it should have been especially when his baritone and slightly husky voice answered my call with a ‘Hello dude, I was hoping you’d call me back’. Making small talk for a few minutes Marc then asked what I was doing right now, so I informed him that I was standing in my hallway wearing just a pair of shorts, all hot and sweaty as I’m in the middle of mowing the lawn to be then followed by several hours of weeding. Sounds like I need a pair of helping hands Marc declared and said he’d be round in half an hour. Keeping my broad grin in check I said ‘Why thank you kind Sir, I’ll pop some cans of beer in the fridge for afterwards. When you arrive, just come round the back, the gate will be open’. ‘Will do’ was his reply before hanging up.Heading back to the garden I had an extra spring in my step as I got back into the swing of mowing. That half an hour flew past because before I knew it I heard the sound of the back gate opening and a man’s wolf whistle. Looking over my shoulder I shot him a big grin and then said you’re not so bad yourself. Boy was he one fit looking man! A black guy in his early forties, heavy set, close cropped hair with a goatee. Today he was wearing combat trousers, his customary muscle vest and work boots. Smiling in return he sauntered over and gave me a great big bear hug and to my astonishment a long lusty kiss on the lips before stepping back. After getting my breath back I raised my eye brows and asked him what brought that on. Oh, I don’t know, I guess I’ve missed you buddy was his amused reply.With that he sat down on the back door step and motioned for me to continue cutting the grass, cheeky beggar I said, I thought you were coming to help me. Marc replied that he’d help with the weeding shortly but in the meantime he was going to sit there and admire the hot body laboring before him! Well, I guess he had a point (being very modest of course); from what I saw in the mirror and other guys had told me I was reasonably pleasing to the eye. My olive skin tones and black hair, which cover most of my chest, arms and legs (but thankfully not too much on my back) and now thanks to the University’s gymnasium, my muscles were well developed, which all seem to make me a target of both men and women’s eyes.Chuckling to myself I resumed the grass cutting, doing my best to ignore Marc’s smirking each time I headed towards him with the mower, and his eyes burning into my back as I headed away. Soon enough I’d completed the grass cutting, putting the mower away I sat down next to Marc just close enough to touch him but outside of his personal space. Hey you look like you could do with a beer he said. I would love one, there’s some in the fridge I replied. Jumping up Marc fetched two cans of beer and sat back down within an inch of me, clearly he wanted to be closer to me.Taking a couple of swigs from my can I turned to Marc and asked what his plans were for today. He looked at me thoughtfully for a couple of seconds before responding. His sons were staying with their mother this weekend, so he was free to spend some time with his favorite fuck buddy without suspicions being raised in his k**s’ inquisitive minds. He was hoping to stay overnight, if I had no objections, stay until mid-morning before leaving to collect them around lunchtime. Inside I was elated but I managed to retain a veneer of composure, with a trace of a smile I raised my can took a swig and said his plans were fine by me but we had work to do first. Giving him a hard push which sent him sprawling, with a giggle I jumped up and headed for the shed to fetch two sets of kneeling pads, hand forks and gloves. Turning round I saw that Marc was still sitting where I’d left him, giving him a mock frown and told him to get up and help me or I would punish him later. Calling me a slave driver he rose and sauntered over and took the tools from me and we set to work on the flower beds.Within an hour we had completed the beds and were making headway with the vegetable patch, it was hot work under the baking sun and I could feel the sun burning my back. Marc, sweating profusely, decided enough was enough and stripped off his top then started unbuckling his belt. Nervously I glanced at the neighboring houses, laughing Marc told me not to worry he had boxer shorts underneath. Relieved, I resumed watching Marc remove his trousers, God I could gaze at his body forever! Bringing myself to my senses I returned to the task at hand concentrating as hard as I could on pulling up weeds. Finally we were done and surveying the garden I was pleased with the results and said so. Smiling in acknowledgement, he took my hand and led me inside and up to the bathroom where we stripped off our shorts and stepped into the shower. Soaping each other up was incredibly sensual, I could have exploded there and then, but Marc had other ideas. Each time my hands drifted down to my crutch he growled and slapped them away. As time went on my needs became more urgent and my hips began to buck trying to make contact with any surface to get some friction. Marc acknowledged the situation by kneeling down in front of me, wrapping his arms around my waist he slowly licked his way up my shaft. Aaargh! I didn’t know if I was in agony or ecstasy but my balls were getting tighter and tighter and my cock was beginning to pulse. Finally his mouth reached my cockhead and in one smooth movement he swallowed the whole of my cock so that his goatee was pressing into my balls. I could contain myself no longer and with one almighty groan I started to orgasm sending load after load of jism down his throat. I expected him to pull away, instead he simply swallowed it all and carried on sucking my cock until I stopping jerking around and my cock started to shrink. Releasing me, he stood up gave me a broad grin and led me by the hand to the bedroom, not even pausing to dry ourselves. Pushing me sharply in the back in the direction of the bed, I stumbled and landed in an ungainly sprawl face down but before I could utter a rebuke I felt two large hands take hold of my thighs and forcefully spread them wide, then his bearded mouth pushed its way between my cheeks and a hot wet tongue started lapping at my whole. Any thoughts of protest swiftly evaporated as I gave into the heavenly sensations caused by his probing tongue, round and round it lapped before darting in and out, then thrusting back in again before slowly retreating. My hips responded by rising and falling in time to his lapping trying to get as much of his tongue in me as possible, my cock began to rouse once more. Before long the tongue withdrew and I felt the bed move as Marc changed his position on the bed and in the place of his tongue I felt his cockhead gently push against my ring. I knew what was coming, looking up at him I asked him to do me a favor and use some lube as my hole was tight and virginal. Between fits of laughter he said I don’t think so, not when you can take two fists up there quite comfortably! Good point, I replied but it would be kinder on me though. Winking at me in agreement Marc reached across me to be bedside cabinet, grabbed the lube bottle and generously applied it to his cock. Then without further delay he slowly pushed his cock inside me, giving me time to adjust to the invasion, until all nine inches were firmly buried within me. Keeping his cock still he lowered his body onto mine and I could feel his breath on the nape of my neck just before he started to kiss my neck and shoulders. Slowly, ever so slowly he started to thrust in and out of me, withdrawing until my ring clasped the ridge of his cockhead before plunging back in again. His thrusting became more forceful and faster until he was pulling out completely leaving my hole gaping before re-entering. My mind was swamped with the incredible sensations and I assumed that he was going to continue until he came, I could feel his breath getting hoarser; surely any moment now he’ll shoot his load up me.Instead, catching me by surprise he pulled out, climbed off the bed, flipped me over onto my back and pulled me towards him until my bum was hanging over the edge. Then still holding my ankles he grabbed one of the nearby pillows and shoved it under my hips. Next he told me to wrap my arms round the back of knees and not to let go until he told me to do so. Yes Sir! I said with a chuckle which resulted in me getting a playful slap on the bum. Holding my legs in this manner exposed my hole totally and Marc wasted no time in plunging his cock back into me, on and on he went until my ring had lost all resistance and wasn’t closing when he pulled out. Seemingly satisfied with this state of affairs he pulled out completely and inserted four fingers with ease, then tucking his thumb in behind them with a slight push his hand was drawn inside bringing an involuntary sigh from my lips. I felt his fist open up inside me and then his cock joined it and I realized he was wanking himself off! In no time at all his body began to heave and shudder and then he exploded sending jets of jism deep into my bowels. When he’d stopping cumming he pulled his cock out but left his fist inside me, kneeling down he started to gently push his fist further up into me. Reaching the second ring he teased, stroked and massaged it until it opened up like a flower and let him pass through. I was panting and my cock was ready to explode again but with no hands free there was nothing I could do to relieve it. Like a giant cock Marc’s fist and forearm fucked me until with a cry I exploded jism all over my chest and face. Only then did he remove his fist from my hole and allow me to lower my legs. With a broad grin on his face he looked at me before announcing that he’d been waiting a long time to do that to me. Extending an arm towards me he helped me off the bed and led me to the bathroom for our second shower of the day. This time it was purely for cleansing purposes and while we washed we discussed our options for the rest of the day.Stepping outside I locked the front door behind me, I turned and as I did so I caught the reflection of Marc and myself in the glass and it took my breath away. Suited and booted was a phrase that sprang to mind, we looked like we meant business and a little voice in the back of my mind said we made a handsome couple. Except that we weren’t a couple, not it Marc’s mind at least, a relationship was one complication he didn’t need or require. I dismissed that thought as quickly as it had appeared; nothing was going to spoil our evening. Now as we walked down the street to catch a bus into town Marc’s attitude and mannerism towards me had changed, gone was the horny devil who’d screwed me senseless a couple of hours ago and wanted to be as close as possible. In its place was a streetwise gangster look-alike holding me at arm’s length (in fact acting very straight). I am ashamed to say that I don’t know which turned me on the most; I was just enjoying the ride and hoping that he wouldn’t tire of me.Our first destination in town was a high class restaurant in the nice part of town, one that I would normally walk straight past because of its exclusivity and its prices. Marc had promised me a treat and he wasn’t bluffing, he walked in as if he owned the joint and the Maître De greeted him in a way which indicated that he’d been here many times before. As we sat down at our table I commented on this fact, nodding in agreement he confirmed that although it was expensive the food was excellent and he always came here when there was a special occasion or he wanted it to be intimate. The food and service was impeccable and I was having such a good time that I simply didn’t want it to end, all too soon though we were drinking after dinner coffees and debating on whether to continue with our plans for the evening or to call time and go home to make some of our own entertainment. I was in favor of the second option but Marc was in the mood for dancing, so I gave in gracefully and agreed to go clubbing. Having paid the bill we casually made our way out onto the street, just as I reached the threshold I held a sly hand touch my bum and gave it a sharp pinch, hard enough to make me jump and Marc chuckle.Catching a taxi across town we arrived at the nightclub, lit up like a camp neon beacon, it was hardly a discreet destination for a straight acting guy! But keeping my thoughts to myself I followed Marc into the foyer where a large number of people were gathered in the process of paying their entrance fees and using the cloakroom facilities. I quickly realized that despite its outward appearance this wasn’t a gay venue at all and that the age range was broad, from teenagers up to men and women in their forties. At least I wouldn’t feel like a granddad and out place. Marc must have read my mind because he turned to me giving me an affectionate squeeze on my arm and asked me if this was what I had been expecting. Deciding to be honest I admitted that it had come at as a surprise, I thought he had been making a grand gesture of coming out of the closet. A look of horror flashed across his face momentarily before his composure was restored, I thought I’d blown my chances and started to stammer an apology. Putting a finger to my lips to hush me he said it was okay, he had asked me a question and the answer had surprised him that’s all. Then he said it was his turn to be honest, he had chosen this nightclub deliberately precisely because it was popular with a wide age range of partygoers of all sexual persuasions so if he happened to meet anyone he knew no suspicions would be raised if they saw him with me. Oh, right I see I replied. Do you expect to? Who knows, you can never tell, I am such a popular guy he replied, at the same time grabbing his sizable trouser bulge. With my eyes following his movement I agreed that he most certainly was, but I thought I should verify his claim later tonight and licked my lips to emphasize the point. Mmm, I think that may be in order he chuckled, but first things first, let’s have a couple of drinks and a few dances to get us in the mood before heading home for, well you know.Having paid our entrance fees Marc led me to the bar and I bought two beers for us, leaning up against the bar we surveyed the room taking it all in. As we sipped our beers and made small talk, looking over Marc’s shoulder I became aware of a young black guy standing not too far away. What caught my eye was that although he was clearly with a girl between smooches he was edging ever closer and appeared to be studying us, or rather Marc. As I was about to mention this to him, I heard ‘Dad? I thought it was you, what are you doing here?’ Uh oh here we go; this is going to get very interesting I thought. Without batting an eyelid Marc turned round smiling broadly and said hello son, so your mother’s let you out to play then? Before anyone could react, Marc gestured to me saying ‘Jo, I’d like you to meet my eldest son Lloyd and his girlfriend Nikki. Lloyd and Nikki I’d like you to meet my friend and work colleague Jo’. I stuck my hand out to shake Lloyd’s tentatively offered hand and then proceeded to kiss Nikki’s cheek in greeting. To break the ice I asked them if they’d like a drink, which they accepted with a grin until Marc told me to only get them soft drinks as they’re u******e. As their faces dropped I felt a little sorry for them but I did as Marc had requested, returning to the trio I handed them each a coke along with another bottle of beer for Marc. Finding some vacant seats we sat down and chatted about how each other’s day had gone. Lloyd was a real joker once he opened up and had us in stitches relating his antics at home with his mother and in town in Nikki. For her part she smiled in all the right places but when the attention was off her I noted she was studying me more than I would have expected. Suddenly she clapped her hands in glee, burst out laughing and pointed a finger at me announcing ‘I remember now! I thought I knew your face when Marc introduced you; it’s now come back to me. I remember my mum making a great deal of fuss about going to see a charity football tournament and how she ‘admired’ a particular goalkeeper who managed to lose his clothes several times during the afternoon and how he’d given her a kiss during the lap of honor the team had made at the end of the tournament. I didn’t believe her until I saw the highlights on the local evening news, she was so flustered that it made my dad really cross and he turned the television off! Well, you’re even better looking in real life than you were on the TV’. ‘Uh thanks, I think’ was all I could say in reply. Lloyd looked from her to me and back to Nikki, I don’t think he could believe what he was hearing. ‘Dad is this true? Is your friend that guy off the TV?’ ‘Yup sure is’ Marc replied. ‘Jeez, I’ve never met anyone famous before.’ ‘I’m hardly famous’ I commented, ‘All I was doing was participating in a fund raising event’. I was trying my best to change the topic of conversation.The next couple of hours flew past, we never did get on to the dance floor, instead we sat around chatting and laughing as if we’d known each other for years and this was a regular occurrence. Eventually Marc turned to me and said it was time to be making a move, Lloyd and Nikki stood up to join us but Marc said that it was getting late and they should be heading home otherwise Lloyd’s mum would be getting worried and start asking him awkward questions (as would be Nikki’s parents). With a sullen expression Lloyd reluctantly agreed and shook my hand again, Nikki gave me a great big hug and announced that her mum would be sooooo jealous when she tells her. Laughing at this comment we parted company after making sure the two k**s were safely in a taxi and on the way home.Turning to Marc I asked if he wanted to carry on clubbing or shall we make our way home. Yawning he decided we’d get a taxi back to my place and stay the night as planned. Okay old man I laughed and called for a taxi. While we waited I remarked what a strange coincidence it was that on our first night out together we should just happen to bump into his eldest son and he (Marc) didn’t seem all that surprised. If I didn’t know better I would have said that it was deliberate. As we climbed into the taxi which had just arrived Marc gave me a half smile and admitted that it was partly by chance and partly planned. He had a good idea that Lloyd might show up because it was his favorite night spot, if he hadn’t shown up it wouldn’t have mattered we would simply have carried on with our plans as normal. However he was hoping that Lloyd would show up because it would be the ideal way to start introducing me into their lives and getting them used to me being around. Okay, I replied, I think I get the direction you’re going in with this but exactly how much is Lloyd going to know. At the moment I just want him to think we’re mates and work colleagues, nothing more, okay if he guesses so be it we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it. I just thought this would be a good way of us meeting up more often without suspicions being raised or having to rely on random timetabling when my sons would be out of the way. I agreed that this sounded like a good idea especially if it means I can get you into bed more often! I must have said this louder than I had intended to because the taxi driver looked into the rear view mirror and gave me a wink before resuming his focus on the road ahead.Turning on the hallway light I asked Marc if he’d like a coffee or something to eat, in answer he gave me a quick kiss on the lips and said he just wanted to have a shower and get to bed. This sounded promising so I agreed and led him by the hand upstairs and into the bathroom. I let him shower first so that I could prepare the bedroom i.e. put some soft lighting on, pull back the duvet, make sure plenty of lube was at hand etc. As he got out of the shower I got in giving his bum a playful grope. Having showered and shaved I made my way into the bedroom to find Marc laying sprawled out on the bed quietly snoring. No sex tonight then but at least he’s in my bed I thought to myself as I climbed in beside him, pulled the duvet up and gently held him in my arms. Without waking up he adjusted his position until we lay spooned together and within a few minutes I drifted off to sleep as well.I woke up early disturbed in part by the fact that I wasn’t used to sharing my bed but mainly because I had a raging hard on! Although it was clear that we’d shifted positions during the night, my crotch was pushed into his bum and my cock lay between his cheeks. Acting on impulse I reached behind me for the tube of lube on my bedside table, then pulling away a little I liberally lubed up my cock and smeared a generous glob around his anus. In his slumber Marc responded by adjusting his position to make access easier for me. Aiming my cockhead at his hole I slowly pushed until it had pushed past the ring, pausing for a minute to allow Marc to become accustomed to its presence I then drove the rest of my cock inside until we were tightly spooned together again. Holding him tightly to me, gently nuzzled his neck and shoulders as I slowly fucked him. He was a talented bottom because he relaxed his hole as I pushed in and tightened it as I pulled back, the sensations I was experiencing were fantastic and it wasn’t long before I shot the first of several loads deep inside him. After the first orgasm I left my cock in place until it started to recover and then started to fuck him once more, this time more energetically and having woken up Marc was more responsive. By the third round of fucking we were like rampant b**sts, not able to get enough of one another. It was just as well that he has dark skin because it would cover the love bites I gave him very well. Finally I was spent, pulling out for the final time I told him it was time to get up and to get cleaned up, he was a dirty little so and so. Oh am I he cried and giving me a hard slap on the bum he chased me laughing into the bathroom where we showered again, this time together and in a way that felt so good I could have told him that I loved him – except that I didn’t.CHAPTER 2 – TICKETS ARRIVE & AN INVITATION GIVEN TO MARCSitting at the dining table we sipped our coffees, munched on a round of toast for breakfast idly chatting about last night and our plans for the day ahead. I was planning on paying my parents a surprise visit as I hadn’t seen them for several weeks although I spoke to them regularly by telephone. As to Marc he was going to stay for a little while before returning to his home ready for the arrival of his two sons back from staying with their mother. I had just finished clearing up the breakfast things when there was a ring on the doorbell, opening the door I did my best to mask the impatience I was feeling, the time I had with Marc was precious! Standing there bright and breezy was the postman with a large envelope, ‘Good morning Sir, sorry to disturb you. I have an item here requiring your signature.’ Smiling in reply I signed where indicated, thanked him and closed the door pondering what it could be. Marc appeared to be as intrigued as I was by the way he hovered over my shoulder trying to see the contents of the envelope. Uh uh! You nosy so and so! I giggled trying to stop him from looking, to no effect because he simply wrapped his arms around my waist and wouldn’t let me go. Okay, okay, I said gasping between fits of laughter, I’ll open it now.Sitting down again side by side at the dining table I tore open the envelope and spread the contents over the table. Instantly I recognized the letter headed paper, it was from the University signed by Dr. Tom Wallis (Head of Student Services) and contained as promised two complimentary tickets (one in my name, the other was for a guest of my choosing) for one week’s stay at the summer camp. Tom’s letter outlined the timetable of events for the Summer Camp along with instructions on when and where I was to catch the coach and what to bring with me. It also reminded me that the terms and conditions of my contract which would still apply during the trip (after all although it was a ‘holiday’ I was still being paid by the University and therefore technically a member of staff). Wherever we will be based will be considered ‘campus’ and the applicable terms were:1. Whenever the employee is on campus he is obliged to comply with all requests made of him by senior management including lecturers. In return no request will be made which will incur permanent physical harm.2. The employee will treat staff and students with respect at all times, in return he will be treated with all due respect afforded to members of staff.3. During lectures and other teaching scenarios the employee is obliged to comply with all reasonable requests made by students providing it does not contravene terms 1 & 2.4. The employee shall maintain a professional attitude at all times to facilitate the increased learning of the students and success of the University as a seat of medical excellence.5. The employee agrees not to divulge any information to the public unless expressly permitted by the University.We would be leaving next Saturday morning at 08:00 from the University Campus by coach and returning the following Saturday late evening. We were to bring outdoor clothing along with casual wear. I must have been lost in thought because it took a couple of taps on my shoulder by Marc to bring me back to the room. Oh sorry, I was miles away I said smiling at him. Well? Who’s the lucky person who’s going to accompany you on this free holiday then? He asked. Oh, I don’t know, I’ll have to have a long hard think about it…. deliberately overacting the innocent look. Clearly this was not a satisfactory response because with a mock frown he started to tickle me in the ribs demanding the correct answer. Wriggling and doing my best to get away I finally managed to gasp out the answer he was waiting for – he was going to be my guest to accompany me on my ‘holiday’. Satisfied he let me go with a broad grin on his face, and then gave me a quick kiss before announcing that he’d love to join me. Glancing at his watch and cursing under his breath he announced that he really had to pack his kit up and head on home, his boys were due home at lunch time and he needed to make a arrangements for their care while he was away next week.Following him upstairs, I watched him pack his overnight bag and discussed our plans for the coming trip. Due to his home commitments we agreed not to meet again until Saturday morning on campus although no doubt we’d speak on the mobile or via email. Standing on my doorstep as he was leaving I gave him a big bear hug and waved him off, all the while doing my best to keep a smile on my face so he wouldn’t feel awkward about leaving me. The only consolation I had was watching his muscular back and pert bum walk down the road knowing that only a few hours ago it had been mine for the taking. Closing the door behind me the house felt suddenly empty, pull yourself together lad I thought, it won’t be long until you see him again and Marc’s clearly keen to spend time with you so stop being such a drama queen.CHAPTER 3 – TWO COACH LOADS OF STUDENTS & A TRIP TO SCOTLANDHaving got to grips with myself, life quickly returned to normal and I spent the next couple of days with my parents having paid them a surprise visit. It was so good to see them, although I didn’t live in their pockets emotionally we were very close and I guess I was still their little boy, so I was discreet in how I described my job as a model patient and my friendship with Marc, Ethan, Tang and the other guys at University. On my return I prepared for the coming trip, treating myself to some new clothes and travel bag and generally enjoying the free time I had left until Saturday. Having been jolted awake early on Saturday morning by my alarm clock I grabbed some breakfast, got dressed, picked up my travel bag which I’d packed the previous evening, locking my door securely behind me I made my way to the University. I really should have got a taxi because my bag was heavy and by the time I reached the campus I was hot and tired; taking a few minutes breather I watched the pigeons enjoying the quietness of the campus. When I’d cooled down I walked the short distance to the meeting point to find two coaches, some sixty students and their luggage, four members of staff and of course Marc waiting for me. Joining Marc and the other members of staff (Dave, Tom, Neil and Callum all of whom I knew intimately) I asked if I was late, No, Tom replied but another five minutes and you would have been!With that the two coach drivers appeared and invited everyone to start loading their luggage into the stowage areas of the coach, when that was done the students crammed onto the coach jostling each other in a good natured way hoping to get the best seats for themselves. Tom turned to us and whispered there’s no need for us to rush, we had seats reserved for us at the front of the second coach. Once the stampede was over we climbed on board and found our seats – Dave and Tom in the front two seats, then me and Marc, finally Neil and Callum behind us. As we settled ourselves Dave turned round looked at the four of us with a dirty grin and asked if we’re looking forward to this trip. When we replied that we were, he said good because so was he and Tom and that they were anticipating a very enjoyable time for all of us especially if we enjoyed getting our rings stretched to the max! He laughed at our expressions; we clearly hadn’t expected him to be quite so frank in their plans for us. All this hilarity attracted the attention of the other students and they called out what was going on, don’t worry lads, Dave replied, you’ll find out soon enough! He sat down again with a very dirty chuckle.Marc turned to me whispering in my ear asking what I made of it all. I shrugged my shoulders, saying that we’d find out soon enough but whatever is going to happen probably won’t be anything like we imagine it to be like. Did it matter? We’ve enjoyed the previous week’s activities so we’ll probably enjoy this week’s activities too. So I guess its sit back and enjoy the ride, so to speak. Indeed, Marc agreed, it just depends on who’s doing the riding!Within a few minutes the coaches pulled away and started our long journey northwards to Scotland. You won’t be surprised to hear that the journey was tedious to say the least, six hours on the road with a couple of convenience breaks. For a while the six of us sat and chatted but the conversations naturally died out after about an hour and before long I was drifting off to sleep for most of the journey, using Marc’s beefy shoulder for a pillow. Whenever I stirred I could feel his hand resting on my thigh, slowly caressing it. Smiling to myself I would drift off again.CHAPTER 4 – CASTLE & ESTATE ON THE COASTAt long last we exited the motorway just as we crossed the border from England into Scotland, and the coaches were soon cutting across rolling countryside which gradually changed from pastures to open woodland and then into thick forest. After another half an hour winding through the thick forest the coaches abruptly slowed down and turned left up a side road for about five hundred meters before we came to a halt in front of a large pair of iron gates, on either side stretching out as far as the eye could see were eight foot high brick walls. Slowly the gates opened and the coaches drove through. Dave looked round at us asking if we were impressed, Callum spoke for all of us when he said that he didn’t know if he was impressed or intimidated. Nodding in agreement Dave confirmed that he understood, after all he had felt the same way when he’d first arrived but all would be explained during the welcome meeting. Facing the front again he left us in peace to admire the passing scenery, for several miles the thick woods continued before slowly thinning to open woodland. Then finally we could see our destination, a huge castle and beyond it a large long lake with a wooded island rising from the middle of the lake. In the distance the surrounding forests met the shores of the lake creating a typically Scottish idyllic setting.The castle was gloomily imposing, four stories high with turreted towers at each corner, and a grand entrance at the front with a sweeping gravel driveway bordered at regular intervals by life size marble statues of nude males in athletic poses. I don’t know if it was just my imagination but the features of some of the statues looked vaguely familiar, I made a mental note to myself to examine them later.The coaches slowed to a halt in front of the entrance and we disembarked (somewhat stiffly) and collected our luggage before slowly congregating in the main lobby. Once assembled Tom clapped his hands to gain everyone’s attention then informed the students that their dormitories were to be found on the first and second floors and they could choose which beds to occupy. Turning to us members of staff he told us we had a small dormitory of our own up on the third floor sufficiently separated from the students to afford privacy and peace during what would probably prove to be a rowdy experience, above all students were prohibited from entering. Tom told everyone to take their luggage to their dormitories, unpack, freshen up and meet back down here in 30 minutes where we would be introduced to the staff and a briefing session would be held.We looked at each other, took hold of our bags and followed Tom up the grand spiral staircase, along with sixty students all jostling trying to get up the stairs first to bag the best beds. Leaving the students behind on the second floor we climbed the stairs to the third floor and I had a chance to admire the starkly minimalist decor which complemented the dark wood flooring and skirting boards. At the top of the stairs was a short corridor and at the end was a single solid wooden door with a large key in the lock. Tom unlocked the door and led the way into our dormitory, we followed silently behind not knowing quite what to expect. The view that met our eyes was totally unexpected, instead of the classic school style dormitory it was more like a hotel – light and airy, continental style furniture with six single beds placed randomly around the room. At one end of the room, just like in the University’s staff room, was a wet area consisting of a toilet, bidet & shower, clearly privacy was not going to be permitted during our stay! But what caught my attention was the huge circular black PVC covered bed in the middle of the room, it must have measured twelve feet in diameter and three feet high, I had a sneaky idea what this bed might be used for. Catching my eye Dave grinned but said nothing, instead he chose a bed and dumped his bag on it, following suit we made our way back downstairs, having locked the door behind us.CHAPTER 5 – SETTLING IN & MEETING THE STAFFDownstairs the students were milling around waiting for us to arrive, on Tom’s directions we all made our way into the grand hall and sat down on the seats provided. Standing in front of us Tom introduced Douglas, the castle manager. Douglas looked distinctly clonish, in his sixties he had close cropped white hair, a long pointed goatee and twinkling blue eyes. He was wearing faded blue jeans, a white T-shirt, a black leather waistcoat and black Doc Martins. Over the next half an hour he informed us of the history of the castle and estate from its construction, through its heydays and slow decline to dereliction until the University purchased it five years ago at a knock down price. Of course although it was cheap to buy it had cost several million pounds to renovate and restore it to its former glory. The castle came with several thousand acres of forest and mixed woodland along with the lake that we had seen on our approach. The whole estate was protected by a brick wall eight feet high with only one entrance and that was the giant gates we had entered through. When questioned about the purpose of the wall, Douglas quite candidly admitted that it served to prevent intruders and unwanted prying eyes from gaining access to the estate and the castle. The University had purchased the estate for the sole purpose of providing a hedonistic retreat for the students and staff to combat the stress they encountered on a daily basis, where the only rules were:a. University property was to be respected and protected at all times. Any damage caused would entitle the University to seek financial compensation or payment in kind from the offender at the University’s discretion.b. Intentional physical injury of any kind is expressly forbidden, any incidences which occur will be fully investigated and any person found guilty of this offence will be dismissed immediately.c. This is a clothing optional establishment, nakedness is permitted throughout the castle and estate at all times, except at meal times for hygiene reasons.d. All guests agree not to divulge any information to the public unless expressly permitted by the University.After these rules had been disclosed and explained you could have heard a pin drop, I don’t think anybody knew what to say or how to react. Now I understood why the sixty students offered places for the summer camp were all male, having females present would only complicate matters and affect the ambience of the place. I also recalled Dave’s questions at the beginning of the coach trip and now suspected what would be expected of us (not that I would object too hard I dare say).Tom thanked Douglas for his input; turning to the students he asked if there were any questions. Not getting a response from anyone, he said that’s okay, everyone’s free to go and unpack then familiarize themselves with the castle and grounds before meeting up at 7:00pm for the evening meal. If anyone should have any questions in the meantime they just had to ask a member of the castle staff or come and find him or Dave. After dinner a variety of ice breaking activities would be organized. After this announcement a tidal wave of noise broke over us as the students suddenly became animated, standing up and heading for the doorway. As we waited for the pandemonium to calm down I stood next to Neil, Marc and Callum, smiling slightly I asked them what they made of Douglas and Tom’s little introduction piece. Laughing in response they said that the next week should prove to be very interesting, Marc wondered how many students he would get to sample before it was time to leave. Neil and Callum decided to take this as a challenge and bet Marc that they would get to polish more rings than him. You’re on he countered, so what’s the prize for the winner and the penalty for the two losers I asked. Blank expressions met my gaze. I know, I grinned broadly, the winner and myself get to double fist the losers in front of the students on the last evening of this stay, so come on guys put your money where your mouth is. Suddenly becoming macho mutts they squared up to each other, shook hands and said it was a deal. By now the rush of students had slowed to a trickle and we were joined by Dave, Tom and Douglas. Douglas was a sharp cookie because he asked us what bet had we just agreed on, not getting an initial response he cajoled us and said we were all here to help each other have a fantastic experience during our stay. Taking a deep breath I quickly explained the bet to him, instead of the negative reaction that I had been expecting Douglas simply turned to Tom with a thoughtful expression and said that if we could leave it with him overnight he would draw up a timetable of activities which should help us to achieve our goal with the prize being an excellent entertainment spectacle for the last night. Tom patted me on the back, congratulating me on having such a flair for the theatrical and a highly charged sexual imagination.As I followed the guys upstairs to the dormitory I studied Marc’s muscular bum and imagined what it would be like to get both fists up inside his meaty butt. He must have felt my eyes burning into his cheeks because he turned round and said that I shouldn’t count my chickens until they’ve hatched and besides he had no intention of losing. That’s as maybe I countered but one way or other I intended to get my hands up there, it was just a matter of time!The next couple of hours or so was spent in the dormitory unpacking clothes; chatting about the journey, our expectations for the coming week; chilling out and having a quick snooze on the bed. At about 6:00pm Tom suggested we get washed and changed ready for the evening meal and following entertainment, oh and by the way it might be worth having a thorough clean out. Looking at the other guys I shrugged my shoulders, then with a wry smile said and there was me thinking it was going to be a holiday it looks like it’s business as usual.As I had the attention of other guys the exhibitionist in me kicked in, I slowly pulled my T-shirt over my head, removed my trainers and socks, and then slowly peeled my jeans down. As I stepped out of them I took hold of my boxer’s waistband, threw a wink towards Marc and in one smooth movement removed them. Standing there stark naked I casually asked if anyone would care to help clean me out. Neil announced that he would be only too glad to assist me; he’d been looking for an excuse to gain access to my butt ever since I had been in his classes and the subsequent private party. He quickly shucked his clothes revealing a decent body, not as muscular as mine or Marc’s but not bad all the same. He was in his forties, fair haired, freckles all over and with a light sprinkling of body hair. Glancing at his crotch his semi-hard on showed promise and supported his statement that he was pleased to help. Walking over to the wet area with Neil I could hear the tell tale sounds of rustling clothes as the others started to strip and then the soft footfall of naked feet on the wooden flooring. Kneeling down in the shower area with my head on the floor and bum in the air I watched the guys approach as Neil adjusted the temperature of the water flowing out of the douching pipe, then having applied lubricant to my hole he gently inserted the tube allowing the warm water to flow into my rectum and up into my bowels. As my bowels started to bloat the tube was removed and I quickly sat on the toilet to let the mixture of water and feces out. This process was repeated several times until the water ran clear. Then it was Neil’s turn to be cleaned out and I had to admit to myself he did have a nicely proportioned butt and his hole looked like it could easily accommodate the douching tube. Tickling his hole with a couple of fingers caused him to wriggle before I inserted the tube and started the cleaning out process. Once he was completely clean I decided to keep hold of the douching tube and indicated that I would be cleaning out Marc and Callum too. Then in a move which caught me by surprise Dave and Tom joined us in the shower area having stripped naked and told me to clean them out as well. The look on my face must have amused them because they laughed and confirmed that they had every intention of participating in all the activities during this week, after all it was their ‘holiday’ too. Seeing those two guys kneeling in front of me with holes exposed ready to be invaded turned me on massively and my cock sprang to attention in response. Up to now they had been in a position of power and I had always been on the receiving end but now the roles were to be reversed if only for a few minutes. With Dave I took advantage of the situation and as the tube entered him I gently inserted a couple of fingers to assess the elasticity of his ring. Pushing back reflexively Dave glanced over his shoulder and told me he could take a lot more than that as I was bound to discover before the end of the week and before I ask so could Tom so there was no need to pull sly stunts like I had just done. I blushed in embarrassment as the other guys realized what I had done.Finally once everyone had been cleaned out, we took it in turns to shower and shave before drying off and dressing in the University ‘uniform’ of black sweatshirt (with University logo), black T-shirt, black jogging bottoms, jockstraps, black socks and trainers. Then, with only minutes to spare, we made our way down to the dining hall to be greeting by the cheering and catcalls of the students waiting for us. The room was laid out like a regular canteen with rows of tables and benches giving the place a casual ambience and leant itself well to our purposes. As members of staff we had a table to ourselves but it was close enough to the student’s tables to prevent any sense of alienation. As we sat down, the castle staff proceeded to bring out the starters and the high spirited chatter calmed to a gentle hum, then silence as we ate the food in front of us. Then as we waited for the main course the noise levels rose again, I turned to the other guys and asked them what they thought of the meal so far, we were all in agreement about the high standards, it was like being in a high class restaurant crossed with a youth hostel! The main course and dessert followed each swiftly and before we knew it over coffees Douglas made his appearance and announced what he had arranged for an after dinner entertainment to get us in the mood for the hedonistic week that lay ahead.Having got our attention, he explained that the students would be split up into ten teams of six students and one group of six members of staff. We would be playing strip general knowledge; Douglas would act as compere and referee, the object of the game was to be the first team to answer the question thrown open to the room correctly and thereby choose which team would have to remove an item of clothing. However if your team answered incorrectly then you would have to remove an item of clothing instead. The winning team would be the last team wearing clothing, however if a team lost all of their clothing then they had to pay a forfeit which would be decided by Douglas. Did we have any questions? No, then let the games begin! Turning to Marc and Callum I said this should be easy enough, between us we should be able to outsmart the others. Dave whispered in response that we shouldn’t be so sure as he thought the students would take the opportunity to gang up on us before turning on each other. We were to soon find out……Douglas started off with the first question; before I even had time to take in the question a team had their hands in the air and was shouting out the answer. Oh shit I thought to myself, Dave might just be right about this. Douglas with a big grin confirmed that the answer was correct, this brought out cheers and hand clapping from the team that answered. When the team had subsided he asked them which team would be losing an item of clothing, he had barely got the words out of his mouth when the whole room erupted in ‘Staff, staff, staff!’ turning to us he said the room has spoken, would we please stand up on your table so that the guys in the room can get a good look at you. With a wry grin Tom said ok, let’s show them, leading the way he climbed up onto the table and removed his sweatshirts with a flourish and a bow to the students before throwing it into the crowd. We followed suit and as our sweatshirts flew through the air I could feel a familiar rush of adrenalin (how I loved being an exhibitionist!). Tom indicated that we should sit down on the table with our feet on the chairs as he felt we would be back on the table sooner than we thought. The next question was then asked, once again we were beaten to the answer and surprise, surprise the staff team were chosen to strip again. So we stood up once more and off came our T-shirts which were also thrown into the crowd. Each time we were being beaten, we didn’t stand a chance! We gave up getting down from the table and simply stood there smiling back at the grinning faces of the students. They were beginning to get drunk on the wine provided and getting more rowdier in the process. Before I knew we were standing in just our jock straps, surely this time we must answer a question or we were done for – but no, again we were pipped at the post. ‘Off! Off! Off!’ began the chanting, needing no more than a nod from Douglas we reached for the waistbands of our jock straps, smoothly removed them and threw our last item of clothing into the crowd. Standing up straight again with hands by our sides I could not help but notice that I was not the only one with a semi-hard-on. The students were on their feet, stamping, whistling, laughing and in general lewd comments about us.Douglas clapped his hands to gain the room’s attention. Right guys, as I mentioned the losing team will pay a forfeit and what I have in mind I think you will ALL enjoy, even you staff members! The next game is called ‘Pin the tail on the Donkey’ or more accurately ‘Bury the cock in the Ass’ which will probably give you a clue to what it’s all about. The staff members will be the Asses who are wild a****ls and need to be rounded up by you brave hunters. Once rounded up the Asses need to be tamed by being pinned at one end or the other or both! This bit of information brought a round of cheers from the students but from us a look of trepidation. However there a couple of conditions, to make it fairer the Asses will be given five minutes head start to escape and hide, it will be for you hunters to track them down and bring them back. The other condition is that hunters have to be naked too, there is going to be a lot of competition to get your pins in so you won’t want to waste time with clothing getting in the way. So please if you wish to take part in this evening’s hunt remove your clothing now, if you would prefer not to then I suggest you retire early to your dormitory as it will get pretty wild down here. Surprisingly only about ten guys decided they didn’t want to participate, they stood up and made their way out of the room, saluting us as they passed by.That left fifty fairly drunk young guys hurriedly removing their clothes, for me this was a fantasy come true and I quickly sported a hard on. I guess I must have been drooling because Marc dug me in the ribs to break me out of my trance. In the space of a couple minutes all of the students were naked with most sporting erections, some more self-conscious than others and piles of clothes lay all around. From a bag in the corner of the room Douglas took six large bottles of lubricant and gave one to each of us. Then glancing at his stop watch, raising his hand into the air and told us we had five minutes to run and hide before the hunters would be set loose after us. On your marks, get set, run! Out of the room we dashed and into the main hallway, hesitating for a second, we quickly split up. Marc, Callum and me decided to make a dash for the cover of darkness outside while Neil, Dave and Tom opted to hide inside the castle. Flinging the main entrance door open I felt the cool night air hit my body, making me shiver momentarily before I ran as fast as I could over the gravel drive and onto the softer grass lawns. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Marc racing along the side of the castle and disappear round the corner and into the shadows. Callum sped past me racing straight up the drive way, his pale skin glowing in the moonlight. Two option lay ahead of me, I could either head for the open woodland to my right or I could carry straight on keeping to the grass and eventually meet the lake shore where low bushes grew which would provide good hiding places. I chose the latter option, behind me I could hear a muffled cheer as the hunters were released prompting me to increase my speed as I wanted to reach the lake before the hunters emerged. I made it! Sk**ding to a halt behind the nearest bush I paused to catch my breath, hoping my labored breathing wouldn’t attract attention. Surveying the area around me I saw the perfect hiding place, a natural cove surrounded by bushes and low trees, no one would be able to see me unless they walked along the lake shore. Cautiously peering through the leaves of my cover I could see no hunters so I made a quick dash for the cove and again checked to make sure that I hadn’t been seen. Satisfied that I was hidden, I selected a soft patch of grass to lay down on, put my hands underneath my head and gazed up at the moonlit night sky. The air gently moved across my naked skin, cooling me down but not enough to make me cold, in fact it was a perfect summer evening. There was something hypnotic about the sound of the gently lapping waves of the lake, the sighing breeze and the twinkling stars because within a short while my eyes felt heavy and I must have drifted off to sleep.I woke with a jolt; in fact it was a toe digging me in the ribs. Startled I looked at the foot the toe belonged to, up the leg, past the erect cock and at the naked figure of a hunter wearing a black mask, all that could be seen of his features we a pair of eyes and a broad grin. Well, look what we have here boys! He shouted, I’ve found us an Ass! I prepared to launch myself into the air to make a quick exit but he must have read my mind because he placed a foot firmly on my chest and said I don’t think so, you’re not going anywhere. The sound of his cry brought seven other hunters over, all similarly naked except for black masks, making identifying them in this light virtually impossible. Oh the cunning logic of Douglas! This way the students get to shag us with no repercussions, mmm, I had to admire him on that score.The hunters stood in a ring around me making an escape impossible, the guy who’d first found me told me to hand over the lubricant before getting onto my hands and knees facing away from him. I looked over my shoulder at him and watched as he knelt down between my legs then felt him apply the lubricant inside and around the edge of my anus. As I looked down at the ground I felt the head of his cock gently touch my ring before slowly pushing past the entrance, allowing me time to adjust to the intrusion, but not stopping until he was fully buried and his balls were brushing my cheeks. I could tell from his manner he was not a beginner at this game and that he had a good sized cock. Slowly he pulled back until his head sat at the entrance before plunging back in again, to the chants of his fellow hunters he gradually gained momentum until he was banging my butt hard enough to make me grunt on each thrust. This appeared to arouse one of the hunters into action, he stood in front of me, took hold of my head and thrust his medium sized cock down my throat making me gag momentarily. He wasn’t as gentle though, instead he carried on fucking my face regardless of my choking noises, clearly he was getting a massive kick out of being in total control. I was happy as a pig in shit, being spit roasted by two virile young men! On and on the pounding continued until with a loud groan and a shuddering spasm the guy fucking my arse shot load after load of jism deep into me. This sent the hunter fucking me face over the edge too and before I knew it I was swallowing a thick wad of jism down my throat, I carried on sucking until no more came. Both guys pulled out of me as their cocks softened, I took the opportunity to flex my back and take some deep breaths. Then I felt a pair of hands on my hips with a deep voice telling me to brace myself before I felt the head of a fat cock push into me, clearly having just had my arse pounded had removed some of my rings resistance as he had no trouble entering me. On and on he pushed up into me, clearly he was a big boy as I felt him nudging my inner ring before pushing on up, he had to be a good ten inches in length. I commented on this fact which made him laugh, he confirmed that being this big made it difficult to get girls to agree to being fucked but you gay guys seem to love it! Oh yes indeed I agreed. I felt a tap on my head so I looked back round to find another cock waving in my face, wasting no time I swallowed the head and shaft down to the base. I was getting into the swing of this game and just loving it, so much so that I was genuinely disappointed when both guys shot their loads into me because it meant there would be an interruption in the fucking. Not that I had to wait long because the next two guys were impatient and couldn’t bury their cocks into me quick enough. Like two rabbits their thrusts were quick and sharp, coming very quickly. The final pair of hunters then assumed their positions only to have the one behind me moan about the fact that my hole had been stretched so much and that there was so much jism up inside he could gain little friction from me. The hunter at my head gave me a sly grin before pulling out of my mouth, he told me to stand up while he lay down on the floor with his cock standing to attention. The other hunter must have understood his intentions because I felt his hands on my shoulders pushing me downwards and instructing me to sit down straddling his waist with his cock buried deep inside me. The hunter laying down then wrapped his arms around my chest holding me tight, this had the effect of exposing my hole and his cock buried within. The hunter who had complained knelt down behind me, placed his cockhead at my opening and with some effort pushed his cock in alongside the one already there. I felt extremely stuffed and they seemed satisfied with the effect, after a couple of minutes of adjusting to each other’s presence they coordinated their thrusting and before long were hammering away as if there was no tomorrow. Having two cocks thrusting independently inside me was a novel experience and after the initial discomfort had subsided it was one that I was really getting into. Seeing that I wasn’t struggling against the intrusion the bottom hunter released me and I was free to grind myself further down onto the thrusting cocks and act like the complete slut I was!All too soon I felt the familiar pulse of erupting orgasms and the shuddering of guys bodies and the slow subsidence of their erections before pulling out of my sloppy hole with a wet squelch. I thought this was going to be it as all eight guys had shot their loads and I’d be making my way back to the castle but no, the guys had other ideas. The first two hunters were raring to go again and quickly got themselves into position replicating the previous engagement. This time they slipped in easily and I was bouncing for pure pleasure. I felt a tap on my left shoulder, looking in that direction I was presented with the modest sized cock again, timing my bouncing I took the cock in my mouth and swallowed it deeply in one smooth motion. Within a couple of minutes the cock in my mouth shot its load down my throat and withdrew quickly. The reason for this became apparent as the owner of the cock had been pulled backwards and the next hunter took his place. I certainly recognized the next cock, it was the ten inch monster, in my mouth it felt a whole lot wider than up my arse! It took all my effort to suppress my gag reflex but eventually I managed to swallow all of it, as his balls brushed my chin I felt him lightly tap me on the head as if to congratulate me on my efforts. He was an expert at this game and this time he was gentle in his thrusting motions so as to prevent me from heaving. I was so fixated on the cock in my mouth that I that I failed to notice the two cocks ejaculating up me hole until that is they withdrew leaving a slowly closing void.The last two hunters gestured for me to get into position but even I could tell that my ring had lost a lot of its elasticity and as I squatted down to receive their cocks try as I might my ring was too loose to clamp down on them to give sufficient friction. One of them said it’s no use I can’t feeling anything in that sloppy hole, what are we going to do? Before I could say anything Mr. Big Dick who had been getting a blow job from me cleared his throat and said he had an idea which might just help their plight. Indicating that we were to disentangle, he then got me to lie on my back and pull my knees to my chest by interlocking my arms together. Then he got the hunter to kneel down and reinsert his cock into my hole which he did with no resistance at all. Looking through my legs and over the shoulder of the hunter in me, I saw Big Dick crouch down and reach under the hunter which drew an anxious look from the guy. Then I felt a couple of finger tips touch my ring and explore the surrounding area before gently pushing inwards, then I felt a third and fourth finger join the first two. While he was gentle in the entry there was no stopping him, then the thumb appeared, still he didn’t pause, only when he got to the widest part of his hand did he allow me time to adjust to the intrusion before his whole hand entered my rectum and wrapped itself around the hunter’s cock. I could feel the hunter start to thrust again, effectively being wanked off by Big Dick. Within a few minutes the hunter came, shooting his jism up me and pulled out to be replaced by the last hunter still waiting to fuck me. Big Dick left his hand inside me during the change over and started to massage to new cock until it too spurted jism and withdrew. By now I was getting sore and tired, what was worse despite the eight hunters having orgasmed at least twice each I myself had not come once and my balls were aching big time! Big Dick still had his hand in me when he knelt down between my legs and started to fuck me with his balled fist, in no time at all my cock was as hard as rock and with a loud groan and I shot load after load of jism all over my chest and stomach. He gently withdrew his hand from my aching hole and then to my surprise licked every drop of jism from my body. When finished he looked up at my surprised expression, smiled and said it was only fair considering what a great sport I’d been for him and his mates. Here! Here! Agreed the other hunters as they helped me to my feet and continued to support me as I was a little unsteady on my feet.Walking slowly back to the castle I took my time to admire the hunters naked physiques, each one appeared to be under 25 and had naturally toned bodies without having that over developed look that the gym can create. I asked them to take off their masks so I could see them more clearly. No, no, no they laughed, you’d be able to recognize us if we did and we don’t want that to happen. Oh well it was worth a try I thought as I returned to admiring their bodies. As we passed through the main doors into the hall way I noticed that the night lights had been lit, what time was it I wondered? As we climbed the staircase I looked up at the grandfather clock on the first floor, it was 1.15am! How time flies when you’re having fun! I waved a quiet good night to the guys and carried on up the stairs to the third floor where my bed was calling me. As I silently let myself into the dormitory I could see the sleeping outlines güvenilir bahis of my colleagues, being naked I didn’t have to bother undressing, I simply crawled into bed (I’ll have a shower in the morning I promised myself) and quickly drifted off to a well deserved oblivion. CHAPTER 6 – HIKING ROUND THE ESTATEThe sound of movement and quiet talking woke me up, casually opening one eye I watched the slender naked figure of Callum walking over to the shower area, the voices I could here were of Dave and Tom making plans for today. I closed my eyes again and relived last night’s events in my mind, until that it I heard the deep voice of Marc asking what time I’d got back last night. Eh? I feigned innocence, don’t give me that he laughed in response. I got to bed at 1pm and you weren’t back then, I take it a good time was had by all?! Still keeping up the pretense I said I didn’t know what he meant. Oh really, so if I stick a finger up your heiny hole I won’t find any trace of lube or spunk? With that he got out of bed and made a grab for my duvet. Ok, ok, I admit it, I did see a little bit of action last night as no doubt you did too if you were out so late! Still he grabbed my duvet, but instead of taking it off me, he climbed into bed with me and snuggled up kissing me on the back of the neck and d****d an arm over me. Just as we were getting comfortable Neil sauntered over and said, come on lovebirds you have twenty minutes to get shaved, showered and dressed before breakfast, we have a full day ahead of us. With a big sigh we kicked the duvet off and did as we were told.Twenty minutes later we were washed and dressed, our clothing had been washed and pressed overnight before Douglas brought them back early this morning. Being clothed again felt a novelty having been naked for nearly twelve hours but this early in the day it felt more appropriate as we walked down the stairs joining the students on our way to the dining hall. Sitting in the dining hall eating my cereal and toast I gazed outside the tall windows watching the tree tops gently swaying in the breeze, there wasn’t a cloud in the sky. It’s going to be a scorcher I thought to myself.Having completed breakfast Douglas ran through the plans for the day. He confirmed my thoughts by announcing that the weather forecast was for a hot sunny day, perfect for exploring the estate which is exactly what they had planned for us. As with last night the students were going to be split up into groups, this time six groups of ten students with one member of staff to supervise. Each group would be given a route map unique to the group so that our paths wouldn’t cross, the estate was that huge. They estimated that the hike should take approximately eight hours depending on the speed we walk and how long we stop for lunch. As we’d be several miles from the castle we would be supplied with a packed lunch. One final piece of advice, Douglas said, is to take plenty of sun cream, water to drink and walking boots to wear. Sounded sensible advice to me. Having completed his speech he gave us fifteen minutes to get ready, collect our lunch and meet up outside the main entrance.Fifteen minutes later I was standing outside in the sunshine, wearing my ‘uniform’ complete with baseball cap, wraparound sunglasses and a small back pack containing my lunch, two bottles of water and sun cream. I was feeling slightly overdressed as the ten students I would be accompanying were wearing considerably less clothing. All ten carried back packs and wore stout walking boots, four (Rob, Harry, Donny and Wes) were wearing T-shirts and jeans, three (John, David and Steve) wore T-shirts and shorts and the remaining three (Lee, Jake and Toby) were totally naked except for sunglasses. Needless to say these three were the ‘posing’ type, more interested in drawing attention than practicalities like going hiking for the day. I would be lying if I said that I was upset by their actions, after all they had good physiques and were attractive looking.Dragging my eyes away from the naked guys I studied the map I was holding in my hands, our route would take us part way round the lake, then veering off to the right through the open woodland and into the forested area. Then we climb up to the ridge overlooking the castle following it all the way down to the coastline before turning inland following the river back up to the lake and then back to the castle. We should get some good views from the ridge, I was glad I had brought my camera with me.Rob and Harry naturally gravitated towards me and the three of us spent the next couple of hours chatting easily and walking at a comfortable pace, we seemed to have a lot in common. As a whole the group remained together but the dynamics changed constantly, thankfully no one was left alone so I was able to concentrate on the conversation with Rob and Harry. The scenery was breathtaking (and not just the naked bodies walking in front of me), I promised myself that I would come back another day so that I could take my time and explore the area in greater depth, hopefully with someone to enjoy it with. As we climbed up to the ridge and looked back on our progress, I took a deep breath and smelt the distinctive aroma of pine trees below us. Life was good I decided and said as much to my two companions, they both agreed, then nudging me in the ribs they said life would be even better if they could get their hands on the three posers. Looking over at the guys in question, I announced that I had a plan and told them to leave it with me. They tried fishing but I wouldn’t be drawn and eventually the conversation moved on.Finally we arrived at a natural stopping point, it was sheltered from the prevailing winds and a natural sun trap, it also overlooked the sea so provided a magnificent vista while at the same time feeling private as the coastline is uninhabited. Hey guys! I called out, I think its lunch time, I don’t know about you but I’m starving. This seemed to be a popular decision as they all stopped in their tracks and formed a group around me. Within minutes our packed lunches had been opened and we were tucking into them with great gusto. As it was consumed I began to study Lee, Jake and Toby as if I was sizing them up, then gently shook my head before looking away. Jake had spotted this (as I had intended) and asked what was up. I said, oh nothing, well actually there is, I’m getting concerned about you, Lee and Toby. Why? Jake asked. We’re okay. Yes, you might be now but by the time you get back to the castle you’re going to be badly sunburnt and in a lot of pain, you might even have permanent skin damage if you’re not careful. No man, you’re wrong, we’re okay Jake argued. If that’s so I countered then why are your shoulders already burning? As he felt his shoulders Jake’s expression changed from cockiness to one of concern. You’re right, it is getting sore, what can be done? I replied saying I think it’s important that you’re properly covered in sun cream and covered all over. Reaching into my bag I pulled out my sun cream and asked him if he would be happy for me to do it. Sure, I don’t see why not he replied, after all we’re all guys together aren’t we and I’m not the shy retiring type (hardly seeing you’ve been wandering around naked all day). He then played right into my hands by asking about Lee and Toby, shouldn’t they too be treated especially as they were both fair skinned? Too right, I agreed, but I only have one pair of hands I will need help if we’re not to delay the treatment. Rob and Harry will you help me please? Lee and Toby please come and stand next to Jake, Rob and Harry all you need to do is do exactly as I do and you will be alright. Is everyone in agreement? Nods all round, so I took the bottle of sun cream and poured a large quantity into my other hand and started to plaster it over Jake’s back and shoulders. Handing the bottle over to them Rob and Harry faithfully copied my movements. For the next five minutes I carefully and methodically massaged the cream into every square inch of his back and shoulders. I paused for a moment to get some more sun cream, thinking I’d finished Jake went to thank me but I stopped him short and asked him to bend over and grab his knees. Frowning he asked why, I explained that his cheeks were a very sensitive area as they don’t normally see sunlight and it’s important that I am especially thorough, by assuming this position all areas are exposed so helping me. Apparently accepting my explanation Jake bent over, grabbed his knees and exposing his puckered anus to me. Lee and Toby assumed the same position, sending Rob and Harry to heaven by the expression on their faces. With a handful of sun cream I resumed the massaging, this time starting at the heels and working upwards I got a close and intimate look at his balls hanging free and his winking eye, what a sight to behold! When my hands got to his cheeks my massage became more sensual, then casually I poured a little sun cream down his crack, letting it accidentally trickle onto his anus. Pretending to wipe away the cream, my finger accidentally rubbed his anus and a fingertip slipped just inside. The ring quivered in response but quickly relaxed, waiting for Jake to say something I held my finger still. When he made no comment I took a chance and slipped my finger further in making sure that as I did so I rubbed against his prostate. Looking over to Rob and Harry I nodded at them that they were to try the same trick, which they did with a subtle smile. From Lee and Toby’s expressions I could tell that they had just had fingers inserted into their anuses but as Jake had shown no reaction they didn’t want to lose face and so put up with it too. My finger was now completely inserted and constantly stroking Jake’s prostate, discretely I adjusted my position and in doing so I could see that he now sported an erection. Slowly withdrawing my finger I told Jake to stand upright again and as if nothing had happened started to apply the sun cream to his chest and arms as thoroughly as I had on his back and legs. Out of the corner of my eye I could see Rob and Harry doing the same. Then kneeling down I applied the sun cream to Jake’s shins and thighs, moving up to his waist and stomach I applied a little more cream before turning my attention to his balls and rock hard erection. As I gently rubbed the cream along his shaft I felt a pair of hands grab the back of my head and forcefully guided my mouth down onto his cock head. Mmm, this was going better than I had anticipated, not wanting to waste a golden opportunity, I quickly opened up and allowed him inside. His hands held my head still as he began to thrust with his hips, effectively fucking my mouth. With his hands effectively occupied elsewhere I took advantage of the situation by snaking one of my hands up between his thighs and gently reinserted my index finger so that I was able to stroke his prostate and at the same time massage his balls with my other hand. This made him groan with lust and he pumped my mouth more fiercely, within a few minutes he started to shudder and then I felt his hot jism shoot down my throat. Enjoying the sensation of a hot cock in my mouth I carried on sucking until it had softened, releasing it from my mouth I casually withdrew my finger from his anus and stood up. Glancing sideways I could see that Rob and Harry were still busy blowing Lee and Toby, all appeared to be having such a fantastic time that I had to grin and said to Jake, well I think you’re safely covered now for the rest of the day. Returning my grin, he agreed and remarked on what I smooth operator I was, if he didn’t know better he would have thought I had planned this little escapade. Giving my best innocent look I said, who me? Oh no, not me, I was simply looking out for your best interests!By now the others had finished and we had an impromptu group hug to show each other that we were okay with each other. There was a gruff ‘Hmm and what about us?’ Looking over my shoulder I saw Donny, Wes, John, David and Steve with hands on hips and mock frowns on their faces. Smiling back at them I said, sorry guys how can we be of service? Well for a start how come we haven’t been offered some sun cream and what about the end of massage extra service? David said acting as spokesperson.Okay, okay I replied but if you want to receive the same treatment then you’d better stop that frowning and get out of those clothes pronto, our lunch break is nearly over. Frowns changed to grins and the five guys needed no second invitation as they quickly shed their clothes which landed in a pile in front of them. Within a minute I had five naked men standing in a row proudly sporting erections and a ‘come and get it’ expression on their faces. I had a slight problem five guys and only two helpers, I needed another two – mmm, time to rope in two musketeers! I looked over to Jake, Lee and Toby who were lounging nearby chatting casually and enjoying the views from the ridge out towards the sea. Guys, can I have your attention please? I need a couple of volunteers over here to lend me, Rob and Harry a hand with these poor needy men, who’s going to help? Lee looked at Toby, Toby looked at Jake and Jake looked at Lee. None made a move, until Jake looked up at me, shrugged his shoulders and said sure, why not, after all one good turn deserves another. This spurred the other two into action, not wanting to appear churlish and ungrateful they both volunteered. Excellent I thought, this saves me a job! I turned to Rob and Harry and asked them to strip too because I had a feeling they were going to get messy, puzzled but clearly trusting me, they stepped out of their clothes and stood next to me waiting for my next instruction.Within a few minutes I was busy offering advice and guidance to the three novices on how to massage the sun cream effectively into their recipients back, shoulders and legs. This time when the five guys bent over and grabbed their knees no subtlety was needed. I openly instructed them how to massage up the cheeks and the crack between. The bottoms were waiting and willing for this treatment so no one resisted when I hatched my next plan, silently I indicated to the masseurs that they were to liberally apply sun cream to the crack and work it deep into the anus, warming the ring up and if possible insert two, preferably three fingers. Then having applied cream to their own erect cocks they were to grab hold of the recipient’s hips and enter in one smooth but gentle thrust. The look of shock on the guys faces was a treat to behold, but strangely enough I didn’t see one guy try to pull away and as they were fucked I spotted them discretely wanking themselves off. Oh how I wish I had a video camera, this was a perfect setting for a porn movie but of course it would have been me unethical and would have destroyed the spontaneity of the event. I simply sat back and enjoyed the scene playing out in front of me. All too soon one by one the ten men were orgasming and the impromptu group fuck came to a natural end. Cleaning themselves up afterward using the tissues thoughtfully provided with our packed lunch, comments were made about how this group was gelling together and how much fun they were having, even if it wasn’t in ways that they had expected. I had to agree with them and I was pleased by the way that they seemed to naturally accept me as their unofficial leader. I guess it was due to the fact that I was a little older than most of them and also a member of staff. It was reinforced by the fact that all ten of them were now stark naked (except for their walking boots) and I remained fully clothed. To keep it this way I discreetly collected up their clothes and stuffed them into my rucksack, Wes and Donny watched me but said nothing, perhaps they thought I was simply being helpful (that’s me). The time had come to make a move and get back on track; otherwise we’d be late getting back to the Castle. Come on guys, shake a leg we’ve got some catching up to do I announced. Not waiting for a response I grabbed the map and marched off along the ridge in the direction indicated on the route planner. I never tired of the views from the ridge and I constantly looked from side to side trying not to miss a single detail. I must have walked about 500m before I heard thundering footfalls approaching me from behind, reflexively I looked over my shoulder and what I saw took my breath away. Ten muscular attractive young men running at full speed, totally naked with their tackle swinging from side to side in response to their pace. Quickly they were upon me, surrounding me laughing wildly before racing on clearly enjoying the feeling of freedom that nakedness brings. Donny was the last to run past me and threw me a dare to catch them up if I could, old man. Old man indeed! We’d see about that! Accepting the challenge I broke into a trot, after a couple of minutes I realized that I wasn’t gaining on them so I quickened my pace to a flat out run. Slowly but surely I was catching up on them, before all I could hear was there laughing and shouting, now I could actually see them before they disappeared round the next corner. I did have an incentive to keep up with them, the sight of their muscular legs and arms pumping and their buttocks bouncing on every footfall. Finally I was about ten feet behind them and that’s where I stayed until we reached our next destination, the beach.Busting through the cover of the trees on the shoreline, we exploded noisily panting with chests heaving onto the deserted shoreline. Sk**ding to a halt in the sand we gazed about us as we caught our breath. The setting was idyllic; a secluded cove, soft golden sandy beach with gently lapping waves and the tree line providing total privacy. The sun had been beating down on us for a long time and the day was hot, boy did that water look inviting! While the other guys were kicking and splashing water over each other in the surf I decided that I would join them, I’d had enough of sweating in my clothing on such a hot day. Walking back to the shady tree line I put my heavy rucksack down and started to undress folding my clothes carefully as I went savoring the cooling breeze as each item of clothing was removed. When I was down to just my boxer shorts the other guys noticed my actions and started wolf whistling and shouting it was about time that I got my clothes off and be one of them. Then they charged me en masse, before I could react they had surrounded me so I had nowhere to run, then Jake grabbed my boxers by their waistband and sharply pulled them down. Treating this as a bit of fun I laughed and stepped out of them thinking that they would now release me as I was as naked as them, I should have known better. As their bodies pressed into me I could feel their aroused states and I let my hands snake downwards to caress their erections. This only served to seal my fate, as Jake announced that I was clearly up for it and it was time for me to get my comeuppance. Shooting a concerned look in his direction, he laughed and said I’d find out what his plan was all too soon.Unknown to me Wes and Lee had been scouting the area for a suitable platform, finally finding what they were looking for they shouted for us to join them. I was shepherded over to what turned out to be a moss covered fallen tree trunk about two feet in diameter. Jake agreed that this was perfect and quickly lay down on it supporting himself with his hands and feet, his erect cock stood proudly upright while his balls hung down between his outspread thighs. I wished that I had my camera to hand as this made for a tantalizing sight. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Rob return from my rucksack with my sun cream and applied it liberally to Jake’s cock. As I watched Rob I suddenly felt hands on me, before I could react I found myself lifted into the air and at the same time tilted backwards. Arms linked behind my back and under my thighs changing my posture so that I felt like I was sitting in a chair with my legs spread wide and I was carried over to the reclining figure of Jake. Then I felt a hand reach under me and explore my exposed crack, when it found what it was seeking, my anus, it withdrew and returned with a handful of sun cream which was applied to my crack and then massaged into my hole with first one finger, then two and finally three fingers. The guy who the hand belonged to was clearly experienced in warming up holes because I was soon moaning with pleasure at the feelings the fingers were providing. All too soon the fingers withdrew and my journey over to Jake was complete as I was gently lowered onto his waiting pole. As my body impaled itself I gave into the situation and tried to relax as much as possible, there was a brief pause as my cheeks rested on Jake’s pelvis before I was lifted up again and then lowered. Although this was an intensely erotic scenario but my weight quickly took its toll on the guys lifting me and I was lowered down I was told to do the impaling under my own efforts or else. As I rose and fell I asked what the penalty would be if I stopped, the reply I received was physical rather than verbal. While fully impaled on Jake a hand was placed on the middle of my back and pushed me forward. A sense of Deja vu hit me just as I felt a lubricated cockhead push against my ring, after a moment I relaxed further and the cock entered sliding up me alongside the one already there. Adjusting to its presence I started to bounce up and down again and really got into the swing of it. Before long I felt the two cocks expand and then explode shooting spunk deep inside me. As they shrunk and withdrew an idea sprang to mind, stepping backwards I grabbed hold of Jakes ankles and in a move which caught him unprepared, lifted them and pushed them back against his shoulders. In one swift move I’d pinned him down and rendered him helpless, I told Rob to lubricate Jakes hole and my cock which he did with a grin on his face. Once ready I told Rob to take hold of my cock and place it at Jake’s entrance, then in one swift motion I buried my cock in him to the hilt. The shock of the entrance made him roll his eyes and shake his head with sweat beading his brow, I gave him a minute to get used to it before I started to thrust in and out of him. However before I could get into the swing of it I felt fingers exploring my anus again, I stopped my movements to give them easier access to my hole, however I was told to continue so I did. As I pulled back I impaled myself on the finger, then as I thrust in again the finger was withdrawn. The next pull back two fingers entered me, then the next time it was three, mentally I was preparing myself for a cock to slide up me but no, a fourth finger slid easily into me. On the next pull back I felt a thumb tuck itself in behind the four fingers and finally I understood what my assailant intended. As I thrust forward instead of withdrawing the fingers followed me, so when I pulled back I had no choice but to impale myself on the fist pushing against my hole. As the widest part of the hand breached the ring and was swallowed up to the wrist I heard a collective intake of breath and a few gasps of ‘Jeez, I don’t believe I’ve just seen Jo take a fist up his arse!’ I had to grin, if only they knew my capabilities! Jake looked up at me and mouthed a ‘Are you okay?’ to me, I simply smiled and nodded. Each time I thrust forward the fist followed so as a result I impaled myself further each time until the fist reached my second ring. This time there was more resistance and it took a couple of attempts for the fist to pass through the ring and up into my bowels. By now I was ready to explode and as I felt my assailant’s biceps rest between my cheeks and my ring was stretched wide against his elbow I could stand it no longer and with a howl exploded my load deep into Jake. Shuddering I collapsed onto Jake while the fist was still imbedded within me. He held me affectionately while the fist was slowly withdrawn and exited with a wet plop. My ring was slow to close, but was helped by a couple of fingers tickling it, making it quiver and close in response. Released by Jake I stood up shakily and looked round to see who my assailant had been, I was surprised to see David grinning from ear to ear holding up his greasy forearm. How did you know I could take your fist? I asked him. In response he reminded me about the previous evening down by the lake, he had been one of the hunters! Well I’ll be damned! I exclaimed what a small world!I looked round at the other guys and asked them what they had thought of the performance as I had not expected it to get so hard core this early in the day. A couple of them were still in a state of shock over the idea that a man could swallow a forearm up his arse without injury but the majority were clearly aroused by what they had seen and started to edge towards me. Uh uh! I laughed, not so fast guys, we’ve all got rather hot and sweaty and I for one need to sluice off in that rather inviting water over there. Tell you what, as an incentive I am going to swim across the bay and back and you guys are welcome to join me. In fact the first three of you back on the beach will have the opportunity to follow in David’s tracks, if you’d like to that is. Not waiting for a reply I ran down the beach and into the water, splashing through the surf until I was waist deep. The shock of the cold water took my breath away and I momentarily paused before I dove in and started breast stroking across the mouth of the cove. Behind me I could hear splashing and yelps as the cold water also shocked tender parts, then it went quiet as they concentrated on swimming and winning the race. I was half way across the cove when Toby overtook me which only spurred me on to try harder. As I reached the other side Toby, Rob and Wes were already heading back, on the return journey I was overtaken by everyone meaning that I was the last to leave the water at our starting point. For a minute I stood still on the warm sand allowing the hot sun to dry my body before joining the eagerly waiting group by the fallen tree trunk.I turned to David asking him to act as trainer for the three lucky winners as he was clearly experienced in the art of fisting. He readily agreed anticipating the power the role would give him. Quickly getting into character he told me to lay face down onto the moss covered tree trunk straddling my legs over it and to rest my head on my hands so that I would be comfortable and able to fully relax. From the cool air blowing around my crack I could tell that straddling the trunk had fully exposed me for all to see. Closing my eyes I did my best to relax and used my ears rather than eyes to follow what was happening, that way I hoped the three would be less nervous about what lay ahead. David told everyone to step closer and watch carefully what he was about to do, he then took the bottle of sun cream and squirted a little bit onto my anus. With one finger he massaged the cream into my ring relaxing it sufficiently to allow the neck of the sun cream bottle to be inserted. Turning to the students David explained that it was vital that there should be large quantities of lubricant in the rectum so that when the fist is inserted it is well lubricated so preventing internal injuries. Having said this he went on to give the bottle a big squeeze and I felt the cool liquid flood into my rectum before the bottle was withdrawn. I could hear the bottle being squeezed again along with quiet slapping noises, David was busy demonstrating how to thoroughly lubricate the whole of the hand and forearm. I felt a finger touch my ring and then smoothly push deep inside before withdrawing again, two fingers were then partially inserted and started to twirl around massaging my ring. David informed the students that every time the ring was expected to take a larger object (or more fingers) it was important to relax the ring and stretch it slightly beforehand so as not to cause pain to the recipient. The two fingers were pushed deep into me and withdrawn, then three fingers pushed just inside me, again twirling around and then fully entering me. After four fingers had been inserted and withdrawn David demonstrated how to tuck the thumb in behind the fingers to form a cone and the best technique for the slow insertion of the hand. Leaning over my shoulder he whispered into my ear asking me to do my best to relax and checking that I was okay. I kept my eyes closed but nodded to indicate that everything was just fine. I felt the coned fingers gently press against my hole and as the ring relaxed they slid deeper inside, this continued until the hand reached its widest point at the knuckles where it stopped. David told the students to have patience as this was always the sticking point, a little more pressure is required but not too much as the ring will always relax after a short delay. True to his word my ring did indeed relax and the hand smoothly slid up into me with the ring closing shut behind it. Jeez it felt heavenly and I sighed in appreciation which was echoed by the student’s collective sigh. The hand remained stationery allowing me to adjust to its presence, then it pulled backwards stretching my ring again, this time the relaxation pause was shorter before the ring expanded hand was released. I expected the hand to fully withdraw but instead it pushed back inside a little more firmly than before. This time there was virtually no resistance, his hand slid in smoothly and slowly continued sliding up my rectum until his finger tips touched my inner ring. Pausing David described what he could feel and how the method of getting through this ring was identical to getting through the outer anus. Nodding their understanding the students moved a little closer and I could feel the hairs on their legs brushing mine, heightening the erotic sensations coursing through my body. Returning his attention to my ring I felt his fingers massaging the inner ring, slowly increasing the pressure and the number of fingers pushing through. All too soon I felt the widest part of his hand reach the ring and after a firm push he was through causing me to arch my back in response. I could feel his hand travelling deep into my bowels and my anal ring stretching wider and wider as more of his forearm buried itself inside me until his elbow was pushing against it. I looked over my shoulder to indicate that he had gone far enough for now, acknowledging my limits David relayed this back to the students saying that the recipient’s limits must always be respected in order to avoid injury. Slowly withdrawing his arm I could tell my two rings were now very relaxed and offered little resistance to the exiting hand.David asked who would like to go first, Toby immediately shot his hand into the air like an excited k**, not waiting for permission he grabbed the sun cream and started to lubricate his hand and forearm. Then under David’s guidance Toby inserted his fist into my rectum and then slowly and carefully continued up into me until his forearm had been swallowed. His hand and arm was slimmer than David’s so I had little difficulty letting him in and was perfectly comfortable when he withdrew again. I was getting so accustomed to this that I started to drift off to sleep as I felt Wes insert his fist and arm into me and then finally Rob do the same. It was only when I felt something had changed did I rouse myself and look over my shoulder again to see what was going on. I could see that Rob still had his fist in me but Toby had stepped up again and I could now feel his fingers pushing into me alongside Rob’s wrist. Knowing that I was about to be double fisted I did my best to relax. Unfortunately however much I relaxed I was unable to accommodate both fists, perhaps the angle was wrong as Rob and Toby appeared to be jostling for position. I put this suggestion to David and he agreed but what did I have in mind. I suggested they lay down on the ground face upwards approximately at arm length apart then stretching their arms out to meet in the middle with forearms pointing skywards and coning their hands together. They understood what I had in mind and carried out my instructions to the letter, while they got into position I took the opportunity to climb off the log and stretch my limbs. When they were ready I squatted down between then lining up my hole with their finger tips and once I was comfortable I let gravity do the work. As my ring relaxed again the weight of my body pushing down forced the coned hands further inside up to the widest part, this time there was only a pause of a few seconds before my ring expanded further and swallowed the hands completely. Sweat beads appeared on my brow as my body impaled itself further. Glancing upwards at the guys pressing around us I don’t anything could have broken the spell I had cast with my actions, they simply wanted to get a good look at my hole stretching around Rob and Toby’s arms. Before long the second ring was reached, again I had to use my body weight to push the two hands through the ring and on upwards into me. As my cheeks touched the ground and the arms were in as far as possible I could finally let my legs relax and pay attention to my throbbing cock. David saw my intention and with a frown slapped my hand away from my cock, oh no you don’t he admonished me. That’s my prize he told me, then lay down in front of me and promptly starting sucking on my cock, then as I approached my climax he swallowed the whole shaft down his throat. Wave after wave of orgasms hit me sending jets of jism down his throat which he swallowed with gusto, out of the corner of my eye I saw that John and Lee were following David’s lead and were sucking off Rob and Toby. Finally as the shuddering eased I stood up slowly pulling the two fists out of me with a very wet squelch and walked stiffly into the sea to rinse off. Before long I was joined by Wes, Rob, Toby and David and we had a five minute rough and tumble in the water before having a group hug and returning to the group. I took the opportunity while I had their attention to thank them for a totally brilliant day, one that for me had been a total head trip and for letting me expand their sexual horizons which I hope they too had enjoyed. My speech received a warm welcome and much applauding, I think it’s fair to say that they had indeed enjoyed themselves and would very much like to repeat the activities, in fact they were raring to go again! I apologized saying that they’d just have to wait until another day as my body had been abused enough for one day and we really needed to get back to the castle as the sun was beginning to sink in the sky and we still had a couple of miles to go according to the map. The group was suddenly galvanized and within minutes everyone had their walking boots back on and were ready to go, what a sight we must have been! Ten naked guys and me (naked except for a baseball cap and rucksack on my shoulder briskly marching through the woods until we reached the river mouth, then following the tow path up stream we shortly arrived back at the lake and the castle in the distance. Spirits were high and a lot of singing and banter was going on when we rounded the corner and into the main court yard. The place was buzzing with students coming and going, we got several high fives and a few whistles at the sight of our bodies en masse. Smiling in response we went through the main doors and into the relative cool of the main foyer. As I went to climb the stair case I heard my name called, looking round I saw the grinning figure of Marc walking towards me. What happened to your clothes? Did you get mugged on the way?! Oh, long story, I’ll tell you about it when we get up stairs. How’s your day been? I asked with a trace of a smile. Oh quite eventful though I managed to keep my clothes, he answered as he followed me up the stairs to our dormitory.Back in our room I slung my rucksack onto my bed, quickly unpacked my clothes and the sun cream before telling Marc I needed a shower and a good cleaning out. Let me help you with that, you look exhausted, Marc offered. I am I replied. Considering what I’ve been through I’m not surprised I felt tired, however the hot jet of water from the shower and the aromatherapy soap soon revived my energy levels and before long I was relaying the day’s events to him in graphic detail. As I knelt face down to receive the douching pipe Marc told me about his day, only pausing when I needed to release the water and have the tube reinserted. Once he was happy that I was thoroughly cleaned out he helped me to my feet before taking a shower himself and allowed me to clean him out.As he toweled himself dry I couldn’t help but gaze at him fondly, despite the pleasures this day had brought I had missed his presence and watching his muscled body so casually displayed in front of me made it all the more poignant. Marc glanced up, winked at me before returning his attention to drying his feet, then standing up right he wrapped his towel around his waist before walking over to me. Dr****g his arms over my shoulders he kissed me hard on the lips. Then before I could react he took a step backwards and walked over to his locker and started to dress for dinner. Hey man, don’t do that to me, you’re such a tease! I cried in mock distress. Laughing to himself, without turning round, he informed me that it was just a sample of what was to follow after the dinner and to let me know that he was aware of how I was feeling. I went to open my mouth to reply but before I could do so he told me to close it and to concentrate on getting dressed otherwise we’d both be late for dinner and as he was starving he had no intention on missing it. Me neither I decided so without further ado I threw on a pair of tight pale blue jeans and a figure hugging muscle vest, well if he had plans for this evening I intended to make sure that he remained keen to put them into action. How do I look? I asked him. Mmm, dude, hot, I’m gonna get those off you later came the reply. Marc must have understood the game I was playing because he went for a regular T-shirt with thin black jogging bottoms, as he’d gone commando his pendulous cock visibly swung with his every movement. My eyes were irresistibly drawn to his crotch and I instinctively licked my lips which brought a smug smile to his face. Come on you I pouted, let’s go to dinner before I fall to my knees and worship you at your feet!We quickly made our way down the stairs and into the mass of thronging students waiting to enter the dining hall. After a few minutes we funneled into the hall and to our customary tables. Initially Marc and I were on our own allowing us to chat privately but shortly we were joined by Dave, Tom, Neil and Callum. All thoughts of quiet chatting were dispelled as the energy levels rose around the tables, before long we were giving animated snippets about our own day’s events in between the three course meal servings we ate with great gusto. As we sipped our after dinner coffees Douglas addressed the room informing that this evening’s activities would be a general knowledge quiz evening or alternatively a snooker tournament. I glanced over at Marc who nodded in the direction of the door, taking the hint I made my excuses to the others and left the room quickly followed by Marc. Laughing like naughty boys we ran up the stairs and back to the dormitory. Firmly shutting the door behind us, Marc grabbed hold of me and stripped me of my clothing, first pulling my muscle vest over my head and then roughly pulled my jeans down about my ankles. Stepping out of them I shoved my hand down his jogging bottoms and took hold of his throbbing erection. Leading him to the circular bed I pushed him backwards onto it and in one smooth movement removed them from him. I then launched myself at him like an a****l biting and kissing him all over, savoring his taste on my tongue. The b**st within him had been aroused too because he mirrored my actions and within minutes were rolling around on the bed with arms and legs entwined as if we were wrestling. Eventually we tired of this game and I could no longer resist paying attention to his big black pole, I kissed and licked it lovingly before taking it in my mouth and doing my best to swallow it however my current position made it hard to do so. Stopping for a moment I clambered over Marc so that I was on hands and knees astride his body facing towards his feet, then lowering my head I was able to swallow the length of his shaft with ease. At the same time I could feel Marc take hold of my own cock and started to lovingly suck on it. We had only been in this sixty-nine position for a few minutes when I thought I heard the dormitory door open and shut. I stopped what I was doing for a moment but unable to hear any other noises I resumed my head bobbing. The next thing I heard was the sound of material hitting the floor and Neil asking if we minded him and Callum joining us. Marc answered for the both of us, saying that they were more than welcome to participate, more the merrier in fact! As I continued to suck on Marc’s cock I felt a lubricated finger slide up into my exposed anus, wriggling my arse in encouragement that finger was joined by a second one before being replaced by a hard cock and a ‘get in son’ uttered by who must have been Neil (he had got a piece of my arse just as he had wanted!). Allowing me to adjust to the intrusion Neil slowly started to pump in and out while I concentrated on the cock in my mouth. I felt the bed move, glancing up I saw Callum raise and spread Marc’s legs so that he could gain access to his hidden hole, then having carefully lubricated the hole Callum buried his shaft up to the hilt in one thrust causing Marc to buck but as he was effectively pinned down by myself and Callum he could do nothing but take it like a man!History seemed to repeat itself because again I thought I heard the door go, I wasn’t alone this time in hearing it, so did Callum who stopped thrusting long enough to call out ‘who’s there?’ Only us came Dave’s voice. Who did you think it would be? Tom asked. Don’t let us stop you, he continued as they started to shed their clothes, this looks to be a promising party we’ve just joined! As they wandered over we continued our various actions, slowing a little to allow them join in. I think Neil and Callum got more than they were expecting I saw Callum and felt Neil momentarily stiffen before resuming their thrusting. Unknown to me both guys had just had butt plugs firmly inserted into their rectums. Marc and I could not hold back any longer and with a lot of heaving we came shooting waves of jism down each other’s throats. Lifting my head up Tom indicated that I was to change positions, making sure that Neil was still on board I scooted sideways and immediately found Tom’s erection pushing against my lips. Opening wide it was fed all the way in making me gag slightly, pulling off I looked over at Marc to see Dave straddling his chest and Marc’s lips stretched wide. A hand guided my head back to Tom’s cock and I resumed giving him a blow job. Suddenly I felt Neil start to shudder and with a couple of hard thrusts he exploded deep inside me and collapsed on top of me. When he pulled out I heard Tom tell him to insert the butt plug that was sitting to the side into me, nodding in response he picked up the plug and lightly lubricated before pressing it against my anus and pushing it firmly into me. I swallowed it easily much to Tom’s annoyance, he told Neil to go to his (Tom’s) locker and fetch the bag of toys over. Then finding a larger plug Neil gently pulled out the plug already in me and inserted the larger one, this time I had to concentrate on relaxing to accommodate it, but sure enough after some forceful pushing by Neil and deep breaths from me it was in! I felt movement on the bed next to me, looking over I could see Callum pulling out of Marc with cum still dripping from his cock, then holding Marc’s leg in place he reached over to Tom’s bag of toys and pulled out a large butt plug, lubricated it and quickly inserted into Marc’s anus bringing a groaning protest from him. After what seemed an eternity, with jaws aching from being stretched wide for so long I finally felt Tom’s cock pump his jism down my throat and was grateful to be allowed to come up for air! Stretching I sat back on my haunches and was instantly reminded about the plug firmly buried within me. Crawling off the bed I joined Tom, Callum and Neil to wait for the Marc and Dave to finish and made encouraging comments. When Dave had climaxed and Marc had been released we took a five minute breather over some chilled bottles of beer which had thoughtfully been provided by Douglas. Having downed the beer Dave fetched four blindfolds from his bag, then putting a blindfold on each of us he steered us back towards the bed and told us to get down on all fours on the bed with our bums overhanging the edge. In my head I imagined that I was taking part in a porn film, what a buzz! I knew that we had been lined up in a row but didn’t know in which order or what was going to happen next (although I had an idea).As I was imagining the possibilities I felt a hand caress my thighs making me jump slightly, the hand traced its way up my thigh and took hold of the plug nestling between my cheeks. With a firm tug it was released bringing a reflexive grunt from me. Next I felt the hand tracing the rim of hole, making it quiver, and then I felt it gently push cool greasy stuff (Crisco I presumed) inside. More and more was packed inside me. Then I was left alone while it slowly softened and melted, I guess the guy next to me was now receiving the same treatment. When the hand returned it had been liberally covered in Crisco and forming a cone started to push into my hole. Having been stretched by the butt plug and all of the day’s activities in no time at all what resistance my ring provided gave way and the hand slid up into my rectum with the ring slowly closing behind it. It stopped briefly, I guessed from the sounds and movements coming from next to me the other hand was being inserted into an orifice. Then the hand within me started slowly pulling out and then sliding in again, this was repeated time and again with each push the hand extended its reach into me. Before long the finger tips were pushing against and past my inner ring, my whole body was getting into the rhythm moving in time with the hand. Then before I knew it the hand had slid past the ring and was travelling up into my bowels, I was beginning to wonder just how far it could go when its progress slowed and finally halted. From previous experience I guessed that the whole forearm was buried within me and from the position he was in my fister could go no further. Before I had time to mull it over I heard Tom’s voice behind me say that we could take off our blindfolds now. Supporting myself with one hand I used the other to remove the blindfold, as my eyes adjusted to the sudden brightness I looked to my left and right. Sure enough the four of us were lined up in a row – Callum, Neil, me and then Marc. Standing between Callum and Neil was Dave, with both arms buried elbow deep within them. Tom stood between Marc and myself, again, buried up to his elbows. As I was absorbing the incredible sight before my eyes Tom started to piston his arms in and out of us, driving us wild with the sensations he was causing. An idea sprung into my mind, asking Tom to pull out for a moment, which he did with a questioning expression, I crawled over to where Marc was and then scooted underneath him on my back so we were face to face and then wrapped my legs round his waist. Tom wasted no time reinserting his fists into us and I wasted no time in getting amorous with Marc! Pulling him down onto me I kissed him hard on the lips, r****g his mouth with my tongue. This seemed to ignite the passion in him and we started to make love to each other totally oblivious to the fists buried deep inside us. At some point the fists were withdrawn and there was a lot of shifting around on the bed, briefly pausing we looked up in curiosity only to be told to carry on and for us to ignore them for the time being, which we did with relish. Oh, how I felt like a teenager snogging the face of a guy I’d fancied for a very long time. Behind us something had changed, not paying too much attention we let whatever was going on to happen. All too soon I felt a fist slide smoothly into me, this time as my ring closed over the wrist I felt fingers pushing inside me trying to join the hand already there. Doing my best to relax the fingers slowly continued inside until the knuckles hit the ring, and then with a push they were in and I was being double fisted! Looking over Marc’s shoulder I could see Callum and Tom concentrating as they were joined at the wrists pushing into me while Neil and Dave were focused on getting into Marc’s now very sloppy hole. I must be a complete slut because I just went with the flow and let the two fists slide up me as I resumed ravishing Marc. This time however I was so turned on that my cock which had been rock hard for so long spontaneously erupted jism creating a sticky slick between us. The throws of my orgasm sparked off Marc and I felt his cock too ejaculate mingling his jism with mine. As I came down from my natural high I indicated to Tom that I needed a break from the fisting, respecting my wishes I felt his and Callum’s hands withdraw with a squelchy plop. I hear a second squelchy noise as Marc’s hole was vacated, I took this as my cue to roll Marc’s considerable weight off me and stiffly climbed off the bed. Standing I stretched my muscles as I waited for Marc to join me, as he climbed off the bed I made a point of hugging each of the four guys and thanked them for joining in the fun and making it a special event. I think it’s fair to say the feeling was mutual especially as it was an impromptu party!Holding Marc’s hand I led him to the shower and under the hot streaming water I took my time to lovingly soap his tired body and then rinsed it off before kissing him tenderly on the lips. Giving me a weary smile he took control of the shower and soap returning the favor. As we toweled ourselves dry the others took it in turns to shower, clearly from the tone of the conversations taking place they were still up for fun and were planning on seeking out some students to educate in the art of manly love. As for me, I had love on my mind but one of a more emotional kind, deciding it was time to test the waters again I mentioned to Marc that I was really very tired and all I wanted to go to bed. I asked him if he wanted to join the others in a bit of student education or join me in having an early night. To my relief without any hesitation he said he was tired too and thought an early night was a very good idea. Smiling in reply I took his hand again and let him lead me to his bed, climbing in beside him he wrapped me in his arms and kissed me on the back of my neck. I felt so safe and secure and wished I could stay like this forever and said as much to Marc. He said nothing, simply chuckling and kissed me again. As I drifted off to sleep I heard in the background Dave’s voice call out ‘goodnight lovebirds!’ CHAPTER 7 – CANOEING ON THE LAKEMovement roused me from my slumber, Marc was sitting up rubbing sleep from his eyes and stretching his back at the same time. I silently watched him reflecting on how much I felt for him willing him to announce he felt the same way too, however there didn’t seem to be any indication that he wanted to change the relationship from being fuck buddies to that of lovers. Up until now it had been sufficient for me to enjoy the physical acts of sex but increasingly I was hungering for the emotional dimension too. Seemingly reading my thoughts he glanced over at me, smiled before murmuring ‘Morning sleepyhead!’ and then tenderly kissed me on the lips. I raised my arms to pull him back into bed but laughing he jumped up saying that if he gave into temptation we’d be late for breakfast, the other guys had already washed, dressed and made their way downstairs. Okay, okay, I grumbled and rolled out of bed making my way over to the shower to wash and have a shave. Feeling more human I looked out of the window to see what the weather was doing and gauge what clothing to wear today. My heart sank, yesterday the weather had been glorious but today the sky was overcast and threatened rain. No naturism for me today then! Grabbing jeans and a sweatshirt, oh and some underwear for good measure. I quickly dressed and put my trainers on before checking on Marc’s progress, finding that he was at the same stage I made my way to the dormitory door and locked it behind us before making my way down to the dining hall. Over breakfast Dave filled us in on last night’s activities, as fun as it sounded I wouldn’t have swapped it for a night between the sheets with Marc (even if I had slept all the way through) and also if I was honest my body needed a rest from all the attention it had been receiving. Tucking into the sumptuous full English breakfast I enjoyed every mouthful as if I’d never eaten before and this was going to be my last meal for a very long time. Looking up I saw Marc grinning, asking what was up, he simply said he was enjoying watching me, heart fluttering I smiled in return and continued to eat.Finally when everyone had finished eating Douglas stood in front of us and announced the activities planned for the day ahead. In view of the overcast weather we would be on the lake learning to canoe and scuba dive. I was really happy with this news as these were two activities I had wanted to do but had never got round to doing, here was my opportunity to do so and I would grab it with both hands. Looking over at Marc I could see he didn’t feel the same way, hey dude I asked, what’s up? Losing his customary self-assuredness he admitted he was scared of deep water and couldn’t bear the thought of being on or in the lake, it made his skin crawl in fear. Puzzled I commented on the fact that he’d happily swum in the University’s swimming pool that day we did the publicity shoot. Not so much happy as determined he replied before continuing to explain that with the swimming pool he could see the bottom and what was in the water, but with the lake he wouldn’t be able to see anything. Fair enough I agreed, but what are you going to do while we’re out on the water? Oh I guess I’ll sit on the shore pining for you… no seriously, I’m not sure, I think I might see if Douglas needs any help otherwise I might take advantage of the peace and quiet to watch a movie or something. As long as you’re going to be okay, I don’t want to be enjoying myself out there if you’re bored and lonely I replied. No I’ll be fine, so please stop fussing. Seeing that he was beginning to get irritated I let the matter drop and mouthed a ‘sorry’ to him. As we trooped out of the dining hall I simply said see you later and flashed him a smile before disappearing into the throng of students.Feeling slightly lost in the crowd I went with the flow following the students out through the main door, across the courtyard and towards an outhouse where the canoes and wetsuits were kept. Hold up! I heard a familiar voice call from behind me, looking round reflexively I saw Toby running to catch me up so I slowed down a little, when he caught up he d****d an arm over my shoulder clearly pleased to see me. He asked where I had got to last night, he’d bumped into Tom and the other members of staff but hadn’t seen either Marc or myself which was a shame as he’d been wanting to return the favor I had done him during the day. Oh, I had an early night I replied, I was shattered from the day’s events. Never mind, I continued, you don’t need to worry about returning any favors, I rather enjoyed it too. Toby pouted saying he’d been imagining ever since what it would be like to have my hand up his arse. First things first I said, have you had anything up there other than my finger? Shaking his head he admitted he hadn’t. Well it takes a lot of practice and exercise before you’ll be able to take a fist without causing yourself a serious internal injury. He looked so crestfallen that I felt sorry for him, look I have a suggestion, why don’t you have a word your fellow students and see how many would be interested in learning this ability. Then if there is sufficient interest have a word with Douglas and Tom to see if an organized activity can be arranged. I’d be quite happy to lend a hand as it were. This idea seemed to appeal to him as he perked up considerably and seemed to be making plans. Breaking into his train of thought I reminded him that we had a day’s activity ahead of us. Taking this on board he put his plans to one side and mentally rejoined the here and now, just as well because we had just entered the outhouse and needed to pick our wetsuits.After much searching and jostling I managed to find a wetsuit that would fit me, even if it wasn’t very flattering in luminous orange and black. At least no one can miss me coming I thought to myself. Okay wise guys how do we get these damned things on? I asked out loud. As if answering my question Ross, the Aquatics Trainer, informed us that the easiest method of donning the wetsuits was to cover our bodies in talc to prevent the rubber from sticking to our bodies. What about our clothing? We asked. It’s advisable to remove outer clothing, as to underwear it’s a personal matter, personally I prefer to go commando Ross replied and demonstrated how it was done making it look so easy. Sounds logical to me I thought, that explains why there are so many bottles of talc laying round. Wasting no time I quickly stripped down to my boxers then stepped out of them and began to talc my body all over. I didn’t need to look round to know everyone else was stripping off too as I could hear the rustling of clothes and chinking of belt buckles hitting the floor. I didn’t need to but the temptation to sneak a look at sixty naked men was overpowering so I casually glanced round taking in the sight of so many young and fit bodies making my cock twitch in response. Returning my attention to the task at hand I started to climb into the rubber suit. It was harder than it appeared, I was so glad Marc wasn’t here because he would have laughed at me I must have looked so comical and ungainly during my struggles. Finally I was in and ready to go! Any feelings of self-consciousness quickly evaporated as everyone had brightly colored wet suits, sixty birds of paradise – or perhaps more accurately sixty tropical frogs all eagerly wanting to get into the water.Our first activity would be canoeing and in pairs we carried the first lot of fiber-glass canoes down to the lake, laying them out in neat rows and then returned to the outhouse to collect the remaining canoes. Down by the lake Ross gathered us around and spent the next half an hour explaining the rudiments of canoeing i.e. steering, paddling, righting yourself should the canoe capsize etc. Once the lesson was completed one by one we launched ourselves onto the lake and followed Ross’s instructions. After a while we began to gain confidence and were whizzing around like little hyperactive ducklings. With a sharp clap of his hands Ross indicated that we were to follow him and to keep up with whatever pace he maintained. He paddled away slowly enough and I had time to admire the lakeside scenery as we paddled parallel to the shore, but before long he upped the pace and we had to concentrate on paddling to keep up. Finally he was going at full speed, I felt like a speed boat with arms whirling and the canoe’s bow breaking through the lakes wavelets but it was exhilarating. As I was getting to the point of exhaustion I realized we had just completed a full circuit of the lake and thankfully Ross slowed to a halt with only the slightest hint of heavy breathing. Meanwhile the vast majority of the students and me included were panting heavily trying to hear what he was saying to us. From what I could make out he was saying that we were going to take a break, take the canoes back to the outhouse and have a very light lunch before trying out the scuba diving for those interested.Beaching the boats we clambered out of them and again in pairs we carried the canoes back to the outhouse where we dried them off and cleaned any debris off before returning to the lake to bring in the remainder of the canoes and clean them too. By the time that this task had been completed the castle staff had brought over two large picnic baskets and a crate of 500ml bottles of water for us to drink, setting them down on the grass lawn between the castle and the lake. Ross set about distributing the packed lunches, he hadn’t been joking when he said it was a light lunch. One apple and a cereal bar would not keep me going all day but as Ross had explained we could not have a large lunch and then immediately going swimming without risking getting the cramps. Finding a comfortable spot to sit down I was shortly joined by Toby, Rob and John and enjoyed the casual banter that ensued. As we sat there eating the sun was breaking through the clouds and I was getting increasingly hot in my wetsuit so I unzipped it, took my arms out and peeled it down to my waist hoping the breeze would cool me down. However the clouds decided to do a disappearing act allowing the sun to beat down even stronger and I was still getting hotter so I turned to the others and apologized in advance for having to take the rest of the wetsuit off while they were still eating. Surprised by my apology Toby and Rob in unison told me there was no need to apologies, after all it was nothing they hadn’t seen before. With a rueful smile I agreed and so peeled the wetsuit off completely, luxuriating in the sensation of the cooling breeze all over my naked body. Having finished eating I lay down on my side with my head propped up on my hand and rejoined the conversation. Oh the exhibitionist in me was enjoying itself, facing the other three I could not help but revel in the sight of them trying to maintain the conversation without making it obvious that they were looking at my body. Casually looking around me I could see that a few other guys had peeled their wetsuits down to their waists but none had actually stripped off completely like me, not that I was overly bothered after all this was a clothing optional establishment and also I was used to being naked while others remained clothed. I became increasingly aware that Toby and John were looking red in the face so I suggested that they remove their wetsuits too as they looked in danger of overheating! Toby grinned at me while John was a little more bashful but both took me up on my suggestion and quickly peeled off their wetsuits standing in front of me naked as the day that they were born. Toby as I already knew from yesterday’s hiking was a total exhibitionist (just like me) and stood there posing for all to admire but John was a little shyer and stood with his hands covering his crown jewels. For John’s benefit I asked them to sit down, much to his relief. Rob clearly felt he was the odd one out and as discretely as possible removed his wetsuit too, now we felt like the four musketeers ready to do naked battle!Ross announced that our lunch break was over and that the scuba diving lessons would begin shortly. Looking over in our direction with eyebrows raised in surprise he advised us to put our wetsuits back on as the water will simply be too cold and by the look of the clouds the weather is closing in again. Casting a glance over my shoulder I could see his point as storm clouds were looming large and already threatening to block out the sun, sending a shiver down my spine. Moving as one the four of us grabbed our wetsuits and jogged back to the outhouse to talc our bodies and struggle back into the rubber gear. After much giggling and horsing around we made our back to the group who by now were gathered around Ross being instructed on how to the use the scuba equipment correctly. Having been fitted up with all the gear we waded into the water up to our waists and then slowly dispersed throughout the lake practicing the techniques shown to us. To be honest I found it a very creepy experience, the water was murky, seeing dark shadows silently pass me by was un-nerving and before long I made an exit for the bank hauling myself out onto the grass and enjoying a more familiar view. By now the weather had deteriorated and it was raining heavily, removing the air tanks and breathing apparatus I sat back and watched the rain hit the lake surface creating chaotic patterns. For once I was happy to wear the wetsuit, it was keeping me warm and enabling me to enjoy what would normally be unpleasant weather. My thoughts turned to Marc and I wondered how his day was going, whilst lost in thought I didn’t hear Ross approach to the side of me and I jumped a mile when he tapped me on the shoulder and asked if I was ok. Recovering my composure, I smiled sheepishly and said I was now that I was out of the water and explained how much it gave me the creeps. Nodding in sympathy he said that it was quite a common reaction and not everyone enjoyed the experience. Was there any other activity I might prefer to do while there was still time and the other guys were occupied? I glanced up at him and casually asked what activities were available, at the same time licking my lips and let my eyes linger on his modest bulge. Responding with a quirky smile he said he had an idea or two but he’d have to check up on a couple of things in his office and perhaps I’d like to change into more comfortable clothing. Sure, why not I replied, it’s better than sitting here wishing my afternoon away and I’m certainly not going back into the water! With a chuckle he offered me a hand up before picking up the air tanks and slinging them over his shoulder as if they weighed nothing. I was impressed, for such a little guy he certainly seemed to have plenty of strength.On returning to the outhouse Ross led me up a staircase, which I’d not noticed before (probably because it normally was hidden by the scuba diving equipment) and into his cozy office. Perhaps cosy was the wrong word, small and secluded would be more accurate! Taking up nearly half the room was a large oak table with a computer and monitor in one corner and the rest of the top covered in small piles of paperwork and larger piles of sporting magazines. Instead of the familiar office chair there was an ergonomically designed stool in matching oak and a large metal filing cabinet in the corner. As Ross busied himself clearing a space on the table he pushed the stool in my direction, invited me to make myself comfortable. Sitting down on it I found it strangely comfortable even though the design made güvenilir bahis siteleri my bum naturally hang over the edge and my feet were braced against the floor. Looking round at me Ross grinned acknowledging my expression and said that it was indeed a curious stool but one that he absolutely adored for its comfort and practicality. Finished with tidying up Ross suggested I remove the wetsuit before I overheated and if I told him where my clothes were situated downstairs he would fetch them for me. He was as good as his word and as I stood there stark naked in his office having removed the wetsuit he returned with my clothes carefully folded in his arms. Stopped in his tracks he simply stood there gazing up and down at my body with that quirky smile again. Feeling slightly self-conscious I glanced down at my body before asking what was the matter. Nothing he replied, I’m just admiring the view, that’s all! Blushing slightly I reached for my clothes and offered the wetsuit in exchange. Ignoring my gesturing he asked what was the rush, we had ages until the others would be back. I said there was no rush but I thought he might be busy and I wouldn’t want to get in the way plus I didn’t want him to feel uncomfortable having a naked man in such close proximity to him. Laughing at the last comment he waved it aside and told me not to be silly, he was relishing having such a fine specimen to himself, it was a rare treat. Normally the guests at the castle only see him as part of the furniture yet I seem different to the others and he sensed there was a connection between us and perhaps we shared common interests. Not knowing quite how to respond I simply smiled then asked what he had in mind for the next hour or so. First he was getting out of his own wetsuit as he was getting hot and then would run some ideas past me on the computer. With that he started to unzip his suit, casually I watched him strip. Mmm, not bad body, muscular, close cropped auburn hair and a smattering of body hair, which was a stunning orange against his alabaster skin. His packet was in proportion to his frame, nothing to rave about but certainly nothing to turn your nose up at either. Facially he was clean shaven and his boyish looks belied his forty something years.Having hung up his wetsuit he gestured for me to pull up the stool to the desk and switch on the computer. Sitting on the stool as I had before I reached forward and pressed the power button. I felt a tap on my shoulder to gain my attention, Ross informed me that I would be more comfortable if instead of having me feet placed on the floor I actually hooked them behind the two bars sticking out of the central support column of the stool. He was right, it was more comfortable although it changed my posture resulting in my bum feeling even more exposed to the extent that I could feel cool air flowing along my crack and past my hole. Now at last I understood the positioning of the central hole in the seat, my balls and cock neatly hung through preventing them from being squashed as I sat upright. Ross stood behind me as he told me how to log onto the University website and retrieve any emails that might be waiting for me. As I logged in I sensed a slight breeze but thought nothing of it until I felt something warm and wet flickering along my crack making its way slowly down until it found my hole. Looking over my shoulder I saw Ross down on all fours with his face buried between my cheeks. Enjoying the sensations I supported myself with my elbows and thrust my hips backwards giving him easier access. The tongue continued licking and teasing all around my ring making me moan with pleasure, before slowly pushing the tip up inside repeatedly and finally entering as fully as possible. By now my cock was rock hard and with one hand I made to stroke it, however Ross slapped it away, told me to go with the flow and resumed the tongue fucking. I don’t know how long it went on for because my head was tripping like crazy, my whole world had focused solely on my ring and the sensations it was experiencing.Eventually when I thought I stand it no longer and my cock was bobbing wildly and about to shoot its load, the tongue withdrew and Ross stood up. Walking over to the filing cabinet he opened the lowest drawer and from my vantage point I could see that it was stuffed full of dildos, butt plugs, anal beads and tins of Crisco. I burst out laughing, when I had got my breath back I commented on the fact he’d said he rarely had guests. Sending me a devilish grin he agreed with me, saying it was a very good line to use and he rarely got a refusal, was I about to change my mind? Feeling a little foolish that my ego had let me fall into such a simple trap I said of course not, I was up for a little fun as much as the next man. Good, he replied, let’s see how much can you take up your gorgeous hole? I’m going to ask you to watch the computer monitor, it’s going to turn you on massively and at the same time allow you to focus completely on the sensations I’m going to give you, all I ask is that you trust me, I’m not going to harm you in any way. Okay? Fair enough, you’ve piqued my interest I must admit I replied. Good, now turn around please and watch the monitor.Doing as instructed, I turned around to see a blank monitor before it flickered into life and I was presented with the image of a naked man facing away from me, seated on some kind of stool in such a position that all that could be seen of him was his muscular back and his bum. The bum looked familiar and as I leaned closer to the monitor I lifted off the seat slightly and so did the man on the screen. Duh! How stupid was I? It was my bum I was looking at! Don’t turn round Ross warned me, just keep watching the screen. Sitting back down again I continued to watch the monitor, it was so surreal but I guess I now know what Marc sees in me. A gloved hand came into view holding a large wad of Crisco, it then proceeded to massage and push the increasingly soft grease up inside my hole, as I was already fairly relaxed three of the fingers were easily inserted and continued exploring inside my rectum. Seeing and feeling the action at the same time was even more of a head fuck than the rimming had been. Shortly the three fingers became four, and I guessed where this was going. Sure enough, sensing that my ring was capable of relaxing further the thumb tucked in behind the fingers and slowly, ever so slowly they pushed up inside me. As the widest part of the hand was reached there was a pregnant pause before my ring expanded and swallowed the rest of the hand up to the wrist, closing up behind it. There was a simultaneous sigh from both of us. Seemingly satisfied Ross just as slowly pulled his fist out leaving my hole to close after a slight delay. I could have blown there and then if my hands had been allowed anywhere near my cock. There was a slight pause before a black dildo came into view, ready greased, and appeared to be about two inches in diameter. It was placed against the hole and smoothly pushed inside, it looked dramatic on screen but compared to the fist felt quite slim so I took it with ease. It continued on its way until my inner ring was reached, the pressure eased off before increasing again. Breathing deeply I relaxed as best I could and with that the head of the dildo pushed past the ring and continued its journey into my bowels. I was beginning to wonder how long the dildo was, it wasn’t uncomfortable but I was beginning to feel very full, on and on it kept sliding in until the gloved hand released its grip on the dildo to reveal the end of it, to my surprise it was a double ended dildo, hence its length. Having taken this fact in, the hand with a flourish pushed the remaining few inches into me until I had completely swallowed the whole damned thing!Ross told me to push out slowly and release the double ender, I did so and watched gravity help it emerge and to continue until it fell out onto the floor with a quiet plop. I estimated that it must have been between eighteen and twenty inches long, and I now felt empty without it in me. I made the mistake of admitting this to Ross, oh don’t worry, he laughed, I have plenty more where this came from. Returning from the filing cabinet he started to grease up the next toy, which looking at the monitor appeared to be identical to the previous dildo except that this one was about three inches wide. Again once greased up it was inserted up my rectum until it was fully buried inside me, because it was slightly wider my inner ring resisted a little but not for long. I think it was probably a little longer at may be twenty two inches. When Ross allowed me to release it my anus was slow to close, the image on the screen was just so horny, even if it was my hole I was watching. The next dildo to appear on screen nearly made me want to get up and run away in fear, certainly my anus clenched up tight. Ross suddenly slapped me on the cheek and told me sternly to relax and trust him. Suitably chastised I sat back down and did my best to relax, not very well I must admit, so to help me out four latex fingers appeared on screen and massaged my ring until it was loosened up again. This time I did my best to accommodate the intrusion, but it was more difficult as the dildo had to be four inches in diameter, in other words the same width as the hand that had been inserted at the start of this session. As the dildo slid up my rectum and hit my inner ring I felt myself flush all over from the effort to relax sufficiently to allow it pass through the ring. Ross was not only patient with me but also skilled in the art of anal insertions, he took his time with me rotating the head and gently pushing and pulling it until finally my ring gave in and it slid all the way in. As it did so I arched my back in an attempt to make the intrusion more comfortable, unfortunately I failed and could bear it no longer so rising a little from the stool and assumed a squatting position. It was just like having a shit, the relief I felt as the dildo fell out of my gaping hole was immense, looking up at the screen my hole was just in view and what I saw was amazing. My anus remained wide open and so did my inner ring allowing me to see right up in side, it was a sight that I had never seen before and something about it was hypnotic. Behind me Ross was beside himself with delight, he was laughing and clapping and kept repeating yes, perfect, yes perfect. As the two rings slowly closed up again Ross told me to sit down on the stool again and as I did so I saw the tip of a large butt plug touch my anus before being thrust inside in one go. As my ring closed round the neck of the plug the monitor went blank and Ross asked me turn round until I faced him. He was on his knees and as I stopped moving he took my erection in his hands and proceeded to wank me off, just as started to shoot my load he put his mouth over the head and swallowed every last drop of my spunk as he frantically wanked himself off at the same time.Regaining my composure I pulled the plug from my arse and took the offered roll of tissue paper to clean myself up and started to get dressed. Looking out of the window I could see that it was still raining and thought how dour the place must be in the winter. Returning my attention to the matter at hand, I nodded in the direction of the camera on the floor and asked if the action had been recorded and if so what would it be used for. Hesitating only very slightly Ross admitted that the session had been recorded and would form part of the University’s training video library which was continually being updated. I nodded my understanding as I was already aware of the video library, most of the classes I had participated in had been recorded and were in the public domain (well for students at least) for all to see. So this little disclosure didn’t faze me, especially as my face hadn’t been in view at any stage, only my back and my rather sore backside! As to when it would become available he wasn’t certain, all he knew was that it was to be part of a special education package. Deciding it was time to move on I shook Ross’s hand, clapped him on the shoulder and thanked him for providing such an entertaining diversion for what would otherwise have been a very boring afternoon. Smiling warmly he replied, no need to thank me, the pleasure was all mine!Making my way across the courtyard I could just make out the distant figures of the students still messing around in the lake, shaking my head to get rid of the thought of being in that murky water I continued on towards the castle. As I approached the main doors I saw a very welcome sight, Marc was sitting in an arm chair in the main lobby looking rather bored and clearly at a loose end. Ignoring the discomfort emanating from my stomach I pushed the doors open and made as grand an entrance as I could manage.Startled by the sudden commotion he looked up, it took him a moment to recognize me before he broke into a broad grin making his pearly white teeth shine out in the subdued lighting of the lobby. As I walked over to him he jumped to his feet and gave me a great big bear hug, winding me slightly in the process. Finally releasing me he exclaimed how good it was to see me and how much he’d missed my company. Laughing I teased him about the fact that we had only been apart for about seven or eight hours. I know I know he replied but I’ve been doing a lot of thinking today and there’s something I want to discuss with you. How do you fancy going for a quiet coffee or for a walk so that we can talk in private? With my aching stomach walking did not appeal to me, so I took the easier option of having a coffee and suggested this to him. With a nod in agreement he led the way over to the dining hall where we bought two coffees and two delicious looking homemade cakes. Looking out I could see it was still raining but the patio adjacent to the dining hall had a covered area and we were able to find two sheltered (and most importantly, dry) seats where we could sit and talk. Having made ourselves comfortable I remarked that I thought he had walked a bit stiffly over to the dining hall, had he injured himself? Not exactly came the reply, I’ll tell you about my day once I’ve said what I need to say to you. Intrigued I asked him to begin.Looking slightly uncomfortable he hesitated for a moment stirring his coffee all the while, he glanced up at me before looking back down and then began. He asked me if I remembered our original conversation at the University and the agreement we had reached about the basis of our relationship. I nodded and indicated that he should continue. Well, he was wondering if I would object to scrapping this agreement. My heart sank, thinking he wanted to call things off, unable to hide the disappointment in my eyes I asked if I had done anything to offend him enough to stop us being fuck buddies and I apologized for anything I had done without realizing it. His hand shot out like a striking snake and I flinched in response, instead of striking me his hand gently caressed my face and he reached across the table and softly kissed me on the lips. He reassured me that this was the furthest thing on his mind, what he would like to see happen is that our relationship move from being casual fuck buddies to one of being lovers. Oh god, how long have I wished to hear these words I thought to myself? A very long time came a voice from the back of my mind. I nodded slowly as if I was still thinking about the idea. Come on, what do you say he asked looking very earnest all of a sudden. Unable to drag it out any longer I broke out into a broad grin just like the proverbial Cheshire cat and asked why on earth wouldn’t I want to be the lover of the most handsome stud this side of a porn movie. Blushing he asked if I meant it as he was being deadly serious and wanted to put into action plans which would have far reaching consequences. Taking hold of his hand I looked him in the eye and assured him that I meant every word I had said. He ticked every box for me; he was handsome, muscular, hung like a horse, fun to be with, kind, intelligent, caring, had a great sense of humor and also a great dad to his k**s. I had no intentions of letting him slip me by.Seemingly reassured by my sincerity he continued to hold my hand, lost in thought he studied our intertwined fingers. Finally having taken a deep breath, he looked up and said that when we return home he intends to sit his boys down and tell them the truth about us, if they take it well and I wish to then we could consider the next step i.e. setting up home together. I sat there stunned, things were moving at a faster pace than I could have hoped for, I was bubbling up inside and as I opened my mouth to reply it exploded out in the form of complete gibberish! Marc looked at me, I looked at him and we then burst out laughing like two excited teenagers. As it has stopped raining perhaps that walk might be a good idea he suggested, not waiting for a reply he pulled me up and still holding my hand led me across the courtyard and up the driveway. Out of the corner of my eye I saw a couple of students stand and stare but I didn’t care and acted as if I hadn’t seen them (I suspected Marc was doing the same). What made you change your mind about our relationship? I asked, I thought you wanted to keep me under wraps for as long as possible. I was intending to, Marc admitted, however during this holiday I’ve spent more time with you, I’ve got to know you better and I realize now that I have fallen in love with you. During the times we are apart I do nothing but think about how much I miss you. When I saw you come through that door I was so happy and it basically crystallized my thoughts on the matter, I simply can’t take the risk that you will get fed up with the situation, call it a day and find another guy to settle down with. I stopped walking, pulled him to me and gave him a passionate kiss. Pulling back I admitted the feeling was mutual and that providing his k**s are cool with the situation then I would love to make a go of it. In the meantime how about we enjoy the rest of this holiday, take things one step at a time and head back to get washed and changed ready for the evening meal?CHAPTER 8 – SPORTS DAYI woke with a start, feeling Marc’s body stirring next to me, all warm and masculine with a semi-hard-on pressing between my cheeks. Where was I? What time was it? Why did my head hurt so much? Oh it was coming back to me now. Having gone back to the dormitory to find that the other guys were already back we put a halt to our loved up antics and acted like just like the others i.e. jostling mad men, all keen to get showered and changed in time for dinner. They acted more like teenage jocks than guys in their thirties and forties! Okay I admit it, I did enjoy running around naked flicking towels at unsuspecting bums, at the same time avoiding getting my bum flicked. Finally we were all ready and locking the door behind us we made our way to the dinner hall to enjoy a very welcome three course meal.During the meal it became apparent to me from comments made that Marc, Callum, Neil and me had all had unusual experiences during the afternoon. I also noticed that Dave and Tom were keeping silent on the subject which I found strange but kept my thoughts to myself. After desserts Dave and Tom shortly made a discreet exit reinforcing my conviction that they were up to something. I said as much to the others, Marc and Callum laughed it off saying my imagination was running away with itself but Neil gave me a thoughtful look then said he agreed with me although he had no idea what they might be up to.Trying to divert the course on the conversation Callum suggested we pay a visit to the students bar, buy a couple of bottles of beer or wine and then walk down to the lake so that we could talk in peace without fear of being overheard by any of the students or more importantly Dave, Tom or Douglas as they have a habit of appearing unannounced. We all agreed that this was an excellent idea and made our way over to the bar, bought four bottles of wine and before finding a secluded spot down by the lake out of sight of the castle. I sat snuggled up next to Marc which made Neil raise an eyebrow as he and Callum sat down opposite us. As he uncorked the bottles of wine he nodded in our direction and asked what’s going on between us. Feigning innocence I asked him what he meant. Don’t give me that shit he laughed in response, you two are so loved up you reek of it! We’ve all seen Marc slipping into your bed during the night and how you two interact with each other. Okay guys, Marc interrupted, yes we are an item now, when we get home we’re planning to make it more formal but for now we’re taking it one step at a time and simply enjoying ourselves, after all we are on ‘holiday’. We’re not going to make a grand announcement about it but we’re cool if anybody asks, okay? Perhaps we can now move on to a more interesting topic i.e. what we did this afternoon? Marc’s air of authority seemed to work on Neil and he agreed to Marc’s suggestion.After much umming and aahing Callum decided to go first in recounting his afternoon activities. He had participated in the canoeing this morning and had been planning to join us in the scuba diving but as he sat eating his lunch Douglas turned up and asked him to help him out with a problem he was having. He reluctantly agreed after Douglas apologized for intruding but he didn’t know who else to ask. Still wearing his wetsuit he followed Douglas across the courtyard and to a side entrance in the castle, down a steep stone staircase and through an access controlled steel door. Once inside motion sensors activated the lights revealing a brand new gymnasium, not stopping, Douglas led the way across the room to the changing and shower areas. Callum was getting increasingly curious because the place looked a cross between the University’s gym and staff room. Douglas picked up on Callum’s expressions and explained that the gym and shower facilities had only just been completed and he’d had no time to test them out before the students had arrived. From tomorrow it must be made available to the students otherwise his neck will be on the block for failing to keep to agreed time tables, he wondered if Callum would object to testing out not only the shower facilities but also the gym equipment, in return he would be offered a bonus in his pay packet for having worked through the afternoon and given up his leisure time. Callum thought for a moment then looked down at his wetsuit commenting about the suitability of his clothing. Oh don’t worry about that, just take it off, no one has access to this area apart from you and me so you won’t be spied on, ok? Now if you’ll excuse me for a minute I just need to turn on the power to the shower area, without further ado he disappeared through a ‘staff only’ door. Moments later he heard electric humming from the shower area and then he reappeared carrying what looked like a big black tool bag. Deciding Douglas was serious Callum had no option but to remove the wetsuit, after a couple of minutes spent struggling out of it he finally stood there stark naked, using his hands to cover his modesty. Oh come now Douglas laughed, no need for that, I’ve seen it all before and you’ll need both hands to use the gym equipment so let’s get started.The next hour or so was spent in the gym trying out each piece of equipment, the fact that he was naked was quickly forgotten as Douglas made no further reference to it and instead seemed more concerned that the equipment was working correctly. After each piece was fully tested Douglas ticked it off the list on his clipboard and gestured which piece was nest to be tried. By the time the last equipment was finished with Callum was exhausted, panting and covered from head to toe in sweat. Right then, time to test the showers! Douglas declared. Only too glad to comply Callum followed him to the shower area, stepped under the steaming hot water and proceeded to wash the sweat and grime away. While he showered Douglas was busy in the cubicle next to him preparing what appeared to be a douching tube complete with metal butt plug. As Callum stepped out of the shower and started to towel himself dry he was asked to step into the cubicle with Douglas and bend over holding his knees. He asked if this was really necessary, yes came the answer, every piece of equipment must be tested in case a student should use it and find it faulty. Shrugging his shoulders Callum did as he was bid and bent over holding his knees, waiting for the inevitable. He didn’t have to wait long, soon enough he felt greasy fingers explore his anus lubricating his ring before pushing just inside a little. Then the cold metal tip of the plug touched his ring making him clench in response before relaxing and allowing the plug’s intrusion. He clamped shut on the metal shaft as the luke-warm water started to pour into his rectum. Before long his stomach started to cramp and he indicated to Douglas he needed to evacuate the water, as the plug was sharply pulled out he dived for the nearby toilets and let the water and feces explode down the pan. This process was repeated several times until Douglas was satisfied that the douching tube had worked satisfactorily and Callum was thoroughly cleaned out. Assuming that he was no longer required Callum walked over to his wetsuit and picked it up. Um we haven’t quite finished Douglas called out. Oh? Callum asked. There was just one more piece of equipment to be tested he was informed and it was really important that it was thoroughly put through its paces. Um sounded ominous he thought, without saying a word he put the wetsuit down and rejoined Douglas.Douglas led the way over to the ‘staff only’ door and gestured for Callum to follow, on the other side of the door was a corridor with several other doors along each side. Ignoring all of the side doors Douglas marched to the end of the corridor and unlocked a door with a sign ‘Stretching Chairs’ on it. As the lights flickered on he could see six chairs arranged in a circle, at first glance they appeared quite ordinary but on closer inspection it became clear that they were anything but ordinary chairs. The chairs were made of molded plastic with four legs at each corner, an upright back rest and two arm rests. In addition there appeared to be leather ankle, wrist and chest restraints. Two metal poles descended from the ceiling attaching to the back rest before contacting the floor. The seat was a hollow oval (like a toilet seat) rather than being solid as Callum had expected. It was at this point he became anxious and voiced his concerns to Douglas, in response Douglas did his best to reassure him by asking if at any point had any promises made to him been broken? Had he been caused any injury or harm at all since he’s been working for the University? Answering no to each question Callum could see no reason why he should stop trusting Douglas now so he said he was ready to undertake the next test. He was led over to the nearest seat and strapped firmly into place, unable to move panic bubbled close to the surface before being firmly pushed back down again just as a humming noise became audible and the chair started to rise into the air. Looking down he watched Douglas flick a switch on the wall before walking over to his black bag and taking out a tin of Crisco, there was a clatter beneath him and what looked like a trap door was opening and a large machine was rising from underneath. The chair continued to rise until he was nearly touching the ceiling, then just as he was wondering what would happen next he felt his cheeks being parted and cold Crisco being pushed up into his rectum and then smeared around his anus and between his cheeks, his cock started to twitch in response. The chair started to sink stopping as he got chest height with Douglas (who was doing something with the machine situated underneath him) then ever so slowly the chair started to sink again. Something hard and cold touched his anus before pushing up into him, or rather he sank down onto it, there was no chance of resistance due to the Crisco and the motion of the chair, all he could do was adjust his position to make the entry more comfortable. As more of the object entered him he detected that it was slightly tapered forcing his ring to expand more and more, now he understood the meaning of the sign on the door. After a while he stopped sinking, the chair was stationary for about five minutes, before rising again. While the chair was still Douglas asked him if he was okay, Callum answered that he was, good came the reply to that statement. The chair rose just enough for the object to slip out of him, there was a whirring from the machine before the chair sank again. He was ready for the intrusion although this time the object felt somewhat thicker and again it flared wider as he was lowered onto it. Sitting still for five minutes gave his ring sufficient time to adjust to the stretching and by the time he started to rise he barely noticed the intrusion. This procedure was repeated a further six times, each object was thicker than the previous one, other than that routine was the same. After the last object slipped out of his stretched out hole he felt something slip easily inside and move around, it seemed more flexible than the previous objects. He asked Douglas what had just gone up him, laughing in response Douglas said can’t you guess? And with that he felt a wriggling movement, Callum guessed it must be fingers he was feeling and sure enough when he said this Douglas agreed. How does it feel? Surprisingly good and how easy the stretching had been he replied. Excellent Douglas exclaimed before pushing his fist past Callum’s second ring and up into his bowels, then using his other hand he reached up between Callum’s legs and proceeded to wank him off orgasm. Afterwards while he was cleaning himself off in the showers he tackled Douglas on the purpose of the stretching chairs. Despite confirming the obvious use he wouldn’t be drawn other than saying all will be revealed shortly. The conversation was clearly over and Callum was allowed to rejoin the scuba diving group. There you have it folks, Callum said, that was my eventful afternoon! Well, we sat there in silence sipping our wine for a couple of minutes taking it all in before agreeing that it had been eventful. Casually looking round the group I noticed more than one trouser tent pole. I volunteered to go next with the telling of my encounter with Ross this afternoon. By the time that I had finished we definitely suspected something was going on.Marc said he would go next with his tale. He had bumped into Dave shortly after we had disappeared off to the canoeing class, he came out with virtually the same line that Douglas had with Callum i.e. last minute testing of equipment and a bonus in his wages if he agreed to help out. Being at a loose end he’d readily agreed and had been impressed with the new gym and shower area that he saw in the basement. However being an exhibitionist he had no problem with stripping off naked, quite why it was required for testing gym equipment wasn’t explained but as he’d worked with Dave from the first day at the University he didn’t question it nor care very much. Again being cleaned out in the new shower facilities didn’t bother him, it was such a regular occurrence it felt as normal as brushing his teeth. It was only when he walked through the ‘staff only’ door was his curiosity aroused, however he didn’t walk through the end door as Callum had, instead it was the second door on the right which was signed ‘Pounding Slings’ that he was led through.As the lights flickered on he saw four slings suspended from the ceiling by metal chains attached to each corner. On each chain Marc noticed leather straps, presumably restraints for wrists and ankles. He also spotted four machines in one corner, raising an eyebrow he asked Dave if they were fucking machines. Got it in one Dave confirmed. Okay! Marc said with a grin on his face, I’ve always fancied having a go with one of these machines since seeing one in action on the internet. Well now’s your chance! Dave said matching Marc’s smile and gestured for him to climb into the nearest sling, laying on his back he let Dave insert his hands and feet through the restraints. Then fetching a can of Crisco he spent the next five minutes greasing up Marc’s crack, anus and rectum before walking over to one of the fucking machines and positioning it directly opposite the exposed hole. Opening a drawer in the side of the machine Dave selected half a dozen dildos ranging from the life sized to humungous fist sized ones, all designed to be attached to the metal shaft which would be doing all the hard work. Having attached the smallest dildo he carefully lined it up making sure it was exactly the right height and horizontally aligned before he switched the power on and the machine woke up. Dave told Marc that to start off with the machine would only make very small slow movements before over the next ten minutes slowly increasing the length of thrusts (but not the speed), this would continue until the whole of the dildo had been fully inserted before being withdrawn and the next slightly bigger dildo would be attached and the whole process repeated. Did he have any questions? Marc shook his head so the start button was pushed and the dildo started its motions. Throughout the first cycle Dave was present taking the opportunity to quiz Marc on his impression of the castle and the activities that had so far been organized as well as liberally greasing up each and every dildo that would be used. When the second dildo had been attached and activated Dave announced he would be popping out for a few minutes but would be back in time for the next change over, so if Marc needed anything he only had to shout and he would come straight away. Comfortable Marc agreed closing his eyes and gave in to the pleasurable sensations emanating from the other end of his body. Time seemed to fly, either that or he had drifted off to sleep because the next thing he knew was Dave informing him that he was about to have the largest standard (fist size) dildo the machine was equipped to use so he should relax as fully as possible. Relax? That should be easy as his hole was far from virginal Marc thought to himself. Sure enough on the final cycle the dildo slipped in very easily, Dave frowned, perhaps we haven’t catered sufficiently for the more ‘accomplished’ customers he muttered. With that he left the room again before returning with something Marc hadn’t seen since the weekly medicals at the University. Oh my God! Marc exclaimed, is that really the double hands dildo Peter had made especially for us four model patients? Uh huh came the reply, I have been proved wrong we will need this beauty after all and proceeded to grease it up. This time Marc had to work at allowing it inside, but the machine was insistent, eventually his ring gave up resisting and so the double fisting started. By now he was thrashing around within his restraints, groaning aloud with sweat pouring out of every pore, his cock suddenly throbbed and then exploded load after load of white jism all over his chest and stomach. The machine ignored all of this continuing its cycle until completed, by then his cock was flaccid and Dave had wiped him clean using tissues from the machine.After the dildo had withdrawn for the last time the machine was pulled away and Dave closely examined Marc’s ravaged hole. It had clearly sustained a prolonged assault because the ring was unable to close for some time allowing him a good view deep inside, the inner ring too was open although closing up quicker than the out ring. Once he was satisfied that the anus was functioning properly again he allowed Marc to disentangle himself from the restraints and carefully climb off the sling. Walking stiffly back to the shower area he welcomed the hot shower and soap to get rid of the Crisco smeared all over his rear and to warm up his stiff muscles. While doing this Dave asked him various questions about his experience, if he had any complaints or suggestions for improving the experience of future customers. Then once he was fully dressed again Dave shook his hand and thanked him for being so patient and compliant with the demands made of him. Marc shrugged it off saying that it had been a piece of cake, certainly no harder than other tasks given to him at the University before leaving Dave to tidy up and grab a coffee from the dining hall.At the end of the tale I gave Marc a big hug and called him my brave soldier, no wonder he’d been walking round like he had something shoved up his arse! Giving me a mock punch he told me to knock it off, then kissed me hard on the lips before downing a whole glass of wine in one go. By now we were all getting drunk on the wine and rather rowdy. Shush! Exclaimed Neil, you’ll attract unwanted attention and I haven’t told my tale yet. Still laughing we apologized and asked him to proceed.Neil had left the main group of students after breakfast as he’d decided he would prefer to go for a run through the castle’s estate. Heading back towards the dormitory he’d bumped into Tom who joined him to ‘keep him company’. Inside the dormitory as Neil gathered up his running gear Tom asked if he would mind helping him out with a pet project he was running at the moment and his planned run would be the perfect test for the equipment he was designing. Neil said sure, what’s involved? Oh nothing much, it’s a type of all round body scanner designed to monitor a whole range of physiological processes/activities within the body. It has two components; one which is worn round the neck, the other has to be placed up the rectum to ensure accurate readings. Is that okay with you? Neil confirmed that it was and asked what needs to be done next. Well you’ll need to be cleaned out to ensure that there’s no interference, then the device can be inserted and off you go on your run. Then when you return it can be retrieved and the readings downloaded.As Tom was explaining this he led Neil over to the shower area and bent him over before inserting the douching hose. Once the cleaning process was completed, Neil remained bent over while Tom greased up his anus and the medium sized egg shaped object which was then gently pushed up inside him. After that he was allowed to get changed into his running gear and he went off for his run around the estate. All in all it was an enjoyable run, he made good time and arrived back at the castle only slightly out of breath. Tom was waiting for him back in the dormitory keen to hear about the run and the sights he’d seen. Then having showered the sweat and mud off he presented himself for the retrieval of the sensor by crouching down on all fours on the circular bed. Using the Crisco again Tom greased up the puckered anus facing him and quickly inserted a finger and felt around inside for the egg shaped object. Having found it he asked Neil to rise up onto his haunches and push the sensor out as if he was having a dump. Doing as instructed Neil pushed and pushed but it was simply too big to pass out without assistance, so to help him out Tom knelt down and inserted two fingers, one from each hand and gently pulled them apart stretching the ring in the process. Eventually with a loud plop the sensor shot out and landed on the bed’s surface, both let out a loud sigh of relief. Picking the object up Tom thanked him and promised a bonus in his wage packet for helping out with his research, he then wiped it clean on a piece of tissue before making his way to the dormitory door. As he was about to disappear he looked back and said Neil was free to get dressed and make the most of the remaining day. That was the last he saw of Tom until the evening meal.By now we’d consumed all of the wine and were very merry indeed! Marc asked if we wanted any more to drink, the answer was a resounding yes so he kindly walked back to the bar and bought another four bottles of wine. The rest of the evening descended into an increasingly hazy memory. At some point we arrived at the very surprising conclusion that they were up to something but were too drunk to work out exactly what. I don’t remember getting back to the dormitory but clearly I did because I woke up in bed this morning. Two bottles of wine did not help my head but I had little sympathy for myself as it was self-inflicted, I’d just have to try to work through today. Walking down the stairs for breakfast, with each step I took my head pounded making me wince slightly. Looking over at Marc I could see that he was in the same state as me, he gave me a slight smile or was that a grimace? Callum and Neil seemed less affected but perhaps they drank more than we did. Breakfast itself was a big effort to eat at all, I managed to eat a bowl of cereal and some toast before my stomach started to rebel. As I sat sipping a strong coffee Tom, Dave and Douglas made their grand entrance. Clapping their hands for silence they announced that the event for today would be a sports tournament consisting of football, tennis, swimming and a 1500m run. The students will be divided into six groups of ten with the winning team having an all expenses paid two nights and two days trip to Edinburgh consisting of sightseeing during the day and organized evening events in partnership with Edinburgh University. The next four runner up teams will have the opportunity to go on the same trip but will have to pay for their food and drink. The team in last place will not be able to join the other groups, instead they will remain behind and help organize the grand barbecue on the last evening. How does this sound? They asked. From the cheers that went up I gathered that it was a good idea, except that my head was ringing like a struck bell and there was no way I could even contemplate physical activities like running around. I was getting rally concerned that for the first time I would not be able to fulfil all that had been asked of me and started to make noises to this effect. However a look from Tom silenced me and I just had to hope that a miracle would happen because I really didn’t fancy being in the team left behind having to organize games and a barbecue.After the announcement and the students groups had been organized they bundled out of the dining hall in a mass attempt to get back to their rooms to change into their sports gear. The four of us were confused, why hadn’t we been included in any of the groups like we had been in previous events? Tom walked over to us and before he could say a word we started bombarding him with questions about why we weren’t in any of the sports teams. Waving his hands to silence us he explained that the reason was simple, they had other more important issues to be discussed and plans put into action, the sports day and winners trips was simply a vehicle to keep the students occupied while we were otherwise engaged. Now gentlemen if you four would like to join us in the conference room we can make a start, it’s going to be a long day.Not knowing what to say we just looked at one another, shrugged our shoulders, stood up and followed Tom out of the dining hall and up to the conference room. Opening the door I stuck my head round the door before going in, Dave waved us over and invited us to make ourselves comfortable. Looking round the room I could see two large leather sofas placed together and three armchairs opposite them, to one side was a large flat TV screen and a coffee table in the middle with seven cups and saucers and a large pot of coffee already and waiting for us. I sat on one sofa with Marc, while Callum and Neil took the other. Dave and Douglas quickly took their seats while Tom started his explanatory speech pacing up and down the room concentrating on what he said. To cut a long story short, as a direct result of the exemplary work done by the four model patients and all the other volunteers, the University had decided to create another division (and income stream) dedicated solely to men’s sexual wellbeing. Seeing that we didn’t really comprehend what he was saying he decided that it might be easier if he played the promotional video that had been created to accompany the launching of the new department. Sitting down he picked up the remote control for the TV and pressed play, the screen came to life with the University logo and Tom’s voice started speaking. He explained the need for the new department, euphemistically called ‘Men’s Wellbeing’, how it came to be and what areas and subjects would be covered by staff and students. So far so good I thought, then the video took a surprising turn. The video went on to say that a picture paints a thousand words so the following screen shots were being shown to demonstrate the methods used and the results attained.As the scenes (four in total) played out you could have heard a pin drop in the room. It quickly became apparent that the four men receiving treatment were us! The quality of the video was very high and looked incredibly professional, in fact it would have been awesome if it hadn’t been for the fact that we were watching ourselves. The first scene featured Neil, the second yours truly, the third Callum and finally the fourth with Marc. Again tent poles were evident all round, I had to admit it was both educational and highly erotic. The first thing that sprung to mind was how honest we had been with each other last night when telling of our activities. The second thing was how on earth did they shoot all that high quality film with none of us being aware of it? I asked this last question aloud. The answer was that when the basement had been converted covert surveillance cameras had been installed and with the University’s wealth they could afford to use the highest quality video equipment along with mobile cameras installed in tool bags, fucking machines etc. The ability to get such great close up shots was all thanks to the high specification of the equipment. The next question I asked was why are we being shown this video and what is the purpose of this very mysterious meeting, normally the University does what it wants with film footage without running it past the participants first. Tom went on to say that the new department had no staff as yet and that along with Ethan and Tang we were all going to be offered positions within it. What did we think about it? What could we? Marc was the first to reply saying that it was a very interesting proposition but exactly what positions were being offered and what about the salaries?Smiling at Marc’s frankness Tom went over to a nearby desk and from a drawer pulled out a sheath of paperwork, reading directly from it this was the proposed structure:Head of Department – DaveSenior Lecturer – NeilPractitioner/Lecturer x 2 – Joseph & MarcAssistant Lecturer/Model x 2 – Ethan & TangPublicity/Videography – CallumSalaries would be highly competitive and comparable with other departments, the exact figures still had to be agreed with the board of directors but it will certainly be more than what you are on now. We have attempted to match the roles to the individual’s natural and demonstrated abilities. There’s no need to say anything or make any decisions yet, you will be given the official paperwork and job descriptions on your return to work at the University. So until then let’s have a coffee and discuss the video’s content critically. We genuinely want to hear your comments and critical feedback/suggestions are vital if this is going to be an inclusive and successful venture.My head was reeling from all the possibilities that lay before me and it took immense mental effort to focus on the task at hand. But focus I did and before long I was actively participating in the group discussion and by the time we re-ran the video I was able to ignore the fact that it was our bodies we were watching and give a constructive critique. By lunchtime a consensus had been reached for improvements to be made to the promotional video and other subjects that could be included within the course.Just as we were wrapping up the meeting Tom turned towards me and congratulated me on my lateral thinking and being able to seize an opportunity when it presented itself. Puzzled I asked him to elaborate. He went on to say that Toby had been to see him expressing the keen desire to be anally trained to the same level of ability as Jo (me) had so capably demonstrated during the hike around the estate. With this meeting in mind Tom had seen the opportunity to create the first training class for the new department, perhaps using Toby’s keenness to learn we could use him to identify other willing potential students. The majority of students will be off site tomorrow so the new gym and extra facilities will be available for our private use, should you be willing to participate. So guys are you up to the challenge? Dave asked. Consider this as on the job training. A very interesting proposition we all agreed, clearly the first step will be to identify the potential students, assess them and arrange a timetable for the lessons. Tom seemed happy with our decision and told us to leave it with him, he would speak to Toby and the students identified, in the meantime we were released to go for lunch, watch the second half of the sports tournament and wait for further instructions.As we left the conference room and headed back towards the dining hall I could hear the shouts and cheers from the students as the football knockout matches started. In the hall packed lunches had been laid out for us by the kitchen staff, they had done us proud. Loads of delicious wholesome food and fresh fruit juice, a nutritionist’s model meal in fact, suitable for medical and sport students alike. Taking a lunchbox each we walked outside and headed for the football pitches where the games were now in full swing. Douglas saw us and waved, inviting us to join him and Ross as they had chosen good a vantage point to watch the players in all their glory. Sitting next to Marc I nudged him and nodded towards the players. I said whoever designed the football kit should be awarded a medal. He agreed with a lewd grin. Whilst not being skimpy they were quite revealing due to being made of silk which clung to every contour when the player was moving, there was more than one type of tackle on display. Talking to Ross I gathered that the tennis matches had all been completed while we were in our meeting and that he expected the football to last for a couple of hours before the swimming and 1500m races were run. I spotted Tom and Dave approaching animatedly discussing something, curious I asked what us up. Oh, nothing for you to worry about, simply a difference on opinion on suitable candidates for our new course. How is the selection going? I asked. Tom replied that since our meeting he’d spoken to Toby, giving him the task of finding eleven other guys who would be suitable and keen to take part in the taster course being run tomorrow and the following day. Toby was very keen to take part in the course and was sure that he’d be able to find enough participants by the end of this afternoon. Dave and I were simply having bets on who would volunteer. Clearly they weren’t going to be drawn on the subject so I let the matter drop and we returned our attention to the football match being played out. Half way through the matches Callum made noises about being restless and wanting to do something else more stimulating but was told that everyone was expected to support all of the students playing in the tournament. To leave early would have a detrimental effect and lead to accusations of favoritism from some of the teams. That was the end of the matter apparently, Callum got the message and did the best he could to appear enthusiastic for the rest of the afternoon.To be honest it did get repetitive, even something as enjoyable as watching men’s cocks swinging in shorts can wear thin after a while and I was relieved when the football matches were over and a clear winning team was announced. Then as one big mass we trouped down to the lake where the swimming heats were to be held, six lanes had been marked out and it was to be a relay race between the teams. One of the wise guys (ok, a jock would be more accurate a description) asked about swimming costumes. Ross laughed at him and in the deepest macho voice answered, costumes are for wimps. We’re all men here, just swim buck naked as Mother Nature intended, the relay baton will be one of your team’s shirts. Each team has a different color so it should be easy enough to tell your team-mates apart. There were groans of protest from a couple of the more straight-laced guys but the majority took the hint and the good humor on face value. I enjoyed the next few minutes watching the sixty guys reform into their groups and then jostle for order of swimming before stripping off their football gear and doing their best to look cool while naked in front of their peers. Thinking about Tom’s earlier comments I tried to study them to see who looked most comfortable standing around naked and who was taking sneaky or even quite open looks at each other’s bodies. I was beginning to draw up a shortlist when the swimming heat began and my studies went to pot because it became very chaotic what with all the shouting, water splashing and general commotion but it was a pleasure to watch and I only wished I had a camera or video with me so that I could watch it time and time again! Before long the swimming was over and again a winning team was announced. Then it was on to the 1500m race once the guys had got their breath back and this time were allowed to put their football gear back on to do their run. Most chose to run in shorts and footwear only as the sun had been shining all day and it had got very hot.While the race was being run the castle and University staff were rounded up and we formed a welcome committee back in the castle courtyard where the race would finish and the winning (and losing) teams would be announced. A podium had been set up ready for the speeches. There was an air of expectancy as we waited for the first runners to arrive, finally they came flying round the corner red faced, sweating profusely with chests heaving. Once every runner had arrived and recovered Douglas stepped onto the podium and spoke into the mike announcing the overall winning team much to the whooping delight of that group and groans of the other groups. Then the four runner up groups were announced one by one leaving the one losing team to be tasked with organizing the grand barbecue. There was much hilarity at the expense of the losing team, which interestingly included Toby as one of their members, I wondered if this was deliberate or coincidental. Tom dismissed the winning teams telling them they had an hour in which to wash and prepare for their two day trip to Edinburgh, the coach would be leaving on time and any late comers would be left behind, they had been warned. Within seconds the students had vanished into the castle to get ready for their much fought over prize. As the last of the winning teams disappeared Tom beckoned Toby over and asked if he had completed the task set for him. Yes sir! came the enthusiastic reply, would you like the list now? No that’s fine as long as you have it that’s all that matters, now what I want you to do is go and tell your list members to meet us in the conference room half an hour after the coach has left and not before, is that understood? Yes Toby replied before rejoining his group who then too disappeared into the castle. Well gentleman, our plans are coming along very nicely so far.Tom indicated that we were to follow him up to the dormitory where we could shower, freshen up and be briefed by him on tonight’s activities. While the six of us took turns to have a shower and shave Tom told us that tonight he would begin the volunteers training. We were all to play dominant characters so there was no need to be cleaned out tonight but we were required to wear the University’s uniform to reinforce the message. Time flew past, well ten minutes per person quickly passes especially when you’re chatting at the same time, and before I knew it we were racing out of the dormitory, down the stairs to wave off the coach full of students lead by Ross before heading over to the conference room to prepare it for our volunteers who would be arriving in half an hour.We shifted the room around so that the sofas and arm chairs were arranged in an arc either side of the TV monitor opposite two rows of six chairs to make it appear more formal and again reinforce our authority. A large jug of water with glasses were placed on a nearby table, it was very likely that there would be more than one nervous student. Just as we were putting the last finishing touches to the room there was a knock on the door. Leaving an appropriate pause Tom finally called out ‘come in!’ and in filed twelve nervous looking students.Toby led the way and flashed me a quick smile as he sat down on a chair, the other eleven followed his lead. To start off with Tom formally introduced each of us staff members (although they already knew us by and large) and then to break the ice got each student to introduce themselves. Starting with Toby each one called out his name – Toby, Rob, John, David, Jake, Wes, Lee, Harry, Matteo, Donny, Carl and Ivan. Tom then proceeded to do a speech covering the setting up of a new department within the University, which they were currently developing a new set of courses and were seeking volunteers to trial run which is where they come in. If they agree to be volunteers and participate fully in all the programs then once the department has been set up and the courses running formally they will be offered places free of charge and they will receive study credits which count towards the final qualification. Are they still interested? Yes, they all nodded. Good then in that case there’s the little matter of an agreement to be signed by each of you which basically states that at no time will you be put at risk of physical harm; you will be treated with respect; no activity will be asked of you which can’t or hasn’t already been experienced by a member of staff; you will comply with whatever instruction is given and you will not divulge any information to any third party until you have completed the formal qualification. In return you will receive the benefits already mentioned. With that he passed around a contract which one by one they signed and finally Tom put his signature on the bottom.Right guys, let’s get started, I’m sure you’re all hungry but there’s something else we need to establish before we go down to the dining hall. You are now apprentices and as such your wellbeing both physical and mental has to be our priority while under our care. The initial hurdle you must all overcome is being comfortable with your own body image and being naked in front of other people whether they are clothed or naked. Your first task will therefore be to meet this challenge and overcome your own personal issues. In order to do this you will now remove your clothes and surrender them to Dave who will return them to you on completion of the course. You will remain naked until then, do you understand? There was a stunned silence from them and Toby looked a little uncomfortable. Sorry is there a problem? Dave asked. In order to successfully complete this course you will need to trust us implicitly and do everything that is asked of you. The contract you have just signed makes this quite clear, if you feel that you are unable to meet your obligations please leave now before we begin and nothing further will be said. Otherwise please stand up one at a time, walk over to me and remove ALL your clothing, then tell the class what you like most about your body and also what you like least about it. Afterwards you may sit down again until you have all taken a turn. Looking at each other nervously one by one they stood up, walked over to where Dave was standing, and removed every item of clothing neatly folding and placing it at his feet until completely naked. Then trying not to meet anyone’s eyes they talked about their favorite and least favorite body parts. I felt so sorry for them, it was a situation they clearly had never encountered before, but I did understand the theory behind Tom’s plans, it was just a matter of time before they felt the benefits of his tuition.An hour later we had completed the round of stripping and intimate revelations, the twelve naked young men had now bonded just a little bit more and if I wasn’t mistaken there was a little more respect between them as they realized that their issues weren’t unique to themselves. I was beginning to get hungry and I definitely heard more than one stomach rumbling! Dave must have read my thoughts because he announced that it was now time to go for our evening meal in the dining hall, okay folks let’s go! He said with a warm smile. We all (the staff) stood up and started to walk towards the doors, not hearing any chairs scr****g I looked over my shoulder to see the twelve students still sitting not quite sure what to do next. Come on guys! Look, you have all seen me in action during classes at the University and no doubt whilst here (throwing Toby a wink) so if I can do it in front of a class of thirty students I’m sure you can do this with just the staff here, who will not be judging you in any case. Now come on guys, we’re starving and you’re holding us up! I said with the warmest smile I could manage.This seemed to have the desired effect, when Toby made the first move by standing up, the others quickly followed suit and joined us, covering their genitals with their hands as best they could. Ignoring this gesture of modesty Tom waved them through the doorway before locking the door behind us. Dave led the way down the stairs to the main foyer where Douglas was waiting for us. I had to give him credit, he didn’t bat an eyelid at the sight of six dressed men and twelve naked young guys coming down the stairs towards him. His lack of reaction must have made a positive impression because I spotted Toby and Jake relaxing their guard and their hands slowly returned to their sides. As we made our way over to the dining hall the topic of conversation focused on highs and lows of the sports tournament. This was safe ground and as the students relaxed into the conversation and became more animated hands were naturally used in gesturing and covering their genitals was forgotten by the time we reached our seats. The three course meal was served in the usual manner, at first a couple of the waiters did double takes at the sight before them making John and Donny blush, but very quickly the waiters became accustomed to the group (I guess they’ve seen a lot of strange scenes while working at the castle) and ignore the naked bodies.During the course of the meal Jake asked what was planned for this evening. In reply Tom informed the group that after dinner they would be going for a walk around the lake before returning to the castle to use the new gym facilities and start learning some of the basic skills in preparation for the following day. This seemed to satisfy his curiosity and the table conversations carried on as before.Having finished or after dinner coffees Tom announced it was time to make a start and rose from the table heading towards the door. In response everyone scrambled up and ran to catch up with him, I’m not sure if this was impatience on Tom’s part or if it was planned because the students didn’t have time to consider their appearance as they were too busy catching up. He kept up a brisk pace until he reached the lake before he slowed to a comfortable pace allowing for a more sociable and pleasant walk. He seemed to be making a point of getting the staff and students to mix feely with no one person ever being left alone, I asked Dave about this and he confirmed that this was a deliberate policy. He went on to explain that by going for this extended walk it served to get the students accustomed to being naked for an extended period of time outside in the open without making an issue of it plus it was warming their muscles up and helping walk the meal off before the first exercises start back at the castle. Oh, I see and what might those exercises be? Ah ha! Not so fast young man! Dave laughed, I’m not going to steal Tom’s thunder, you will just have to wait like the all the others. Laughing I said fair enough and let him wander off, looking over to where Marc was I saw him in deep discussion with Lee and Matteo, I smiled enjoying the view before deciding it was time to chat with Toby. Catching up with him I asked him if he was okay, he smiled and said that he was although so far events hadn’t happened quite as he had expected. Not that he was regretting his decision, he just wasn’t sure exactly what this walk was in aid of. Although, if he was honest he found it invigorating walking around starkers and erotic being naked in the company of clothed men. Good. I replied with a grin. That is just the response we are looking for, so you’re on the right track. Keep going as you are, complete every task set, enjoy every moment as much as possible and I’m sure you’ll pass with flying colors. I felt a hand slip round my waist and pull me to one side, being caught off guard I jumped a little, making Toby giggle. I didn’t need to look round to know Marc had grabbed me, just the feel of his hands and the smell of his perfume was enough to identify him to me. Leaning into him I sighed and whispered hello gorgeous. Hello partner he whispered back before giving my bum a squeeze, releasing me and rejoining the other guys. What was that all about? Toby asked. Just Marc being himself I replied trying not to reveal too much personal information. Toby wasn’t letting go though. Are you two an item? If not, do you think there’s any chance that we could go for a drink once we’re back home? There’s that slight pout again. Thank you. I replied with a smile, but it wouldn’t be appropriate for a member of staff to have an emotional relationship with a current student if you get my drift. I tried to be as sensitive as possible while being firm as I had no intention of sending him the wrong signals. It was flattering to have a young man showing interest in me but my sights were firmly set on Marc. Perhaps I had misunderstood him or he was trying to save face because he laughed saying it was only for a drink, nothing else, but if I was going to get heavy then just forget it and walked off to talk to Callum instead. I shrugged my shoulders and decided to enjoy the walk and enjoy the sights, both scenery and the naked forms walking in front of me before anyone else joined me and wanted iddaa siteleri to chat.Eventually, probably about an hour later we had walked full circuit of the lake and were approaching the castle courtyard again, Tom led the way straight towards the door leading toward the underground gymnasium. He held the controlled entrance door open for us and as the by now sweating (from walking briskly) students passed he announced that they were muddy and rather sweaty so a shower was in order. I smiled to myself wondering exactly how thorough this shower was going to be. Locking the door behind us Tom once again led the way over to the shower area and instructed the students to wash and rinse themselves thoroughly but taking no more than ten minutes each as there was only four showerheads available. They would have to take in turns to shower, dry themselves off and then join the rest of the staff in the douching cubicle. Douching? What’s that I heard more than one student ask. No need to worry about that now, Dave informed them, just concentrate on the task you’ve been given. As the first four students came through all buffed up from the vigorous toweling, Tom deliberately decided to set the douching hose up and carefully started to grease up the small metal butt plug shaped ending to the hose. The four guys were looking slightly concerned, clearly they had some idea of what was going to happen. When he was satisfied that it was greased sufficiently, he fetched a roll of paper towels and a can of Crisco, by then the other eight students had joined us. Asking the students to gather round he explained the purpose of the douching hose i.e. to flush out all feces from the rectum and bowels so that any objects that were inserted would not only come out clean again but it would also minimize the risk of blood poisoning should there be any tissue damage. He stressed that this was an extremely important procedure and must not ever be omitted, should this happen then the student would be excluded from the class and would reflected in his course marks. Lecture over he indicated that the first student should come over and be cleaned out. No one made a move. Clearly disappointed, he sighed and looked at Dave saying that perhaps this wasn’t such a good idea after all, this bunch of students didn’t appear to be motivated after all. He was going to call a halt to it despite the hard work that everyone had already invested in this project. Lee must have felt guilty because finally with head bowed he put his hand up in the air and said that he’d go first.Right Lee, if you’d like to come here, get down on all fours with your bum facing the guys and your head resting on the floor. Now you lot, draw in closer because it’s important for you to see how this is done because you will be practicing on each other tonight and for the next couple of days. If you don’t get it right you will hurt the guy you are cleaning out, ok? Nods all round but no one said anything. Lee, I’m going to apply some Crisco around your anus and just inside, it won’t hurt but may feel cold ok? Lee replied sure go ahead. Tom applied the Crisco as warned then ran the water through the douching tube until it was at body temperature. He then explained to Lee that he was going to insert the head of the douche into his rectum, that he was to hold it inside him until he was told otherwise, understood? Again Lee said to go ahead. Gently and slowly the plug was pushed into his anus, as the widest part entered his ring closed behind it and gripped the neck. Lee groaned and lifted his head, his face was rather flushed. Are you ok? Again he said that he was. As the water flowed into him I could see his stomach become distended, at which point Tom massaged it from underneath to ease any cramping which might occur, explaining his actions to the watching students. When he was satisfied enough water had entered he pulled the plug out of Lee’s anus and told him to sit on the nearby toilet. Lee didn’t hesitate; he flew to the toilet and sat down just as the water and feces mixture exploded out of him and down the pan. When no more water came out Tom repeated the whole procedure again and again until everyone was satisfied that the water coming out of Lee was crystal clear. By this time most of the guys were sporting erections and were doing their best to ignore them. Tom asked if anyone had any questions? No one had any so he selected Rob to clean out Toby in exactly the same way he had just cleaned out Lee. Slowly over the next couple of hours each student was thoroughly cleaned out to their peer’s satisfaction.By the end of the process again I noticed a subtle difference in the attitude of the students. The lack of dignity afforded by the cleaning out process had humbled the prouder members somewhat and had focused their attention as they realized this was for real and we were completely serious about what was expected of them. Right guys. Tom announced, the next task ahead is for us to assess your anal elasticity. Before we can make a start with any of the lessons and exercises we need to establish just how much you can take, as already explained you, we will not allow you to be harmed in any way. Now have any of you previously had anything up your arse other than the douching hose or occasional finger? There’s no need to be shy, we’ll be able to tell in any case. Nobody made a move. Okay guys, I guess you’re all anal virgins, it now time to find out if you are telling the truth! Now form straight line, two feet apart, all facing the same direction towards the wall. While he was gave this instruction Dave fetched Tom’s laptop computer from the gym’s office and turned it on. By the time it had warmed up the twelve were lined up and waiting for their next instruction. Tom carried on, right Marc can you help me by holding the Crisco for me so that I can access it as I need it. Marc nodded and retrieved the can of Crisco from the shower area before joining Tom who was standing by the first student to be assessed, Carl. When I tap you on the shoulder I want you to bend over at the waist and reaching behind, you are to pull your cheeks apart so that I have clear access to your anus. Dave, are you ready to enter the readings as I go? As Dave nodded Tom tapped Carl on the shoulder who then bent over and obediently spread his cheeks for inspection. Tom snapped on a pair of latex gloves, reached into the can Marc was holding and dug out a small amount of Crisco which was then applied to Carl’s anus before he slowly inserted a finger pushing it in as far as it would go. Carl groaned a little and adjusted his position slightly to make the intrusion more comfortable. The finger was then withdrawn and a second finger attempted to join the first up Carl’s rectum, however the ring was just too tight so Carl was scored as a ‘1’ and Dave duly noted this down. Tom moved on to the next student, Rob, and repeated the same procedure with him scoring a ‘2’ and so on with Tom moving slowly along the line. By the final student, Matteo, there were nine ‘1’s two ‘2’s (Rob and Toby) and one ‘3’ (Jake). Dave and Tom appeared to be expecting this set of results, announcing that there was a lot of work to be done here if they were to make any progress within the next two days but if they were prepared to work hard the staff would help to achieve the best results possible.Lee seemed to have taken on the role of spokesperson for the group and asked quite seriously was there anything they could do before tomorrow which would help speed matters up. Dave looked over to me and asked me to answer that question as I had proved to be such a talented bottom. Rising to the challenge I advised them that there are several activities which can help relax the anal sphincter muscle but whatever they decide to do they must not push themselves so hard that they cause a tear in the tissue. This will hurt and potentially ruin their chances of achieving the goals set by the end of the two days. Having said that, providing you take your time, relax and enjoy it then the following are good exercises for you to try:1. Give a full body massage to relax the receiver and then concentrate on the anal muscles using lubricated fingers. Massage the ring on the outside, the surrounding areas and then gently on the inside of the ring. As you feel the ring relax further then you can gently introduce another finger, do it very gradually otherwise the ring will clamp shut and your work will be undone. You will then have to start again. If you want to practice this on each other tonight stop when you get to three fingers as that will have been enough stretching for one day.2. Anal fucking, this exercise will probably appeal more to you guys, but again caution must be initially exercised by both parties if injuries are to be avoided. I know from personal experience that some of you are already familiar with this activity, but for those of you that are not the instructions are quite simple. Liberally lubricate both the inside and outside of the anus before also liberally lubricating your cock. Be slow and gentle when entering, allow the rectum and anus time to accommodate the intrusion, continue pushing in until your cock is fully buried. Hold it still for a minute or two then slowly withdraw until only your cockhead remains inside, then slowly push back in again. Continue to do this until either you or the receiver cums, you can quicken your thrusting if you wish but at all times it must be with your receivers consent and all movements should be smooth with no sudden jabs.3. Insertion of butt plugs and dildos, this is another method of anal stretching and can be effective but one that is best carried out under supervision so I would recommend that you leave this until classroom exercises.4. A combination of exercises 1 and 2 can be used depending on the ability of the person and time allowing.As I drew my speech to a close Tom took charge again saying that if anyone intends to practice these exercises after this class, cans of Crisco can be obtained from Douglas who will be manning the foyer this evening. That gentlemen is all we will be doing in class this evening, we expect you to be ready to continue with the lessons immediately after breakfast. Does anyone have any questions? Toby stuck his hand up in the air, glanced in my direction and then asked if staff would be allowed to assist with the ‘homework’ exercises. Um, that’s a good one. Tom replied. I think in this instance the answer would have to be no, it wouldn’t be appropriate. I know that during this holiday staff/student activities have happened, it is quite permissible and can be a good thing as long as it takes place in personal time. However as you are apprentices for the next two days and one evening you are no longer in personal time and the University will consider its staff as being ‘at work’, therefore assistance which will favor an individual over the rest of the class is not permitted. Toby accepted Tom’s explanation but didn’t look too happy but I’d already explained this to him so he should have known better than to try and manipulate the situation. Okay guys, if there are no more questions we’ll call it a day. You’re free to go but remember no clothing is permitted until we tell you otherwise. Marc took hold of my hand and told me to stay put, he wanted some ‘us time’ in private so we stood where we were and watched the other staff and naked students file out of the room, Dave looked round and asked if everything was okay, Marc said everything was fine, he simply wanted to show me the exercise machines as we were both feeling the need to pump some iron. Fair enough guys, just tidy up after yourselves and don’t forget to turn off the lights when you’re finished. Will do we replied with a grin.Once we were alone Marc drew me to him and gave me a bear hug, kissed me briefly on the forehead and then looked me in the eye before asking me if there was anything going on between me and Toby. I was only half surprised by his question, after all Toby hadn’t been particularly discrete in how he’d asked Tom about assistance. I was more surprised with the indication that Marc might be possessive over me and I wasn’t sure how I felt about it. Looking back straight at him I told him with complete honesty that there was nothing going on between Toby and myself and never would be. As far as I was concerned we were an item although we hadn’t finalized things yet, like him I was falling in love and nothing and no one was going to come between us. Good! He declared with a grin, this was the answer he’d been looking for, now that we’ve got that sorted it’s time to pump some iron! Relieved that things were cool between us I was more than happy to join him using the exercise machines. It had been several weeks since I’d last exercised and I wanted to keep my body as trim as possible (both for my job and personal pride).Several hours later, having completed a couple of circuits of the gym and showered afterwards, Marc and I closed up the gym and joined the others in the dormitory. Neil had managed to find a pack of cards from somewhere and was well on the way to thrashing the others at poker. Personally I can’t play poker to save my life as my face has always been too expressive but Marc’s face lit up and it was clear he was a fan of the game. Not wanting to be a party pooper I joined in the game but after several rounds I had lost all of my tokens so I crashed out and left the others to carry on. I don’t know how long they played on because as soon as my head had hit my pillow I fell asleep, only stirring when I felt Marc crawl into bed and snuggle up to me. CHAPTER 9 – TRAINING OF ‘MENS WELLBEING’ STUDENTS: DAY 1Breakfast was an animated affair, the students seemed to be buzzing and clearly keen to begin with their lessons but we (the staff) maintained a cool and professional air and made them wait just long enough to make them impatient. Finally Tom decided enough was enough and announced that it was time to start the day’s lessons.The students jumped up out of their seats and danced around our table chanting a crude song they must have concocted last night about their tutor’s age and sexual abilities. We laughed at them because it was blatantly untrue but it was funny and cleverly constructed, we had to give them that. When it got to me one verse was focused on my ability to swallow a whole man up my butt and still have room for more, Marc found this particularly funny until the focus was on him! Unable to delay further we rose from our seats and followed the dancers out into the courtyard, I particularly enjoyed in the way their muscular butts bounced and jiggled as they ran around – oh okay, and how their cocks flopped around in a mad dance of their own!Entering the shower area of the gym Tom asked what was the first task to be carried out before the lessons could commence. Donny stuck his hand up and enthusiastically announced that it is being cleaned out. Absolutely correct Tom agreed and said his prize for getting it right was to go first. Donny’s smug look faltered but he was committed so he assumed the required kneeling position and waited for the lubricated douching hose to be inserted by Callum, who had been chosen to be the administrator this morning. One by one the students were cleaned out and then Tom repeated the anal elasticity test on them to assess how much practice they had been doing the previous evening. Once again they stood in a line bent over at the waist and holding their cheeks apart. Even I could see from where I was standing that their anuses had received attention last night. Yesterday they had been tiny little puckers as you would expect from virgin holes but this morning there was a distinct glow about them. This was reflected in Tom’s findings, he even seem impressed though was doing his best to hide the fact. This time there was only one score of ‘1’, that being Harry, there were six ‘2’s, four ‘3’s (Rob, Toby, Ivan and Wes) and one ‘4’ (Jake). Keeping a poker straight face he announced that he was satisfied with the progress made and this would a good basis from which to start today. He didn’t ask what exercises they’d used as it was irrelevant to the situation and would simply waste precious time.Harry he decided needed special individual attention as he seemed to have made no progress so he would be under Dave’s care for the day. Rob, Toby, Ivan and Wes would be under the care of Tom and Neil in the ‘Pounding Slings’ room while Carl, Lee, Donny, John, Matteo and David would be in the ‘Stretching Chairs’ room under Callum and my care. What about me? Jake asked. I’m the most advanced but I’ve been overlooked. He genuinely seemed put out by this fact. Relax Tom replied, you haven’t been forgotten I can assure you. You are going to be under the expert care of Marc today and will receive excellent tuition in the massage parlor as will Harry.Tom made it quite clear that enough time had been spent discussing this subject, so with Neil at his side he gathered up his four students and led them to the ‘Pounding Slings’ room, while Callum and I gathered up our six, leaving Marc and Dave to escort Harry and Jake to the massage parlor.As I walked into our room and switched on the lights I instantly recognized it from the video I had watched up in the conference room yesterday. There were the six chairs, each with the two metal poles ascending from the floor to the ceiling connecting to the chair’s back. I could just make out the outline of the trap door under each chair. The students did a double take as they took in the strange scene before their eyes. Right guys I said with a certain air of authority to my voice, please make yourselves comfortable in the chairs in front of you while Callum and I come round to strap you in for your own safety. Five minutes later all six were securely strapped to the chairs using the wrist, chest and ankle leather restraints. Callum then flicked the power switch bringing the machinery to life with a quiet hum. The chairs began to slide silently up the poles until the seats were level with my head, at the same time the trap doors under each chair opened and a tea trolley sized machine rose up out of the ground. Once sitting level with the floor the top of each machine opened and a Catherine wheel of metallic gently tapering dildos. The dildos ranged in size from average dick size up to twelve inch fist size cone, there were eight in total so that there was only a gradual increase in size between them. Wasting no time Callum and I grabbed a can of Crisco each and liberally greased up each metal dildo, watched intently by the six students. We then turned our attention to the students, oh how I enjoyed this part! Walking over to Lee, I gave him a reassuring smile and told him to relax before reaching under him with one hand to locate his anus and with the other hand I applied a large wad of softened Crisco all round the hole and along his crack before pushing another wad up inside his rectum, smearing it all around with two fingers. Once I was satisfied that I had completely lubricated him where he needed to be I moved on to Donny and repeated the same procedure, then finally Carl. In the meantime Callum had greased up John, Matteo and David. Looking round at our handiwork I couldn’t help but notice that our students were all sporting erections. After a quick discussion with Callum we gave the students a challenge, any student who by the end of the training day was able to successfully accommodate the whole of the largest dildo would be given a blow job by either myself or Callum up to and including orgasm and yes we would swallow! This gave them something to think about and their cocks bounced in response. It was time to begin the stretching, so with a nod from Callum I hit the start button and the chairs started to lower towards the waiting dildos (smallest one to start off with). The chairs continued to sink until the metal heads touched the guys anuses, the coldness made them sit up in unison. The chairs started to very slowly lower again taking about ten minutes for the dildos to be completely buried deep inside the guys rectums and then they stopped. The chairs remained stationery for five minutes to allow the rectums to become accustomed to the intrusion before rising very slowly, again taking ten minutes until the dildo had been fully withdrawn. The machine whirred into life and the Catherine wheel rotated until the next sized dildo was in position, it fell silent before the chairs started to lower again and the whole process was repeated. Sitting down on two stools we watched the slow progression before our eyes, it was incredibly erotic and my cock was twitching in response. To my surprise the students’ cocks were still standing to attention so I was pretty sure that I was going to have a Jizz juice drink by lunchtime. By the completion of the second cycle I was beginning to get restless so I suggested to Callum that we take it in turns to stretch our legs and see how the other classes were progressing. He admitted that his bum was getting numb from sitting down so volunteered to go first, this was fine by me as I wanted to watch the third dildo enter the students’ anuses. The dildos by this time were approximately two inches across at the tip, three inches across at the base and ten inches long. As they slowly disappeared inside the guys, their rings were getting stretched, what a beautiful sight! I couldn’t resist tracing my finger around the ridge of Lee’s anal ring and then gently massaged his balls bringing a guttural moan from him and his cock bobbed around. Oh come on man, give me some head pleeeeeese! No, a deals a deal I laughed in response sitting back down on my stool. Before long Callum returned along with Neil in tow and I took the opportunity to go walk about.First destination, the sling room. Walking inside as expected I could see Rob, Toby, Ivan and Wes securely restrained on their backs in the slings with legs spread and four fucking machines slowly pounding their holes into submission. It was very much the same process as in the chair room but as these students were slightly more advanced they were able to take things at a slightly faster pace. Tom beckoned me over so that I could get a closer look at the machines in operation. To my untrained eye the metallic dildos looked the same as in the chair room and said so to Tom. He confirmed that they were virtually the same except these actually had ‘heads’ rather than being smooth cones, that way the anal ring can be stretched more efficiently and quickly providing the hole is able to accommodate at least three fingers. Less than three presents a real risk of internal injury because the rate of dilation will be too rapid, hence the chair room. I asked how much progress had been made so far. Tom decided it was time to change the dildos over for the next size up so now was the perfect time to assess their progress. As Rob happened to be the closest student he was chosen to be assessed. When the fucking machine was on the back stroke Tom switched the machine off and pulled it out of our way exposing Rob’s anus for our inspection. Dipping my hand into the can of Crisco offered I gently inserted my fingers into Rob’s hole, he was easily able to swallow three of my fingers (no surprise as he had been classed as a ‘3’) and when I tucked in my fourth finger he was able to accommodate that too. However my thumb was a step too far at this stage, Tom nodded his agreement and fixed the next dildo onto the machine, greased it up and set the machine off again.Time to move on I decided, I waved cheerio to Tom and called out ‘See you later guys!’ then walked down to the massage room to see how Dave and Marc were getting on with Harry and Jake. Never having been in this room before I was curious to see what it was like, I was a bit disappointed really. It was smaller than the other rooms with only enough room for three massage tables and decorated in the same manner as the other rooms. The tables were at waist height with padded black leatherette covers and a face hole at one end. The one fact that did surprise me was that instead of being rectangular the table was a ‘Y’ shape with the split starting at the student’s waist and each leg was strapped down on each arm of the ‘Y’ to prevent accidental slippage. However these were the only restraints and the student was free to adjust their position as desired. This design allowed the masseur to stand directly between the recipients legs giving easier access to all areas. Progress was definitely being made! Harry was clearly behind the other students but even he under the expert ministrations of Dave was reasonably comfortably taking three of his fingers up his arse and as I watched he was well on the way to taking a fourth finger. His eyes were rather glazed so it was hard to tell if he was enjoying the experience or not. The same could not be said for Jake, he clearly loved the attention his arse was receiving. On my entrance to the room he’d propped himself up onto his elbows and gave me a great big grin. Hi Jo! Look what I can do! Smiling in return I casually sauntered over to stand next to Marc and watched him at work. Jake had already been able to take four fingers when Marc had started this morning, now Marc thrusting his fist in and out of Jake’s hole with relative ease. There was still some resistance but only just and as I watched it gave up all together and the ring stopped contracting as Marc’s fist was pulled out. How deep can he take it? I asked. Marc replied saying that he was just reaching the inner ring, he didn’t want to rush things and was taking it one step at a time depending how Jake was responding. Oi! I am still in the room you know! Jake informed us, if you want to know how I’m doing why don’t you assess it yourself? I glanced at Marc who shrugged his shoulders as if to say ‘why not’, so I greased my hand up and coned my fingers to make the entry easier. I needn’t have worried because Marc’s hands were bigger than mine so my fist slipped in easily and was quickly engulfed within Jake’s hot interior. I could have cum there and then! He was a good-looking guy with a very toned body and the cutest little butt I’d seen in a long time. Focusing my attention on my hand, I slowly explored Jake’s rectum, gently tickling his prostate he groaned in response. Pushing on up my fingers found the inner ring and I began to massage it in the same way I would have done the out ring. I found that I could get two fingers past the ring but that was the limit, so I slowly withdrew my hand completely and wiped it clean on a nearby towel. Turning to Marc I agreed that he had made significant progress but clearly there was still a way to go if he was to attain the standards required. I made a point on complimenting Jake and Harry on their progress and looked forward to seeing the finished results later on, before returning to my own room.I must have been gone longer than anticipated because back in the ‘chair’ room the six students were now descending on the largest of the dildos, about halfway down, and the strain was showing on their faces. Sweat beaded their faces and their cocks were no longer erect, not really surprising considering the concentration required to relax fully and let the monster dildos inside! Taking my seat next to Callum I relayed my experiences in the other two rooms and the progress being made. He was transfixed on the sight of Matteo being impaled and stretched wide. His Mediterranean black wavy hair was sweat soaked, his dusky skin was distinctly flushed and his dark flaccid cock and balls hung down between his legs swinging gently as he shifted his weight around trying to accommodate the intrusion as best he could. Callum absentmindedly licked his lips, laughing I asked him if there was something on his mind. Oh yes! He replied, once that metal machine has finished I’m getting my hand up his hole and bringing him off to the biggest orgasm he’s ever had in his life. The image of this flashed up in my mind and I had to agree it did have a certain appeal to it.About half an hour later the chairs rose for the last time, as the last of the dildos left the students gaping and reddened holes Callum and I stood up to see the results for ourselves. Greasing up my hand I explored Lee’s anus, whereas before there had been resistance to my fingers when I had lubricated him up, now there was none and my coned hand was easily pushed up inside. I carried on pushing my hand upwards until I found his second ring, again where I was expecting resistance I found very little and I quickly found my forearm buried deep inside him up to my elbow. Looking across the room I found that Callum was in the same position, I exclaimed how efficient these machines were and that every gym should have one! Indeed he replied before turning his attention to giving Matteo a well-deserved blow job. Looking up I could see Lee’s cock was standing upright and rock hard, on his face was a pleading expression. I gave him a wink and proceeded to suck his cock until I felt his cock twitch and jism shot into my mouth before swallowing it. When his jism had dried up and his cock sat soft in my mouth I gently pulled my arm and fist out of his hole giving his balls a gentle squeeze and congratulating him on being an excellent bottom. Exhausted he said nothing but gave me a weak thumbs up. I then repeated the same procedure on Carl and Donny producing the same results.When all six students had been given their promised reward we unscrewed the dildos from the machines and put them into a bag ready for sterilization later on. Then we switched the machines off which resulted in them sinking to beneath the floor, the trap doors closed behind them and the chairs returned to their original position. Finally we unstrapped them and they were free to stand up, albeit stiffly, and walk around. I announced it was time for a group hug, I wanted to demonstrate how well I thought they had all done. Group hug over we left the room and made our way over to the shower area so that the students could wash the grease and sweat off their bodies. While they were showering we were joined by the other students who also wanted to have a shower, so we (the staff) had a few minutes to catch up and discuss our students progress. As the last one (John) in the shower was toweling himself dry, Tom went into the gym office and came back carrying twelve pairs of black cotton shorts telling the students to put them on while they have lunch over at the dining hall. Having been naked for nearly twenty four hours this was clearly a novelty for them and none asked any questions until we were sitting down in the hall eating our lunch.Donny asked why the change of heart about wearing clothes. Tom replied quite honestly saying the reason was simply for hygienic reasons. Having had their holes stretched so vigorously this morning if they were to sit around naked then they ran the risk of introducing dirt and bacteria to parts not normally exposed and so setting off an infection. This sounded logical so it was accepted on face value and they continued eating as before. With lunch over we headed back to the gym where Tom wanted to measure the progress made this morning. There followed the obligatory cleaning out (having removed their shorts) before once again the students were lined up in a row, bent over at the waist with cheeks pulled apart. Tight little heiny holes they were not! Rather red and sore looking was more like it. Tom greased up his hand and their holes before deftly inserting his hand into each one and assessing how far inside he could reach. Having been able to insert his fist into every hole easily and past the second ring in most cases (except for Harry) he was very happy with them and said as much. Now for the afternoon session, Tom announced, it will in some ways be easier but in other ways harder! Nodding to Dave they both went over to a cupboard standing in the corner, opening the doors I could see what looked like fist sized balls with chains attached through a molded loop. What’s this all about I wondered, the answer was quick in coming. Dave explained that this morning they had learnt how to relax and stretch their rings, this afternoon they would learn how to strengthen them up again. After all their rings were simply muscles which could be trained to relax and tense at will. Greasing up one of the balls and holding on to the attached chain he bent Jake over and with a quick push it was in, bringing a stifled yelp from the student. Having told Jake to stand upright again Dave went onto explain that the task for them this afternoon would be to hold the ball inside and not let it slip out again. This would be harder than it sounds because the rectum will naturally want to push it out and the anal ring will get tired because of the weight of the chain but through mental control these two obstacles can be overcome. Explanation over he proceeded to insert balls into the rest of the students, before long twelve guys stood in a row with heavy chain tails hanging down from between their legs, it was quite comical in a way. Right guys, it’s time to get some fresh air! Tom informed us. Each member of staff were allotted two students each and issued with what looked like a dog lead. This lead was designed to clip onto the last link of the students chain, they had enough slack to walk comfortably but not enough for it to get caught up on objects lying around. With Tom leading the way we made our way out of the gym and across the castle grounds and towards the woods.The path through the woods only allowed for single file walking so conversation was difficult, I guess this might have been the intention as it allowed the students to focus on the increasingly difficult task of keeping the balls in place. For me it was a real treat, walking through beautiful woodland with two naked guys immediately in front of me clenching their buttocks as hard as they could. Phew! The day was hot and getting hotter all the time, in fact I was beginning to wish that I could take my clothes off too but without the ball and chain up my arse! About half an hour into the walk Toby and Donny were struggling and with a cry their balls shot out and hit the floor, this seemed to act as a catalyst and one by one the others followed suit. You could have heard a pin drop as we all stood still not sure what was going to happen next especially as they had failed the task set them. Nervously they looked at one another but none looked in Tom’s direction. Putting them out of their misery Tom declared the lesson was over and that in fact they had done very well to have held them in for so long. Time to have a look at the rings he announced, one by one they lined up and assumed the customary position. Their rings looked red and swollen, clearly they’d seen enough action for one day so it was suggested that the remainder of day would be spent resting them until tomorrow. A collective sigh of relief went round the group (including me) at this news, however our walk was going to continue until our destination had been reached before we would stop for a bit of time out. The path we followed eventually led us to the ridge where I had walked on the first day when we’d explored the estate.Clearly this had been pre-planned because Douglas and a couple of the castle staff were waiting for us with a couple of cool boxes filled with ice cold beers and bags of fresh fruit. We wasted no time in grabbing a beer and found a comfortable spot to sit down and admire the views. While we sat and chatted Tom handed out shorts to the students for them to put on to protect their tired bums, which they gratefully put on more to protect themselves from the gaze of the castle staff than keep their rings clean. I was getting uncomfortable sitting in the direct sun so I sought out some shade and shortly I was joined by Marc who was suffering from the heat too judging by the sweat beading his forehead. Laughing I asked what were we like, we’re sitting here sweating buckets fully dressed in sweatshirts and jeans, I don’t know about you but I’m taking my top off. As soon as I removed my top the cool breeze felt like heaven, I noticed that Marc quickly followed my example. Out of the corner of my eye I admired his torso while I pretended to admire the view in front. To be honest just being there with him was enough for me, I didn’t need the beautiful scenery. Aware that we were in full view of everyone I resisted the urge to pounce on him, instead I whispered in his ear that when we get to bed tonight he is going to be ravished mercilessly. Laughing a deep belly laugh, he whispered back, not if I ravish you first. That set us off giggling like naughty school boys, before long we were rolling around with tears streaming down our faces. Regaining our composure we finally noticed that the others had packed up and were making their way back to the castle. Wait for us! We called out, setting us off laughing all over again, I gave him a quick kiss on the lips before grabbing my sweatshirt and running to catch the others up.CHAPTER 10 – TRAINING OF ‘MENS WELLBEING’ STUDENTS: DAY 2Morning dawned bright with the sun streaming through a chink in the dormitory curtains. I slowly surfaced from a deep sleep still smiling to myself with satisfaction from the duvet athletics that went on last night. Let’s just say that by the end of the session the score was one all and we had both received an anal white washing, which by the feel of it was just about ready to leave by the back door! Time to get up I decided, disentangling myself from Marc’s arms and leaving him quietly snoring I padded quietly over to the shower area to freshen up, clean myself out and have a shave. As I shaved I felt someone approach, looking round I saw the naked figure of Marc, just the sight of his black muscular frame with his heavy pendulous cock swinging with each step was enough to send my pulse racing and cock twitching. Morning love he growled quietly, I wished you had woken me up I had a little present I wanted to give you grabbing his crotch to emphasize the point. Well you’ll just have to wait now and flicked some shaving soap suds in his direction, it’s time you had a shave you scruffy mutt. I’m starving and can’t wait for breakfast, I must have burnt thousands of calories last night. All right then boys? Came a voice behind us, looking round I could see Dave sitting on his bed getting dressed, he looked rather tired. I commented on this fact to which he glowered and asked if it was any surprise considering all the noise we’d been making last night. There had been enough grunting and moaning to keep half the castle awake! Then he broke into a grin saying that it was fine by him, it was good to see that we were getting our act together at long last. He had seen the mutual attraction growing between us and had been hoping something would develop from it. Was this just a holiday romance or the real thing? He asked. Pulling Marc to me and holding him around the waist, I replied that it was the real thing as far as I was concerned but there were several issues to be addressed before it was officially declared. I looked at Marc and asked if I had said the right thing, nodding thoughtfully he glanced at me then at Dave before confirming that what I had said was true and that we were taking it one step at a time, so please no fanfare announcements as we hadn’t spoken to our respective families yet. Okay, okay, Dave agreed but don’t leave it too long before informing people as word tends to get round pretty fast. Here! Here! Came a chorus of male voices, clearly Callum, Neil and Tom were now up and joining in the conversation. Marc carried on unperturbed, we’re intending to speak to our families on our return from the holiday and the timetable will depend on their reactions, after all I have two teenage sons to take into account. This had a sobering effect on the room and Neil tactfully changed the subject while we dressed and headed downstairs to the dining hall for a full English breakfast. Already seated and heartily tucking into their breakfasts were the students, wearing their black boxer shorts which Tom had allowed them to wear last night and said they could continue to do so until told otherwise. At the sight of our late appearance there was a lot of good natured catcalling and jeering, which we responded to with mock shame and bowed heads before taking our seats and tucking into the food presented to us by the serving staff.Once we had eaten, Tom requested the presence of the students in the gymnasium along with the rest of us where lessons would continue. As we filtered into the gymnasium the students were obviously expecting to be cleaned out as part of the daily ritual that had been established because they headed directly towards the shower area. Not so fast Tom called, this morning the focus will not be on you as the recipients but rather as the provider and then this afternoon you will be doing classroom exercises in the conference room. We may have time later for cleaning out, but having been shown how to do it properly you will be expected to do it in your own time before lessons.Right guys, first lesson of the day will be the use of the gym equipment. Holding his hands up as several mouths started to open in protest he went on to say. I am well aware that you know how to operate them as a user but you have not received tuition on how to provide guidance and supervision in a teaching capacity. The look of surprise on their faces was comical. Tom continued explaining that there will be more to the ‘Men’s Wellbeing’ courses than simply lying on your backs and having your anal rings stretched. You will need knowledge from both sides of the fence i.e. as provider and as recipient. Is that understood? Nods all round.So using Marc, Callum, Neil and myself as ‘customers’ the next two hours were spent teaching the students how to act as coaches and instructors in a ‘Personal Trainer’ role. For me it was an interesting experience, I have been using gym equipment for years in an attempt to keep my body fit and in good shape but I haven’t had real coaching for a very long time. By the end of the two hours I was sweating and in need of a shower, I wasn’t so much tired at the circuit had been walked through at a slow pace but I certainly wasn’t very fresh! Clapping his hands loudly, making me jump, Tom instructed us customers to go for a shower, then turned to the students saying that he wanted them to clean us out as if we were complete novices so we would need personal guidance in doing so. Toby looked like he’d died and gone to heaven, I had a very good idea what he was anticipating doing. Sure enough, Toby made sure that he was in the right place at the right time to be the one to clean me out using the douching hose. I have to give him credit he was very professional and explained what he was doing eloquently and was gentle in his administration of the douching. Satisfied that I was thoroughly cleaned out he let me go with a discreet wink. Then it was Marc’s turn who was at the mercy of Jake, Callum was cleaned out by Lee and Neil by Matteo. The role reversal seemed a little awkward for the students but for the four of us it made little difference who cleaned us out, having an audience as par for the course and had been done to us many times. Next lesson was going to be held in the massage room where Marc, Callum and I were going to the lucky recipients with the students receiving guidance on how to provide professional massages. Donny, Carl and Ivan were to be the masseurs and so invited us to climb onto the massage tables face up while the rest of the students and staff watched from the sides of the room. With my legs spread out lying on the ‘Y’ arms I felt quite exposed as my cock and balls dangled down between my thighs but it was surprisingly comfortable. The next thing I knew was that my body was being oiled up all over by Ivan from my face down to the tips of my toes including every nook and cranny in between. Then I spent a very relaxing half an hour having every muscle on my front massaged and manipulated, I quickly sprung a hard on when my thighs and groin were massaged but remaining professional Ivan studiously ignored it and was careful not to handle it although he did tease me a couple of times by brushing it with the back of his hands. Once Tom was satisfied that we had been correctly massaged all over our fronts we were then invited to roll over onto our fronts which was easier said than done due to the shape of the table. With a little help from Ivan I got into position and felt him fit the restraining straps round my legs, now I could understand the logic for the straps and it did actually make me for secure and helped me to relax into the massage. Ivan was getting the hang of massaging and as his warmed oily hands kneaded and rubbed my calves and thighs I could feel myself drifting off into a semi-dozy state. Next my buttocks received his attention, then he moved up my body to my back and shoulders before finally my neck and arms. I must have drifted off to sleep because I woke with a start as I felt a greased finger slide up my rectum. I guess he must have been massaging my ring to warm it up because it showed no sign of resisting the intrusion. Tom noticed my puzzled expression, he smiled reassuringly and explained that the massage oil and grease being used had a muscle relaxing chemical within it designed exactly for this purpose. The fact I couldn’t tighten my ring was intentional and would help prevent injuries. Satisfied with this explanation I settled back down and enjoyed the rest of the massage. During this time Ivan had continued with his ministrations and I realized that he now had three fingers inside and was busily spreading the lubricating grease all round inside my rectum. Then three became four and I became aware of bodies drawing closer obviously wanting to see in closer detail the inevitable. Getting into the swing of it I raised my hips to meet his hand and relished the feeling of the widest part hesitating momentarily at the rim before sliding smoothly inside. The feeling of fullness was overwhelming and I felt my eyes glaze over in response and quiet moans issued from my mouth. For what seemed an eternity Ivan’s fist slowly pushed in and pulled out of my rectum, each time he pushed in his hand travelled a little further until it was pushing into and past the inner ring. Just as I thought he was going to go for the whole arm Tom told Ivan not to get carried away and to remain focused on the erotic massage. I heard a sigh from behind me, I think it was Ivan, and then I felt the hand and forearm slowly withdraw leaving my hole gaping and unable to close properly. His fingers traced their way down to my balls, cupped them gently before grasping my erection and wanking me off to orgasm. As my body finished jerking from the orgasm I looked up to see Marc and Callum at similar stages to me in worlds of their own however the students were very much in this world and crowding round. For the first time in ages I felt a little self-conscious and indicated that I wanted to get off the table and out of the room. Not so fast young man, Tom chided, please wait for your colleagues and remember that you are in this room for a professional reason which is to help these students learn valuable lessons. Suitably chastised I lay back down again and did my best to relax again until the class finished and we were released from our restraints.Afterwards while showering the oil and grease off I apologized to Tom for my slip up and promised it wouldn’t happen again. Don’t fret about it he replied, this is the first time you have ever expressed any negative emotions about tasks required of you and you have always been very positive and willing in whatever has been presented to you. It was only a slight wobble and certainly won’t go down on your record, so please forget about it. Reassured by this I smiled an acknowledgement and set about rinsing the soap off. While we toweled ourselves dry Tom reviewed the morning’s lessons and answered questions that were raised in response. Being at a bit of a loose end Callum, Marc and I sat down on a bench not sure if to get dressed so remained naked. Dave spotting our indecision informed us that we could get dressed as the lesson was over and we would be having lunch next.Over lunch Tom outlined the plans for the afternoon, the twelve students would be up in the conference room studying the theoretical side of ‘Men’s Wellbeing’ with Dave and himself. Marc, Neil and me would be busy in the production of publicity photographs for the course and the castle as well as being interviewed for the welcome video which would be shown to prospective students. Callum would be taking the photographs as well as doing the videoing, so we were all going to have a busy afternoon if this was to be completed before the return of the other students this evening. The students groaned at the prospect of having to do proper studying while on holiday, but as Tom reminded them, they had signed a contract and they’d had the ‘fun’ of doing the practical lessons now it was time for their grey matter to do some work. For me, it was good news, as you will already know being an exhibitionist is a fundamental part of my nature and enjoy being the focus of a camera lens, which is why I love my job so much! As the students were escorted up to the conference room, Callum asked us to stay where we were while he fetched his camera gear. The excitement I felt was clearly shared with other two as we were bouncing by the time Callum returned and were keen to start, poser mode was definitely in place.For the next hour Callum had us posing in group and solo shots, by ourselves and with members of the castle staff all over the castle complex inside and out. When he was happy with the results we moved on to do shots within the grounds and down by the lake. By the time we had completed that task Douglas had joined us holding three towels, I guessed we were going to need them all too soon. Sure enough, Callum asked us to strip naked, all the time clicking away with the camera, dive into the lake and swim to the island and back. Once back on the sandy shore we picked up the towels to dry ourselves but found that our clothing had disappeared (memories of this happening before sprung to mind). Don’t worry about that Callum grinned, you won’t be using them for some time and Douglas has taken them back to the castle to prevent them getting dirty and damp. How thoughtful Marc muttered under his breath. We were then asked to d**** the towels over our shoulders and as a group casually walk away along the lake shore for about 500m then return in the same manner. This was repeated but doing it individually as well as in couples. The location was changed to the castle drive and then the woodland path we had walked along the previous day, each time the procedure was the same. After the final shot was taken we returned to the castle and made our way into the gym. Each item of exercise machine was used, all the time Callum was taking photos from all angles, then it was into the showers before using the douching hose on each of us. After we toweled ourselves dry Callum wanted us to wrap the towels around our waists and follow him over to the castle foyer where we were to be interviewed.The interview itself was simple enough, all the typical questions you’d expect which lead up to praising the University; the castle; the facilities; the staff and course material. We managed to do most of the interviews in one take, the only time we didn’t was when Marc was in the hot seat. He was chatting away and had uncrossed his legs, however his legs had remained open allowing his large cock hang down in full view of the camera. While I appreciated the view, Callum didn’t consider it appropriate for a welcome interview where it would be watched by prospective students and their parents alike. As we were wrapping up the session we heard tires driving over gravel, the coach pulled up and the returning students disembarked with their luggage and trophies from their trip away. The peace was shattered! Just as well we had completed the photo shoots and videos, there was no way it would have been possible to carry on with the place suddenly full of life again. Although we did receive a few wondering looks and raised eyebrows no one commented and to be honest they were more interested in getting unpacked and getting food into their stomachs.Returning to our dormitory we found Dave and Tom were already there, getting dressed for the evening meal. While the four of us showered and changed they fed back on how the afternoon theory lessons had gone. Apparently after a little resistance the students had knuckled down and took the lessons seriously once they found out that the subjects were relevant and interesting. Overall the feedback the students gave was favorable and they were optimistic that it would prove to be a viable and popular course for the University. We were one step closer to making the plans reality, the next few months were going to be exciting indeed Tom announced. On our way out Callum briefly outlined our activities this afternoon, he too was confident in the results but obviously the finished artwork would have to wait until he returned to University.Downstairs the dining room was buzzing with the voices of sixty students, it was a pleasant change from the last couple of days when we had felt lost in the huge room with only eighteen bodies present. The meal was a noisy affair but cheerful and when Ross stood up and announced that tonight’s entertainment would be in the form of the students recounting their adventures in Edinburgh. There were groans and catcalls from many of the students until Douglas announced that there would be a keg of beer awarded to the best story teller of the evening. Boy did that change their attitude, within minutes they were queuing up to put their names down on the order list. Marc leant over and whispered in my ear asking did I fancy staying as it sounded like it might be a laugh. Nodding I agreed that it ought to be fun, I’m sure the tales will get more preposterous as the evening goes on. Which they did. How my sides ached from all the laughing I had done. There several very good story tellers and I could just picture the chaos left in the wake of our students and their counterparts at Edinburgh University. The keg of beer was awarded jointly to a pair of jocks who had managed to seduce the manager of a nightclub and shagged her in a drunken threesome in front of the clubbers! Surely this had to be a wind up, but no, other students in the dining hall confirmed that it had actually happened in front of their very eyes. Four hours later and considerably worse for wear having consumed several bottles of wine we crawled our way back up to the dormitory and into bed. CHAPTER 11 – FREE TIME WITH MARC & THE GRAND BARBECUENext morning was a late starter for us (Marc and me); we had the luxury of having a lie in as our services would not be required until the grand barbecue later this evening. Laying there I pretended that it was our bed at home and we were now living together, how I enjoyed the fantasy making the most of having his muscular arms wrapped round me in his slumber. Eventually the call of nature could no longer be ignored and I had to get up and use the loo and think about having something to eat. Glancing at my watch I was surprised to see that it was already 11am, no wonder I was getting hungry and the dormitory was empty except for us. Jumping into the shower I sung my little heart out, just happy to be alive and in love with a guy I never thought would be interested in me. Sometimes it’s good to be wrong! Joining me in the shower the man of my dreams pointed out that I really should leave the singing to the professionals and not to give up the day job. Huh! I laughed; you just don’t know a good thing when you hear it. Oh I do he retorted, you’re the best thing since sliced bread as far as I’m concerned but your singing voice is not! Then to silence any further protests he pulled me to him and kissed me on the lips long enough for me to give up the fight. Come on slow coach, I’m starving I told him as I put on my walking gear. Are we going somewhere? He asked. Well I replied, I thought as this is our last proper day here and we aren’t needed until later I thought it would be good to go for a hike, that way we can talk and enjoy some privacy for a change before we return home and to reality. Fair comment he agreed so he grabbed his outdoor gear and we made our way to the dining hall to grab a packed lunch and an apple to keep us going until we stopped to eat.This time as we were alone we had the freedom to act as any regular couple would, so we walked holding hands and stopped to smooch every now and then. Between smooch stops we walked at a fast pace and before we knew it we had reached the ridge and were overlooking the castle and lake. Instead of following the path we had done before we went off in a different direction and within minutes the vista had changed completely, it felt like we were miles from anywhere recognizable. Finally we found a clearing in the woodland; honestly it was so perfect it was almost like out of a fairy tale. We decided this was the spot for us. So removing our backpacks we found a shady grassy mound to sit on and ate our lunch in comfortable silence. I was on my last food item, a banana, when Marc glanced over at me and said that reminds me. What reminds you? I asked. The banana going into your mouth reminds me that it’s been a long time since you have given me one of your special kisses. Uh huh? Well I don’t think it’s actually been that long but I’m not one to argue so you’d better get your body over here and I will see what I can do I replied with a wink. Standing in front of me with his feet either side of my crossed legs, he was so masculine it made my heart want to explode with love for him. Instead I slowly unzipped his flies, reached inside and gently pulled his cock and balls out into the fresh air. I savored his smell for a moment before taking his flaccid cock into my mouth and started to make love to it with my tongue. It rapidly swelled to fill my entire mouth and then pushed down my throat (with a little thrust from his hips), adjusting my breathing to accommodate it. Hands were placed on the back of my head and used to hold it still while he mouth fucked me, on and on he thrust in and out. I was beginning to reach when with one final thrust he shot load after load of jism down my throat. I continued to suck until he was flaccid again, then with a satisfied smile on his face he tucked his crown jewels back into his trousers and sat back down. Wow, that was one hell of a special kiss he exclaimed. Getting my breath back I thanked him for his kind words and said the pleasure was all mine (which was true in a way).For a while we sat there watching the leaves dancing in the sunlight and all manner of insets flying around chased by the odd bird or two. Getting restless we packed up and continued with our walk, again holding hands. Eventually the path led us down to the river, I was relieved to be back on familiar ground and said as much to Marc, for some reason he found this amusing replying that it is impossible to get lost on this estate as everything is the paths are so well walked and as long as you walk downhill you will either reach the river of sea. Deciding that it was time to be heading back Marc started to walk up river, following close behind I tried to remember each change of scenery because I didn’t know if or when I’d get the opportunity to visit the castle or its estate again. Marc seemed to be looking for something as he walked along, I asked him what he was seeking but he simply laughed and didn’t answer. Finally he found what he was looking for and called me over, puzzled I couldn’t see anything but a moss covered log, what about it? I asked. Smiling slightly he turned away, then undid his belt and stepped out of his trousers. Lying arched over the log with legs spread he looked over his shoulder at me and said he needed my cock up his arse. I had been wondering when I would get a chance to satisfy my needs, it looked like it was going to be now. I quickly removed my sweatshirt and trousers (I like to be naked when fucking a guy) and knelt down between his legs. With one hand I felt between his cheeks and pushed the tip of a finger into his anus to assess its readiness and with the other hand I stroked myself to full arousal. Marc was backing onto my finger so I guess he was ready for it, so spitting a wad into my hand I lubricated my cock and then carefully pushed the head into his rectum. Giving him time to adjust to it I then entered in one smooth thrust and fucked him mercilessly until with a loud grunt I shot my load deep into his bowels. As the spasms subsided I lay down on top of him and whispered in his ear, how was that for you Sir? Just what the doctor ordered! Came his reply. We sat on the log just as we were for a while to get our breaths back, with my arm d****d over his shoulder this moment in time seemed to last forever. Casually I asked him if he was looking forward to getting home and seeing his k**s again. Looking thoughtful he said he was but will miss the antics that we have got up to here away from all responsibilities. Well we can still enjoy ourselves, he continued, but we will have to take into account other people at the same time. Is this your way of saying that you want to cool things or keep me at a distance? I asked. No No No! He looked hurt. All I meant is that when we’re all living under the same roof the k**s won’t want to hear their Dad(s) rutting like the dirty pigs they really are! Oh I see what you mean, that’s okay then.It was now definitely time to return to the castle as we were supposed to be on duty tonight at the barbecue. I was supposed to be burning the sausages and Marc was acting as a drinks waiter, this was to be the students’ last treat before leaving tomorrow morning. The last mile we had to run to make the time up, racing up the staircase to the dormitory we met the others coming down. Oh and where have you two been? Neil asked putting on an exaggerated camp voice. Oh just doing a bit of bird spotting, that’s all. I replied as coyly as possible. Yeah right! Dave guffawed loudly, anyway hurry up you two or you’re going to be late for the barbecue. You’ll have to pack your bags later or early tomorrow morning, now scoot!Grinning to one another we ran up the rest of the stairs and in a record ten minutes had freshened up, changed into the staff uniform and were back down the stairs again.The students during the day had set the barbecue, seating and drinks area up and I had to admit it looked very professional. I said so to Tom and he dryly remarked that it should do as Douglas had overseen the set up and if there’s one thing Douglas is a stickler for it’s a professional drinking party. I wasn’t sure if he disapproved of Douglas or if it was professional rivalry. Either way it was none of my business and it didn’t affect how I interacted with the guy. Going by their appearance most of the students had started drinking quite some time ago as many of them were distinctly merry, this was going to be a regular piss up I could tell. No doubt there were going to be many sore heads by the morning. Again, not my problem, I was already focusing on tomorrow and how things were going to pan out on the domestic front.For the next few hours us staff worked like Trojans trying to ensure there was enough food and drink to satisfy all sixty students. As the evening went on the drink became more popular than the food so we were able to focus on the table waiting until Tom and Douglas announced that the evening was drawing to a close. There was a lot of drunken revelry but to give the students credit not one fight broke out and only one glass got accidentally broken. I did notice however that there weren’t as many students around at the end of the evening as there had been at the beginning. Either some had retired early to pack their bags or had sloped off to see what action was going on in the surrounding darkness! I think it was probably the latter as from time to time a shadowy figure would appear from the darkness and either merge into the crowd or keep to the shadows and slip through the main doors. Tom asked everyone to help tidy up, or at least neatly stack the tables and chairs so the castle staff has less to do tomorrow after we had left. Again there was a bit of grumbling for some students but the majority took it in the spirit that it was meant and helped tidy the place up.It was just gone past midnight when we got back to the dormitory and started working all over again to pack our bags ready for an early departure in the morning. By the time we had finished we only had the energy left to set the alarm clock and fall into bed cuddling up to keep warm as the room was rather chilly.CHAPTER 12 – RETURNING HOMEThe alarm clock sounded loudly in my ear. God it’s morning already I groaned, Marc stirred reluctantly and tried to pull the duvet over his ears. Oh no you don’t! I chuckled pulling the duvet off him completely revealing his naked body for all to see. He yelped at the sudden coldness and chased me to the shower area, where he caught up and slapped me sharply on the bum. Ouch! That hurt! I giggled. Come on guys, we haven’t time for all this Callum glowered in our direction. Oh? Got a sore head have we? I grinned back at him. Might have was all that he would say on the matter.We double checked to make sure that everything was neat, tidy and packed away. It was too far to come back if anything had been forgotten. With bags in tow we made our way to the staircase and joined the rest of the students doing exactly the same thing, all trying to get their bags onto the coach before heading to the dining hall for one last breakfast.After breakfast we bid a surprisingly emotional farewell to Douglas, Ross and the other castle staff who had shared in many of our ‘adventures’ and made our stay so enjoyable. As we were saying our goodbyes I suddenly remembered the bet that we had made in the dining room on the first evening. Damn! I groaned, we forgot all about that bet, it would have been perfect last night as a finale for the students after the barbecue. They would have really got into the spirit of it as they were very drunk. Never mind, Douglas consoled me, next time you guys visit us, we will make sure that the event is held in grand style. Are you sure? I asked. It’s a promise. He replied. I decided to swap phone numbers with both Douglas and Ross because I liked them very much and it would be good to have them as friends.With a heavy heart I climbed into the coach and took my seat next to Marc, holding my hand he smiled asking why the sad face? The rest of our lives are about to start together! Very true I responded, side by side sounds good to me. I sat there taking in his features for a minute before leaning over and kissing him on the lips not caring who was

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