Summer Break with Mom Pt. 03


Day 3:

The next day came, that evening they were supposed to leave for Rashmi’s brother’s place. Which was a 3 hours journey by Bus.

Dipesh woke up and found he was the last one to wake up in the house. His father was reading a newspaper while having tea. Dipesh realized that he had a hardon which was luckily concealed under the covers. They had covers just in case it gets cold during dawn time.

Dipesh sat up and what had happened last night flashbacked through his head. He was feeling little uncomfortable to face his mother but he convinced himself to act normal.

Rashmi was in the kitchen, she was cooking, from what it looked like she already had her bath.

Dipesh went into their backyard, which led to the bathroom and toiled when he freshened up, he saw that the saree his mom had worn yesterday was lying in the pile of clothes which were supposed to wash today.

He quickly started scanning the saree with his fingers, hoping to find his dried up cum from last night. And so, he did, he found the roughened texture of the saree. It was confirmed that it wasn’t some wet dream, but he had cum for real in his mother’s hand.

Rashmi behavior was exceptionally ordinary regardless.


His father and mother left the house to go meet other relatives in that town. Dipesh wasn’t interested in visiting those boring relatives. He already knew what questions they were going to ask and he didn’t intend to face them at all.

So, he chose to go and meet his friends from that colony, told them cool stories and what not.

When it was evening, Dipesh found himself sitting in an autorickshaw with his parents. They caught a bus from a Bus station and were off to his maternal uncle’s place.

They reached there by 8PM and by 9PM they had their Dinner.

Unfortunately, or Fortunately for Dipesh his father had a train reservation at 10:30 PM because he had to go to work next day. His maternal uncle, Rajnish dropped his father off to the Railway Station.

Rajnish(Dipesh’s uncle) had a house which had 2 bedrooms, One for Rajnish and his wife Rekha and the other one used to belong to Rashmi’s and Rajnish’s mother or Dipesh’s grandma who had passed away just an year ago.

When Grandma was alive, Dipesh used to sleep in the hall area whereas his mother used to sleep with his grandma in her room. But now, naturally they could sleep in the same room.


Dipesh decided not to sleep in underwear tonight. He didn’t want to come off as some pervert to his mother, although he really wanted to feel her hand on his prick.

They shared the bed, Dipesh was shirtless with his shorts. His mother, Rashmi was wearing a night gown which she borrowed from Rekha, it wasn’t perfect fit, it was little tight for Rashmi, which is why the material clung to her bosom a little bit more than it was supposed to.

They got down to their ritual of Rashmi applying the powder on Dipesh’s back to prevent it from being itchy. bahis siteleri But nothing interesting happened for Dipesh.

Even after applying the powder on her son’s back she let her hand rest on his bare back. Just in hopes that the thing which happened last night, Dipesh rolled on to his back and it worked to a certain extent.

He rolled onto his back meant that his mother’s hand was now resting on Dipesh’s chest. Dipesh found it erotic but nothing more happened. He wished he could control her mind and make her use her hand on his prick once again. But he couldn’t.

Dipesh went to sleep.


Day 4:

Dipesh had been expecting yet another handjob last night from his mother’s tender hand. But he didn’t. Dipesh tried to think why this might have happened. “Was she tired from their travel? Or had she decided that she won’t give him handjobs because it’s wrong?” Dipesh, even if he had a brain of Einstein wouldn’t be able to figure it out. So, he decided to stop thinking about it and stayed positive about getting a handjob from his mother.

He hopped out of his bed at around 10AM, he was surely enjoying his holidays.

When he went into the kitchen to get some water. He saw his aunt Rekha and his mom in the kitchen as they were just done with their cooking. His mother was wearing quite a revealing saree today. Maybe she was not being conservative while her husband wasn’t around.

Of course, her husband had seen her naked. But he asked her wear conservative clothes when Dipesh or other males were around.

Her lower back was exposed and also her side waist. The summer and the cooking made her sweat and her back was glistening with the sweat.

Dipesh quickly snapped himself out of it. His conscience still wouldn’t let him think freely in a lusty way about his mother.

Dipesh spent rest of his day mostly listening to this two women talk to each other. Yeah, Dipesh had his mobile to look at but their conversation seemed important to him for a reason which even Dipesh didn’t know of.

When Dipesh’s mother, Rashmi, brought up the topic about Rekha and Rajnish not having a child even though they are married since six years.

“What’s the problem really?”, Rashmi asked, sounding really concerned.

Rekha just glanced at Dipesh, signaling that they shouldn’t talk about such things in front of Dipesh.

“Oh.. Don’t mind him he knows what that stuff is… He’s quite grown up now.” Rashmi smiled at Dipesh after saying the last sentence.

“Well… my Gynecologist said that everything is fine with me.”, said Rekha, staring at the floor.

“So, the problem is with….”

“Maybe it is… I don’t know for sure…” Rekha interrupted Rashmi.

Rashmi knew it was better to change the topic now as Rekha looked very ashamed.

It was 7 PM when Dipesh’s maternal uncle, Rajnish, returned home from his work.

“That bastard promised me that he will get the cooler ready and installed by today. canlı bahis siteleri But his shop was closed now.”

“Rashmi Didi we should all sleep in my room because, without cooler it will be very hot in yours. I will definitely get the cooler tomorrow though. ” Said Rajnish, sounding really apologetic.

“No Rajnish it’s not that hot today I guess. Besides, we are used to such heat…. Aren’t we Dipesh?” replied Rashmi.

Dipesh thought he should just agree with his mother. So he did.

“Are you sure?” asked Rajnish.

“Yes, it’s really fine. We can manage.” Replied Rashmi.

Rajnish said he was sorry again once or twice.

It was bed time. Dipesh had to share bed with his mom once again this night. And today he was really expecting a handjob from her. He was really anxious whether he will get it.

When his mom entered the room after helping Rekha with cleaning the kitchen up, Dipesh asked his mother. “Why didn’t you listen to Uncle Rajnish and let us sleep in their room with an AC? How are we going to manage to spend the night in such heat?”

“It’s not that hot really, and besides we would be intruding their privacy.” Rashmi took a long pause before saying her next sentence. “They are already having trouble having a baby, I don’t want us to be a hinderance.”

Dipesh when he understood what his mother actually meant he couldn’t actually believe that his mother was talking about his maternal uncle and his wife having sex. He just frowned and said okay.

Dipesh and Rashmi both tried to sleep but they couldn’t sleep due the heat.

“You were right Dipesh, it’s actually hotter than I expected. This summer is really harsh.” Said Rashmi sounding exhausted by this heat.

“So, should we ask uncle if we can go in their room?”

“No, no, it’s too late now.” Said Rashmi, you can go ahead and make yourself comfortable get rid of those pajamas and that t-shirt, it will make you feel a little better.

Dipesh brightened up after hearing this. He thought that maybe this was the first step of a getting a handjob from his mother. He threw his t-shirt and pajamas and slept only in his underwear now.

He his dick had already begun to get hard just thinking about the prospectus of his mother wanking him off.

“Mom what about you, aren’t you feeling the heat?” Dipesh asked pointing at her night gown.

“No, no, it’s fine actually, this is made of cotton so it’s a lot breathable.” Said Rashmi.

Dipesh knew he had to pretend to be asleep in order to get a handjob from his mother. Him getting a handjob while being awake was not possible, he thought.

Dipesh lay there awake with his eyes closed waiting for a hand-job from his mom. But it didn’t just happen. Though after about half an hour, he felt his mom’s smooth hand on his changed. She was sleeping on her side and her and now her hand was caressing his chest, his ribs then it went to his abdomen, she rolled her hand over the hair on his stomach.

Dipesh canlı bahis thought that the hand-job was closer but to his dismay her hand didn’t slip into his underwear this night.

Tired of waiting, Dipesh didn’t realized when he dozed off.

When Dipesh woke up, he found his arm draped around his mother’s bare stomach, he could feel it was smooth yet taut. Although, he was shocked he tried not to make some hurried movements and wake his mom up.

He saw that his mom was sleeping in her bra and a petticoat. He moved his hands slowly on her smooth bare skin. Felt her ribs under her palms and moved his hand even further up, some courage had gotten into hm he had to feel her boobs in his hands.

He felt her left boob in his hand, his mom didn’t have huge breasts but they were enough o fill up his palms. As he pressed her boob. Her body twitched. Scared, Deepesh quickly withdrew his hand and turned around to face the opposite side.

Rashmi was awake already while this happened. She was enjoying her son’s touch on her belly and his audacity to touch her boobs. Which meant that not only she wanted him sexually but even he wanted that. She could take the things further. She hadn’t touch him last night because she thought maybe she is just using her son for her fun. But now she knew that even he wanted it.

She turns to other side. She looks at the bare back of her son, who she knew, had to be awake. His body clad just in an underwear. She puts her right arm over him, caresses his chest, teases his stomach just like he did hers and then slips her hand swiftly into his underwear.

He was already hard. But she didn’t stop at his cock. She slipped her hand further into his underwear and felt the weight of his balls and massaged him. She then put her leg over his body. Their bodies were so close no that even air couldn’t pass through between them.

Deepesh could feel her bare stomach touching his lower back and her boobs mashed against his back.

Rashmi brought her hand back on his manhood and peeled its skin of its cockhead before she started to stroke it. She kept her strokes slow at first and increased the speed gradually. In between she planted a kiss on his back and cheeks.

Deepesh didn’t know what was happening but in a way he did know what was happening but just couldn’t believe it. “Is she awake? Or does she think that I am sleeping?” He thought to himself and decided to pretend to be asleep.

Rashmi increased the speed of her strokes it looked like there was some kind of animal was trapped in Deepesh’s underwear. Soon, Deepesh started cumming against the cloth of his underwear. Frontal part of his underwear was all wet.

Before withdrawing her hand from his underwear, she massaged his balls once again and then grazed her hands through his pubic hair.

Done with her enjoyment, she decided it was time to get up. What if her brother or his wife entered their room and saw Rashmi and her son in their underwear?

She leaned on her son, she sniffed on the wet part of his underwear as if it was some kind of drug powder. Then she finally got off the bed, dressed up and went about her business.

To be continued…

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