Submissive Lesbian


Submissive LesbianMy name is Rachael and I always had a thing for women and face sitting with women. I always would be the submissive type in the relationship. I ‘m cute, 5 ‘5″, 125 pounds, with beautiful long blond hair that goes past my shoulders with some cute freckles on my face. I’ve been told I have a great body too.One Saturday night I met my match when I went out to this bar in the city. I was wearing a black short skirt with thin see through silk blouse. I had some of my cleavage showing through my blouse.I wore these leather black high heels with a circular front. They were sexy 2 inch heels.I sat on the end of the bar and ordered one of their Margaritas. The bartender, Brandi, came back with my Margarita. Naturally I paid, and then smiled back and tipped her. I always thought Brandihad a thing for me too.Little did I know there was this beautiful girl who looked Spanish from where I was sitting. She was staring at me like she wanted me. I smiled at her to let her know I was friendly. She smiled back and winked at me. All of a sudden she got up with her drink and started to walk over and sat down next to me. She had long dark brown hair with tanned skin. Her ass was somewhat bigger than mine. She wore leather pants which I loved on her. Her tits had to be like a size D cup. She looked like a typical hot Spanish girl which I really loved. She was really attractive and a pleasure to look at. She started by saying hello.”Hello, I ‘m Anna Maria.””It’s great to meet you, Anna Maria, I’m Rachael.””Do you live around here?” I asked.”Yeah, nice and close, how about you?””Yes, I live in the apartment building four blocks from here.””Oh, that’s still affordable there.”I sipped my Margarita as she sipped her drink slowly. I offered her another drink.when she was done with hers. She smiled and answered. “Yes, I’d like another one kaçak iddaa Rachael, thank you.” I asked the bartender, Brandi, for another lemon lime Margarita and got another one for myself also. We kept chatting as she seemed to be so interested in me. I asked what she did for a living. It seems she was a banking clerk for Bank of the Nation. She said that she likes it too.”Oh that’s great, I work as a secretary for Turner, the law firm.”As we kept drinking we did get a little looser with ourselves. She put her hand on my leg and caressed it. She moved her way up as much as she can without much notice from others. Anna Maria then leaned forward and kissed me as she caressed me. She darted her tongue in my mouth. The kiss lasted over a minute long and it was so nice. We finished the our last drinks and then gave our last tip and left. We walked out together and I said to myself wow I just got picked up. She invited me back to her apartment to finish our making out. She told me she had much more to offer me. I totally agreed to go. She was a knock out at about 5′ 7 and about 155 pounds, with nice hips. She invited me over her apartment and I agreed of course.”I have much more to offer you sexy, come to my apartment.””Of course I’ ll come over to your apartment.”When we arrived at the apartment we got more comfortable. She asked me if I wanted another drink. I said, “Yes please.” She made me another Margarita and handed to me and left the room. When she came back to the living room , she came back with a studded collar and leash in her other hand and was asked to wear it.”I want you to wear this collar for me, it’s really special to me to have you wear it for me.””Yes, I’ll wear it for you, Anna Maria.”I loved wearing the leather collar and leash for her and to be honest I was really horny. I can also tell she wanted to please me. kaçak bahis She led me into the bedroom with the leash and collar around my neck. I followed her like a slave in a dungeon.”Come on.””Okay, Rachael, you can remove your skirt and blouse for me now.””Please remove your shoes for me.”I immediately answered and took off my skirt , blouse and shoes for her. Now, I stood there now in just my thong panties and bra. She walked over to me and removed my bra for me. She then started getting undressed fully. On the floor was a large red vinyl mat which she told me to lay on.”Take off your panties for me now. Have you ever had a girl sit on your face Rachael?””Yes, I enjoy having girls sitting on my cute freckled face.””Good, because this is going to be the best experience you ever had, Rachael.””I love big latina ass sitting on my face.””Do you like my big ass?””Yes I do,” I responded.She stood up in a standing position and asked me, “Are you ready, Rachael?””Yes, please sit on my face!”Anna Maria stood above me and slapped her big ass with her hands simultaneously. She then lowered her big ass on my chest. Her pussy was a few inches away. I stuck my tongue. out to reach for it as she smiled at me. She sat and moved her pussy at me as my tongue lapped her pussy. She continued to grind more and more as she humped at my face. My tongue reached into her pussy as I ate her out. my hands and arms were trapped underneath her strong tanned legs. Her pussy was almost resting on my chin as she went back and forth again and again.”Are you enjoying this, Rachael?””Yes I am, I want more!”Anna Maria then moved up on me, as she sat square on my cute freckled face. My nose was in between her ass crack as she was smothering me with her big ass. She closed her knees up and covered my face completely under her big ass. I moaned as she covered illegal bahis my face. Then she reached her hand back further and grabbed my tits, slapping on them. Then reached forward and went into a draw and pulled out a clamp with a small chain, reached back again and clamped my tits with the clamp. It felt so good. Again she slapped my tits with her hand as they wiggled and stood erect and red. Reaching back with her hand even further, caressing and tickling my stomach. Moving her hand around in circles, tickling my flat stomach with her fingers. Then moving her hand down even more, cupping my pussy and slapping it with her hand numerous times. She rubbed my slick pussy pie again and again as I moaned louder. I began to get so wet I begged her for more.”I want more, please slap my pussy again!” Crack. Crack.She gave my pussy another slap before she changed her position. Then Anna Maria got up and turned around into a 69 position. Her pussy was right over my cute face. I immediately went to work on her pussy, darting my tongue into it. Moving it up and down again and again. Her face went in to my pussy as she ate me out and put her tongue into me like never before. I pulled her down on me as I moved my hands up and down her big ass cheeks. I smacked her ass as I moved my hands up and down. As she was pleasuring my pussy, she inserted her finger in, pumping me with her finger as it went in and out again and again. The palm of her hand was hitting my pie as she went at it. Asshe was eating me out, I penetrated her lips with my finger, worming it in and out of her as she was humping my face. When I finally reached her g-spot we rocketed each other to a great shattering orgasm. After that we laid on the red vinyl mat most of the night holding each other and making out. I had submitted to her and found out that I met my match.”I really enjoyed my night with you, Rachael.””I really enjoyed this amazing night with you too, Anna Maria.”She then said that I can continue coming over for her sessions all that I want and of courseI agreed to it.

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