Strange Happening 2


Strange Happening 2It’s been several days since Mike “broke” in and watched me masturbate from my closet. Mike is my 18 neighbors son. His mom, Erica, has a key I gave her to check on things when I’m gone. Mike apparently stole it and came into my apartment looking for porn, as he said, when I suddenly came home from work. He is an 18-year-old horny boy. Anyway, I happened to be off the following weekend. I had told Mike to never break into my home again. He could knock and be invited in, but that’s it. His mom, Erica, and I weren’t great friends, but we enjoyed each other’s company and went to meals and drinks several times. So it was not surprising when she texted me around noon to see if I may want to go to lunch with her. I had nothing going on and said sure. She said she’d come and get me in an hour. I showered and got dressed and awaited her arrival. She knocked on the door and we went to a local deli for lunch, had a meal and coffee. We talked small talk then she mentioned her new vocation. She had graduated as a masseuse recently and bought a masseuse table and accessories for home massage. She has had trouble building a client base and has just a few clients. She asked if I may want a massage. She said the first one is free. I stammered around and finally said sure. She asked if today was good in an hour or so, after we got home. I agreed and we went home.I had mentioned in my story about her son Mike that I enjoyed watching girl to girl massage in porn and that I am straight but loved watching it. It does turn me on so. I went to Erica’s and knocked on the door. She answered wearing a white button up blouse which was kind of sheer in which I could see the outline of her braless breasts. She had on white shorts kaçak iddaa as well. She looked extremely cute and sexy with her long dark hair tied in a ponytail. Erica was a medium size woman, about 42. I could see her breasts were large with dark nipples. They weren’t as big as mine but were shapely. I asked, now what? She said her table is in her bedroom and to go in there and undress and get on the table face down and cover with a large towel. I said, naked? She said yes, it makes it much easier to perform a good massage. So, I went in, stripped naked, lay on the table face down and put the rather large towel over my ass. Erica came in and smiled and asked if I were comfortable. She said she had been offered a job at a massage business but declined hoping to make it on her own. She talked about how regulated this industry is and health concerns and privacy issues and all. She said her son Mike is out with friends and shouldn’t be home until late. She then brought up her boyfriend and told me about their break-up and she is better off without him. Mike was happy as well as he didn’t get along with him. She had started on my neck and shoulders and used hot oil on them which felt great. She had strong hands and was taking the stress and tension out of that area. She moved down my back and was right above my ass when she asked if she could remove the towel. I said sure, if you must. She did so and poured more hot oil on my ass and started kneading it all over. I admit it felt great, not in a sexual way, but just felt good to have strong hands doing that. She then poured more oil on my crack and I could feel it dripping down my ass and down to my pussy. She kept talking and rubbed down my ass crack and gently pulled my legs kaçak bahis apart. She rubbed her adept fingers on my crack and over my ass hole and the outer lips of my pussy. It felt great but I was kind of embarrassed. I asked is that normal. She said since we are friends, she wanted to give me a special massage, if I didn’t mind. I just moaned a little as it felt really good. I closed my eyes and just relaxed and went with it. Besides, I do enjoy watching this so why not? It’s not like we are lesbians or anything. Erica then moved to my legs, ankles, and feet. It all felt incredibly good, but I was a little disappointed no further sexual moves were made. Until she said, turn over. I did as she asked, and she did not hand me the towel or any cover-up. She stared on my legs and thigh with the hot oil treatment and moved up as she rubbed. I felt my legs part slowly as she moved closer to my shaved pussy, waiting in anticipation wondering if she was going to massage there. She missed rubbing my pussy and moved up until she reached my big tits. She poured more hot oil on them and started kneading my breasts and gently rubbed oil over and onto my hard nipples. She said you have beautiful breasts. She said your nipples are extremely hard. I said yes, they get that way. She asked if I am enjoying the massage. I said absolutely as she slowly moved towards my pussy making me crazy with excitement. I could feel my pussy juices building up and hoped she would give me some relief. When she reached my pussy area, she stopped to get the oil and poured it on my mound and on my pussy lips. It felt good as it dripped down over my clit and lips. She then rubbed the oil all around my pussy carefully avoiding my clit area. I couldn’t help illegal bahis it but I started rubbing my own tits and gently massaged my fully erect nipples. She noticed this and rubbed her middle finger up my slit and over my clit. Oh finally, I though as she rubbed it. She then concentrated her finger on my clit and rubbed it in a circular motion. Her other hand put one, then two, fingers in me as she masterfully rubbed my throbbing clit. I moaned loudly as she continued this. I looked up and noticed her top was off and her big hard nipples were staring at me. She spread my legs even more and rubbed her right tit and hard nipple over my clit pulling my pussy lips open as it rubbed up and down my clit. She then bent down and licked my clit with the tip of her tongue. I was close to cumming when she went back to expertly rubbing my clit. She said cum for me. I blurted out I am! I came so extremely hard and bucked my hips up to meet her fingers probing my pussy. I had a long orgasm as she kept rubbing my clit. Soon I was cumming more with a total of five huge orgasms. I wanted to reach out and touch her tits or pussy to reciprocate but something held me back. She finally stopped and toweled me and said feel free to jump in the shower. I said I’d just go home and shower. She said ok and did you enjoy your special massage? I said immensely and I am exhausted but, relaxed. She said awesome, and if I want another let her know. She said she enjoyed it too. She said she was going to shower and use her shower massage as she was quite horny. I took that as an invitation but brushed it aside and said thank you and enjoy your shower! I went home and got my wand out and cake several more times thinking about what just happened. Her bedroom was close to mine and I heard her in the shower and heard her moaning very loudly as she came hard. This made me cum even harder until I was totally exhausted. I look forward to another special massage!

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