Storm Part 4


Don Juan was pleased with Belinda and vowed to reward her. She had been allowed to sleep with him in his chamber, a place he normally kept exclusively to himself. Now she woke with the morning sunshine streaming in through the vast windows warming her. She pushed back the black silk sheets covering her nakedness and brushed strands of her shining blonde hair from her face. Don Juan was nowhere to be seen. Belinda yawned and smiled sleepily. Her performance at “The Tea Parlour” had been exciting and it had earned her a night in her Master’s bed with her arms wrapped tightly around him. They had made love before they slept; good old fashioned lovemaking, with no ties, or bondage, or games to be played. Belinda had loved being stretched and filled with her Master’s stiff cock in a good straight missionary vanilla fuck, and had come over and over, with her hands grasping at his strong muscular back. And he had gushed inside her and filled her almanbahis with his precious hot cum. Belinda looked around the room. It was sparse, but on a dresser in one corner she could see a large white card with her name clearly written on the front in bold black ink. She climbed out of bed and scampered naked across the room to fetch it. Belinda’s heart was beating fast as she opened the card. Inside it read; Slave As you know, your punishments are hard when you misbehave, as are your rewards lavish when you have done well. I am pleased with the way you have fulfilled your task. Look out of the window my slut and see what I have bought you. When you come to me be wearing your black dress and your highest heels. Nothing else. Don. X Belinda bit her lower lip as she eased the half drawn curtain back and looked out to the huge driveway which led up to her Master’s mansion. There was Don Juan immaculate in his black suit as almanbahis yeni giriş always, leaning against a stunning bright red Ferrari sports car. He was looking up to the window, smiling as he twirled a gleaming set of keys from his fingers. Belinda gasped, “Oh my God!” Don Juan was often lavish with his gifts but this was beyond anything he had given her before. Belinda waved and called softly from the open window, “One moment, Sir!” Just the thought of her Master made Belinda horny. Her nipples were stiff hard buds and her pussy was slick hot and wet as she pulled on her tight fitting black dress which accentuated her heavy breasts and hourglass hips. She finished this off with ultra high shiny black heels which turned up her firm buttocks and arched her back. As he asked she wore nothing else. She made up her face quickly in black mascara and red lipstick and applied the perfume Don Juan requested she wear dabbing it almanbahis giriş behind her ears and in the small of her wrists. Then she ran downstairs. “Ah, My pet,” Don Juan smiled, holding his hands wide as Belinda approached him. She dipped her head as she reached him and blushed deeply, glancing upward through wide blue eyes. “My gift to you,” he said in his deep tone as he held the shining keys before her. “Now come and drive me to the city. This morning we will shop!” Driving a Ferrari is an acquired skill, but Belinda’s late father had been a racing driver and she had grown up on race circuits and behind the wheel of super fast cars. Don Juan loved to watch her eyes narrow in concentration as she fired up a powerful engine and revved, spinning the wheels and sending up a cloud of white smoke, filling the air with the smell of burning rubber. As much as this, he loved to watch her riding his polo ponies, exerting her will over the strong and headstrong animals. This was the true spirit of his slut and slave; one who knew her own power, and the pleasure of surrendering it to him and him alone. As she drove he placed a hand on her thigh beneath the short hem of her skirt.

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