I’ve had mixed experiences at Steamworks in Berkeley. It all depends on the crowd. But even the “off nights” still provided an unexpected adventure of some sort. This was one of those nights.

My routine when I got there was: get settled in my room, go lift in the gym area, shower, Jacuzzi, then walk around and see what caught my eye.

I got settled in my room, undressed, grabbed my towel, and headed to the gym area. I wrapped my towel tight around my waist, leaving little to the imagination as my soft cock was outlined by the thin cotton material.

In the gym area, I started with bicep curls and quickly got my veins to pop. Once I was satisfied, I moved to the bench press. While stacking the weights, I saw in the mirror a guy standing in the shadows on the edge of the gym watching me intently. I pretended not to notice him as I stretched in the mirror and flexed to get the blood flowing to my muscles. I sat on the end of the bench, letting my cock and balls hang over the edge. The guy approached me and asked if I needed a spot on the bench. The guy watching started walking towards me and I finally got a good look at him; 6′, swimmer’s build, tanned, black jockstrap.

I nodded a “sup?” at him and tugged unconsciously at my cock.

“Hey. Was gonna see if you needed a spot, but you’re pushing more weight there than I think I can help with,” he said with a smile.

“This?” I laughed. “This is just for a pump. I’m good, but thanks.”

He knelt between my legs and asked if there was anything he could do to help. I smiled back at him, placed my hand on the back of his head, and guided his mouth to my cock. As he sucked my dick, I leaned back and began my set. He didn’t take his mouth off of it until I had completed three sets. My chest was pumped and so was my cock.

“I think I’m done here,” I said to him.

He looked back and I saw another guy standing in the doorway give him a thumbs up.

“Wanna go back to our room and fuck me?” he asked.

“What’s the deal with you two? Boyfriend? Three-way?”

“Boyfriend, yes. Three-way, no,” he laughed. “My boyfriend is a nice guy, but, well, I like big dicks and he’s kinda a shitty fuck. He likes getting cucked and just watching other guys fuck me. You down?”

I thought about it for a moment before asking him to show me his ass. He stood up and turned around to show me his perky round ass.

“I’m down,” I said. “Lead the way.”

He grabbed my cock and led me by my “leash” to their room.

Inside, I got a good view of the boyfriend. He was short, pasty white, and had a weird skinny-fat body. His dick was slightly longer than his pubes. I could tell why the hot one wanted me over him. The hot one dropped to his knees and began sucking my dick as he rubbed his hole with lubed fingers.

“You cool with this?” I asked the cuck.

“Yes, Sir,” he replied as his eyes scanned every inch of our bodies.

“Cuz if you’re not, I can just take your boyfriend back to my room and give him what he needs,” I taunted, running my hand up and down my abs as they flexed from me pumping my cock into the boyfriend’s mouth.”

“No, Sir. Please let me watch.”

“You ready?” I asked the hot one.

“Fuck yeah!” he said, jumping on the bed on his stomach and spreading his legs wide for me. The cuck handed a bottle of poppers to the boyfriend and lube to me.

“That’s not how this works,” I told him. “If you’re going to watch, you’re going to be useful. Prep my cock.”

The cuck took a condom from the table and was about to open the package.

“What size is that?” I asked.

“It’s just a regular condom,” he said apologetically.

I looked at him, looked at my cock, looked back at him. “Does this look ‘regular’ to you?” I asked.

“No, Sir. Give me a minute,” the cuck said and ran out of the room.

“You know you can fuck me raw if you want,” the boyfriend said.

“Yeah, but I have something better in mind. You’ll see.”

“Can I at least taste it?” he asked hungrily. I just smiled back.

Thirty seconds later, the cuck came back with an XL he had gotten from either the front desk or vending machine. He poured some lube in one hand and I guided him to my cock. As he gripped my cock, unrolling the condom down, I pumped into his hand to get it slick evenly.

“That really is a big fucking cock!” he said, eyes wide.

“Nah, it’s just a normal cock like any real man would have between his legs,” I said, feigning modesty and knowing the effect it was having on his cuck-mindset. The boyfriend coughed, as if to remind us that he was ready.

“Now back the fuck up,” I said to the cuck. “I’m about to destroy your boyfriend’s hole.” I lined the head of my cock with the boyfriend’s ass and slid in less than halfway.

“How deep does that cuck usually get?” I asked the boyfriend.

“About right there when he’s balls deep,” he moaned through strained breath, “but you’re twice as thick. Give me a minute to adjust.” I pumped my hips a little to help him relax to my girth as he took a couple hits of poppers. When güvenilir bahis the rush began to hit him, I felt his ass relax as it was ready to take more.

“Not even halfway and I’ve already got him moaning,” I said to the cuck. “I’m as deep as you get. He ever moan like this for you?”

“No, Sir,” the cuck replied.

“Let’s see what happens when I go in another inch,” I said, staring at the cuck as the boyfriend moaned. “And now another inch. And another inch. I’m still not in all the way. You want the rest, boy?”

“Give it to me!” the boyfriend begged. I slammed in the last two inches. The boyfriend sat up on his knees and tried to pull away instinctively, but I caught his neck in one hand and his hips in the other. He wasn’t going anywhere. He gulped several times as his ass clenched and adjusted to my cock. The walls of the room had conveniently placed mirrors all around, and as I leaned over the boyfriend, I could see the pleasure in his face.

“Let’s give him a good show,” I whispered in his ear.

“Don’t be gentle,” he asked.

“I won’t be.” I could see him smile as his ass began to ride my cock. I stood back up and began to plow his ass. Mirrors make me feel like Patrick Bateman in that scene from “American Psycho”. Fucking to fuck and narcissistically being turned on by watching myself. The cuck watched in wide-eyed silence as he sat in witness to a real man sexually owning his boyfriend in a way he never had, could, or ever would be able to. I spun the boyfriend on his back without having to slide out. The cuck continued to watch while providing poppers for us. After ten minutes in this position, I could feel myself getting close when I felt the boyfriend’s ass clench around my cock as he came into his jockstrap. That was enough to push me over the edge and I unloaded.

I leaned down to kiss the boyfriend and said to him, “Now watch this.”

“He always cum hands-free like that?” I asked the cuck as I pulled out and took off the condom.

“Sometimes, Sir, but never with me. Only with big dicks.”

“Open your mouth, cuck.” He opened and I placed the base of the condom in his mouth. He wrapped his lips around it as I lifted the condom up, letting my cum drain down.

“Do not swallow, understand?” I asked the cuck. He nodded. When the condom was empty, I took it out of the cuck’s mouth.

“Now kiss your boyfriend. He worked for that load, you didn’t.” The cuck leaned over, nearly lips to lips, and let my cum drip into his boyfriend’s eager mouth. To anyone watching, it would have looked like a passionate kiss, but all three of us knew the real reason: the boyfriend wanted all of my load in his mouth.

Once the energy in the room returned to normal, the cuck went to his bag in the corner and pulled out a glass pipe. If I had known they were tweakers sooner, things would have ended sooner. As fun as the fuck had been, that was my sign that it was time to go.

“Sure you don’t want to stay and party with us?” the boyfriend asked.

“I’m good. Thanks for the warm-up,” I said, and headed to the showers.

After fucking the tweaker while his cuck watched, I needed a shower to wash off the sweat and sex. I rinsed off in the open showers before getting cruised by a hot muscle stud who I followed into the adjacent steam room. He was sitting on the top bench at one corner so I sat in the opposite corner. Power move 101: make them come to you, which he did towards me.

We started making out for a bit before he put his hand on the back of my head and pushed down for me to suck his dick.

“Whoa! I don’t suck dick,” I said as I pulled away.

“Well shit. This is awkward. I don’t either,” he replied.

And out of the thick fog came a voice, “I do!”

A slight Asian male, probably mid 20s, approached us. He leaned forward and took my new buddy’s cock in his mouth before either of us had time to refuse. We gave each other a “fuck it” shrug and started making out again. The cocksucker alternated between our cocks until we were both hard. Unfortunately, once I was fully hard, he had a serious problem not using his teeth on my cock. He seemed to do a much better job on my buddy though, considering his cock was much thinner than mine. After a while, I could sense that they were having a connection, so I left them to have fun with each other in the steam room.

“Hit me up later if you wanna tag team,” my buddy said as I left.

“Will do. I’ll be around.” I gave him my room number and showered off again.

I dried off and walked naked to grab a fresh towel. The cool air in the building felt good on my body after the steam and hot shower. I felt the looks from other guys as they watched my cock swing and my ass bounce; it felt good. I hung up my fresh towel next to the jacuzzi and got in. Two guys were already in it, making out and groping each other as I relaxed and enjoyed their show. I watched them for a few minutes until something caught my eye.

A college aged guy was walking with purpose down the hallway towards the jacuzzi. He had the face of a twink but güvenilir bahis siteleri his body packed a surprising amount of muscle for his frame. He was the epitome of a twunk. He kept looking behind him and at first, I was confused about what he was looking for. Then I saw and knew exactly what was happening.

I do not mean to body shame. I do not mean to sound ageist. I believe everyone is attractive to someone. When I refer to someone as ugly, I am not referring to their physical appearance. I am referring to the way they act. So with that clarified…

Stomping from behind the twunk was an ugly rotund older man. He was eagerly following the twunk with what could only be described as a poor sense of “reading the audience”. The twunk was trying to distance himself from him but the old man was not picking up on the contextual clues. The twunk headed to the back where the maze of glory holes was located and I knew with one wrong turn, he would be in trouble. The old man continued to pursue him as I stepped out of the jacuzzi, dried off, and wrapped my towel around my waist. As I stepped into the darkness of the maze and gave my eyes a few seconds to adjust, I could hear voices from around the corner in the far end. As I got closer, I could tell the old man had cornered the twunk and was trying to coerce him into something. I followed the voices and found the twunk backed up against the wall so hard, he was practically leaving an imprint.

“Hey,” I called out in a casual tone. The twunk and the old man turned to me. “Sup, dude?”

“Mark? That you?” the twunk asked, peering around from where the old man was blocking his exit.

“Uh…,” I thought for a minute. “Uh, yeah. It’s me…Mark. Thought I lost you there. Our room’s ready.” The twunk dipped under the old man’s arm and hurried towards me.

He gave me a big hug and whispered, “Just play along.”

“Duh,” I replied.

“I thought you said you came here on your own?” the old man asked, irritated.

“Uh, yeah, came here alone, but was meeting up with friends,” the twunk called back to him. “Go go go!” he whispered to me.

“Eager guy in the steam room though if you’re looking for fun,” I called back to the old man as we headed to my room.

“Thanks for the rescue,” the twunk said to me once we were out of earshot of the old man. “I hate being rude but it gets me into those kinds of problems way more than it should. That’s what I get for being so passive sometimes.”

“Not a problem. You can hang out in my room as long as you want. I’m not expecting anything, so no pressure.”

“Thanks. I appreciate it.”

When we got to my room, the twunk sat on the bed and I sat beside him.

“You know my name isn’t Mark though, right?” I said to him.

The twunk laughed. “I know. First name that came to mind.”

“Oh really? Then who’s the real Mark?” I asked with a raised eyebrow.

“You’ll laugh if I tell you. By the way, I’m Lane.”

“Nice to meet you, Lane. Now don’t change the subject. Who’s this ‘Mark’ guy?” I challenged him.

Lane sighed. “He’s this guy in my poli-sci class I have a major crush on. He’s about the same height and build as you. That’s why when I saw your outline in the maze, his name was the first one that came to mind.”

“Well, that and the fact that you have a major crush on him,” I teased.

Lane laughed. “Yeah, but he’s young. He’s my age.”

“Rude,” I said, feigning hurt. “I’m 29, kid.”

“No! Didn’t mean it like that. Just meant that he’s youngER.”

“It’s fine. I’m just giving you a hard time.”

“That’s like something he’d do too,” he said with a smile. “So what is your name?”

“It can be Mark for tonight if you want,” I joked.

Lane swallowed and licked his lips.

“Oh really?” I asked him inquisitively.

“What? No. I mean…that’s kinda a weird thing for me to ask you, isn’t it?”

“I’ve heard weirder,” I said and ruffled his shaggy brown hair. It was shaved tight on the sides and long enough on top to be pulled back in a short pony-tale/man-bun. Lane closed his eyes and enjoyed the attention. I looked down and saw his dick starting to get hard under his towel.

“Well, before I came to your rescue,” I said jokingly, “I was enjoying the jacuzzi. You want to hang here or join me?”

“Jacuzzi sounds good. I need to chill after all that.”

We headed to the jacuzzi which was now empty. I hung up my towel and stepped into the water. I sat in the middle of one of the sides of the square-shaped pool and spread my legs and arms wide to the sides. Lane stood there looking slightly nervous.

“You gonna get in? Water’s warm,” I coaxed him. Lane unwrapped his towel and hung it up, giving me a view of his perfect ass. When he turned around, I noticed that his smooth body had the tight muscle tone of all young muscle studs his age. His cock was average with average size balls that all together looked proportionate to his frame. He walked into the center of the pool and dipped down until his whole body was under the water. When he emerged, he pulled iddaa siteleri his hair back and tied it with a hair tie he had on his wrist. The water dripped down his well formed chest, tracing his abs down to his Adonis belt, and drawing the eye to his tightly trimmed pubes. I could see why the old man was so eager to get a taste. Lane sat on the side of the jacuzzi perpendicular to me as we talked. I learned that he was a 19 year old sophomore at Berkeley. Because of his interest in health, he was studying to be a physiotherapist. He and the real-Mark lived in the same dorm on campus and had had a couple 101 classes together as freshmen. They became friends and Lane would often help Mark with their assignments…and his laundry…and sometimes cleaning. My “faggot-detecting senses” were tingling. Lane was taking the poli-sci class to partially fulfill a general education requirement, but mostly because Mark was in it and Lane wanted to spend more time with him. Lust at first sight. Unfortunately for Lane, since Mark was straight, nothing had ever happened between them, other than Lane sneaking a few glances at Mark in the locker room after they worked out. Supposedly Mark knew that Lane was gay but didn’t have any problems with it.

“So what brought you here tonight then?” I asked Lane.

“I dunno. Just needed to get out, change of scenery, and…you know…”


He laughed. “Yeah. Horniness.”

“So how’s that working out for you then?” I asked sarcastically.

“Started out kinda rough, but it’s not so bad right now,” he smiled back. His foot accidentally brushed against my leg and he jerked it back.

“Not into human contact?” I asked, testing his comfort levels.

“No, I like it. Just didn’t want to invade your space.”

“Depends on the guy. As for you? You can invade my space if you want,” I said, rubbing my foot under his leg from his Achilles heel to the back of his knee and back down. He closed his eyes and leaned his head back with the same look of comfort he had given me in the room. When I stopped, he opened his eyes and looked at me questioningly.

“So you wouldn’t mind if I sat closer?” he asked with hesitation. I smiled at him and motioned for him to come over as I scooted down. When he stood up, I could see that he was hard. He sat down inches from me.

“Someone’s excited,” I said, nodding to his dick.

“Yeah, sorry. All this talk about Mark, and your bodies are so similar and all that stuff kinda got me going,” he apologized.

“No need to apologize. We’re men; it happens. Honestly, I’d be offended a little if I didn’t get you hard,” I teased. “So if Mark was here with you, what would you want? What would you say to him?”

“Honestly, I’d want to touch him. I know how that might sound…”

“Dude, no judgments here. So where would you want to touch him?”

“Everywhere!” Lane said with an embarrassed chuckle. I put my hand under the water, took hold of his wrist, and guided him to my cock.

“Wow!” he said, squeezing my semi-hard dick. “You’ve got a nice cock. It’s big.”

“Second time I’ve heard that tonight,” I laughed. “You’ve got a great body. How often do you work out?”

We talked for a bit about workout routines and nutrition as he continued to play with my cock under the water. After a while, I stood up to expose myself to the cool air a little. I stood in front of him and stretched both arms up, the lights from the jacuzzi under-lighting my muscles and causing Lane to lose his concentration. I grabbed my cock and squeezed precum onto my fingers so I could taste it.

“Mmm. Tangy,” I remarked. “You want to try some?” Lane could not speak, but nodded eagerly as he watched me squeeze more onto my fingers and bring them to his mouth. He eagerly savored the flavor as he sucked my fingers clean.

“If I was Mark, what would you want to do?” I asked.

“Suck his dick.”

“Then what’s holding you back,” I asked as I put my hand on the back of his head. I didn’t have to guide him as he leaned forward on his own and took my cock into his mouth. His eyes closed as he focused on just the head and an inch of the shaft as he moaned from the flavor of my freely flowing precum. I looked around and saw that an audience had begun to gather to watch one muscle stud suck another muscle stud. Among the audience was the old man who was rubbing his nubby dick. I wasn’t the only one who noticed as Lane had opened his eyes and was becoming visibly uncomfortable. I pulled him up to stand and kissed him on the mouth, tasting my precum and his saliva.

“You don’t have to do anything that makes you uncomfortable, okay?” I said to him.

Lane nodded.

“You want to head to somewhere more private?”

Land nodded again.

“Okay, show’s over,” I said, waving to the crowd of now disappointed onlookers as we stepped out of the jacuzzi.

We grabbed our towels and headed to the showers. A couple guys followed us, as if to see us resume the show. All but one of the stragglers left when they realized that nothing was going to happen. We rinsed ourselves off and I led Lane to the steam room where we would be able to relax with more privacy. I opened the door and Lane stepped in. The remaining voyeur tried to follow me in but I told him that he needed to leave us alone.

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