Subject: Stan and Unky Matt – Part 9 This story is based on fantasy and doesn’t mean anything about the inclinations of its author or reader. Please donate to if you can and happy reading! Stan and Unky Matt – Part 9 Stan laid down on Harry’s bed and looked up at me expectantly as I climbed on top of him. Harry sat down in a chair positioned to see the bed and pulled a naked, handcuffed Reece onto his lap. I kissed Stan on the lips and he opened his mouth, letting my tongue in. I explored for a while then kissed and licked down his neck and chest, giving his preteen hard on a little kiss on my way down. I scooted back a bit and lifted his legs, my nose and mouth close to his hole. He smelt musky and sweet and boyish and I greedily stuck my tongue in. He relaxed a little, allowing me access and moaned in pleasure as I started to eat him out. Over the room, I could hear giggles and moans from Reece as Harry molested him. I withdrew my tongue and grabbed Harry’s tube of lube, squirting some onto my finger and entering Stan to lube up his hole. He hadn’t lost any of his tightness from our first fuck, but he was less afraid and more relaxed, so I soon had two lubricated fingers inside him and I played with his hole and chute for a bit as he writhed in pleasure beneath me. I took a moment to drink in the sight. Not so long ago, just sniffing his socks and imagining his bare feet had been the height of eroticism. Now I could see his bare, sweaty soles right in front of my as I fingered his hole. I took a sniff and a lick of his left sole just because I could, then let my eyes drink in the rest of him. His cute face looking at me in total lust – that button nose and smile so child like still. His bare chest and tummy, so flat and smooth and tight, and his slender legs, just a light dusting of blonde hairs on them, raised up to allow me access. I removed my fingers and pressed my cock at his entrance. “Fuck yeah pedo Matt,” Harry moaned, “get him fucked good!” He turned to Reece, “This is what I’m going to do to you tonight, except you’ll be all tied up bent double!” Reece moaned. He really was a sub. I pushed forward and Stan’s hole opened to allow me in. His eyes widened in shock and pain and he winced a little. There’s really nothing in the world more erotic that watching a boy’s face as you enter him. His tight chute felt warm and welcoming against my shaft as I pushed deeper. çankaya escort “Oh yes Unky Matt,” he moaned as I bottomed out and brushed his button, “fuck yes! Fuck me Unky Matt. Fuck me hard!” I happily complied. Fast and hard I smashed in and out of him, then I started to change my rhythm so I stayed all the way inside him but used his insides to walk myself, my cock head never leaving his button as I made shallow, passionate thrusts. I took his foot in my mouth and licked and sucked as I nailed him and he was whimpering, moaning and panting, his prepubescent boy cock rigid hard the whole time. Eventually the stimulation became too much and I fired my spunk inside him. His spasmed at the same time as he was racked with his tingles. I pulled out, and Harry nodded an unspoken instructions to Reece. Without a word, Reece got off Harry’s lap and started to clean my cock with his mouth, licking off the residue of cum and butt slime. When I was clean, he turned his attention to Stan’s gaping, leaky hole, tonguing and sucking my load out of his friend and swallowing every drop. “Good lad, Reece,” Harry said, “now get over here and use your slutty throat to sort me out!” Stan sat next to me on the edge of the bed and we watched on, impressed, as Reece swallowed his cousin’s entire cock. His hands were still cuffed in front of him, so he was defenceless as Harry grabbed the back of his head and fucked his throat mercilessly. It was clear that some of the four years Harry and Reece had been playing had indeed been spent on deep throat training, because Reece was an expert. Both Stan and I were getting hard again watching the show. For ten minutes, Harry fucked his young cousin’s throat, before moaning in obvious orgasm, although he didn’t pull out and fired his spunk straight into Reece’s throat. He then pulled a little way out, half of his cock still in Reece’s mouth, and we could see Reece gulping and swallowing. “He’s drinking his piss,” Stan breathed, “wowww! Hot!” Harry finished his piss and withdrew his cock from Reece’s mouth. “Stan,” he said, “I understand you’re a dominant little boy. Why don’t you put on a show for me and Unky Matt?” He uncuffed Reece and ordered him to lay face up on the bead, spreadeagling him and securing his wrists and ankles to all 4 corners of the bed. Bollock naked, hard as a rock, Reece lay there defenceless. Harry çankırı escort signalled to Stan: “all yours!” Harry and I pulled two easy chairs together and watched as Stan climbed onto the bed on top of Reece. He sat with his bum between Reece’s legs and pushed his beautiful, sweaty boy feet into Reece’s face. “Lick them!” He ordered. And Reece did. He got his tongue in between Stan’s perfect cute toes, then licked from toe to heel as Stan slowly moved his feet around, giving Reece access to all of them. After this, Stan scooted and knelt gently on Reece’s chest, his dick resting by Reece’s chin, just painfully out of reach of the horny slave boy’s mouth. Stan grabbed the tube of lube and squirted some into his hand, then he reached back and started to fondle Reece’s hard 4 inches. Reece moaned and wriggled at the touch, but he was tied firm and couldn’t escape. Stan started to wank him slowly, pulling his foreskin back and rubbing lube into his sensitive head. Stan used his fingers to stimulate every part of Reece’s boy cock, wanking faster and faster until Reece began to tense. Then he stopped. Desperate, Reece cried out and tried to fuck thin air in front of him. But he couldn’t. His almost orgasm calmed and he lay there sweating. Stan resumed. Again, long and slow strokes to start with, Reece’s cock twitching and responding to every touch, the pleasure building back up. Stan knelt over Reece so that Reece could see all of his friend’s naked body and probably almost taste his cock, which was still resting stiffly on Reece’s chin. Again Reece could feel the pressure build and he started to moan and shake, ready for, desperate for, his orgasm. Stan stopped again. “Nooooooooooo,” Reece called out, desperate. Stan laughed and hopped off the bed, looking at Reece and grinning as the bigger boy again tried to find something to fuck. Stan stood on the bed over Reece and started to rub his bare right foot over Reece’s cock. Reece moaned as Stan used his toes to tease his shaft and then gently but firmly press down on his cock and balls. Then he knelt down and started to suck Reece, using everything he had learned this past week or so, alternating between licking the head, tickling where the foreskin joined the head with his tongue, which from Reece’s squeals and moans he seemed to find as erotic as I do, and then sucking Reece’s whole shaft and using his lips to çayyolu escort masturbate his friend. Again, Reece started to tense up, ready to blow and again Stan stopped, withdrawing all attention from Reece’s cock. I felt sorry for the lad, as Stan effortlessly established his dominance just as he had over me – yes, I may have fucked him twice, but I was his pedo obeying his whims. Stan was that rare thing indeed – a dominant bottom. As if to confirm my musing, Stan did next what none of us were expecting. He looked at Reece panting, harder than I think he’d ever been before. “Awwww,” he said in his sarcastic baby voice, “does poor little Reece want his tingles?” Reece nodded and moaned. “Beg me,” Stan said, physically so much smaller and less developed than Reece but clearly in total control. “Please Stan…” he began. “Please MASTER!” Stan interrupted. “Please Master,” Reece corrected, “please give me my tingles!” Stan giggled. “Ok!” And then he got himself into position, facing Reece, and sat himself down on Reece’s hard cock, his hole still loose from my fuck earlier. He really was a dominant bottom. Stan started to grind on the tightly bound Reece, in total control as he fucked himself on Reece’s boy cock. Reece was only 4 inches of course, but in this position and with the help of gravity I was sure Reece was hitting Stan’s button. Stan bounced up and down like a boy possessed and both boys moaned and groaned in ecstasy. Reece tensed again and time Stan didn’t stop, impaling himself over and over as Reece began to cum, his spunk firing into Stan, who had another dry orgasm as he felt Reece unload inside him. I was amazed how quickly he could cum again. Oh to be a boy. Stan climbed off Reece, both of them calming down and addressed Harry. “Well Harry, since your slave cleaned up when Unky Matt fucked me, maybe MY slave should clean up now?” Harry laughed and agreed. I got up wrapped my mouth around Reece’s softening dick, licking it clean. Then I sucked and licked Reece’s load out of Stan’s arse. The taste was amazing – mostly cum but also the musk of a boy’s arse. “Right,” Harry said, “I guess it’s time we ate something after all that fun!” He untied Reece, but then cuffed his hands back together straight away. We all found our underwear and pulled it back on and Harry opened his phone to order some food. “Maybe over dinner, Reece can tell you about his first ever fuck…” And that’s it for now – keep the emails coming and feel free to add suggestions. Thanks in particular to one reader whose account of hot tie up games inspired Stan’s torture of Reece and will inspire much more later on. ail Please donate to if you can!

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