Stacy Lancaster: Stacy’s First Swing pt3.0

Big Tits

Helen turned out to be a slim woman of below average height with the thin features that could easily look severe but were likely to age well. And they had. Having left forty behind by several years, her deeply tanned features were a bit careworn. But her high, elegant eyebrows and strong cheekbones still lent an air of allure. Her hair was short, much like Stacy’s, and pitch black. She was wearing no makeup and her lips were thin, displaying what appeared to be a forced smile.Everyone was awkwardly silent for several seconds. Helen was wearing a college sweatshirt and jeans. They made her seem shapeless and sexless. Frank got to his feet and strode to his wife. “Everything okay, honey?” Stacy noticed a real note of concern in his voice. It puzzled her for a moment.Helen waved away his concern but couldn’t hide a grimace that crossed her face. “Yeah. I mean no. I mean… I don’t want to talk about it.”Stacy sat naked on the woman’s living room floor, trying to understand what was happening. Frank had said Helen was called away to surgery that would last long into the night… possibly into the morning. But it wasn’t much past ten yet…Helen ran a hand through her hair. “You must be Stacy.” Stacy nodded, wondering if the night had just ended. “I got to watch the finale.” She gestured toward Betty. “I hope that bitch hasn’t hogged all the action.” Betty responded with a, “Hey!”Stacy shook her head, studying the other woman. “No. Actually, she’s eaten me to two climaxes and I’ve fucked both the guys.” The matter-of-fact disclosure made her feel very odd… but also set off a little twitch in her pussy.Helen seemed at a loss. So was everyone else. “Well, good. Is there anything left for me?”Betty rose, smiling. “Well, you know Jared. He’ll be fine in a few minutes. And I don’t think Frank is quite ready to call it quits yet either.”Betty stooped down over the toy chest. “In the meantime, I think we can probably find something to keep you busy.”Helen’s response wasn’t sensual or even very happy but there was a kind of determination to it. “Right.” She pulled the sweatshirt off over her head. There was no bra underneath.Stacy watched in silence, letting the two older women sort things out. As Helen sat to remove her pants, she surveyed her body. Helen was thin indeed. Almost ropey. Her breasts were small, not even close to a handful. They did slope downward a bit but did not dangle. Their nipples were dark and prominent. The deep tan was uniform across her body, much like her husband’s. Stacy wondered about that. Her stomach was flat with a hint of musculature.She had stripped down to a comfortable pair of panties and now stood again. She looked down at Stacy in appraisal. She held out her hand to the younger woman. “Let’s take a look at you.” She helped Stacy stand up. Her hands were dry and a little rough, her fingers delicate and strong at the same time.Stacy had felt small and girlish around Betty. As she stood in front of Helen, she felt like a cow. Helen was two or three inches shorter and so lean. Stacy had a lot more up top but she also had more across the middle and backside. Where Stacy was soft and rounded and to be honest, carried a few extra pounds, Helen was flat and hard and almost square.Helen pulled Stacy closer. “I love your tits. They’re so perfect.” She softly caressed shoulder and hip and then allowed her hands drift to the young woman’s breasts. Stacy’s responsive nipples had deflated a bit but as the surgeon’s fingers traced the delicate contours of her flesh, goosebumps shimmered across her body and her areolas rose in heated response. Hesitantly, Stacy allowed her own hands to explore the Pollard woman’s body.It was almost as hard as it looked. Despite the tenderness of her caresses, the woman was still tense from the rigors of the day. As Stacy gently clasped on of Helen’s nipples, pinching the rubbery prominence, Helen did the same, tweaking and rubbing Stacy’s pink nubbin.Stacy had been nervously looking everywhere but Helen’s face. But as her body began to respond, her eyes were drawn to the other woman’s. They locked. Stacy wasn’t sure what it was she saw there but the older woman’s stern features did seem to soften a bit. Helen parted her lips in invitation and Stacy accepted the offer, touching lips to mouth and softly extending her pink tongue.They exchanged a series of brief, gentle kisses, Stacy slowly losing her hesitance. It wasn’t like kissing her husband almanbahis şikayet or any other man she had ever embraced but in truth, it wasn’t that different either. And it served to stoke her fires very well indeed.The women’s embrace intensified. Stacy clung to Helen’s buttocks, feeling hard and flat muscle beneath the cotton of her panties. Helen’s hands passed quickly over Stacy’s softer posterior and located her gooey snatch. Stacy sighed into the other woman’s mouth as a couple fingers squirmed their way into her eager hole.It was Helen who finally broke the clinch. Stacy thought that some of the tension had left the other woman’s body and Helen smiled up at her. The smile turned into a grin and she brought her hand to her mouth and licked Stacy’s juice from her fingers.Stacy bent forward again, trapping the fingers between their two mouths and tasted herself as she again kissed Helen. When they had drunk all the juices the fingers had to give, Helen withdrew her hand and fastened it to the back of Stacy’s head, pulling the girl still closer and locking their lips together.A minute later, they had to come up for air. They were both breathing heavily and looked a little dazed. They noticed Betty standing right next to them, looking down at them both. “You might want to lie down before you fall over and break something.”Exchanging a glance and a smile, they did as Betty suggested. Stacy lowered herself to the floor pausing along the way to draw the other woman’s panties down her tanned legs. Stacy had wondered whether the swingers would have shaved beavers. She had been a little surprised when Betty turned out to have a thick pelt of hair that looked less groomed than Stacy’s own downy mound.Helen’s slit was as bare as the day she was born and as tanned as the rest of her body. The outer lips of her sex were long and prominent. At the tip of each, a finger-sized ring pierced the lip and glittered silver.Stacy lay on her back and Helen stretched herself out along the younger woman’s body. Her hand roamed the pale woman’s curves and massaged her firm breasts. Helen’s deeply tanned skin contrasted with the pink and porcelain of Stacy’s nubile body. Helen’s body pressed close to Stacy’s, nestling herself into her soft chest. Their lips consumed one another again.Stacy’s legs had splayed themselves out wide and Helen’s straddled them even wider. In this enticing cove, Betty settled down to business. Clasping Helen’s hard, bronzed ass cheeks, she buried her face in her friend’s bare pussy. As she parted Helen’s prominent outer lips, she was greeted by a hint of moisture. The brief make-out session with Stacy had gotten the old swinger’s engine at least up to a gentle idle. Betty set to work revving that engine towards the red-line.Stacy’s wandering hands had locked themselves onto Helen’s ass along with Betty’s. As Betty began licking and probing Helen’s nether regions, Helen groaned and gently bit Stacy’s bottom lip. Stacy dug her fingers into the older woman’s ass. She ground her pelt of soft cunt hair into the other woman’s groin, seeking to make contact with her clit.Betty could feel the young slut squirming beneath Helen. She reached down into the cleft of their bodies and fondled Stacy’s sopping mound. Stacy shuddered and groaned and lifted her legs in an unconscious act of desire. Betty slid three fingers into her hole as deeply as they would go and expertly massaged her inner chamber.Stacy and Helen had broken their kiss and now had their heads pressed together cheek to cheek, breathing heavily and making small sounds of pleasure. One of Helen’s hands slid down between their bodies to that cleft of pleasure and found Stacy’s little clit. She palmed her mound and let the little nubbin slide and role between two of her extended fingers. Stacy jumped and shuddered. As Stacy held tightly onto the surgeon’s body, Helen’s other hand joined its sister, mirroring its movements on her own prominent pearl.With Betty working from between their legs, Helen assaulting their clits and Stacy heaving and squirming beneath it all, the pile of feminine lust spiraled towards climax. From time to time deep, probing kisses were exchanged. Betty moved from one snatch to the other, using both hands on whatever target tempted her the most. Helen’s juices had started to flow in earnest and Stacy’s cunt was like soup. In her excitement, Stacy was clenching and expanding the muscles of her cunt, presenting almanbahis canlı casino a winking and yawning target for Betty. Helen clamped down hard on two of Betty’s fingers, locking her in place and grinding herself on the hands working her sex.Stacy hit the wall first and burst through into orgasm. Her arms hit the floor at her sides and her fists pounded the carpet. Her legs were rigid and shaking. She gritted her teeth and groaned as she rode out the climax. Before the tension began to leave her body, Helen followed her into the chasm of release.Helen rose to hands and knees, thrusting her ass at Betty. “Oh fuck YES!” Betty had three fingers in her quim and as Helen rose, Betty was able to press her face forward and latch onto her clit with suckling lips. Helen was stiff and still as her climax filled her nerves with icy fire. Just as she was reaching her peak, something drew Betty away. Helen gasped in anguish as her fellow slut abandoned her. But then she felt a firm set of hands grip her hips. Before she knew what was happening, a hard, hot shaft surged into her wildly climaxing cunt.Jared buried his hard shaft into Helen to the balls and held it there as her cunt was shaken by thunder and chaos.Stacy had a front row seat, watching her face as the surgeon panted and groaned and clenched her teeth and every other part of her body. She was also able to see the familiar legs of her husband and his tightly packed scrotum that for the moment seemed to be welded to Helen’s pussy.As Helen began to relax just a bit and was experiencing the satisfying decent from climax, Jared stroked outwards and then firmly impaled Helen again. He set up a slow but firm rhythm and began fucking the experienced slut with a purpose.Helen stared down into Stacy’s eyes. “How does it feel to know your husband is fucking another woman?” she panted.Stacy just smiled in return. “I’ll let you know after I get a better look.” Helen was still on her hands and knees which allowed Stacy to twist around under her, trading heads for tails. She slid her head under the two pairs of spread legs and looked up at what her husband was doing to the other woman.Jared’s pale shaft was arrow straight and rock hard and was sliding effortlessly into Helen’s wet slit. Her outer lips were open wide and inviting, the rings piercing each flap highlighting their shaking movement. The inner lips were spread wide by Jared’s cock, revealing a pink V pointing to Helen’s clit. Though not as large as Betty’s, the little bundle of nerves was visible as a glistening pink sparkle peering out from under its bronze hood.Stacy’s switch had presented her own matted beaver to Helen’s examination. Stacy’s outer lips were modest rims, often hidden by her bush but now laid bare by its soggy state. As Stacy unconsciously spread her steepled legs wide, the lips parted slightly to just barely show the groove within. Her clit was all but undetectable, a modest bump in the middle of her inflamed mound.Helen’s mind was in turmoil. Her orgasm had subsided but Jared’s unexpected but welcome assault had driven the slut into a higher gear. Already, a second orgasm was beginning to gather in her deepest recesses. She wanted to sample the young woman’s sex but couldn’t bear to distract herself from the pleasure Jared was feeding her.As Jared relentlessly fucked her hungry gash, Helen was driven lower and lower. Soon the woman’s groin was at nose-length from Stacy’s face while at the same time, Helen was approaching Stacy’s. Stacy probed Helen’s stretched and dripping cunt with the tip of her tongue while her husband plunged in and out with determination and joy.Helen felt the younger woman’s probes and was about to return the favor when Betty slid in between Stacy’s legs. Grinning at Helen, she held something up to her lips in a twisted “shushing” motion. What was in her hand was a long double-headed dildo of pink latex. It was over two feet long though no bigger around than Jared’s own cock.Without warning or discussion, Betty fed the long object into Stacy’s pussy. Stacy responded with an appreciative sigh and spread her legs wider. Helen watched the rubber toy disappear into the young woman. As it did, she forced her groin down onto the other woman’s face, grinding into it as she absorbed each of Jared’s thrusts. Stacy groaned and used her nose and tongue to stimulate Helen’s splayed open sex as well as her husband’s pistoning member.Betty almanbahis casino held on to the toy about eight inches from its head and steadily fucked Stacy with it. Helen had stopped watching however as she was closing in on her second orgasm. Helen was a woman who was not only capable of multiple, rapid-fire orgasm but who relished them. Her eyes were closed and she had begun bearing down on the intruder pounding her inside passage. Jared could tell she was close and was determined to fuck her right through the orgasm and hopefully drive the swinger on to her next.”God, I’m going to cum again. Oh, fuck. God, fuck me.” Helen began to tremble and fought to stifle a screaming moan. She spasmed around Jared and his response was to pound into her harder and faster. “Gahhh!” Helen called out, cumming her ass off.As Helen’s second orgasm rose in intensity and Jared continued to powerfully plumb her depths, Betty shifted her grip on the dildo she was fucking Stacy with. She had been using it as an eight-inch dildo but there was almost a foot and a half left. She was going to see how much she could feed into the insatiable little hole.Helen was still coming hard and grinding herself against Stacy’s face and Stacy was loving every minute of it. The toy in her snatch had been little more than the icing on the cake. But Stacy quickly noticed the change as more of the cool rubber slid into her. She had yet to actually see the intruder in Betty’s hand and was taken by surprise by the added length. She groaned and gripped Helen tightly. Her knees waved in the air as she fought conflicting urges to both protect herself and welcome anything Betty chose to do to her.The dildo slid past the ten-inch mark without noticeable resistance. Betty stroked with that length a few times and Helen opened her eyes. She was dazed but when Betty saw that she was watching, she let the dildo pull completely out of Stacy’s cunt and then slid the entire ten inches back in. Helen moaned at the sight and twitched around Jared’s still-driving cock. Two orgasms in rapid succession were great… it looked like she was going to get number three just as fast.With ten inches buried in Stacy’s hot sheath, Betty fed in a little more. Eleven inches. Twelve inches. Betty was meeting resistance. In fact, at twelve inches, she definitely hit something. Stacy, “umphed,” in response and groaned loudly. “God, what are you doing to me?”Betty slowly withdrew the toy and then slid it back in just as deep before answering. “Whatever I feel like doing to you.”Jared was sweating heavily and puffing like a freight train. He had ridden Helen through her second orgasm and had felt her pussy clasp and shudder, telling him that she was eager for more. He was determined to give it to her. He did slow down a bit and every few strokes he left himself buried in the bronzed woman for a few seconds. From time to time he would twist and stir his hips.He was also catching glimpse of what was being done to his wife. He was fascinated by her pussy’s ability to take so much of the long toy.Betty continued to gently prod Stacy’s deepest regions. The young woman was panting hard and sweating in response to the unusual sensations.By this point, Helen was also sweating profusely. Her second orgasm was now a pleasant memory. She ground her ass back against Jared and urgently squeezed her cunt down on his dick. “Jared, oh fuck, I’ve missed you.” She bent down and planted a kiss on his wife’s clit. “And I think I’m going to like your wife. What are you waiting for, Betty? Fuck the girl.”Stacy had adjusted herself to the unbelievably deep intrusion and was squirming under Betty’s gentle ministrations. She was getting to the point where she could spare some attention for the impaled, flailing pussy hovering above her head but at Helen’s command, Betty stopped being so gentle.With her hand gripping the rubber toy at its midway point, Betty began delivering quick and powerful strokes to Stacy’s creamy cunt. In response, the young woman groaned and panted and squealed, drumming her heels on the floor. With her eyes locked on what the dildo was doing to Jared’s wife, Helen demanded that he fuck her harder and harder. “Give it to me hard Jared. Let’s see if you can make me cum again before your wife shoots off.”Jared watched Betty’s hand fly and attempted to match her pace as he pounded Helen insatiable hole. Her insides pulsed with buttery heat that would turn to velvet-lined steel whenever her powerful cunt convulsed. He couldn’t spare his hands to play with Helen’s hard body or the soft curves of his loving wife. They were death-locked at Helen’s hips, repeatedly drawing their bodies together in powerful collisions.

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