Subject: St. Georges Special Academy Ch. 7 St. George’s Special Academy. Chapter 7 Sheila was on a roll with punishment this day, so she sent for Omega and Tracy. When they arrived she thought it might be fun to go a little further with Tracy than she normally did to see if Omega was totally gay. She took Tracy aside and told her so that she wouldn’t be surprised. “Omega, I want you to undress Tracy. Everything except her panties.” Omega was lulled into a false sense of security now. He really scoped Tracy out when he had finished. Not because he was interested but because he knew it would embarrass her, except that it didn’t, weird. “Now Tracy, undress Omega, except for his panties.” Omega felt affronted, girls wore panties, boys had underwear called either briefs or boxers. “Stand alongside each other facing the mirrored wall.” How the fuck did I miss that before, was Omega’s thought. The reason was that it was normally curtained off. Sheila stood behind them looking at the reflection. “Very interesting. You are both 14 years old, nearly fifteen. Both similar height, but we know that the expectation is that Omega will outstrip Tracy later. Omega has broader shoulders and narrower hips. Tracy has the reverse. Why do you think that is Omega?” He knew this was leading up to something nasty so he didn’t mind his words. “So that there is room inside her to grow another bitch like herself.” “That wasn’t very nice Omega. What would you do with him as a punishment if I gave you a free hand Tracy?” Tracy bit the bullet then. “I would make him fuck me to orgasm to see if I could have his bitch. If he isn’t man enough for that I would like to fuck him with something.” Sheila knew she was walking a very thin line. If she allowed Tracy to fuck Omega with a dildo they could both deny it, and Omega probably wouldn’t tell anyone anyway because of the embarrassment and shame of letting a girl fuck him. “Very well. Remove Omega’s panties and get him an erection.” Try as he might, Omega couldn’t stay flaccid. Tracy used her hand and slicked up fingers to finger fuck him, caressing his prostate. “Lay on the couch now Tracy. Take your panties off and spread your legs.” Sheila now had the excuse to do something she seldom could do. She finger fucked Tracy for a few minutes. “We must get your lubricants flowing my dear girl or his penis will hurt you. Now Omega, enter her vagina with your penis.” Omega looked at the gaping vagina and nearly threw up. He was completely flaccid in seconds. Both Sheila and Tracy were delighted. “On the table Omega.” He went because he was acutely embarrassed not being able to maintain an erection in the face of a vagina. He was secured completely and Sheila allowed Tracy to finger fuck Omega with well lubricated fingers. He was gutted having this nasty girl ploughing his anus with all four fingers for ages. Sheila came into view then with the dildo. Omega realised it was about the same length as Nick, but he was sure it was thicker. It was well lubricated and he listened to the instruction Tracy was given. “I think you should be able to enter him and bury it in his anus in one smooth movement. Go slowly and listen for me to tell you to stop if I think it is necessary.” Omega so wished that he could go soft again like he had when confronted with Tracy’s vagina, but the reverse was the case. The dildo slid in and he sighed with pleasure. It was a little tight, but that made it even more amazing. “That is very good Tracy. Now long slow strokes and see if you can make him orgasm.” That wasn’t going to be a problem despite the humiliation of having Tracy stood alongside him fucking him with a huge dildo. She was also using her spare hand to play with his cock and balls as well. Ocassionally, she would pull the dildo out completely, lay it on the table and then finger him for a few minutes before continuing with the dildo. The humiliation was mind-bending, but he was beginning to space out before having an almighty orgasm. He was exhausted and hardly heard the two women chortling and making derogatory comments. “Well I think that adequately proves that he is a total homo.” Tracy got dressed then wondering how she could have been so lucky. She couldn’t wait to tell her best friend. Then Kember burst her bubble. She took her out of earshot of Omega. “You must never mention this to another soul because if it gets out, both of us will be behind bars.” Tracy was so disappointed, but she knew she would be able to torment Omega with it for the next three year. It was inevitable that Omega would tell all of the others so that they would understand why Tracy was always smirking at him. They, of course were incensed and wanted Omega to go public until he pointed out that it was his word against Tracy and Kember. Half term rolled round with no more trauma. Year 12 had their exams the first week back, but there was a noticeable change of staff. Ms. Gorton was gone. The new head was a man. Kember was gone. The nurse became health inspector. She might not be a lot better than Ashford or Kember, but at least she was young and escort pretty. Jacobs had gone and been replaced by an ex-Royal Marine Physical Training Instructor. He was straight but he brought a new level of humiliation to the boys and to a lesser extent the girls at sport and Phys. Ed. The first gym lesson showed it. “I have asked the headmaster to order in body tubes for the girls and new bottoms. When they arrive no girl in any year will wear a bra to gym or sport. The bottoms are like those worn by female athletes.” The boys thought that was great because they were really like bikini bottoms. The pleasure quotient disappeared when he continued. “Boys will no longer wear athletic shorts or gym vests. Trainers with socks and jockstraps only.” When it was Omega’s class who got the brief, he spoke up. “But that will show our buttocks completely, Sir.” “Yes, it will boy, allowing me to see if any of you are spending too much time sitting down instead of building solid muscles where it is most attractive.” With that, to the surprise of the whole class, he turned his back to them and dropped his shorts. He flexed his gluts showing an amazingly well-muscled butt. “That is what I want to see on all of you before you leave this establishment.” The girls loved that bit as did the gay boys. The other boys were very unhappy. The new man was called Churchill and within a few weeks he thought the four gay boys were his kind of men. They were already quite buff, they worked hard in the gym and they all played some sport enthusiastically even if, like Josh, they weren’t very good. Because he was the natural deputy for health inspector he started sitting in on the inspection. The ex-nurse, now inspector, was Ann Chater. Churchill was John and they were soon on first name terms. The first boy in Omega’s class to be called was Terry. He had been the one almost traumatised by Kember, but when he came back from this one he was smiling and it was the girl that looked downbeat. At the first break the boys all gathered round Terry to hear what changes there were. “It was great. I didn’t mind getting naked because so did Helen and she was very discrete doing it, so I was with her.” The boys all looked across the room at Helen and then turned back again. “Ms Chater made us each take the other’s measurements. I sprung a boner. Well Helen is very sexy. Mr. Churchill smiled, patted my bottom and said, `that looks very healthy boy’, and allowed me to continue. Basically, I did the inspection on Helen and she did it on me. She was ever so funny measuring my willy. They couldn’t get a flaccid measurement so I’ve got to go back after lessons to let Ms. Chater do that. But Helen nearly made me cum getting me hard for the erect one, well I was already hard really. She was ever so nice, and I’m sure I was harder than ever before. She measured me at exactly 5 inches. I was chuffed, that’s � an inch longer than last time. I guess we are all growing down there aren’t we?” The boys all sighed with relief, it looked like this next year could be more pleasant than the last one, except for the bare bums and they still swam naked. The girls only got half away with that. They were allowed to wear their bottoms, but the tubes had to come off. The straight boys loved to see all the tits. The gay boys could care less. Nick and Omega had a farewell fuck just before Nick went home. They exchanged addresses, telephone numbers and email addresses. “Know that I will love you forever, `Mega, and if you ever really need me I will come straight away. When you have your degree I will be on your doorstep asking you to marry me” Omega had never cried so hard in his life. How could he possibly have deserved this wonderful man? End of the school year and Delta and Omega went home with excellent reports again. Joshua came with them for the whole summer this year because his parents had gone abroad on a diplomatic mission and wouldn’t be home for two years. They had come to see George, explain the situation and the boys father had agreed that as Josh was friends with both his sons he would be accommodated for all holidays for the next two years. Joshua was in seventh heaven. He had the most incredible sex with his two heroes almost every day for seven weeks. He learnt to be a good top as well as a very enthusiastic bottom. Omega had continued to plunge ahead of all the others cock wise, and on his fifteenth birthday they had a ceremonial measuring. Joshua carried it out and fell over when he had confirmed it. “Oh my God, `Mega, you have been feeding me with 7 inches. A whole 7 inches. By the time we leave school I’m sure you will be feeding me a foot.” They all laughed, but secretly, Omega was delighted. He was an inch longer than Delta and 1 � longer than Josh. That was a serious advantage in Omega’s mind. Holiday in Spain, another in Italy and besides the cultural side of both holidays the boys all came home with healthy tans making them look even sexier than before. Back to school now and year 10. This was a serious year with GCSEs at the end of it. They still had Mrs. Purvis for History and all of the boys had communicated to Omega who had suggested izmit escort bayan a present and proved to be the leader by natural selection. “We think we should buy Mrs. Purvis a present to say thank you for being the best teacher in the school” They all contributed and Omega asked his mother what they should buy. “Your father always makes me feel extra special when he buys me a new perfume.” Mum selected one she thought appropriate. It was gift wrapped and a card written in beautiful copperplate, `To the best teacher any boys could wish for.’ First lesson with this special lady and they laid the box on her desk, and with the money left over they had bought a bouquet of flowers. Mrs Purvis came in and read the card first. She couldn’t fail to note that it was apparently only from the boys. She opened the box after stripping away the ribbons and paper. The perfume, she knew was very expensive so she was well aware that the boys had used a lot of their pocket money. Looking as stern as possible. She looked up. “Trying to bribe a teacher in an examination year should almost certainly get the culprits at least a thirty day naked punishment.” The boys looked stunned and it took all Mrs. Purvis’s control not to give in to what she wanted to do. “It is quite apparent it was boys so I am going to ask who was responsible.” Of course no one answered. “Joshua Watson. Come to the front. Until I get an answer to my question I will be calling a new boy to the front of the class and asking them to strip naked. You first Joshua.” Omega was on his feet before Josh could move. “I was responsible Ma’am.” “I would have guessed you Omega. Alright sit down again Joshua.” Then she smiled. “I am almost overcome with pleasure boys. I have never been given a present by my students. I shall use this sparingly, and never forget the wonderful students who gave it to me, and the flowers are beautiful. They will remain in this classroom until they die to remind me that this class of year 10 are the best students I have ever taught.” The boys went everywhere that day standing just a little bit straighter and taller, a little bit more bounce in their step and a slightly broader smile. Tracy tried to spoil it by calling them creeps, but nothing could kill their good mood. The story was round the staff room by lunch time with mixed reactions. John Churchill was going to have some fun from it at the same time as he took another step in building the self-confidence of boys that he had, in such a short time come to like and respect, even if 50% of them were gay. Next gym lesson was the time he chose to make his move. “I want one line of girls, with the boys in a line in front of them facing them and ten feet away.” Job done. “Boys, remove your jockstraps. Hold them above your heads.” The boys looked gutted. “Take a really good look at them girls.” After a few minutes during which time the boys had all blushed bright red. “Now turn round and show the girls your pretty bottoms.” While they were in that position John went for a punishment paddle. “Right, turn around again.” “Trying to bribe a teacher in an exam year should be severely punished, don’t you think so girls?” They, of course, all said yes. Looking with glee at the punishment paddle. “On the other hand, showing appreciation of a teacher’s efforts for the previous year’s work deserves reward, don’t you think?” A less than enthusiastic yes was muttered. “Right girls. I want you to take a few minutes to walk round the boys. Have a careful look at them all over, front and back. You can get on your knees to get closer looks at any part of their bodies. Boys, feet well astride, grip your jockstraps behind your heads.” While this was going on, John withdrew a digital camera from his pocket and took pictures of the scene. He made sure that he had a clear one of every boy individually as well as a group. Girls back in line and John spoke to them again. “You are sure you have seen every detail of these boys.” Loads of enthusiastic `yes’s’ followed. “Good, because in all my years in the military and in teaching I have never come across a bunch of boys that I had more respect for. I want you to remember them as you have seen them today because I doubt you will ever set eyes on a better group of males as long as you live. I want to shake all of you by the hand.” John walked along the line, shook all their hands and as he passed each one he patted their cock as well, with a big grin on his face, mirrored by the boys. “Alright boys, jocks back on and, if you continue to perform for me the way you have in this early part of the year you may wear athletic shorts in future for both gym and sport.” The story was round the school like a wild fire and Omega’s class were the subject of many stories for weeks. Omega was even more amazed by this sports master a few weeks later. Josh had been bullied by a year 12 boy and came away from it a bit bruised. John saw it as they passed in the corridor between lessons. “Josh, Omega. My office.” Sat in his chair, John had Josh on his lap cuddling him like a little boy, and stroking him. Omega izmit sınırsız escort was mouth agape. This big ex-marine was treating Josh like a little boy. “We must look after you better mustn’t we. I can’t have my best boy running around being bruised.” He looked up at Omega. “I don’t want any bullshit about not ratting on another student, Omega. Who did this?” Omega felt awful, he couldn’t rat even though he wanted to. He just shook his head. “Josh, are you ok now?” “Yes thank you, Sir.” “Alright, get along to your next lesson. Tell the teacher that I have Omega.” Little boy gone. “I have more respect for you than almost any other boy in this school, so what I am going to start brings me no joy at all. I will stop after each order and you can give me the information I seek, or carry out the order.” Omega nodded his understanding. “Strip, Omega.” Omega did. “Get an erection.” Omega did, and John gulped at the size of it. Pushing his chair back, John said. “Get across my knee for a spanking.” Omega did. John stroked his bottom for a minute and then delivered ten strokes of his bare hand. Omega was crying after that because it hurt so much. “Undress me and get me an erection.” Omega hurt, but what he uncovered made him forget the pain. The cock was still flaccid, but as long as he was with an erection. He tentatively stroked it. “Don’t pussy around boy. Use your hands and mouth and get it hard.” So he did. The result though shocked him. Nick was the yardstick he used to judge man meat. John wasn’t a lot longer, maybe an inch. But Omega guessed at least an inch thicker, maybe even more than that. “Now I want the best blowjob you have ever given.” This was beginning to feel a lot less like punishment, and more like a reward. Just as he thought he was going to get a mouthful of cum, John pushed him away. “I want you on my desk, on your back, legs pulled back as far as you can get them and spread wide open, ready for me to fuck you.” Omega seriously considered giving up the name of the bully. This could be almost unbearable. After consideration he did as John asked. The man used baby oil to open him up taking a long time. It felt wonderful and Omega had a mighty hard on again. “I’ll soon make that shrink unless you tell me what I want to know.” Omega shook his head, and John lubed his cock before presenting it to Omega’s anal entry. He applied gentle pressure until he slipped in. He was amazed that Omega was so relaxed and didn’t appear to be in pain. The spike of pain as he entered the boy’s large intestine was repeated each time he went in but Omega remained as hard as an iron bar. Within a few minutes, Omega had a no touch orgasm. Before John could cum, Omega had another, and then John had his. He had to bite his lips to stop from screaming. He had never fucked a boy before, and never had an orgasm like that either. The realisation that this was the best sex he had ever indulged in shocked him and he withdrew from Omega’s arse and slumped into his chair. He looked at Omega who sat up to look at his master. “I have never had sex with a boy before Omega. I can’t believe how incredible it has been. Come here.” Omega was dripping cum because his arse hadn’t closed up yet. John pulled him onto his lap and then shook Omega rigid. He kissed him on the lips. “You are an incredible boy. I’m sorry I raped you.” Omegas stroked John’s face as he spoke to him. “That wasn’t rape, Sir. That was the most incredible fuck I have ever had. I don’t care if you are gay, straight or anything else, you can do that to me again whenever you like. You are amazing.” John didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. “You are only 15, aren’t you Omega?” “Yes Sir, during the summer holiday. “Then on top of everything else, I’m a paedophile as well as a rapist.” Omega gently kissed John’s lips again. “Yes, you are, Sir. But only you and I know that and I’m never going to tell anyone else. Including my twin who I have never kept a secret from.” John was trying to get his head round the last half an hour. “I think we had better go for a shower.” Omega laughed. “Mmm, I need someone to wash my back and my bum, after I have emptied the remainder of your deposit from it.” John just shook his head. He already admired this boy, but how he was handling this took that admiration to a new level. All cleaned and dressed, Omegas sat opposite John who was at his desk. “Where do we go from here Omega? You now have a very big bargaining tool for anything you want from me.” Omega looked at John for several minutes. “I don’t want you to change how you treat me. If I ever need punishment, you must render it. If you need to say no to me, just say it. You must not treat me any different to any other student in public. If you want to say or do anything to me that is not a public action tell me to come to your office, or anywhere else you choose.” “Supposing I want to fuck you again?” “Just ask me to come and see you. That was incredible, Sir. I would love you to do it again, even though I am mostly a top. The name of the boy you want is Jason Smith. I ought to be going, Sir or I’ll miss another lesson.” “Yes of course. I think you should come back here at the end of last period and let me cream your butt or I think it will bruise.” Omega replied with a, “Yes Sir,” as he bounded out of the office. *************************************

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