Spying on the Next Door Apartment


This is a simple script. I have a friend in a high-rise. I like to visit her because we can spy on neighbors and see so many unexpected treats.

Episode 73. Spying on the Neighborhood Apartment

The scene begins with a young woman in a bikini swimming laps in a pool at her house. It’s a bright, sunny day. She gets out and camera zooms in on her as we watch her climb out of pool and towel off. She stretches in the sun and has a sweet smile. Her face is cheery.

She’s talking to herself. “What a perfect day for getting a tan I wonder what my neighbor’s doing.” She hangs the towel on a hook by the door and enters the house. The camera follows along as she walks upstairs to a room and walks to the window. There’s a pair of binoculars on the table next to the window. She puts them up to her eyes. Our scene changes; we see what she’s looking at through the binoculars. There’s: a patio behind an apartment with a tall fence, no the patio is empty. “Nothing today.” As she’s about to put away the binoculars, a young woman enters the picture. She’s carrying a towel and is wearing a bikini under a robe.

We see the woman on the patio put her towel on a lounge beylikdüzü escort chair. She takes off her robe, and we see closeups as she puts on tanning lotion. She sits on the chair and takes off her bikini top and puts lotion on her breasts. She lies on her back and continues rubbing her breasts. The camera zooms in on her breasts and also her belly and around her bottoms. The camera pans up her body, and she’s moved on from just putting on lotion to playing with her breasts and playing with her nipples. It isn’t long before she sits up to untie her colorful bottoms. She rolls over face down and fingers herself, and we get to watch this for awhile.

The scene shifts, and we’re watching the first girl again. She puts down the binoculars. We watch her go to her bedroom and put on a pair of shorts. Then she goes to kitchen and gets a bottle of wine out of the fridge. She grabs her purse and we see her walk out of the house and close and lock the door.

The scene dissolves, and now the first girl is ringing the apartment bell. After half a minute, she rings again. The girl from the patio answers the door in her robe.

“Hi! I’m Danielle!” She holds out the avcılar escort bottle of wine. “I saw you move in a couple of weeks ago and I’ve been meaning to come introduce myself and say hi.”

The girl in the apartment smiles brightly. “Hi, Danielle, I’m Gina. It’s good to meet you. I haven’t met many people here yet. Please come in.”

Danielle enters and they close the door. Gina opens the wine and pours two glasses as they chat. Danielle says “are you like just graduated?”

“Yes, I just graduated from Florida last month and moved here for a job. And they’ve kept me totally almost all the time, and I haven’t even had time to really get out and meet anyone. How about you?”

“I’m from Georgia, but I grew up here. I’ve been in the city for almost fifteen years. I have a job filing insurance claims for a doctor, and I’m taking night classes. I’ll be done in two more semesters.” They’re both sitting and drinking their wine. “Did you know anyone here before you moved here.”

“No, no one at all. This is kind of an adventure.”

“That’s what I thought. I’ve seen you sunbathing, and you looked kinda lonely today.”

Gina looks confused. “How? I mean, esenyurt escort there aren’t any units that can see over the fence.” She stops. “Oh, do you live in the houses behind us?”

Danielle nods.

“But they’re so far away.” She pauses. “Oh, you have a telescope.”


“I see.”

“And I thought this would be a good day to get to know you better. I can invite you to my house. I’ve got a pool we can use. A sexy bikini like you’re wearing deserves to get wet.”

Suddenly Gina has a look of concern. “Were you watching me just now?”

Danielle just smiles. “I really need someone to rub tanning lotion on me.”

Gina suddenly realizes that Danielle’s hitting on her, and she smiles. “Maybe you’d like to find out how good I am at it before we go.” She goes to Danielle. She lifts Danielle’s bikini top until it just dangles around her neck and she rubs Danielle’sBuB breasts.

“I knew you had soft hands.”

Gina licks her breasts. Then she pulls down Danielle’s shorts and unties her bottom and continues rubbing her. She stands back up so they can kiss. Danielle unties and opens Gina’s robe and discovers that Gina hasn’t put her bikini back on. She slides the robe off of Gina’s shoulders and embraces her tightly and they can kiss again. Gina then leads Danielle to her bedroom where they have sex for the rest of the video.

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