Spring Break, Corona Style – Part 3


Spring Break, Corona Style – Part 3This is a Re-Post of a Story from my last Profile, Jessy49. I have changed the title and up-dated it to reflect Current Events. I hope my Consistent Readers will enjoy my attempt a Dark Satire.DISCLAIMER: This is a work of fiction; I do not condone any of the actions described in this story. All aspects related to real life persons or events is strictly incidental. Attempting the following Inc(e)stual Acts in real life is Ill(e)gal and Immoral… unless you wish to spend the rest of your life in prison becoming Bubba’s Bitch, I strongly suggest you simply enjoy my story for its artistic and erotic qualities, and enjoy your freedom.Comments and feedback are always appreciated.——— Chapter 5Early Friday morning….Talking with MistySharon knew needed to talk to her young daughter as soon as possible, so she sat at the kitchen table wondering about what she had done with her son the night before, as she waited for her daughter to come down for breakfast. After 20 minutes she was still waiting for her daughter, so she had decided to get her moving, when she finally heard Misty open the hallway bathroom door a moment later. She felt a chill through her body, when she heard the sound. She was a bit nervous about talking to Misty, she felt she should be blunt and frank with her daughter. Misty wasn’t like most adolescents her age, she seemed to be more mature, Sharon felt.Misty exhibited a precocious awareness of her growing body and seemed to delight in showing it off, she had come to finally realize. Was it only her brother that she had been teasing, she wondered? Sharon had realized that she didn’t care, if Misty was showing off her cute little ass, she just didn’t want Misty to be a tease. She had always hated cock teasers, thinking they could get anything they wanted from a man or boy, for a peek of their Tits or Ass. Misty wouldn’t be like that, if she could help it.———————————“Mom… why didn’t you wake me up, don’t you have to go to work?” she asked, as she entered the kitchen, rubbing sleep from her eyes, ‘Oh, and there’s no toilet paper hallway bathroom.”“Didn’t I tell you… my Boss is reducing staff in the office; I’m working from home for a while.” Sharon said, “I hope it’s not for long… and I have few rolls left in my bathroom, and Devan is going to ask his Boss for a few rolls to get us by. Now that McyD’s is drive-up only they should be able to spare some.“Mom… I’m getting scared, why are people buying up the toilet paper? Will the Virus get us?” Misty asked with a tremor in her voice.“I know how you feel… this is soooo odd, there have been several Epidemics and Pandemics, before through the ages. But from what they say on the News, this one seems to be more serious… some people are buying the T.P. because they think they can re-sell it for a profit, but most do it because they are scared, and the rest because they are selfish and stupid,” Sharon replied, “Misty I don’t want you to worry… N1H1 didn’t get us and we lived in San Antonio then, too.”“But what about Grandma Sue… she’s so old, the News says their vulnerable. She hasn’t called in so long? And what about school… when am I going back?Sharon didn’t know what to say about Bill’s side of the family… they had disowned them after his funeral. They had blamed her for the accident… which she felt was ridiculous, but whatever. “Aaahh… well, I don’t know, why don’t you try calling her tonight. Oooh… and, have you been checking for emailed assignments from your teacher?” She wasn’t too concerned, Misty was a very good student, so the extended school break shouldn’t affect her learning as long as she did her homework. She was more concerned with Devan keeping up with his college courses.“Yeah, I have some stuff to do… and, I’ll call Grandma tonight,” Misty said, as she rummaged through the pantry shelves for a box of cereal, “Wow… were low on a lot of stuff… are you going shopping soon? “Yeah, I plan on doing that after I load the program so I can access my office computer… but… aaahh, we also need to talk about something else, now,” Sharon said, as she watched her daughter get a bowl for her cereal. She was wearing a blue pair of very tight, short shorts, which were a too small for her, and a white t-shirt. Sharon saw the curve of her daughter’s asscheeks, sweetly peeking from the hem of the shorts, and her tiny gum drop sized tits poking at her tight t-shirt. Suddenly, her mind filled with naughty thoughts of what she had done with Devan the night before, she fought to focus her mind and stay calm.When Misty sat at the table across from her mother, and began eating her cereal, she could feel her mother’s hazel eyes staring at her.Sharon had thought of many ways to start the conversation, the quickest, easiest way, was just to say it, she decided, “You’re a tease, Misty,” she said.“What…. what do you mean, Mom…? what did I do? Misty replied.“Oh…. you know what I’m talking about, you little Imp,” Sharon went on. “It isn’t nice to tease boys the way you’ve been doing with your brother.”Misty giggled and smiled innocently, “You noticed, huh?”“Yes…. I noticed… how couldn’t I?” Sharon said. “Letting your skirt climb over your rear…. don’t you know what that does to a boy?”“Sure Mom…. they get a Hard-On,” Misty covered her mouth and giggled again, her pale blue eyes sparkling. Her blue highlighted raven black hair was pulled back into a tight pony tail, it swayed as she moved, giving her a look of innocence. Sharon gasped. She was shocked…. maybe she didn’t know her daughter as well as, she thought. Misty certainly didn’t hold anything back. She gazed at Misty’s face, and found her daughter staring boldly back at her.“Yes…. that’s what happens to him and other boys…” she agreed with a flustered voice, “They get… Hard…. and very frustrated. It isn’t proper to do that.”“Well…. it’s his fault,” Misty replied.“What…. how can it be his fault? You’re the one showing off your behind and teasing him.” Sharon said, incredulously.“Ooohh… Mother!” Misty said, sounding exasperated. “I’m not a k(i)d…. I don’t call it a behind or rear anymore. You know…. It’s my ass…. Mom!”“Misty…!” Sharon gasped, the conversation was taking an odd turn, she felt.“Ooohh, come off it Mom,” she giggled. “Don’t act so shocked. You’re a grown woman…. you’ve heard the word before.”“But not from you…. and not like this,” Sharon said.“Well, maybe it’s about time,” Misty replied. “I’m about to go crazy around here. I hate having to pretend I’m such a good girl…. because I’m not.”“What are you then?”“I don’t know,” Misty said, her voice lowering. “I just know…. I’m not such a goody-goody like everyone thinks. I have these feelings…. kinda hot feelings.”Sharon scrutinized her daughter, knowing exactly what she meant. She had felt the same thing at Misty’s young age. “Still, what happened yesterday can’t be your brother’s fault,” she said, her voice low. “How can it be his fault?”“He doesn’t have to just look, Mom, “Misty whispered, looking into her bowl of cereal. Then she lifted her pale blue eyes and stared into her mother’s hazel eyes. “Mom…. is it okay if I’m totally honest with you?”“That’s what I want, Misty.” kaçak iddaa Sharon said, and looked away, she felt an odd sexual tension in the air.“You promise…. you won’t get mad at me, Mom?”Sharon looked up to meet her daughter’s steady gaze. “Honey…. I think I already understand what it is…. and I won’t get mad, no matter what.”“I don’t know how to explain it,” Misty mumbled.“Just start talking, use whatever words you think you need…”“Devan doesn’t have to just look at me, Mom,” Misty said, gazing boldly into her mother’s eyes. “He can…. touch me…. I want him to touch me…. all over…. I want him to…. do things to me…. you know, put it in me.”Sharon shivered, but kept her daughter gaze…. she wasn’t shocked by the confession, she realized. She was excited…. her mind’s eye brought visions of her son’s hard cock to her conscious, and then other thoughts came to her mind…. Sharon felt her pussy quivering. It was strange, because she had never been drawn to another female before. Yet, she felt a desire to touch her daughter’s cute body, to feel her small, budding tits, to play with her candy, pink nipples, to feel Misty’s hairless pussy…. to kiss it.“But, why tease your brother….?” she asked.“I love my brother,” Misty simply said. “I like seeing him get…. Hard…. and I want it, I like the tingling feelings I get, I want him to come to me….” Misty’s pale blue eyes blazed as she continued, “I want Devan to…. Fuck me, Mom!”For a long moment, Sharon said nothing, as she looked into her daughter’s eyes. “Ooohh Honey…. are you mature enough?” she finally asked, “I mean…. I don’t know if you’re old enough for such complex feelings…. he’s your brother, he has girls his own age fawning all over him…. what if he wants to date one of them…. will you get jealous? I’m not sure you’re ready for that…. or if you’re ready to…. Fuck.” “I’m old enough…… and mature enough,” Misty said bluntly. “And, so is Devan…. I heard you two last night, and I peeked, Mom…. you Fucked Dev!”Sharon felt a warmth on her cheeks, and looked away from her daughter’s piercing gaze.“I heard you moaning and groaning…. I heard you cry out, for Dev to fuck your pussy hard…. and to cum in you…. I heard everything…. and saw some of it too, Mom.”Sharon was breathing faster, and she began to feel very aroused… from knowing her young daughter had been listening and watching. Her daughter’s admission was turning her on like she had never been before. She looked back into her daughter’s pale blue eyes….Misty had tears flowing from her eyes. “Mom…. tell Dev he can Fuck me, too.” she whispered softly. “Please Mom…. let him Fuck me, too….”Sharon didn’t know what to say, she stood up and walked around the small table. She hugged her young daughter to her chest, her fingers running through her raven black hair. Misty cried softly, and wrapped her arms about her mother’s waist and held her tightly. Sharon was wearing a light weight bathrobe that came down to her mid-thigh; she also wore a bra and lacy panties. She felt her daughter’s hot breath on her cleavage that was exposed by the robe. She wasn’t surprised to feel her nipples swelling and beginning to tingle.“I’ll…. tell him, Honey,” Sharon whispered. “I’ll tell Dev…. that you want him to make Love with you.”She felt so light headed…. she knew, she couldn’t stop them…. she couldn’t be around to keep them apart all the time, she had to work. She decided to supervise their coupling, that way she could help to make it special for her daughter…. her first time had been so awkward.“Ooohh, Mom!” Misty cried with joy, burying her face deep into her mother’s exposed cleavage. “When…. today? Please, when he comes home from work…. let him Love me…. Fuck me…. Please Mom, please!”“Yes…. I will, Honey….” Sharon agreed.She would have liked to have protection for her 14-year-old daughter first, but she was also too excited to wait…. she would just have Dev pull out before he came. She would have to get Misty an appointment with her Gynecologist for birth control on Monday, she knew her Doctor wouldn’t ask too many questions.“Ooooohh…. Thank You, I love You, Mom!” She heard her daughter cry with joy, and was surprised to feel one of her daughter’s small hands sliding down from her slim waist. The hand was moving slowly, almost fearfully, over the swell of her ass, Sharon held her breath, waiting, wondering what her daughter would do…..———————————Misty had the lessons about Inc(e)st at Sunday School, starting a few months before her father’s fatal accident, but she didn’t think it sounded…. Wrong to her. It sounded exciting to her 12-year-old imagination. When she got home that day after her first lesson, she went On-Line to find out more about it, and was soon in an Inc(e)st chat room, learning more…Before long…. she began to fantasize about her older brother….———————————Misty, too, held her breath, as she slid her palm over her mother’s ass, lightly, then began to slide her fingers into the crack, pressing her mother’s robe deep into it. When her mother softly moaned and didn’t move to stop her, she turned her head and began to lick at her mother’s exposed cleavage. She loved her mother’s scent of perfumed soap, and she loved how the silky flesh of her mother’s firm tit tasted…. she had never been intimate with anyone before, but she had been watching a lot of porn On-Line for years.“Ooohh Honey…. you’ve got it bad, haven’t you?” Sharon whispered, pulling her robe open, then she slipped one of her swollen tits from her bra, “Aaaaaahhhhooooommm…. Yes, suck my nip, Honey…. mmmm, you’re soooo Hot, aren’t you?” Sharon felt her pussy quicken and her wetness was soaking her panties, this was her first encounter with a female. She had enjoyed watching MFF and Lesbian Porn with her late husband, but had never thought about having sex with another female for real…. until now.“Ooohh, Mom!” Misty murmured, as she squeezed her mother’s ass tightly with both hands. “I’m always so excited…. I can’t Help It!” She went back to sucking her mother’s nipple, it felt like a silky flesh covered pebble to her swirling tongue…. she felt her body thrumming with her erotic desires, and her little pussy began to seep her wetness.Sharon’s legs began to shake and she deliberately placed a hand on top of her daughter’s head, pushing her gently downward…..Misty turned her pale blue eyes up to her mother’s face, questioningly, her black pony tail swaying…. then she began to slowly kiss her down to her mother’s flat stomach.Sharon smiled down at her daughter…. urging her on….She wondered if this was Misty’s first time…. she seemed so comfortable with what she was doing, she would have to a talk with her about that later. But, not now…. now, she wanted to see how far Misty wanted to go with her…. Misty lowered her hands along the back of her mother’s thighs, then slowly moved them under the robe… her mother’s thighs felt so taut.Sharon felt the eager, hot hands moving up the back of her tight ass, and felt her wetness flowing down her inner thighs. “Hold my ass, Honey,” Sharon whispered. “It’s okay, Baby…. hold Mother’s ass.”With a soft sob, Misty cupped her mother’s ass through her lacy panties. kaçak bahis Sharon trembled and pulled the belt of her robe and held it open. Misty pressed her mouth to her mother’s flat stomach, kissing and licking her taut belly, as she dug her fingers tighter into the swelling cheeks of her mother’s ass. The tip of her tongue flicked out and dipped into her mother’s belly button…. tickling her.“Mmmmmooooohhh…. do you know what you’re doing, Misty? She asked in a soft voice.Misty nodded her head, not speaking, she leaned further down, from her kitchen chair. She turned her head, and lowered her face to the front of her mother’s lacy, bikini panties, pressing her lips at the mound…. she loved her mother’s musky scent.Sharon parted her thighs, arching her hips forward…“Yes…. kiss it, Honey…… mmmmmmoooohh,” Sharon whimpered, “Yes… kiss it for me.”“Ooohh, Mom!” Misty sighed, trying to move her lips lower on her mother’s wet crotch. But, she couldn’t quite make it. “I can’t… I can’t get to it, Mommy!”“Oooohh, Honey…. come with me….,” Sharon sighed, as she took her daughter’s small hand, pulling her up from the chair. Misty’s eyes were swimming in tears of excitement, as her mother led her out of the kitchen. ——— Chapter 6Early Friday morning….Getting intimate with MistySharon led her eager daughter into the f(a)mily room, she thought it was incredible that the youngster could get her so Turned-On. She had never felt this aroused before, and she could tell Misty was just as stimulated….Sharon sat Misty down on the couch with her little ass hanging off, then she kneeled between her young daughter’s spread legs…. she looked into her pale blue eyes and saw her erotic desires shimmering there. Misty reached to her side and unzipped her tight, short shorts, and wiggled, as she began to pull them down her slim thighs. With a smile, Sharon reached out to slide the shorts the rest of the way and off, she casually tossed them across the room…. Misty giggled.Her giggle didn’t sound so innocent to Sharon’s ears. She looked at her daughter’s tight, pink panties, seeing they were soaking wet, and laughed…. they were Hello Kitty panties. Her little pussy looked so puffy; every contour detailed. Sharon’s body thrummed with erotic energy, and her mind spun, it felt like she was hypnotized by the sight.“Ooooohh Mom, why are you laughing at me….?” Misty murmured, as she covered her wet panties with her little hands and her face blushed deeply. She was so embarrassed; did she do something wrong…. this was her first time with anyone with her…. she was virgin, except for her fingers, and the sex toys she had found in her mother’s dresser drawer. None of the videos she had watched, had prepared her…. for her mother to laugh at her.“Ooooohh, Honey…. I’m soooo sorry…. ooooohhh Baby, Please…. it’s the print on your panties. Hello Kitty is puuuurrrrrrrfect! I was just surprised and delighted, Honey!” Sharon laughed, as she leaned over her daughter’s wet crotch and laid her cheek on her taut belly, hugging her little girl tightly. “I didn’t mean to embarrass you, Sweetie,” her voice soothing, and yet…. sounding so sensual.“Ooooohh, Yeah…. that is funny, Hello Kitty…. oooooohh, Mom…. Kiss Me…. there…” Misty giggled, her hips twisting eagerly, as she held her mother’s auburn-haired head, gently pushing downward. “Please, kiss me there… its soooo Hot, Mom… kiss me between my legs!”“Mmmmmooooohhh…. Yes, Honey…. Mommy will kiss you there and I’ll make you feel so good,” Sharon sighed, as she cupped her daughter’s tight, small ass, the small cheeks just fitting her palms. She dipped her head, and Misty opened her slim thighs further. A heady, fresh, and exciting scent came from her daughter’s wet crotch as she inhaled deeply, shivering as her own pussy pulsed and quivered with a seeping wet heat.“Mmmmmmmm, Baby….,” she purred. “You smell so good, Misty…. and your little pussy looks so good in these panties…. so pretty.”“Kiss me…. Mommy,” Misty sighed. “Ooooohh, Honey…. I will!” Sharon said with a strangling cry.She leaned down, pressing her lips to the crotch of her daughter’s tight, wet panties, her face turned upward, her hazel eyes gazing into the excited, pale blues ones of her daughter, she was delighted to see how Misty’s face was so contorted with arousal. She opened her mouth, pressing her lips tight at the camel toe crotch, the tip of her tongue flicking along the slit, tasting Misty’s heated wetness through the cotton panties. Her hands held Misty’s wiggling ass up and tightly.“OOOOooooOOoooOOOOHHHhhhaaaaahhh…. Mommy!!!” Misty cried out, as her mother tongue licked along her slit.Her daughter’s little pussy convulsed against Sharon’s mouth. Realizing her daughter was coming already, she sucked harder, tasting the sugary wetness through the tight panties, and squeezed her asscheeks tighter. Misty continued to moan, thrashing her crotch around, trying to press it tighter to her mother’s licking tongue. Squealing as her orgasm pulsed through her little pussy, she grasped the back of her mother’s head, smashing her crotch hard onto her sucking mouth.“Oooooohhh, Mommy… you made me do it!” she groaned, when the tremors began to fade. “You made me………..”“What happened to those naughty words you were using before…?” Sharon teased, laughing, as she licked her lips.Misty giggled, sounding so innocent and sooo sultry at the same time, “Okay…. you made me Come, Mommy…. you kissed my pussy and made me come…. oooooohhh, it felt So Fucking Good!”“Mmmmm…. Yeah, that’s better…. this is a secret, Honey…. Mommy likes dirty talk,” Sharon whispered, as she slid her daughter panties down and off.“Your little pussy is so pretty, Baby…. so hot and…. so…. smooth, you hardly have any hair on your little pussy yet…. and it’s such a wet one, too!” Sharon remarked with wonder.Sharon was looking at her daughter’s little pussy in ways that surprised her deeply, her crotch was a creamy white, in contrast with her golden tan body, her mound was nearly hairless and silky smooth. The slit was a deep pink, and so puffy, with her wetness seeping and dripping from between the folds, her ch(i)ld was in a very heightened state of arousal… Sharon realized, and she liked what she saw, a Lot!Sharon saw her daughter’s ass wiggle, and looked up from admiring Misty’s cute little pussy, and watched as she took off her tight t-shirt.Her little tits were set in creamy white triangles on her golden tan chest. Misty’s tits were just beginning to swell, her tiny areolas were a light brown and puffed up to the size of gum drops with hard, candy pink nipples…. the sight took her mother’s breath away.“Oooohh, Misty… your little tities are…. so…. so pretty,” Sharon moaned, as she reached up to fondle and pinch the hard nipples. “Mmmm…. so hard and hot.”Desire was overcoming Sharon; her young daughter was completely naked to her eyes now. She had seen her daughter naked many times, while shopping and at other times, but never with eyes, mind and body heated with sexual arousal. She stood up, stepping back a few feet from her daughter. Her hazel eyes looked over Misty’s tender, naked, young t(ee)nage body, as she let her robe fall to the carpet….Misty watched illegal bahis with heightened arousal also, as her mother let the robe drop from her shoulders, and unclipped her bra, letting it drop also. She liked her mother’s small, tear drop shaped tits, with small light brown areolas, tipped with hard pink nipples. Her mother’s tits were set in creamy white triangles on her tan chest. Misty felt her mother was prettier than any woman, or girl, that she had in her porn stash of pictures and videos. When her mother started to remove her panties, Misty stopped her…“I wanna…. kiss… your pussy through your panties, too Mom!” she moaned softly.Misty got up quickly and kneeled at her mother’s feet, grabbing her mother’s hips. Sharon parted her legs and watched, as Misty buried her face in her crotch. She felt her daughter’s lips pressing, kissing, and her tongue licking at her soaking wet panties.“Misty…. Ooooooooohh, My God… Yes!” Sharon whimpered.Misty’s eagerness was a surprise to Sharon. Never would she have suspected her daughter was so erotic. She had been flashing her brother, teasing him, but she had never given any indication about the desire that had been consuming her small body. So, now that her desires were out in the open, Misty seemed to be very eager to express her erotic hungers with her. Sharon ran her fingers through her daughter’s silky, raven black hair, watching her blue highlighted ponytail swaying; she gazed down at her daughter, her pale blue eyes glowing with sexual hungers.Misty’s eyes flashed back up with a glowing heat at her mother, as her tongue swirled around the wet, lacy panties. Her lips kissed, and her tongue swirled almost in a frenzy. Misty was moaning softly, her hands clutching at her mother’s asscheeks with desperate strong grip…“Oooooohh, Mommy…. now I’ll take your panties off,” Misty said, in a soft innocent voice, as her hands began to pull at her mother’s panties, sliding them slowly downward, her pale blue eyes on fire. Misty gasped with pleasure when she had exposed her mother’s pussy, the pubic hair was trimmed so neatly, above the puffy pink slit, she loved the sight of it. Holding her mother’s panties in her hand, Misty’s face was just a few inches from her pussy… she loved her mother’s scent of earthy, muskiness….“Ooooohhaaaahh!” she gasped with excitement. “It’s so pretty…. you have a very pretty pussy, Mommy!” Sharon, overcome with passion, placed her hands on her daughter’s head, pulling her forward. She parted her thighs and lowered her juicy pussy, rubbing it into her daughter’s face. Misty squealed with pleasure, as her mother’s red pubs tickle her nose, then she slid her hands to her mother’s slim hips. Her small hands held her mother’s naked ass cheeks tightly, as she began sucking a naked pussy for the first time…. she loved it so much.“Aaaaaaahhh, Misty… ooooooohhhh, Baby!” Sharon cried softly. “Ooohh God…. Misty!” She smashed her pussy into her daughter’s face, grinding it with swift motions. She humped her hips, banging her juicy pussy onto Misty’ s mouth, smearing it with fluids seeping from her wet pussylips.“Mmmmmmmm,” Misty groaned, her fingers digging into the crack of her mother’s ass, her lips wide open, sucking at her mother’s throbbing clit, “Ooooooommmmaaaaahhhhh!”Sharon stood over her young, t(ee)nage daughter, her feet alongside her slim hips….Misty, whimpering softly, slipped her tongue into her mother’s wet tight hole. Her pale blue eyes dreamy, as she swirled her tongue into the juicy heat, licking at the wet contours of the velvety interior of her mother’s vagina. Then she darted her tongue in and out, using it like a cock, tongue fucking her overheated pussy.Sharon gasped, surprised at the depth that her daughter’s tongue penetrated. Her pussy swelled, the lips very puffy. Her clitoris turned into a painful knot of hardness, she was soooo close to cumming….“Yes Misty…. yes, eat me… aaaaahhh!” Sharon sobbed. “Eat Mommy’s pussy…. ooohh, Baby…. fuck my wet pussy with your tongue…. oooohh God, you’re going to make me come, Misty!”Misty’s tongue dipped and swirled faster. Her hands held the shaking cheeks of her mother’s naked ass with a harder grip. Sharon, with her orgasm beginning to surg hotter, banged her pussy frantically on Misty’s poor mouth. Her small tits jiggled, the nipples swollen and rock hard.“OooOOOoooOOOHHhhhaaaggguuuuumm…. I’m Coming… Coming…. ooohh Misty!” Sharon groaned, as her pussy convulsed and flexed with her orgasm, gripping Misty buried tongue like a fleshy vice.Misty gave a muffled, wet squeal, as she felt her mother’s pussy convulsing on her mouth, her lips and tongue. Orgasmic juices filled her mouth, seeping from her orgasming pussy. Misty swallowed all she could, and kept her tongue stabbing in and out, her lips constantly sucking.Sharon’s body trembled with the ecstatic heat of her climax. Her hips rolled and twisted, her crotch banging and humping at her daughter face. The muscles of her flat stomach rippled in tightness, as her orgasm surged in waves. Her pussy tried to grip and pull Misty’s tongue in deeper. “Yes Misty…. yes, so fucking good, sweetie,” Sharon moaned loudly, as her climax went on and on.Misty did her best to hold onto her mother’s quivering ass, while she went through the waves of orgasmes, her face smashed deep into the hotness of her convulsing pussy. Sharon looked down her stomach, seeing Misty’s pale blue eyes glowing with excitement.With a final shudder of pleasure, Sharon relaxed her tight grip about her daughter head. Misty looked up at her mother, her eyes still fiery, half her face glistening with wetness, with juices dripping from her chin. Her innocent expression was a mixture of delight, lustfulness, and anxieties….“Did I do good, Mommy?” she innocently asked, sitting on her naked little ass. “I mean… is that how I’m supposed to lick…. and suck it?”Sharon dropped to her knees, hugging Misty tightly to her naked tits. “Ooohh…. Misty…. you were wonderful. You sucked me perfectly, Honey…. you sucked and sucked, tongued and kissed me, and I came so very hard!Sharon kissed her daughter’s wet mouth passionately, tasting the tanginess of her own pussy. She probed the wetness of her daughter’s hot mouth with her swirling tongue, thrusting in deep, almost into her throat. Misty whimpered, as her hands clutched her mother’s tits tightly. Her own little pussy quivering….Sharon slipped her hand down, cupping her daughter’s little pussy, pressing her hand against it, her fingertips feeling the soft lips, and the heat radiating from it. She rubbed, felt, and poked a finger at the steaming opening of her tiny vagina. Misty purred with pleasure, kissing her mother just as passionately, sucking on her long tongue.“Me… Mom,” Misty gasped into her mother’s mouth, as they continued to kiss. “Do it to me, now!”Sharon pulled her face back, and gazed into her daughter’s sweet, innocent appearing face….“Oooo…. God Yes!” she hissed. “Its your turn now, Honey…. I love you so much.”Part 4… to come soon. To Readers who like my stories…Thank You for reading, I hope you enjoyed another look into My Naughty Imagination. Please tell your Like-Minded Friends about my Stories and Page…. I want more Friends to share My Hot Stories with! My Stories can Only be Posted for Friends to read, so have them send me a Friend Request.Also, leave a Comment…. if you liked the Story, and You Want More!

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