Subject: Speedos and Soccer Balls Speedos and Soccer Balls – Chapter 1 By: Proxy Story Gay/Adult/Youth M/b This story is fiction, written by an author over the age of 18. All names, places, descriptions, and events are purely fictional and any relation to any real person is purely coincidental. This work contains intimate acts between adult males and youths if that scenario offends you, please discontinue reading any further. Nifty is a wonderful resource and needs to be funded to continue. If you enjoyed the story, or any other stories, please donate to so that we can all enjoy more stories in the fty/donate.html -Upstairs to go Downtown- M/b, begin, mutual, teach, oral While between boyfriends and homes I took up residence in an apartment on the edge of the city. I lived in the building at the back of the complex right next to the pool there was also a small field just behind the building. When I first moved in I noticed a small soccer goal at one end. I couldn’t help but notice Grayson the first day I moved in. I guessed him to be about ten years old. He had a slight build, but I could tell he was fit. His smoth little legs had nice form and a slight tan. Although small, I could see through his tight shorts that he had a muscular ass. Either I was really hard up or I was becoming depraved. I always enjoyed the sight of young boys, but I had never stared at them and drooled before. His mother appeared to have custody of him and his older sister Amber. We exchanged hellos and short conversations over the first few weeks. One afternoon I invited one of my best girlfriends over to hang out at the pool with me. An hour after we arrived, I was exited to see Grayson his mother and sister approaching the pool. They took up the chairs next to us and when Grayson didn’t hesitate to pull off his shirt I had to fight not staring and grunting at his lovely smooth chest and stomach. He had little pectoral muscles that were fully formed and four pack abbs with the classic V leading down into his swim trunks. It was also the first time I had really been close enough to get a full view of his cute face. His little button nose had a scattering of small light freckles and his hair was cut short with his bangs parted slightly to the left. He had small ears tucked up close to his head. I wanted to start nibbling on them right there making him squeal with delight. My staring was broken by Sally who walked over to my chair looking out of the corner of her eye at my friend expecting me to introduce, “Sally this is Carrie, Carrie this is my downstairs neighbor Sally and that is her son Grayson and her daughter Amber.” They nodded at each other and I could tell Sally was trying to figure out if Carrie was my girlfriend. Grayson and his sister where quickly splashing around in the pool as the three adults caught some sun rays and carried on idle chit chat. When Carrie got up to go the bathroom Sally finally asked. “So how long have you and Carrie been dating?” I smiled and gave a slight laugh, “No…no Carrie is not my girlfriend… girlfriend. We have known each other since high school and she is my best friend, but I am actually gay so…” Sally looked me up and down and then said, “Well, damn. I was hoping Amber was wrong and that maybe I had a chance at you myself.” I looked towards Amber and then back at Sally, “You mean Amber thought I was gay?” “Yeah, she said you were to neat and the furniture you brought into the apartment was to nice for a single straight man.” When I started laughing Sally joined me and just then Carrie walked out asking what was going on. We enjoyed the rest of the afternoon and I enjoyed watching Grayson from behind my dark shades. I noticed that Grayson appeared to be wearing a speedo type suit underneath his regular style board shorts. I thought this was strange and beyond that it precluded me being able to get a chance look at his bear ass when his suit slipped down. About five o’clock, Carrie said she needed to get home to cook dinner for her and her husband and left us. Not long after Carrie left, Sally invited me over for dinner and after I agreed she told to her children it was time to go. We all walked back to the apartment building together. Just before I went upstairs, Grayson asked me if I ever played soccer before. When I told him I had played all the way through college he asked if I wanted to kick the ball with him before dinner. I of course jumped at the chance to spend some one on one time with him. I told him I wanted to get out of my wet shorts and ran upstairs and threw on a pair of boxer briefs and shorts and ran back down to join Grayson who had not changed, but did put his shirt back on. We went over to the little field and began passing the ball back and forth and running around. “So, Grayson do you play on a soccer team around here?” Grayson paused and then answered, “No, I don’t have time because I am on the swim team now, but I used to and still like kicking the ball around.” Now I had my answer about his Speedos and I took a chance and commented, “Oh, so that is why you are wearing that other suit under this one.” I pointed and actually touched and tugged on the leg of his board shorts a little. I felt electricity run up my arm as I detected his heat. I was also close enough now to smell his light musk as we had worked up a little sweat kicking the ball around. Grayson gave me a quizical look and cocked his eyebrow, “How did you know I was wearing my speedos?” I blushed then quickly responded, “Oh, well when you took off your shirt earlier and also a few times when you got out of the pool your shorts slipped down a little and I could see the other suit under them.” Grayson smiled, “Oh, yeah I guess you probably could. I really like the way they feel when I am swimming.” I smiled back and asked, “So, then why do you wear the other ones on top?” Grayson kicked the ball to me and then answered, “Well, I mean it is kind of ….well you know you can like see everything and stuff… you know.” I wasn’t going to let this pass, “Well, everyone can see you at practice and when you are at a meet and I bet you look cute in them anyways.” I passed the ball back to him and then he paused again, “Hmmmm…I guess you are right, but that is different, because everyone else is wearing them too.” “I guess.” We pased the ball back and forth again and I could tell he was thinking about saying something else and then finally did. “So…um is Amber right that you are gay?” I smiled at him and answered, “Yeah, your sister is right I am gay. I hope that is not a problem, because I would like to be friends.” Grayson looked back up and me and shrugged his shoulders, “Naw, it doesn’t matter to me, but I bet mom was disapointed.” We both laughed and then he spoke softly, “So, you think I am cute then?” I took my time trying to find the right words so as to not scare him, “Umm, sure you have nice muscles for a boy your age and well yeah, you are cute. Is it okay izmit escort for me to say that?” Grayson gave me a beautiful smile, “Yeah, I just never heard anyone other than my mom say I was cute or handsome.” We kicked around for a while longer and we had both worked up a sweat. Sally yelled at us that dinner would be ready in fifteen minutes and it was then I had an idea. I looked over towards the pool and saw that no one else was there and then said to Grayson, “Well, I worked up a bit of a sweat and don’t really have enough time to go up and shower so maybe I’ll just go jump back in the pool for a minute.” Grayson smiled and this and asked if he could come with me. I told him of course and after he got permission from his mother we started walked over. Once there he stopped and looked at me and said, “Your not wearing your swim suit.” I of course knew this, but acted as if I forgot, “Damn, ummm well I guess no one else is around so I could just jump in with just my underwear as long as you don’t tell anyone else.” Grayson smiled at me and nodded okay. I quickly pulled off my shorts as Grayson pulled his shirt over his head. When he got his head out I could tell he was tying not to stare, but at the same time he wanted to check me out. “Ummm, I guess this is just like your Speedos anyway, ummmm why don’t you just swim in yours too so I don’t feel so…” Grayson bit his lip as he continued to try not to stare at my man bulge. “Ummm, Grayson what do you think?” He finally looked up and said, “I guess that is cool, I mean sure.” Now it was my turn to stare as he fiddled with the string on his board shorts and then slowly pushed them down his legs exposing the light blue satin of his speedos. I got a good look at his little boy bulge and was having a hard time breathing through the saliva forming in my mouth. When I finally looked up Grayson was blushing. “So, am I still cute then?” “Yep!” I dove in and so did Grayson right behind me. We splashed each other and then got into a pushing and pulling war. I was getting half chubbed up feeling his smooth soft skin. When I went to throw him I let my hands linger a little on his firm little ass. We did this for a few minutes and then I swam over to the steps and sat down and he sat next to me. I was sitting just high enough that my crotch was just under the water line. I could see Grayson staring out of the corner of my eye and I let him for a while. Finally I reached over and squeezed his thigh. “I’m glad we got to meet each other Grayson and anytime you want to kick the ball about or maybe if you just want to play video games with me don’t hesitate to come up and knock on my door.” I let my hand linger and he didn’t make any move to let me know he was uncomfortable with it there, but he did turn and smile and say, “You play video games? I didn’t think old people did that?” “Hey, hey now don’t go calling me old. I’m only 44 years old. And, little man it was my generartion that started the whole video game thing, but yes I have a X-box and a PS4.” “Cool!” “Well, we better head back dinner is probably ready.” I grabbed my shorts and pulled them back up over my wet boxers and he pulled his board shorts back up and we started walking back to the apartment. As we got to the building I announced I was going to go up and put some dry pants on and Grayson followed me all the way to the stairs when he asked, “Ummm…Mr. Taylor can I come up and see your apartment?” “Sure, why not.” As soon as we walked in he went straight to the living room and gasped, “Holy cow you have a huge TV and you do have an X-box and PS4 and dang you have a lot of games too.” I did have a 70 inch monster and I also haad a large cabinet next to it with all my games including all my original NES, SEGA and N64 games. “I told you so. Well, let me change right quick.” Grayson followed me into my bedroom and quickly said, “Dang, you have a big TV in here too.” I grabbed some dry clothes and turned and ruffled his hair. I walked into the bathroom, but didn’t shut the door. I knew that if Grayson wanted he could still see me in the mirror from the bedroom and I positioned myself so that he could and I could also spy out of the corner of my eye if he was catching a glimpse. Sure enough as I tugged off my wet shorts I caught Grayson moving around in the bedroom just enough that he could spy on me. I didn’t over do it, but I did give him a quick show. Any other time my cock would have been slightly shriveled from the cool pool and walking in wet shorts, but ever since I saw him earlier my bits had been on boil. As I walked back into the bedroom I noticed Grayson was blushing and then he tried to act like he was looking at his toes. I grabbed a shirt and just before I put it on Grayson spoke up, “You have nice muscles to Mr. Taylor kind of like my swim coach, but you have some hair…not as much as my Dad, but a lot more than Coach.” I pulled my shirt on and put my hand on his back guiding him out of the room. “Yeah, well I bet your coach shaves his off. Swimmers do that you know?” “I know I saw some of the older boys doing it in the shower at the pool, but… ummmm.” He stopped his thoughts as we walked out and onto the stairs. I knew there was something there and I intended to get did his thought out later. When we entered his apartment Sally greeted us and announced dinner was ready and told Grayson to quickly go change. Grayson grabbed my hand and drug me to his room. I heard Sally yelling from behind us, “Please don’t mind the mess, I can’t make him keep that room clean.” His room was all boy. decorated with various photos of Soccer playes and Michael Phelps. Socks, shoes and gasp…underwear scattered around the floor. Actually, overall the small room was not that dirty and the bed was made which made me think maybe he didn’t actually sleep in this room. Grayson grabbed some dry clothes and turned and looked at me as I took in his room and when I looked at him he did a funny, but cute, head tilt and then he surprised the shit out of me. He turned around and began pulling his wet clothes off. He left his shirt on, but when he bent over I had an incredible view of his muscular little ass. It was almost like time stood still and damn if I had a camera. His ass was so tight I almost got a glimpse of his hole, but his cheeks were so plump and muscular it remained hidden. I actually made a audible grunt and after he pulled his dry underwear up he turned and smiled at me as drool we dripping down my chin. All four of enjoyed dinner and idly chatted about this and that. They learned that I was a work at home IT guru and I learned that Sally was a CPA and had been divorced from; as she put it, “That fucking cheating bastard” for three years. Amber and Grayson’s dad was not active in their lives anymore other than to send a check once a month. The whole dinner I couldn’t get the memory of Grayson’s bare ass. Just before we all finished I excused myself to the kids bathroom yahya kaptan escort and I hit the jackpot, just in the corner I spied a pair of worn boys underware. I scooped them up and gave them a sniff and almost came right there. I folded them up neatly and slid them into my pocket for latter. As I walked back into the dining room I heard Grayson talking about my big TV and games. Sally was all smiles at his excitment and Amber didn’t even notice as she was doing something on her phone. After Grayson told her that I invited him up to play games with me she turned and smiled at me and put her hand on mine with that neat way only Moms can. When I left Sally followed me out and hugged me. “Thank you for showing Grayson some attention, he really does miss his Dad and I think maybe it would be good for him to have a guy around. I am disapointed that ummm I won’t get a chance to…well.” She blushed and I smiled and winked at her and headed back down to my apartment. I went straight to my room and pulled out Grayson’s recently worn garment and laid down on my bed. I pulled my already hard cock out and draped the thin cloth across my face as I let the vision of his lovely little ass dance through my mind. Three pulls and I was cumming all over my chest. Three days later, I was finishing up eating dinner when I heard a weak knock at the door. My pulse quickened as I walked to the door. When I opened it there stood Grayson tapping his foot and smiling back at me. “Ummm…you said I could come up anytime you were home and I was hoping maybe we could play a game or something?” I smiled back at him, “Of course little man come on in.” I let my hand grasp his bony shoulder and guided him in. I noted a slight smell of chlorine. “You must have just come from swim practice?” “Yeah, I did and because I had to do extra laps I didn’t have a chance to shower after, besides the big boys were hogging the showers today.” “Okay, well go a pick a game I need to finish cleaning up the kitchen.” I watched him scan all my games and finally settle on two different ones. When I walked up behind him I let my body make contact with his before asking which ones he picked. Grayson tilted his head back to look up at me, “Well, I really wanted to play this one, but it is only a one player.” I patted him and said, “That’s okay if you want to play that one I’ll watch and besides it is a cool game.” I set it up for him and handed him a controller while leading him towards the couch. I sat right next to him and again let my thigh touch his as he began playing. When I let my hand rest on his thigh, again he didn’t make any move to pull away and I enjoyed the heat of his skin. Grayson played for about thirty minutes as I continued to take in his beauty till he paused the game and announced he needed to use the restroom. “Well, you know where it is.” He trodded off to the spare bathroom and was in there for about three minutes when I heard him call my name. I went to the door and asked what was wrong. “Ummm….well I just went number two and ummmm….you don’t have any toilet paper in here.” “Oh, shit sorry Grayson. I’ll go get some.” When I returned I knocked and asked if wanted me to come in or if he wanted to grab it. There was a brief pause and then he told me to come on in. I slowly opened the door and then stepped in. “Holy cow it stinks in here little man. What did you eat?” Grayson giggled as I handed him the paper. I didn’t get a view of anything as he had his hand covering his little bits. To be honest for some reason the smell wasn’t actually that bad and for some strange reason I found it to be a bit of a turn on. I turned around and was about to walk out when Grayson stopped me. “Hey, ummm Mr. Taylor you know how you told me that some men shave off their hair and stuff you know off their chest…well ummm do some of them also you know shave their balls too?” I turned back around and now I actually got a view of his bits, because he was standing up slightly bent over wiping his ass. His little two inches was cut and he barely had any balls, but the skin was loose and hanging. When he stopped and looked at me he blushed as I guess he just realized I had seen him naked again. That is when I quickly regained my composure and answered, “Well, I guess some do why do you ask?” Grayson flushed and pulled up his shorts and walked to the sink before he answered, “Well…ummm I saw my coach in the shower last week and he didn’t even have any hair on his at all and I know he is supposed to because he is older and he has a big one so I was just wondering what was up you know. I mean you have hair on yours so…” I decided to toy with him a bit, “Uh Grayson, how do you know if I have hair or not?” Grayson stopped and turned a little white realizing he had just told on himself. “It’s okay little guy I know you saw me the other day when I was changing it’s okay to look if you want and it is okay to ask questions.” He smiled at me and then we both walked back into the living room and sat down again. He picked up the controller and began playing again. After a few more minutes there was a slow part in the game and Grayson turned towards me and then back towards the TV and then he stopped the game. “You said it was okay to ask questions right?” “Yes I did.” “And you won’t say anything to my mother?” “No, I won’t. How about a rule okay?” Grayson nodded okay. “What ever is said or happens in my apartment stays between us okay?” Again he nodded and then bit his lip and finally started almost whispering, “Well, I heard some of the big boys talking about sucking dicks and stuff and then I saw something on my moms computer when she was gone the other day and I…I…was wondering you know like what does it taste like and …well does it feel good or something.” I held back laughter before I responded, “Hmmm…well yes it feels good and it doesn’t taste much different than any other part of you I guess. Maybe a little different, but not bad or anything.” Grayson smiled before saying, “Sooo… you have sucked dick then?” It was my turn to blush slightly. “Well, yeah I mean that is kind of goes with the being gay thing.” Again he spoke softly, “So…does that mean you have you know ummmm put your dick in another guys butt and had another guy put his in yours?” “Yes.” “What does that feel like, I mean how does it like you know fit and stuff?” “That is a difficult question and I am not sure that I can explain it right, but lets just say it does and no it doesn’t hurt.” There was a pause and then he looked down at the floor and then towards me and then back at the floor again. “Is there something else you want to ask? Don’t be embarased or afraid it is okay.” “Well…the boys were also talking about jerking off and I also ummm read some stuff and I was ummmm…I don’t know ummmmm…well I don’t think I did it right.” Again I had to hold back laughter. “What do you mean you didn’t gebze escort do it right?” “Ummm…I tried you know rubbing it and it didn’t you know do anything.” Holding back laughter again, “When you say you rubbed it what did you do?” “You know I rubbed it with my hand like it said on the computer and…ummmmmmmm.” Another long long pause, “Ummmmmm…can you ummmmm tell me what I’m supposed to do or maybe ummmmmm you know show me?” Holy smokes this was getting deep. I mussed his hair a bit and then swallowed hard trying to not get in over my head. “Well…little guy, I don’t think I should do that I mean I could get in trouble if anyone ever found out we were even talking about this kind of stuff.” Grayson gave me pouty eyes before responding, “I thought you said that anything that happens in your apartment stays here. He had me there. “Wow, you are a smart little guy. I…I’m not sure ummmm how to….well how do I show you without ummmmm doing it to you?” I guess he had not thought about this, but then he smiled. “I guess that could work, but I thought maybe you would ummm do it to yourself and then I could you know watch.” “Yeah, I guess that could work too.” I could see excitment in his eyes, but I had to get this angled just right. “Alright I guess.” I stood up and motioned for him to follow me into my bedroom. My cock was already harder then I can remeber it ever being. I was breathing heavy and my head was a little light. I stood next to the bed trying to figure out the logistics of this. I let my pants drop and then pulled my shirt over my head. I laid down and had him stand next to the bed before I pulled my boxers off exposing my hard 7 inches to his gaze. Grayson’s mouth was agape and he was actually drooling a little bit. “Okay, first of all you don’t actually rub it most of the time unless you have something slippery to use. Most of the time you do this. I grabbed my cock in my fist and began sliding the loose skin up and down. I was already close to cumming. I did this for a minute before I stopped. “Alright, now if you have something slippery like lotion or in my case lube then you can do this.” I reached into the nightstand and grabbed my lube and squirted some into my fist and began wanking properly. I was staring at Grayson’s cute face and after a few more strokes I began cumming all over my chest. When I stopped huffing I looked back at Grayson till he finally spoke, “Wow, so that is what sperm looks like.” “Not exactly, but yes this is cum and sperms are in it.” I grabbed my shirt and cleaned the cooling jizz off my chest before asking, “So, do you think you can do it right now?” Grayson bit his lip then said, “I don’t know, ummmm can you ummmm show me again?” I smiled at him, “I can’t actually right now, when you get older it takes some time to re-charge after you cum.” Grayson frowned before he gave me a grin, “Well, you could ummmm do it to me and then I would know what it is supposed to feel like.” I didn’t even pause as I slid over slightly on the bed and patted the space next to me. Grayson started to pull his shorts down before I stopped him. “Let me do that.” I pulled the hem of his shirt and pulled it over his head and then unbuttoned his shorts and pulled them slowly down. I could already see his little tent behind his white cotton underwear. I ran my hands up his smooth legs and then ran them across his hard nail. He groaned a little before I tugged on his unders and pulled the elastic up and over this three inch spike exposing it to the cool air and my hungry eyes. He was perfect in every way. I reached up and grasped it between my thumb and fingers and began slowly wanking him. “Oh, god that feels neat, nothing like the other day.” I did this for a few minutes and he began humping up into my hand before he put his hand on mine stopping me. “Could you use the slippery stuff?” I wanted to, but I also wanted to suck him so bad. “I could, but I kind of want to do something else?” Grayson ginned at me and whispered, “What do you want to do?” I am pretty sure he knew what my answer was going to be so I didn’t use words. I dove down and took his hot spike into my mouth savoring his boy flavor for the first time. Grayson for his part groaned and pushed up into my mouth till I also had his loose sack in my mouth as well. I kept this up for a few minutes letting my hands wander all over his firm stomach and chest until I began thumbing his hard nipples. When I could tell he was getting close to launch and reached under him grabbing hold of his firm little melons pulling him fast and faster into my mouth until he finally gabbed my head and actually began pulling my hair all the while squealing and grunting. When I pulled off of him I looked down and my sloppy handiwork and his cocklet was still twitching a bit. Finally he spoke, “Wow!…that was just….wow now I know why the older boys talk about it all the time.” We sat naked in the bed for a few more minutes and Grayson was slowly toying with the hair on my chest and then he made the plunge. He took hold of my half hard cock and started inspecting it and my balls. “Do you like it?” “Ummm…it’s so hot and heavy.” When he had me fully hard he began stroking me and then asked, “Do you think you can make the sperm again?” I shruged and then corrected him, “It’s called cum, but yeah I think I probably could if you keep that up.” Grayson started wanking me in earnest then he got real close and stuck his tongue out and licked my head. I almost erupted all over his face. He repeated this a few times taking longer and longer licks and when he tasted some of my pre-cum he stopped, smaked his lips and then said, “Yeah, I mean it does not taste like anything really, but the white stuff is a little salty like caramel maybe.” He opened his mouth as wide as he could and took my full head into his moist hot mouth. His teeth scraped me a little and I had to instruct him to watch out. He ran his tongue around like I told him and then he tried to go further down, but gagged. Overall it wasn’t actually a very good blow job, but watching his mouth stretch around my girth was pretty hot. Finally, I told him to pull off and got the lube and greased up and had him wank me that way. When I was getting close I leaned over a little and kissed his forehead and took in his scent and then shot back and started erupting all over his hand and my stomach. For his part, he kept going till I finally stopped him. He started toying with my jizz and smiling like a boy who just hit a home run. “Wow, that was neat!” I got up and steered him into the bathroom and cleaned us both up before returning to the bedroom and both of us got dressed. We had just returned to living room when there was a knock at the door. It was Amber and she told Grayson he needed to come back home now. Grayson followed behind his sister, but when he got halfway down the stairs he turned and looked back and me smiled and then put his finger to his lips making the international sign for silence. As I laid trying to sleep that night, I was blown away by the events that had just happened earlier. I didn’t know where this whole thing was going to end up, but it sure was going to be exciting.

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