Subject: Speedo: Part 8 (high school and interracial) Don’t read this story if you’re under 18 or have problems with gay-themed erotic stories. Do not forget to donate to Nifty, our host. They are super cool and worthy of our support. fty/donate.html I enjoy your comments and feedback: hoo Speedo: Part 8 First, I lathered up my hands with soap. Then, I spread his glowing white ass cheeks apart and washed his crack. Then, I slowly inserted my soapy middle finger into his pink asshole, cleaning him thoroughly. Next, I rinsed all of the soap off of him before I planted a big kiss on his pink ring. I pushed my tongue inside of him, and he started moaning. “Dude, I can’t believe you have already progressed to giving me a rim job,” Speedo said. “I feels so good man. I can’t explain why, but I love it.” I stood up and hugged him from behind, nestling my brown dick in his white ass crack. I moved his blonde hair out of the way and began planting kisses all over the back of his neck. “You are driving me crazy,” he said, “but you are still dirty.” “The word on the street is that you like dirty boys,” I said while I pretended to fuck him by sliding my cock between his legs under his balls. “You can’t believe everything you read on the wall of the men’s room at the Cutler Bay Mall,” he said smiling. We switched positions so that I was under the shower head. He soaped up a wash cloth and started by washing my face and neck. Then, he lifted my right arm and washed my pit. Though I’m not a hairy guy, I do have to keep my pit hair trimmed otherwise it looks like I’ve got a ball of fur there. He washed the other pit. Then he washed my pecs, my abs, and my pubes. When, he soaped up my cock and balls, it felt so amazing, so I closed my eyes. “Dude, you’ve got nut stubble,” he said as he continued to soap up my balls which were hanging low. He reached for my razor and began to carefully shave my beautiful balls until they were as smooth as his. “All that’s left is to give them the tongue test,” he said as he began to lick my boys. Then, he took them into his mouth one at a time and swirled his tongue all over them. My brown uncut cock was oozing like crazy, so I wiped my leaky foreskin with two fingers and tasted my cum. “Just like milk chocolate,” I said. Taking the head of my cock into his mouth, he tasted my precum. “I think it tastes more like white milk,” he said. “There’s no way white milk is coming out of this cocoa maker,” I said as he kept sucking. “Slow down dick licker, I don’t want to shoot yet.” So, he went back to work and washed my legs. Then, he turned me so that I was facing the spray. He massaged my shoulders and back. Then he washed the globes of my brown ass. His touch combined with the warmth of the shower spray made my hard cock ache. Finally, he soaped up his hand and began to slide his middle finger up and down my crack, gently rubbing my asshole each time his finger slid over it. It felt so good. Who knew that a boy’s asshole could be an erogenous zone? “So what do you want to do next,” he asked me. “I am so new to this,” I said. “How about you take BluTV charge.” “I never imagined that a big strong guy like you would be submissive,” he said while sliding his hard white cock up and down my brown crack. “I so want to fuck you.” “I was hoping you would say that,” I said. “My tight brown virgin ass wants to meet your hard glowing white dick.” “Bro, I know I’m white, but my dick doesn’t glow,” he said, kissing the back of my neck, while reaching around to stroke my hard brown sausage. “Damn this meat is big.” “Don’t you wish you were brown like me,” I teased. “So you could have a big dick, instead of that tiny noodle you got stuck with.” “Dude, you only won the biggest dick contest because you’re not circumcised like me,” he said, hugging me close while he continued to fuck my crack. “You’re about to find out how how tiny my dick is when I try to squeeze it into your brown cheerio.” “You didn’t just call my butthole a brown Cheerio,” I said, turning around to face him. “That’s about the size of it,” he teased, reaching around to work his pinkie into my Cheerio. I kissed him hard, pushing my tongue inside his mouth like I was raping it. I spread my legs to give him greater access to my Cheerio. “How does my pinkie feel inside of you,” he asked. “Is it too big for you, virgin black boy?” “Come on whitie,” I teased back, give me your biggest finger. “I’m not sure you’re ready for this,” he said, removing his pinkie from my hole. He then began to slowly insert his middle finger. “So how does that feel Mary?” “You didn’t just call me a girl’s name. I might like boys, but I’m no girl,” I said, enjoying the finger fuck. “Come on, bro. Don’t you get it. Mary, like the Virgin Mary,” he said, finger fucking me harder. “So, you think you’ve got jokes,” I said kissing him again. “Let’s see how you like two,” he said, slowly working two fingers inside my boy-hole. “How does this feel bitch?” “It’s okay,” I said, trying to relax my hole. “The pain you are going to feel when I first slide my glow stick inside of you will be no joke.” “It guess it takes some getting used to, that’s all,” I said. “I’m not going to lie. It is going to hurt. Are you sure you are ready for this?” “I can take it pretty boy,” I said, starting to enjoy the two-finger-fuck. Suddenly interrupting my prostate massage, Speedo asked, “Does it feel like the water is starting to get cold?” “It sure does,” I agreed. I immediately turned off the shower. “I wonder how long we have been in here.” “Close to half an hour,” Speedo said. “Malik is going to kill me,” I said. “Why will Malik care?” Speedo asked, grabbing a towel. This thoughtful boy starting drying me off even though he was dripping wet. So, once I was bone dry, I dried off his luscious body from his curly blonde hair to his sexy toes. “Malik works for a landscaping company. He’s dirty when he gets home, so he showers as soon as he walks in the door which should be any minute,” I replied. “Let’s hope he has to work late today.” I shut the door to the bathroom that was between Malik’s bedroom and mine, and I made Netflix sure the door from my bedroom to the hall was locked. “It’s super cool that we have the house all to ourselves,” he said. “That way when I make you moan ecstatically no one will hear you.” “Ecstatically?” I said teasing him. “What are you, some of kind sexual deviant genius?” “I guess two out of three are accurate,” he said lying on top of me and grinding our hard dicks together. “You’re not the first person to call me a sexy genius.” He kissed me passionately. Then, he worked his way down my body, licking my brown nipples, kissing my cock from the base to the tip, and bathing my balls with his tongue. “Damn, you are good at this boy meets boy sex thing,” I moaned. “Not bad for a first-timer,” he said, joking with me. He had me bend my knees and spread my legs, fully exposing my brown Cheerio. “We both know it’s too late for you to call yourself a beginner,” I teased. He spread my chocolate-colored cheeks apart and started licking my squeaky clean hole. “Mmm,” I moaned. He used two fingers from each hand to spread my asshole open so that he could dive deeper and deeper with his tongue. I spit in my hand and started masturbating; it felt so good. I could feel my hole relaxing until he started working both of his thumbs inside of me. I could feel him stretching my hole until the opening felt as big around as the center of a chocolate donut. He was right, it hurt. I even lost my erection, but I wanted to go all of the way. I got quiet and started breathing deeply. “Don’t worry baby,” he said soothingly, “the pain won’t last too much longer.” Next, he moved next to me and started kissing me while he worked three fingers inside my hole, stretching it more and more. The pain was still there, but his kiss took my mind off of it. Then, he repositioned himself so that he could like up his glow stick with my black hole. He pushed the head of his cock against the entrance to my love canal. Slowly, he worked more and more of his cock inside of me. The more he stretched my hole, the more it hurt. I was trying my best to be the tough guy who could take the pain. I wanted to feel him inside me, and I wanted to please him. “Are you okay?” he asked as he kissed me and pushed more and more of his cock inside of me. He was so kind and gentle. He took his time, and little by little the pain was replaced with the sensation of being loved. “You are so tight. This feels amazing.” He reached down and wrapped his fingers around my seven-incher. I could feel my cock responding to his touch. “You are making me feel so good,” I moaned, lost in the fog of total pleasure. “Tell me what you want,” he said as he masturbated me and slowly slid his hard cock in and out me. “I want you to show me how strong you are. Don’t hold back,” I said. “I was hoping you would say that,” he said as he pulled out of me until only the head of his cut cock remained in me. The, he pushed into me with all of his might. I could hear a sound like a slap as his body met mine. His eyes were closed, and he showed me the same power he had just Prime Video Ücretsiz İzle revealed as we raced down the street. I loved the connection I felt to him. Even though I was on the bottom and being fucked savagely, I felt like a man. There was nothing feminine about this. We were hard pecs and abs, straining gluts and quads. Flesh and muscle. He was a man, and I was a man, and we were one. He stroked me, fucked me, and kissed me. Every nerve ending was firing. This was ecstasy and warmth and love, all rolled together. Suddenly, I could feel the semen rising from within me as my climax overwhelmed me. Rope after rope of cum fired from my hard brown uncut cock. As I released the most powerful load of my life, I squeezed my hard gluts together which, in turn, brought him more pleasure. He was panting and moaning as erupted inside of me. “Jamal, Oh fuck!” he moaned. Pumping in and out as he filled me with his warm semen. I had not fully reentered my body when I became aware of someone else saying my name. “Jamal, you used up all the hot water,” Malik yelled as he entered my room from the adjoining bathroom just has Speedo erupted. “What the fuck?” Speedo collapsed on top of me with his cock still inside me. “Malik, get out bro,” I begged. “I had no idea both of you were in here going at it,” he said, somewhat shocked. He was also totally naked since he was getting ready to step into the shower. “Damn, Jamal, I never thought you would take it up the ass.” “Come on, Malik,” I said again, feeling embarrassed. “This is not cool. You’ve got to go.” “My bad,” he said as he left the room. I’m sure seeing another boy fucking his little brother was the last thing he expected or ever wanted to see. “Jamal,” Speedo said as he recovered from the shock. “That was so fucked up, but funny as hell.” We both laughed as his soft cock withdrew from me. He rolled over onto his back next to me and held my hand. “Damn, that was hot. You are so fucking tight.” “Tight as a virgin?” I asked. “Not anymore,” he said smiling. “And we have a witness to prove it.” “I never thought my brother would see me having sex,” I said. “Yea, I don’t think it would have bothered him so much if you had been on top,” Speedo said. “That was embarrassing. But, I have to admit, I loved getting fucked. I didn’t feel like a girl just because I was on the bottom. I felt more like a man than ever,” I said. “Too bad Malik didn’t see it that way. So, why didn’t you lock the door?” “I locked the door to the hall. The door from the bathroom to my room only locks on the bathroom side. The only way I could’ve locked Malik out of my room would’ve been to lock him out of the bathroom. That really would’ve pissed him off,” I said. “I’ll bet that he’s back in his room right now trying to gouge his eyes out,” Speedo said. “By the way, your brother is hot as fuck.” “Really?” I said. “I’ve just had the most embarrassing moment of my life and you thought that this would be a good time to comment on how sexy my brother is.” “Should I have waited until after dinner?” he said. “Don’t be a dick,” I said, feeling a little jealous that Speedo found Malik to be hot. He began to massage my brown balls and kiss my full lips. “You are way sexier than your brother. I’m sorry for being a dick. I wanted this to be perfect for you.”

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