Spa Break II – We Buy Our Own Cane

Double Penetration

After we got home from our weekend spa break, neither of us could put from our minds the marks that the cane had left on the girl in the room next door’s bottom. I’d seen the welts in the sauna, but Ann, my girlfriend had seen them close up in the changing room showers. The next time we had sex, I imagined that I had just caned Ann and her bottom was covered in the marks. In reality, I had to satisfy myself with just spanking her as I took her from behind, leaving her ass glowing red. In the post-coital glow, Ann commented that I had really spanked her hard, but despite the stinging, she’d really enjoyed it. Encouraged by her admission I reminded her of Gemma, the girl from the spa, and suggested that we should also try a cane?There was a pause for a moment, before Ann answered, almost in a whisper, asking if I would cane her. My heart was racing and my cock sprung back to life. I’d never know such an instant turn-on effect. The suggestion was also having the same effect on Ann. Her nipples were stiff and the skin around her neck was red, a sure sign she was very aroused. Without delay, I pulled her onto her knees and entered her from behind. She was soaking, partly because I’d recently cum inside her, but more because she was so excited. As I thrust into her, I told her that I would buy a cane. She gasped her acknowledgment. As I pumped her more, I told her how I would bend her over a chair, cane her, then fuck her. With this, we both came loudly. It was the fastest we’d ever fucked and both come together. Clearly, my ideas were a huge turn-on to us both.The following day, I began my search online for a cane. There was a retailer in bahis siteleri West Sussex that was selling traditional straight rattan canes in two diameters, 6mm and 8mm. I had no idea what a rattan cane was, but another search revealed that this was the traditional style used in schools up until the mid-1970s. The shop was doing a deal, buy three for the price of two, so I added a simple riding crop to the order.A couple of days later a plain brown tube arrived in the post. It reminded me of the tube that I’d seen Gemma carrying as she got out of their car at the hotel. When I opened the tube it contained my order and I wondered if Gemma had used the same supplier? I showed Ann both of the canes, and the crop. She carefully balanced one of the canes in her hand and gave a few experimental swishes through the air. I could see she was getting turned on at the thought of us using the cane. I told her it would probably be a good idea if I got a little practice in using a pillow before using it on her. She readily agreed and carefully put the cane back into the tube.Later that evening, I was watching something on the TV and Ann was on her laptop when she called me over to see her Facebook page. She’d posted some photos of our spa break and tagged the location. Somehow Facebook had linked this to others who had also tagged the same location. One of those was Gemma and Mark. Ann quickly brought up their profile and I could see there were the usual photos couples post on their pages. Ann sent a friend request saying it might be fun to catch up again and perhaps meet up for a coffee. I was happy with that and went back to watching the TV. Ann canlı bahis siteleri continued on Facebook and received a reply from Gemma. They struck up an easy conversation online and Ann sent a private message with a few more photos from our spa break.The exchange continued over the next few days until Gemma mentioned the cane. She asked if Ann had considered getting one to try? Ann then did say that we’d bought two canes and a crop, but had yet to try them. Gemma seemed thrilled and asked if Ann would send some before and after photos. Understandably Ann was reluctant to send a relative stranger intimate pictures. Gemma had no such concerns and offered to send some of her pre and post caning photos. Ann was sitting at the dining room table and called me over to ask me what I thought. I had often replayed in my mind the memories of Gemma and her well-caned arse in the sauna at the hotel. So I jumped at the chance saying we could perhaps share a few of our less risqué photos if an exchange was needed. As I stood by her side, Ann sent another message saying we might be willing to share some photos, but they wouldn’t show our faces. In return, Gemma sent three photos. I leant in to get a clearer view of the screen. All were taken of her from behind, bent over what looked to be an armchair. The first was her wearing a small black thong that did nothing to hide her superb arse. The second was from the same angle but this time the thong was pulled down to the top of her thighs and her ass was marked with six deep red and violet welts. The marks were parallel and equally spaced about one inch from each other. The final image was taken canlı bahis from a different angle and the thong was gone, but there were more welts and several red handprints on either cheek. Her legs were slightly apart and you could see the outline of her pussy and the clear signs of what looked to be cum dribbling down her inner thigh. I wasn’t sure what to say, but I was incredibly turned on. My erection was impossible to hide from Ann. She simply replied to the message with ‘hot!’ and a smiley emoji. She then turned from her laptop to face me. I was still standing and her head was level with my groin. She carefully unzipped me and gave me the most memorable blowjob. Gemma’s pictures were still on screen as Ann’s head bobbed up and down on my erection. Within an embarrassingly short length of time I felt my orgasm build and I came in Ann’s mouth while entranced by Gemma’s pictures. Ann did her best to swallow my load, but some dribbled on her chin as I pulled out.  What a sight, my girlfriend with my cum dribbling down her chin in front of me, and on screen, Gemma with cum running down her leg. We quickly made our way to the bedroom where we both fucked ourselves stupid. I knew I needed to practice with the cane to make sure I could hit the right spot. While Ann was out one evening I took a pillow from our bed and draped it over the back of a chair in the living room. I was intending to cane Ann whilst bent over the chair. I selected the thinner cane, or junior cane as it said on the order form. I stood to one side and tested my aim before trying my first stroke. It was a bit rubbish, to be honest, too low and too much overlap on the edge of the pillow. My second effort wasn’t much better. So to help my aim, I nipped back to the bedroom and got a pair of Ann’s knickers from the laundry basket. I then pulled these onto the pillow to create a makeshift bottom.

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