Songs of Seasons from the Past


Hear the melodies of seasons from the pastHum along the verdant pathways in my mindSubtle tempers of the yearsThat may echo with a chantingWith ballads of gentle cooing in my ears WarblingPurring with seduction in my earsLike the insects They are chirpingThey are whirringAs I listenAs I hearHeeding all the etlik escort soothing callingThey are offeringAn oblationExpiationOf the music To my essenceMy belovédTo my soulAnd the blessings of the melodies of seasons long since pastHum along the fruitful passages The vibrantSubtle keçiören escort tempers of the yearsThat still echoIn my aged needy sensesI still feel them They are dulcetMost euphonicWhile the tender shades of romanceAll the whispers of the chorusKeep on singing in our heartsThey kızılay escort are singing in our heartsAs a choir we conductWith the subtle gracious tempers of the yearsReaching out to grasp the flavors of the tonal expositionWe both hearIn our selfless honied  joiningBoth our voices fused and meldingWe discover as we listen To each otherWe are pairedAnd the melodies of seasons from the pastEven now we hear the hummingIn the airs and lyric rhythmsDown the scented trails abundantWhere the blooms of zeal and fervor still ariseAs I listenAs I hearAll the essence of my darlingIn my ears

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