Something More


Her sparkling green eyes always caught my attention, but I had never seen arousal in them when she looked at me, til tonight. Her skin-tight mini dress accentuated her gorgeous figure inflaming my heart, body and soul. I needed her, more than her eyes were telling me she needed me. ‘Sky, what are you doing here?’ I asked, trying to keep my tone level and equal wanting to hide my arousal. ‘I’ve been thinking about your proposal,’ she replied. ‘I want to try it.’ Her sultry accent made me want to pull her into my house and rip her clothes off. ‘Come in and follow me,’ I told her as I started to walk to my bedroom, never once looking back. Knowing instinctively that she would be following me, I opened my door and let her in. ‘Sky please remove your clothes. Strip for me. Show me the gorgeous body that you are almanbahis şikayet giving me,’ I demanded quietly, not yet having found my way of dominating someone yet, hoping she could help me along; knowing she would be a perfect little for me. I watched as she stripped, her dress falling to the floor. Her perfect breasts just begged to be sucked, her hands covering her pussy hiding the object of my desire from me. ‘Very nice Sky, but you know that isn’t how you should present yourself. From now on unless I tell you otherwise you are to lay on your back, spread out to present yourself.’ I told her with a small half smile and she slowly crept onto my bed, lying face down to tease me before she rolled onto her back. She spread her legs out wide and stretched her arms to my bedposts. ‘Do you like, daddy?’ almanbahis canlı casino she asked with a little voice, wanting me to touch her. I stood watching her breathing, her breath getting deeper in anticipation, her C cup breast heaving in perfection. Her small nipples were surrounded by dark areola. Her flat stomach rippled with each and every agonising breath of hers, needing my touch more than she realised she did. I looked at her shapely legs, knowing that her sculpted muscles would soon be wrapped around my waist. Finally I looked at her pussy; her small gorgeous slit was so enticing, so tasty looking, and her pubic hair had been freshly shaved into a heart. ‘Do you like, daddy? I shaved it for you,’ she asked a second time worried about my lack of response. I smiled warmly as she almanbahis casino said that. I never thought she would so easily become my little, or so willingly. It warmed my heart thinking about it. ‘I love it, but tell me, how long have you wanted this to happen?’ I asked, my voice starting to crack under my barely contained arousal and excitement about the answer. ‘I have needed a daddy since I discovered sex. I have wanted you for three months now,’ she whispered shyly, in the perfect way to make me need her as mine for ever. Her reply startled me; she had craved me and my attention two months before I brought forward this suggestion. I smiled as I slowly undid the buttons of my shirt, as Sky bit her bottom lip with anticipation. As soon I undid my last button, I took my shirt off, dropping it on top of her dress, revealing my cuddly teddy bear type torso and letting her eyes devour my body, her lust almost burning me with the intensity. ‘Does my baby girl want to see the rest of me,’ I asked teasing her, allowing her desire to build further towards boiling point.

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