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Subject: Chapter 11 – Sleeping Dad Please donate to fty if its within your means. every little helps keep this site up and pay for its maintenance so you can whack off into glory forever more. If you are underage or find incest stories against your sensibilities, please turn back now. —————————————————————————— “Well, I have been home when you brought her and donno how free you both feel with me around. thought I could go stay over at Dave’s tomorrow and you can have the place to yourself. you wanna?”, Matt asked putting Sue’s plan in motion. Steve paused and considered. “You know, Sue has been giving me grief about lone time. that..that would be ce son. You sure?” “Yeah, I can take one for the team. Knowing what I know in our shared genes, our blue balls are that much harder to deal with.” Steve got up this time but ruffled Matt’s hair. “What a saint I have here.Alright, I will make plans with her for tomorrow then.” As Steve left the room, Matt’s gaze never left his amble backside swaying to his walk. He was gonna get it again, ad this time his Dad won’t be asleep if all went per plan. tomorrow couldn’t come sooner for Matt. The alarm rang but Matt was already awake, lying in bed, eyes half open, his hand squeezing his dick. Matt was careful not to overstimulate himself though. No, not today. He got himself semi hard but he still lay there without jerking himself off, staring at the ceiling and thinking about this day. Toght was going to be epic one way or another. a turng point. He could feel it and the anticipation was sending blood rushing through his dick getting him harder. “Stop”, he chided himself. There were things to do. He checked the time, it was just past 10 am. Matty swung his legs off his bed and groggily walked to the bathroom. The shower was runng. “Dad?”, Matt called out. “You in there?” “Morng son”, gurgled Steve through the shower. “Dad, I gotta pee.” Matt mewled, “Like urgently.” “Fine fine, just come in and do your job.” Those were the words Matt was waiting to hear. He didn’t need a second invitation. He opened the already ajar door, and took a quick look at the stall, his eyes hungry. The bathroom shower was on the far end. The bathroom door opened to a spacious entrance and a large basin and vaty. Couple paces from there sat the morng throne in white porcelain, installed on the same side as the basin. A few steps from there, occupying the length of the room was the shower stall with the faucet installed on the wall across from the thought-seat and basin. The shower was translucent but it did nothing to hide the massive frame kocaeli escort bayan of Steve who was almost up close against it. He seemed to be facing the shower gargling water as it hit his face, his arms up holding and rinsing his hair back. Matt’s heart missed a beat even at that sight. Those arms looked extra wide and thick as the image was dispersed through the wet glass. The side view of the legs were akin to large tree trunks. Going up a pale torso that jutted out in a small hillock of a chest. Even through the marbled glass he could make out his Dad’s pples, pink and stubby. Matt was in his boxers but decided to drop them around his legs, his pale boy ass facing his Dad’s own ass in the shower as he held his growing dick. Matt couldn’t pee yet as tried to relax and let the piss stream culvert its way out. He was afraid if he glanced back it might be sticky cum and not warm piss that spurted out. He was also a little nervous about what his Dad might think about his son standing naked at the bowl, all just too pee. At the same time, Matt wanted to take the chance and was anxiously anticipating what his Dad’s response would be. He stood there, his back to his Dad in the stall trying to pee, his ear cocked for a response from his Dad, an acknowledgment form him that he saw his son as the day he was born but there came nothing. He heard the steady sloshing of the water from the shower-head and nothing else. A large cloudy drop of yellowish piss formed on the tip of his pink head then dribbled into a thin stream of piss that hit the water in the bowl at a staggered pace. Then the stream gained volume and it was as if a dam had broken. Matt stood there emptying his bladder for what seemed like hours. “Wow son, that must be a record.”, came Steve’s voice in wonder form the shower. As Matty flicked the last drops from his flaccid pink dick he half turned to look at back the stall. His Dad seemed to be turned around in the shower facing him now. Matt wondered how long his Dad has been looking at him and if it affected him in any way. Ether way he knew, his Dad had noted his long stream even over the noise of the shower so that was something. Matt laughed. “Aren’t you the one who always lectures me about hydrating? I don’t even think I drank enough water yesterday.” “Strong bladder us men”, laughed Steve. “Don’t you have school?” “I only need go in at 2. Then I will be at Dave’s after.” Matt reminded him casually. “Thanks again son. Toght’s gonna be special”, he chuckled. Matty had fished peeing. He decided to stick around just a little longer and sat on the toilet facing his dad in the shower, hungrily kocaeli sınırsız escort taking in every detail, safe in the knowledge his Dad couldn’t probably see his gaze. “What do you have planned Dad?”, Matt asked genuinely curious. “Well, Sue and I ha…Matty, are you seriously taking a dump?” Matty giggled. “Hey you are taking too much time and I gotta go.” “You better not be stinking it up while I’m in here”, Steve said laughing. “Don’t worry dad, I smell like roses.” “Speaking of which I gotta clean up good for toght. I have work and then meeting her for a quick drink before we come back here.”, Steve confided. Suddenly, Matt realized, his Dad was crouching in the shower one hand behind, presumable cleang that beautiful ass hole. Oh how he wished he could step in give him a hand…or a mouth. He would just tongue bathe him like before and get him squeaky clean. Matt watched in rapt attention, his eyes boring through the translucent glass as he imagined his Dad inserting a finger down that puckered pink hole, drilling in and out as he cleaned it out for whatever fantasy he imagined he was going to engage in that ght. Little did his Dad know, this preparation was for his son’s benefit. “Matt, son? did you fall asleep?” Matt was broken out of his reverie, transfixed with his Dad’s body. “ugh sorry, was thinking about school.”, Matt lied. Steve turned off the shower and pulled the towel in that was hanging over the shower. “If you need me for anything, just call and I can pick you up.”, Steve said. “Thanks Dad. I should be good. We are planng on playing video games all ght.” “Sounds like a plan.” Steve was toweling himself. then he wrapped it around his midriff, opened the stall door and stepped outside. He briefly glanced at Matt then held up a hand to his face and shambled towards the door. “Not interested in your business. At least it doesn’t smell”, Steve joked. “Oh, get outta here Dad”, Matt said following the receding steaming red body of his Dad’s. He wished he could feel the warmth from it and hold his dick and balls in mouth. Soon as his Dad left the bathroom, Matty relaxed and took a deep breath. Why did his Dad have this effect on him? He had never felt like this before. Was this just a momentary lust or did his conscious self catchup with his subconscious adulation? It wasn’t even that he wanted his Da’d body. He resented Sue. He did not want to share his Dad with anyone. Most of all he wanted his Dad to want him and be with him the way he did. Would that ever happen? “whoa there”, Matty steadied himself. “One thing at a time”, he told himself. izmit anal yapan escort Matt got up and looked at himself in the mirror. He had a haphazard stubble going on. He knew now he could never grow a full beard like his Dad and he had accepted he might not be hirsute like his father but right now he did not mind that. In fact he was glad for it. He brought out the razor and started carefully shaving across his cheek and going for a close shave. As he risked the brush off in the basin he checked him self out again, large blue/green eyes looking back at him. He had his Dad’s long blonde lashes. The same cheeks bones and face cut. He slid his hand across his cheeks, smooth as a baby’s butt. He barely grew a stubble anyway but toght it had to be perfect. Next he lifted his hand and checked his pits. A small tuft of soft red hair hid in the crevice between his shoulder and chest. Consequently, he looked down at his bush, then lifted up his young, pink, egg like balls and reviewed the trail of hair going back down into his ass. It was sparse and tightly curled. That will have to go too. He brought out the razor again and jumped in the shower carefully lathering himself all over. Then with the razor he started with his arm and razing the pesky hairs. He brought it down to his bush and scythed through it all until he was left smooth all over without a trace of hair or stubble. Phase one for the toght’s plan was complete. Now to wait for the call. Matt’s phone went off and he picked it at the first ring. “Its time”, Sue said simply and disconnected. Matt exhaled nervously. This ght was going to be one to remember one way or another. Could it actually unfold the way they had planned? Matty got up from the cafe, paid for his water and walked out across the street to his house. As he approached the front door, he paused and listened. They were defitely in there. Matty rang the bell. After a space of 3 minutes he heard the shuffle of footsteps approaching the door. Matty’s heart was racing. The door opened and there stood Sue, in a pink lace lingerie, her hair in pony tail. She smiled at him and beckoned him inside with finger, then closed the door behind him. ———————————————————————- Patience my readers. Did not want to sacrifice story for pure lascivious reading. But it will be good, trust me. In other news, I created a Patreon page ( https://www.patreon/sleepingdad) on the suggestion of a reader. If you can spare some money for a guy holding down a couple jobs and trying to find time to write as well, I would be most grateful. Ofcourse, its not obligatory and stories will be coming, albeit at a slower pace. If you would like to become my awesome patron eon/sleepingdad and contribute what you can. Please check out the page for the tiers. Next chapter will be steamy, be forewarned!! As always, feedback is appreciated and love reading all your mail.

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