Sister in law I want to fuck Part 5


Sister in law I want to fuck Part 5Characters Jane Sister in law, Rod Jane’s man, Joe me Jane’s bro in law, Dave photographer, Angela Dave’s wife, ( not in this partBank Manager, Dan solicitor, Jim business owner, Mary wife of Mark, Mark business owner.)If you haven’t read earlier versions of Sister in law I want to fuck you might enjoy it more if you go the start and read each part in order. But you might be like me and pick things up quickly lol.About two weeks after Mr Japan was in town, Jane got a call from Angela. “I’m coming round and we will checkout your wardrobe for the photo shoot.”“I’m just about to go out, so that will not be happening.”“Jane baby, believe me you need to cancel what you are planning to do. We have more important things to do.”Just then the doorbell rang and when Jane opened the door, there stood Angela. “You got here very quickly.” “I made the call from the car outside your house.” Angela pushed past Jane “Where’s the bedroom, I assume thats where you keep your clothes.” “I ….. Oh it’s on the right down the hall. Why are you here and why do you think I’m going to cancel my plans/” “Have you forgotten the photo session you had in my house? Remember you agreed to go shopping with me before the next photo shoot. I want to checkout what’s in your wardrobe, so we can add to it to make a prize winning picture that Dan will take.”“Oh I’ve been so occupied I haven’t given it a second thought.”“Right so now show me where you keep your sexiest undies.”Jane opened a drawer and there were granny knickers of all colours you would like – as long as white cotton is your favourite.“These will not do for the photo shoot. Now I hope your bras are not similar.”“Oh of course they are matching.”“Then we won’t waste time looking at them. You you need a camplete set of photogenic undies. By the way, as I recall you have a hairy bush your your pussy. That will have to go.”“What makes you think I’m going to allow you to boss me like this.?”“Oh baby you are soooooo going to do everything I want, in fact you will be begging me before we are finished. Do you remember the things Joe reminded you of before you agreed to the photoshoot in my house?”“Oh yes I do.”“Well babe, you gave Joe even more of a hold over you when you told him about all the sexual exploits you had before and after Rod married you. You told him on Skype didn’t you?”“How do you know that?”“Guess. But if I told you that we know about: Mr Bank, Mr TV, Mr Layer & Mr Japan san, would that mean anything?”“Oh but he ……. I see where you are coming from. Yes I will co operate.”“Jane lets start with you stripping off for me and make it sexy.”Jane complied. First her sweater was gripped, right hand at the waistband on the left side and vice versa with the other hand. Slowly she raised her hands upward. As she did so she wiggled her hips like she had done for Mr Japan. As the waistband slipped over her tits she held the waistband tightly across her body under her tits so that it sprung up as it passed over her tits. Jane was wearing a white cotton granny bra that hid her cleavage, her nipples and her tits that Joe thought would look great unadorned by a bra. Jane reached round the back to unclip the fastening.The instant the bra was unclipped and before it slipped down Angela slipped both her hands under the cup and stroked up on each tit. Jane was surprised, so she stepped back. Angela responded “Not wise to annoy me” stepping forward she replaced her hands but with a difference.The difference was with her index finger second finger and thumb Angela squeezed Jane’s flacid nipple. Squeezing and twisting the nipples as she commander Jane “Get rid of the bra. Hope you aren’t going to be difficult. I’m sure you have had your nipples squeezed ” Jane responded, “Oh yes but not by a woman.” “Ah so you are a lesbo virgin. Maybe you will go off men. You will rate them second if I have my way and I know bahis şirketleri you will let me have my way. All the little secrets I know.”When the bra was off completely, Angela stepped in closer and bending over and pushing Jane backwards so she was hard against the wall, Angela started to suck and nibble Jane’s nipples. By this time they had awakened and were standing hard. “Oh Jane these are too lovely to hide away. You need to cut holes in your bra to let them breathe, or buy new bras made of thinner material. Even they should have a nipple hole cut in them if they don’t already have one. What you think?” “Oh not sure about that.” “No matter Jane I’m sure and you will be getting new bras and have a bon fire of the old ones.”Jane was exclaiming “Oh ah ah OMG” frequently for the next ten minutes. By that time her nipples were very red and standing about 1” out from her tit and about 3/4” in diameter. “Oh my Rod must love sucking those great nipples.” “No he never wanted to buy my boys loved sucking them until they were 5 years old and at school. I think the other boys made fun of them for being babies, so they stopped. I was so sorry I loved having them both suck one each at the same time when they came in from school. Before that I rounded them up in the afternoon, took them to bed or took off my top and sat on the sofa with them on each side of so they could suck for as long as I could get then to stay, mostly that would have been an hour. I loved the way I got a tingle right down to my pussy. I miss that. You were as good as them today. I’d be happy to have you do that again.”“Now Jane I bet your knickers are wet. Am I right?” “Yes you are Angela.” “Then you need to wiggle out of those slacks. By the way, I don’t want you ever to wear slacks again. I want you to get out of them in the sexiest way you can and do give your lovely tits a good wiggle in the process.”Jane reached round the back and undid the catch, then she slide the zip down. All the while she was wiggling and her tits were shaken from side to side. Angela watched with interest but standing close enough to flick Jane’s nipples with her finger nail causing Jane to cry out “Ohhhhh. That hurt.” Angela responded “What did you say?” “Oh sorry ment to say that sent a thrill through me to my pussy. Thank you.” “Ah now you are showing some respect. Thats good, I didn’t want to have to chastise you, although you might enjoy sex when your backside is raw and sore as well as your tits & pussy. Have you had that before? If not I suspect it will be coming your way soon.”“Enough chat now get on with it.” Jane now hooked her thumbs into the waist of her white cotton knickers. Still shaking her tits while wiggling her hips she slowly slid the waist band downwards. The waist band slid down over her nicely rounded buns. They showed no sign of fat,so angela had a quick feel, squeeze and hard slap. Angela stepped back to enjoy the up coming unveiling of Jane’s pussy. Jane very slooooowly lowered the waistband down her tummy to the top of her pussy bush. It was very hairy, so as the waist band passed down her pussy Angela expected to see her pussy lips and possibly her clit. She didn’t so she let Jane know she was displeased: “Jane you are a disgrace to all females. Do you never have you pussy bush trimmed? Does Rod never complain? Ah I guess he doesn’t but I don’t want you to have hair on your pussy. We will get rid of it and then you will have to keep pussy smooth and hairless. Ok?” “Um I suppose so.”When the knickers hit the floor. Angela had Jane turn round so her ass was facing Angela. “Spread your feet as wide as you can get them. Then I want you to slowly bend over, keeping your legs as straight as you can. Pick up your knickers, so I can smell your musk.” Just when Jane reached the floor to lift her knickers, Angela palmed her pussy and said “Stay that way.” Angela explored Jane’s pussy slit. bahis firmalar First with one finger running it up and down the full length of the slit. This was followed by two then three. “Jane leave you knickers on the floor, hold your pussy lips open using both hands.”When the lips were parted as wide as Jane could get then, Angela forced three fingers into Jane’s cunt. Once again Jane exclaimed “Ohhhhhhh my.” Angela started to curl her index finger up and down so it was stroking Jane’s g spot. After a few minutes Jane had an orgasm and she shot a lot liquid out of her pussy. “Oh Angela you were right I don’t want you to stop please keep going.”“In that case Jane we should go to your bedroom.” Just when Jane got settled on her back in the bed, the door bell rang and Angela’s mobile rang. “Stay as you are Jane. I will answer the door and deal with whoever it is. Or do you want to go to the door naked?” “No you go please.” “I will but you had better stay as you are – legs wide open, your fingers holding your pussy lips wide open too. Ok” “Oh yes thats fine.”When Angela answered her mobile Dave told her he was at the door with Joe (Jane’s brother inlaw). He went on: “Is Jane ready for us? Is she naked on her back on the bed? Will she comply with our wishes?” “Oh she is very complient. She has just told me that she doesn’t want me to stop finger fucking her, so you guys should be able to take a turn on her too.”Angela went back to the bedroom. “Jane I have a lovely surprise for you but you will only get it if you close your eyes and keep them closed. If you open them before you are given permission you will be very sorry. “Oh I will keep them closed tight until you tell me to open them.”Angela signalled the guys to come into the bedroom and be quiet. She signalled them to position themselves above Jane’s tits with their mouthes open. Previously Angela had told them that she would position herself at Jane’s pussy and they should lower themselves onto each of her tits and the same time as I suck her pussy.As it happened, surprise surprise they did latched onto both nipples and pussy at the same time. Jane let out a big “Ohhhhhhh Ahhhhhh OMG that is amazing. I’m gonna cum again and she did in just a 10 minutes Jane shot out a stream of liquid from her pussy.At that point Dave swapped with Angela his cock was rock hard and about 7” and 2” diameter. Angela wispered to Dave “Slam your rod straight in. I had three fingers in that cunt so you don’t have to ease it in. Make sure you slam it in hard, then with draw fully and slam it in again. Keep going until either you cum or she cums again. Dave did that while Angela & Joe sucked and nibbled the nipples.Jane went “Ugh Ugh with every inward thrust.” Dave came in about 10 minutes. He shot his load into Jane’s cunt. He then with drew his cock and moved so he could position his cock at Jane’s mouth. Jane held her mouth tightly closed.Angela spoke: “Have you ever had a cock in your mouth.” “Oh no I would never let that happen.” “I have news for you. This is the night you will have two cocks and you will suck a clit until the sukee is happy.” “Oh let me clarify, while I never thought I would have a cock in my mouth and I would never suck a clit by my choice, I see now that things have changed. I want to suck two cocks and a clit tonight. I will love it and I will want to suck them another time and be fucked by a cock and finger fucked another time.”So Dave presented his cock again and Jane sucked it greadily. Dave then fucked Jane’s mouth. When Jane was gagging Dave with drew his cock until she was breathing easily at which point he started again.Mean while Joe was finally getting to do what he always wanted to do: fuck sister in law. What a joy for Joe. Unlike Dave, Joe eased his cock into Jane’s cunt. Jane’s face showed relief that she was being fucked deeply but gently. Angela mean time was sucking and biting hard kaçak bahis siteleri (but without drawing blood) the left nipple. The right nipple Angela was squeezing hard, pulling and twisting it. Jane’s nipples were so hard and sore by now but Angela had no intention of stopping until the guys had both cum in Jane’s cunt.In his fucking Joe started gently but gradually he raised the speed of his thrusts while maintaining the depth. Every thrust finished with Joe’s cock hitting the entrance to Jane’s womb. Joe fucked without stopping for 30 minutes and then his 9” 3” diameter cock shot a stream of jizz into Jane’s cunt. When he came he said “Oh I have wanted to do that since your wedding day. Now that I have enjoyed you, I hope we can fuck often because I know Rod doesn’t fuck you now” Jane recognised the voice “Angela please may I open my eyes now?” “Oh ok go for it.”When Jane opened her eyes she looked round at Dave and finally Joe, who was still fucking her gently now. Joe kissed Jane passionately on the lips. To the watchers it became clear that Jane didn’t respond at first but as Joe continued kissing she started to respond, kissing Joe back. “Jane please tell me may I fuck you again? Would you sped the night in my bed?” “Joe I have really enjoyed having your cock inside me but it is something I will have to think about.” “Jane I understand. May I ask you again and may I buy you intimate apparel? Would you please let me have photos or video of you in them?” “Joe you will have to let me think about it.”Angela then told the men: “I want to suck Jane’s clit, so let us get jane onto her knees. I will lie under her you guys can fuck her mouth and one of you can fuck my cunt. I’m so wet you will slip in easy. Or who would like to put their rod into Jane’s ass hole.With that the phone rang but no one answered because they couldn’t reach it in time. Jane checked and found Rod had rung, so she rang him back using her mobile. Jane was having her clit sucked, her tits sucked, squeezed and pulled and a cock was in her ass hole as she spoke to Rod. “Hello dear. Why did you call?” “Oh bowls finished early so I wanted to check if you wanted me to get anything from the town.” “Oh that would be great. Would you go and collect me dress from the dry cleaners.” When she hung up she rang the dry cleaners and told her friend: “Keep Rod for at least 15 minutes. I need time to get sorted. Will tell you later.”Angela told Jane: “I want you to suck me to orgasm.” “Ok Angela if thats what you want I will suck you. We could do 69. If you lie on your back I will lie on you so my pussy is over you mouth. We can both suck and nibble clits at the same time.” The guys said “so what will we do?” Angela replied if your cock is hard you can stick it into Jane’s ass hole taking turns. That will give us all a great thrill. Won’t it Jane?” The guys made sure Jane’s ass hole was well lubricated by KY jelly. The guys told the girls after about 10 minutes: “We want you to change it. Lie on the dinning room table so Angela’s face is hanging over the end while facing down. Jane you will lie on your back and when Angela lifts up her ass you will slip your head under so you can suck Angela’s clit. Jane your cunt will be vigorously fucked by one of us while the other will fuck Angela’s mouth.They did that for a while but were anxious that Rod wouldn’t find them there, so they started to clear up and get dressed. Jane’s nipples were very raw and red now as well as feeling the sorest they had ever felt. Both of her holes were sore too. On the other hand she had never had so many orgasms in her life before. She loved the thrill that spread from her tits down to her cunt. Having her G spot stroked was amazing – no man had ever given her that thrill so she wanted it again, Angela will get the chance to finger fuck me again Jane thought.Dave and Joe’s cocks were much bigger than Rod’s had been as far as Jane could remember. Since Rod never fucks her now, Jane thought now I know Joe would be a fuck buddy if I want to be fucked.This has been all feelings and new experiences in a short time.Let me know wat you think. Suggestions too***********

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