Sissy’s Family


Sissy’s FamilyMY SISTER’S FAMILY(By Eros!)Part. 1When my sister Tracy, and her husband Tony invited me out to theirfarm in the country for a few weeks, I was more than a littlesurprised. Sure, Tracy and I had always been close as brothers andsisters go, but apart from the occasional family get-together, wehardly ever saw each other since I’d moved to the city. On the phone,Trace sounded her usual bubbly self and reminded me that I hadn’tvisited them since the Christmas before last. She suggested I come onout for a bit and enjoy the “laid-back country life-style”, as shecalled it.Tracy was thirty-three, a year younger than me, and Tony wasthirty-five. They had three gorgeous k**s, all of them blonde liketheir parents. Jimmy, the eldest was fifteen…. no, sixteen by now…that made Jodie… what, thirteen?… and the baby of the family,little Cindy, eleven… no twelve… Jesus, I couldn’t remember, Ihadn’t seen them for over a year.As I drove out into the country, I began to look more and moretowards the nice relaxing two weeks that Tracy had promised. My cityjob was beginning to become a definite drag and I really did need therest. Besides, my feisty little sister could be very persuasive whenshe wanted to.It was late by the time I pulled up outside the big old farm house,but the whole family was there to meet me, even the k**s. Tracy randown the steps and gave me a big, brotherly hug, pressing her large,firm tits against my chest as she kissed me hotly on the lips. I wasmore than a little startled when my sister’s tongue darted brieflybetween my lips. I was even more mystified when she gave my ass asensuous squeeze through my tight cut-off jeans.Before I could react, the k**s were upon me. Jodie raced up to meand jumped into my arms, wrapping her lithe young thighs around mywaist as she threw her arms over my shoulders, planting a big wet kisson my open lips. I didn’t know what to do! Her body had certainlymatured a lot since the last time I saw her. I could feel a nice, firmlittle pair of stiff-nippled breasts snuggled tightly against my chest,and a warm, plump little cunt-mound grinding tantalizingly against mycrotch. She was wearing a tiny little pleated skirt that immediatelyrode so far up over her small behind that it exposed her panty-encasedlittle backside to her older brother who was right behind her. I couldhave sworn the boy licked his lips as his eyes took in the tight,cotton-clad mounds of his little sister’s exposed ass.”Hi, Uncle Ted!”, she murmured, wiggling her hips a little more thanshe should have.”Ummmmm… Hi honey!” I returned, lamely. I couldn’t help it butafter my sister’s rather intimate welcome, my cock was responding tothe pressure of my niece’s innocent young sex-mound rubbing blatantlyon my bulging cock.I put her down before my prick grew to embarrassing proportions, andreached out my hand to young Jimmy. The boy took my hand in a stronggrip and shook it powerfully. Christ, he was only sixteen but he wasdamn near as tall and muscular as his father was!Little, twelve-year-old Cindy pushed her big brother aside andjumped up into my arms like she had seen Jodie do, but this time I wassomewhat alarmed to find that Cindy’s tiny little ass was naked underunder her skirt.. the cute little blonde wasn’t wearing any panties! Mypalm closed over tight, warm squirming flesh as Cindy began to kiss mewith just as much ardor as her mother and sister had done. My cocktook another involuntary leap in my pants!As Cindy wriggled her tiny little behind in my hands, my fingersslipped quite by accident up into the little girl’s cunt-crack. Luckilyher skirt was long enough to hide the fact that my fingers were nowactually touching the soft, hairless lips of my niece’s tiny p*****nlittle cunt. I tried to move my hands, but Cindy only giggled andsquirmed her naked little pussy down against my fingers. I could feelthe incredible heat of her tiny twelve-year-old cunt jammed tightlyagainst my fingertips, and I didn’t know what to do!Then, I spotted Tony approaching with hand outstretched. He wassmiling broadly as he welcomed me, but I wondered with more than alittle apprehension what the big man’s reaction would be if he knewthat while my right hand was shaking his, my left hand was firmlyplanted on his youngest daughter’s hot, naked little twat.I decided to play dumb, since little Cindy wasn’t reacting to thepresence of my fingers between her legs. She was giggling and asking meall sorts of inane, c***dlike questions which I attempted to answer…all the time my fingers were slowly working their way further andfurther up between her thighs until my index finger actually slidbetween the little k**’s tight, moist cuntlips.Part. 2I went to put her down then, as we headed off into the house, butlittle Cindy was having none of it. She squirmed against me, forcingmore of my finger into her pussy, until she was impaled on it fully. Icouldn’t believe it! Here I was, standing on my sister’s front porch,talking to her and her husband with my middle finger jammed completelyup their youngest daughter’s tight, juicy little cunthole. Not onlythat, Cindy was moving her ass slowly up and down, grinding herhairless pubes against my palm, with a glazed, far-away look in herdeep, blue little-girl eyes.I couldn’t concentrate properly! My cock was beginning to stiffennoticeably, and Cindy’s tight, hot young cunt was beginning to getdecidedly wet around my deeply-imbedded finger. I couldn’t believe that Icould get my finger so far up inside her tiny cunt, let alone thatthe cute little twelve-year-old would let me do it to her in front ofher parents, and not say anything! Not that anybody could see what I wasdoing. I had my hand up under Cindy’s short skirt as I held herawkwardly on my hip, chatting to Tracy and Tony as if nothing waswrong. I became bolder, wiggling my finger gently in Cindy’s tight,clinging young cunthole to see what the little k** would do.Cindy’s response to my delving digit was to hunch her plump littlecrotch down against my finger and moan into my shoulder. Tracy lookedat her daughter and smiled.”Cindy looks all tuckered out, Ted, and you must be tired too. Whydon’t you put her to bed and then join us in the den for coffee,” mysister suggested.I nodded dumbly and headed off down the hallway with Cindy’s smallcurvaceous body snuggled tightly against my chest, her tiny cunt stillfirmly impaled on my finger. Her head was on my shoulder and I couldtell that her breathing was becoming very heavy and laboured. Despiteher tender age, my little niece showed all the signs of growing moreand more aroused by my finger in her tiny hole. I kissed her on thecheek and Cindy lifted her head, surprising me by planting her hot,open mouth over mine. Then, the precocious little twelve-year-oldsurprised me again by slithering her tiny tongue between my lips toplay with mine.I returned her clumsy tongue-kiss passionately, frenching my prettylittle niece in a sudden frenzy of lust. A momentary feeling of guiltflitted across my mind. God, she was my own sister’s k**! AND onlytwelve years old! But I couldn’t help myself. She obviously had donethis kind of thing before and was definitely willingly, if not damnwell eager for it!I began to move my finger more purposefully inside her tightlygripping snatch, actually fucking my whole finger in and out of hertight little cunthole. No matter how far I pressed into Cindy’sclinging cunt, there was no barrier to my deeply plunging finger atall. I couldn’t believe it! My cute innocent-looking little niece wasno longer a virgin! Shit! Twelve years old and she’d already beenfucked! I wondered fleetingly who the lucky bastard was who got herlittle cherry.Cindy was moaning against my chest now and trying to bounce herlittle ass up and down on my hand. The horny young k** was literallyfucking herself on my finger! On shaky legs, I made the last few pacesto her room and kicked the door shut behind us.Laying her down on the bed, I sat down beside her, my finger neverleaving her tender little slot for a second. Cindy looked up at me andspoke for the first time.”Bring me off please Uncle Ted”, she almost whispered. “I need tocum real bad. I can’t go to sleep unless I cum.”I was dumbfounded. She was either a very promiscuous little girl, orsomething very strange was going on in this family. But at the moment Ididn’t really care why Cindy was acting the way she was, I only knewthat it was tremendously exciting for me. My cock had never feltstiffer as it strained against the bulging crotch of my pants. Cindynoticed it too and reached out between my legs. With soft, sure fingersthe little girl grabbed my cock and began to stroke her hand up anddown the shaft through my pants.”Oooooh, it’s a big one!”, she cooed, gripping me so hard I thoughtI was going to cum in my pants. “It’s even bigger than Da… umm..bigger than anything.”She was going to say something else but caught herself before shelet it slip. It didn’t really matter, I was too horny to take muchnotice of anything except her little fist around my cock and my fingerdiddling her sweet, juicy little cunt.Part 3.As much as I wanted her to continue, I forced myself to pull herhand off my cock. If I went back to the den with a big wet patch in thecrotch of my pants, it would take a lot of explaining. So Iconcentrated on Cindy, finger-fucking her hairless little twat withdeep, forceful jabs. I could see her little clitbud poking out at thetop of her tiny pink slit. It bulged out and rubbed against my palmeach time I pushed my finger inside her.”Uuuhhhh, God! Uncle Ted! That feels wonderful!”, she moaned. “Useanother finger!”Huh? Did she just say what I thought she said? She wanted me to putTWO fingers inside her little cunt? It already felt as tight as a vicein there with only ONE finger stretching her tiny hole. I hesitated,but Cindy must have sensed my concern because she reached down andgrabbed another of my fingers and stuffed it into her eager young twatherself!”Mmmmmm, yessssss! That feels better!” she smiled. “Now, shove themin deep and make me cum, Uncle Ted!”In a dream, I did as the cute little k** asked, fucking her tinyhairless slot forcefully with my twin digits. Cindy’s moaning became alittle too loud and I had to put my hand over her mouth in case theothers heard her excited cries. I could feel her twelve-year-old cuntripple and spasm tightly around my fingers as she came, squealingsilently into my other hand.On impulse, I pulled my finger from her cunt and dropped my facebetween her legs and plastered my mouth over Cindy’s tiny, gaping cunt,sucking and licking voraciously. She tasted delicious! Her hairlesspubes soft and juicy against my trembling lips. I took her clit into mymouth and sucked hard, bringing her off again in a tumultuous flurry oftiny legs and ass.By the time I’d sucked and licked up all her little-girl cum, Cindywas almost asleep. Her eyes drooping shut as she lay back against thepillow, a completely exhausted, yet totally satisfied, little girl. Igave her little pink, pussy-slit one last tongue-kiss and stood up.Cindy opened her eyes lazily and smiled.”Thank-you, Uncle Ted!”, she muttered sleepily.”My pleasure, honey! Sleep tight!”, I said.I opened the door to her room and stepped out, closed it behind me,but not before taking one last longing look at Cindy’s gorgeous nakedlittle body. As I walked back towards the den, I brought my fingers tomy nose and sniffed, inhaling the fragrant lingering odor of Cindy’slittle-girl cunt.When I got there, the rest of the family was watching TV. Tracy wassitting on the couch next to her husband while Jimmy and Jodie laybeside each other on the floor. As I got closer, I couldn’t helpnoticing that Jodie’s short dress had rucked up almost to her waist andfrom where he was sitting Tony must have had a clear view right upbetween his daughter’s casually spread thighs.Tracy nudged Tony and told him to get up and let me sit down next toher, which he did.”Did Cindy manage to get you to do it for her, Ted?”, asked Tracywith a smile.”Huh?” I said, looking guilty.”Did she get you to read her a story, silly?”, my sister replied.”Er… yeah… sure! It was no problem. Umm.. then she wentstraight to sleep,” I lied, hoping Tracy couldn’t smell her daughter’scunt-juice on me.Tony came to my rescue and handed me my coffee. We chatted quietlyabout this and that, but my eyes kept flicking back to Jodie’s cute,sexy little ass poking provocatively out from under her rucked upskirt. She was certainly starting to fill out, I thought, nice roundedlittle butt, firm pointy little tits, long slim legs and a narrow waistwithout any hint of the puppy-fat she had when I last saw her.Part 4.I pretended I was glancing at the TV, but each time my eyes wouldfeast on the lovely bulge between Jodie’s carelessly spread legs. Shewas wearing a pair of powder blue panties that moulded themselves toher sweet young crotch like a second skin. I could even see the grooveof her plump little pussy outlined all the way to her asshole.”That’s a nice view, isn’t it Ted”, said Tracy suddenly.I tore my eyes off Jodie’s delicious crotch and stared stupidly atmy sister. Had she seen me ogling her little daughter’s shamelesslyexposed twat? I was ready for a real chewing out.”Sorry, sis? What did you say?” I blurted, trying to act dumb.”You’re not with it tonight.. are you silly?”, grinned Tracy,snuggling up against me. “I asked you if you liked the view. It’s aplace near here. We could go up there one day if you want.”Tracy pointed to the TV and I turned back to look, this time at thetelevision set. There was a travelogue show on, showing a series ofbeautiful mountain vistas. `Shit, that was close’, I thought, breathinga silent sigh of relief.”Yeah! Sure!”, I mumbled into my coffee. “I’d love to go”Tracy snuggled closer up against me, throwing her arm across mychest. I could feel her left breast pressed enticingly against myshoulder, the nipple hard and erect through the thin tee-shirt she waswearing. The heat of her body was intense and her closeness was makingmy own temperature soar. My cock started to rise once more but before Icould do anything about it, Tracy cupped it with her hand.”My.. my.. what have you been thinking about, Ted?” she whispered,giving my cock a good feel. “Mmmmmm, brother, you sure pack a nice cutlunch.”I didn’t know what to say! Here was my own sister fondling my cockwith her husband and k**s in the room. Jesus!I squirmed a little to allow my cock-bulge to grow without cuttingoff the circulation to my balls. Tracy was ignoring her husband who satin the armchair to our right, staring at the show on TV.”Stop it, Tracy!” I whispered. “What the hell are you doing?””Copping a feel of my brother’s big cock?” she teased. “Don’t youwant me to?””Shit, Sis! What if Tony catches you, he’s sitting just over there,for Christ’s sake!””Don’t worry about Tony…” she whispered, licking my ear “….hecan find his own fun. By the way, did you fuck Cindy before?””Huh?””I said did you FUCK her?””Ahrr… n… no!””Hmmmm, that doesn’t sound like her at all,” smiled Tracy, “Are yousure you didn’t do anything to her at all?””No… I don’t know what the hell you’re talking about?” I lied.My sister grabbed my right hand and before I could stop her, shepulled it up to her nose and sniffed. Her smile broadened into alascivious grin.”You finger-fucked her, you sly bastard,” murmured Tracy, poking outher tongue. Seductively she licked my fingers one at a time, tastingher own daughter’s cunt as she cleaned Cindy’s stale pussy-juice of myfingers.Then she did something that really had me scared. With a flick ofher wrist, Tracy pulled down my zipper, reached inside my pants and hadmy stiff, throbbing erection out and clasped tightly in her fist in aflash.”Hey k**s, look!” she said loudly. “Uncle Ted’s got a hard-on”Part 5.Jodie and Jimmy turned around to see. Jimmy just grinned, but thelook on Jodie’s face was unmistakable. She was staring hungrily at mycrotch like she was starving and my rock-hard cock was a three coursemeal! I turned apologetically to Tony, but he was grinning just as muchas Jimmy.”Wow!”, breathed Jodie, still staring at her mother as Tracycontinued jerking her fist up and down the length my fully erect cock.”Can I do that, Mom?”I looked down as the sexy-looking little thirteen-year-old crawledover and knelt in front of me, her firm, unrestrained little titsjiggling provocatively under her thin top.As I watched stupified, Tracy handed my cock over to her daughter,who took over jerking her tiny fist up and down my thick, throbbingshaft.Tony came over and kissed his wife hotly, fondling her fabulous titsthrough her tee-shirt.”Good work, honey! I knew you could do it!”, chuckled Tony, ” and inrecord time too!”I was totally confused! First twelve-year-old Cindy had let mefinger-fuck her, and suck her tasty little twat to orgasm… thensuddenly, my sister whips my cock out and lets thirteen-year-old Jodiejack her fist up and down on it… and now her husband iscongratulating her???? Shit, what the hell had happened to my sister’sfamily… had they all been pigging out on locoweed… or some othermore mind-numbing weed? Looking down at gorgeous little long-hairedJodie busily masturbating my cock, I suddenly didn’t give a damn.”Jimmy, go and get Cindy,” said Tracy to her son. “She wouldn’t wantto miss this for the world.””Sure thing, Mom”, replied the handsome sixteen-year-old, jumping tohis feet.”And don’t take all night, okay?” smiled Tracy. “I know how YOUusually wake up your little sister!””Okay, Mom”, laughed Jimmy, racing off down the hall.Tracy turned to her husband.”I think it’s time to show Ted one of our special videos, don’t youdear?” she asked, winking at Tony.”Yep! I sure do!”, Tony said, moving over to the video player.”Which one. baby?””The one from Cindy’s twelveth birthday, would be a good choice Ithink, under the circumstances.”Tony opened a cabinet and took out a video cassette and popped itinto the player. Standing back to adjust the contrast as the firstimages appeared. The opening shot was of a decorated room, and Iinstantly recognised it as the one in which we were sitting now. Theimage panned to the hallway and focused on a young girl walking towardsthe camera. It was Cindy, and she was completely naked. Her tiny titswere almost all nipple, but she definately had shape about her. Hertiny waist rounded delightfully into gorgeous, creamy thighs. Thecamera zoomed up to concentrate on her naked pussy as Cindy approached.The image was well lit and very sharp. So sharp in fact, that I couldclearly make out Cindy’s little pink cuntslit… the same hot, moistlittle crevice my fingers had slipped into only minutes after I arrivedtonight.Part 6.I tore my eyes off the TV screen when I felt Jodie’s hot breath onthe tip of my cock. She was still stroking her soft little handexpertly up and down my throbbing prick, but now she had angled itslightly so that the head was pointed directly at her parted lips. Thevisibly excited young thirteen-year-old had managed to pull her pantiesoff and now had her other hand shoved between her naked thighs, heragile fingers rubbing furiously at her gaping pussyslit. She was stillstaring at my raging cock like she wanted to swallow it whole, and Iwas almost tempted to let her do just that when Jimmy returned withlittle Cindy.They were both naked and Jimmy’s cock swung before him, as stiff asa railroad spike. He was very well hung for a sixteen-year-old, and hisformidable erection was glistening with wetness, which I suspected wasa liberal coating of little Cindy’s saliva. My sister noticed it tooand grinned at her son broadly.”Couldn’t help yourself, could you Jimmy?” laughed Tracy, removingher clothes. “Ooooh, you really are nice and hard tonight, aren’t youbaby? Come over here and let Mommy give you a quick blow-job before thereal fun starts.” Then she turned to Cindy. “Go sit with Daddy andwatch the video, honey.”I stared mesmerized at Tracy’s gorgeous, naked body as Jimmy strodeover to his mother and held his stiff young prick out for her to suck.Without a trace of shame, Tracy gripped her son’s thick, bobbing shaftwith her fist and popped the head of Jimmy’s huge, bloated cockstraight into her mouth.Cindy gave me a big smile and ran to her father who was sittingnaked in an armchair stroking his own erect cock. The little girljumped up onto her father’s lap and hugged him lovingly. Her hardlittle tits pressed against his hairy chest, and I could see she wasactively grinding her hairless little cunt down onto her father’smassive bahis siteleri hardon which was trapped between their bellies. Tony reachedround and cupped his daughter’s ass, one tiny cheek in each hand. Cindymoaned something into her father’s ear.”Later, honey! We’ve got a guest remember. Turn around an watch thevideo…. you remember when we took that don’t you?”All eyes returned to the TV screen as Cindy let out a cry ofrecognition.”Yeahhhh! I remember! That’s my last birthday party!”, she giggledhappily. “That’s when you and Jimmy did it to me for the first time!”With those words ringing in my ears, I watched the scene unfoldingon the video with rising excitement. Even with all that was happening,I still found it hard to accept that my sister’s family was into i****tin a BIG way. Tracy stopped sucking Jimmy’s cock and patted the boy onthe ass.”Okay, that’s enough for now, stud!”, she grinned, licking her lips.”Let’s get comfortable and watch the video.”She got up and pushed Jimmy back into the other armchair and sat onhis lap, careful not to squash his straining erection. It poked uplewdly from between her thighs and with her eyes on the screen, Tracylay back against her son, fondling his cock and balls lightly. Jimmy’shand reached round and cupped his mother’s tits, squeezing andmassaging the firm, creamy mounds with practised familiarity.”Jodie, honey, why don’t you sit up on Uncle Ted’s lap too,” saidTracy. “You won’t have to turn around all the time to see the videothen.”Jodie stood up between my thighs and removed her top. I almostgasped aloud at the sight of her delicious little body totallyunclothed, as nature had intended. Her small conical tits were almostas big as her mother’s, but then again my sister always was kind ofpetite and her tits were what you’d call “a nice mouthful”. Jodie’slooked just as delectable. Her cute little twat was as hairless asCindy’s but slightly plumper and her pussylips gaped open slightly,giving me a good clear view of her inviting pink cuntslit.With a giggle, Jodie turned around and sat her gorgeous little asson my belly, so that my cock lay pulsing up between her slender youngthighs. It pressed hotly against her naked cuntmound, throbbing witheager anticipation. Jodie lay back with her head on my shoulder likeher mother and Jimmy had done and reached down between her legs toresume her idle fondling of my cock. I looked over at Tony and Cindyand found that the little girl was sitting on her father’s lap inexactly the same fashion. His huge cock was jammed so tightly upagainst Cindy’s little crotch that from where I was sitting it lookedlike the cute, naked little twelve-year-old had suddenly sprouted acock of her own.Tony reached for the control and turned the volume up so we couldhear what was being said. The scene had shifted to a wide shot of theden, and it soon became clear that the birthday girl wasn’t the onlyone in her “birthday suit”.Part 7.In the center of the picture, stood Cindy and Tony, the big mantowering over his little daughter head and shoulders. Both were wearingbig smiles… and nothing else. Around them the rest of the guests sat inchairs, or on the floor, all of them completely naked. Young Jimmy wassitting beside Jodie on the couch, the very same couch I was sitting innow, his arm around her neck and his hand firmly cupping one of hissister’s tits. Jodie had her little fist around Jimmy’s cock, absentlyjerking the boy off as they listened what Tony had to say.”First of all, I’d like to thank you all for coming here today,”boomed Tony’s voice through the TV speaker.”I haven’t even cum once yet!”, a man’s voice laughed off-camera.”Shut up Ray, you horny bastard, you’ll get your chance soon enough!”,chuckled Tony, then continued his speech. “As you all know… it’sCindy’s birthday!”There was a noisy cheer from the audience and little Cindy took a bow,completely unruffled by her total lack of clothing, or all the attentionshe was getting. Tony gave her cute little ass a playful squeeze andcontinued.”It’s not just any birthday, folks.” he grinned. “It’s Cindy’s twelfthbirthday, and you all know what the means, right?!”Another cheer from the gathering, this time a couple of appreciativewhistles from some of the male members of the crowd.”Yes! It’s Cindy’s big day!”, continued Tony. “The day she becomes awoman… right, honey?”Cindy gave her father a big hug and nodded her head enthusiastically.”Yep! My daddy’s gonna fuck me today!”, she said speaking directly to thecamera. My cock twitched between Jodie’s thighs as I realised I wasactually going to see my brother-in-law take his youngest daughter’scherry!Jodie felt my involuntary movement and wrapped her hot little fistaround my cock, squeezing gently as she moved her tightly curled fingersup and down the shaft. I looked over at Tony and Cindy sitting in thechair next to me. Tony had his middle finger buried in his daughter’stight little honey-pot and Cindy was squirming her tiny crotch onto hishand. They were totally absorbed in their own i****tuous foreplay, hardlynoticing the images on the TV screen in front of us.I looked over at my sister and Jimmy who seemed far too engrossed inramming their tongues down each other’s throats to watch the videoeither. Even the gorgeous little girl on my lap was paying more attentionto my cock than to the activity on the TV screen. I seemed to be the onlyone watching. In a daze, I returned my attention back to the TV in timeto hear the final part of Tony’s speech.”…and so, as our tradition demands, the privilege of making a womanout of this gorgeous young virgin falls to her father…. ME!!”A loud cheer went up from the assembled party-goers as Tony swept hisdaughter into in his arms and they kissed passionately. Cindy’s hand wentstraight down to her father’s cock and began to stroke him. Tony’s prickbegan to swell in her little fist until Cindy couldn’t get her fingersaround it. Then my sister, Tracy stepped into the picture and positioneda foam mattress on the floor at their feet. It was then I realized thatnot only was Tony going to fuck his little 12-year-old daughter and takeher virginity…. he was going to do it right there in front ofeverybody!My cock gave another twitch and Jodie giggled, lying back against mychest.”Oooohh, Uncle Ted! Your cock feels even bigger and harder thanDaddy’s!”, she murmured, running her tight little fist up and down theincredibly swollen shaft.”Unnnnnmmmmm! You’d better stop that, honey, unless you want me to cumall over your belly.”, I groaned.Jodie just giggled and squirmed her little ass into my lap. I reachedround in front of her and cupped her budding young breasts, squeezing andfondling the conical little mounds as I turned my attention once more tothe incredible images on the screen before me.Part 8.The camera zoomed in between little Cindy’s skinny young thighs asTony lay his daughter down onto the hastily-prepared bed. Her tiny,pussy-slit looked quite swollen and juicy, the tight, hairless littlecuntlips pulled apart by her wide-spread legs into a hungry grin ofadolescent desire. Tony loomed above her, his impressively large cockstill only at half-mast as he knelt between his little daughter’s thighs,for a second before dropping his face into her crotch.Tony’s put his hands under her ass and lifted Cindy’s pussy to hismouth. His lips opened and even on the grainy video, I could clearly seehis tongue enter her slit, making her tight little ass jump in his hands.Cindy obviously wanted more, and her father obliged by darting his tonguedeep up inside her eager young slit, again and again.Cindy, squealed and bucked her tiny cunt up at her Daddy’s mouth, herlittle legs wide apart as Tony’s stiff tongue delved deep up inside her,stirring yet more desire in the little twelve-year-old’s hotly-writhingbody.Tony was holding his daughter’s cuntlips open as he tongued her youngslit. Her little gash was bright red inside and very, very wet. I thoughtat first it was just Tony’s saliva, but then I saw him licking up a lightcreamy liquid that seemed to bubble up from inside my little niece’spussy.”Ohh, Daddy! Suck me hard! I’m cumming already! Ooh God… ooh God..oh shit!”, Cindy whimpered mindlessly.I watched as the little girl climaxed on Tony’s wildly-flickingtongue. Her tiny ass was squirming all over the matress, her fingers inher father’s hair, pulling his mouth down over her tiny hunching twat.Then she came, screaming and wailing like a banshee. I never knew alittle girl could make so much noise. But nobody seemed to mind, least ofall my sister Tracy, who knelt beside the matress stroking her daughter’ssweaty forehead and whispering encouragement to the quivering, pantinglittle 12-year-old… as if having her father suck her immature youngcunt to orgasm was the most natural thing in the world.Then, Tony stood up and knelt between his little girl’s legs. His cocklooked enormous waving over her tiny pussy. Cindy had quietened down abit, but she was still moaning. Tony held his little daughter’s kneeswide apart and inched up between her thighs until the tip of his cockpressed against her young pussylips. On the screen her father’s huge,bloated cockhead looked impossibly large, compared to the little girl’sp*****n cuntslit, but Cindy’s tiny hips seemed to have a life of theirown.”Ready, honey?” asked Tony.Cindy nodded, biting her bottom lip in anticipation. Without warning,Tony suddenly hunched forwards, burying his cock into his daughter’s tinylittle fuckhole with one long, fluid motion. It was beautiful. WatchingCindy’s sweet little cuntlips flower open and engulf her Daddy’s prickseemed like the most beautiful and natural thing in the world.The look on Cindy’s face as the camera zoomed in on her spoke volumes.There was a little pain in her wide young eyes at first, but then a lookof total rapture as her father’s big, thick cock slid deep into hertight, young hole and began to move inside her. Cindy wrapped her tinylegs around her father’s hips and thrust her hot little cunt up at himeagerly as Tony began to fuck her slowly.I pulled Jodie’s hand off my prick and lifted her bodily into the air,depositing her tight, willing little cunt over my cock. Watching mybother-in-law fuck his 12-year-old daughter on video while they sat onlya few feet away, feeling each other up, was just too much! I needed tobury my prick into something hot and tight and wet… real quick!Luckily, Jodie didn’t object one little bit. In fact, the sexy young minxcouldn’t get her hot little cunt on top of my cock fast enough!”Ohhhh, Uncle Ted! I wanna fuck you so much,” she gasped. I couldn’thave agreed with the horny little k** more!Jodie straddled my hips and grabbed my prick, fitting the head betweenher cuntlips. With adolescent urgency, she ground her slender young hipsdownwards… eager to fuck. At the same time, I hunched upwards, and mycock slid right into her cunt!God! Nothing could have prepared me for the feeling. Jodie was sodamn tight! I could feel every ridge and contour of her insides as herlittle pussy engulfed me, grasping my cock in a grip that almost hurt.For a second I was stunned, unable to move, but Jodie would have none ofthat, the horny little k** grabbed my shoulders and began to bounce upand down on my deeply-imbeded cock like it was some kind of rodeo-ride!”Oooooh, come on! Fuck me, Uncle Ted! Hurry up and fuck me!!!Uhhhhhhh, God, I want it so bad!”Part 9.Jodie’s wanton pleading spurred me into motion and I began to move mycock in and out of her tight, clinging young cunthole, fucking her hardand fast just like her father was doing to little Cindy on the TV screenin front of us. Only thing was, this was for real! I was actually fuckingmy sexy 13-year-old niece!! Not only that… I was fucking the hornylittle k** with her parents sitting in the same room!!!!Her face was buried in my shoulder as Jodie panted out her lust,grinding her snug, slippery little cunt up and down over my incrediblystiff cock with an urgency that both surprised and excited me.”Ohhh, Uncle Ted! Jesus, yesssss! Fuck me! Fuck me like that! Oooh,that’s so good! You’re soooooo biiiiiiiggg!”Obviously the sexy little k** was used to a good hard fucking, but hadnever yet felt a cock the size of mine in her her tight horny, littlecunt before. After only a couple of minutes, she suddenly jerked andsquealed so loudly, I almost had the urge to put my hand over her mouthto shut her up. My sister looked over at us with a sly smile on herpretty face.”Jesus, Ted! What are you doin’ to that poor little girl?”, sheasked.”I’m… uhhh, shit… I’m fucking her, Trace!”, I panted slamming myprick up into Jodie’s clasping little pussy. “I’m f… fucking hertight… hot… wet… little cunt!””Uhhhhhhh, God! He sure is, Mom!”, grunted Jodie. “You should feel howlong and th… ummmm… thick his cock is! Ohhhhhhhh! Unnnhhhhgggghhhh!”I intend to, honey!”, grinned Tracy, giving me a lewd wink.My cock twitched up inside Jodie’s tight little cunt at the verythought of fucking my gorgeous little sister.Without taking her eyes of me, Tracy whispered into her son’s ear andpushed the boy off her lap. Jimmy got between his mother’s legs andspread them wide, lowering his handsome young face to his mother’s gapingpink pussy-slit like it was the most natural thing in the world. Tracypushed the boy’s mouth into her naked crotch and hunched her slim hips upat his tongue as Jimmy began licking and sucking her wet, hairy cunthungrily.Her eyes were glazed over with lust, but she kept staring at my cocksliding up inside her daughter’s tight little cunt as I fucked youngJodie… or rather, as the hot little 13-year-old fucked me! Tracy’s lipswere moving, but nothing was coming out. Then, through my own lust-crazedhaze I realized what she was doing. My sweet, sexy little sister wasmouthing the words; “Fuck her! Fuck her! Fuck her!”, as she watched mylong, glistening cock slam up inside her eldest daughter’s hungry littlepussy.I grabbed Jodie’s hard young ass and lifted her up, slamming my cockdeep up into her hot little cunt like there was no tomorrow. Jodiespasmed. I could feel her tiny twat contract around my cock like alittle fist. She was cumming like crazy. I lost track of how many timesJodie climaxed, I just kept fucking her and fucking her… watching mysexy, depraved sister hunch her glistening cunt up at her son’s mouth.Jodie was beside herself with lust, bouncing her hot little cunt upand down over my deeply-buried cock as she squealed in ecstasy.”UNGGHHHHH, GOD! DON’T STOP!.. JESUS, DON’T STOP, UNCLE TED!.. FUCKMEEEE! OOOOOOOOOOOH! AHHHHHHHHHHHGGGGGHHH!”She needn’t have worried, nothing on earth could have made me stopright then. I grabbed her heaving little ass with both hands andcontinued to fuck her as hard as I could, striving for my own orgasmwhich was building rapidly. Jodie’s climax seemed to last for a longtime, or maybe it was a series of many little ones, I didn’t know. All Iwanted to do right then was come myself, and with her tight, 13-year-oldcunt spasming around my prick, that didn’t take long.Jodie was still climaxing as my cock exploded inside her, and I heardher moan loudly as I squirted my hot, i****tuous load deep up into herbelly, at the same time feeling her hot, snug little cunt convulsetightly around my pistoning prick.”Uhhh! Uuuhh! Uuuuuuuhh, baby! I’m cummmming!”, I grunted, reallypounding her hot little cunt hard.Jodie wrapped her arms around my shoulders and hugged me real tight,almost crushing me in her arms as I hunched up into her belly, emptyingmy sperm-filled balls into her hot, forbidden little hole. When my owncontractions had ceased, I kept pumping my prick up inside her pussyuntil it started to soften. Jodie slumped on top of me, hugging me somemore as she ground her tight little cunt down over my wilting cock. Herhot little mouth found mine and we kissed passionately for severalminutes, just stroking each other’s naked bodies gently… catching ourbreath.Part 10.Once I’d recovered my senses, I looked over at Tracy. Jimmy waskneeling between his mother’s wide-spread legs now… his long, slendercock buried deeply in my sister’s cunt. Her legs were d****d wantonlyover the muscular young boy’s shoulders as Jimmy pounded his young prickinto her, fucking his mother incessantly with deep, hard, penetratingstrokes that seemed to take her breath away.On the other lounge chair, Cindy had managed to squirm her hot juicyyoung slit down over her father’s huge cock and was riding Tony like asex-starved little cowgirl. Her tiny, hairless young cunt was stretchedso widely around her Daddy’s thick cock, I couldn’t imagine how thelittle 12-year-old was feeling any pleasure at all. But Cindy’s loudmoans and squeals of ecstasy as she bounced up and down on her father’sbig prick were tacit proof that the horny young k** was certainly gettinga lot of satisfaction from the incredibly deep penetration.Jodie began snuggling her naked little body against me, nuzzling myneck and grinding her cum-filled little cunt against my limp cock in away that soon had me hard again. On the TV screen in front of me, Tonywas still pounding little Cindy with a ferocity that matched his littledaughter’s hot, adolescent hunger. It was strange to hear the same moansof pleasure coming from both the TV and the chair beside me at the sametime.Jimmy suddenly let out a loud grunt and began pumping his mother’supthrust cunt with savage thrusts. His back was arched and his handsomeyoung face was a contorted mask of ecstasy as he slammed his spurtingcock deep up inside his mother’s womb. Tracy was moaning loudly, butdidn’t appear to be that close to orgasm herself. She rode her out herson’s frantic orgasm and held the boy close as he collapsed on top ofher, his passion spent… at least for the time being. Tracy looked overat me dreamily and smiled. Then her eyes spotted my erect cock throbbingstiffly in Jodie’s hand as the little girl jerked me off.”Mmmmmmmm! Wanna put that somewhere nice and hot and juicy, brotherdear?”, she grinned.”No! I got it hard! Get Jimmy to fuck you. I want Uncle Ted to fuck meagain!” said Jodie, flashing her mother a jealous look.I couldn’t believe it. Two gorgeous, naked women fighting over myrock-hard cock. Not to mention that the two gorgeous women in questionwere my very own sister and her 13-year-old daughter. My cock twitched inJodie’s hand at the thought of fucking my sexy sister.”Don’t be greedy, Jo!”, frowned Tracy. “If you want another fuck, askyour brother. It’s my turn with `Uncle’ Ted!””Awwww, Mom!”Reluctantly, young Jodie released her grip on my cock and went over towhere Jimmy was lying on the floor. Without a word she dropped to herknees and bent forward, taking the boy’s limp, sticky cock right into hermouth. She made a horny sight kneeling there, her cute little ass pokingin the air, cum leaking from her glistening young pussy-slit and herbrother’s cock inside her hot little mouth to the balls. Mmmmmm, mmmm! Ifmy sister hadn’t come over and wrapped her hands around my cock, Iwouldn’t have been able to help myself from crawling up behind Jodie’snaked ass and shoving my prick back into the little girl’s cunt from therear.As it was, I didn’t have to, my cock was soon enveloped by the juicy,clinging flesh of Tracy’s hot mouth! My own sister was sucking my cock!Her sexy eyes were fixed on mine as she swallowed my meat, something Ifind extremely arousing when getting a blow-job. Her fingers were lightlysqueezing my balls as if gently trying to coax the sperm from them.”Ohhhh, God, Trace!”, I murmured placing my hand on top of my sister’shead. “Suck it! Suck my cock!”I still couldn’t believe it was happening. I half expected to wake upand find myself in the middle of a wild wet dream. But the mouth on myprick felt real enough, and the hair that was now brushing against mynaked stomach felt real enough, too. My sexy young sister was kneelingbetween my open thighs, sucking my throbbing prick like her life dependedon it! Occasionally, to my utter delight, Tracy would run her tongue downthe length of my cock and begin licking my balls. Then she opened herlips wide and sucked them into her mouth one at a time, nibbling themgently. God, I was in heaven!!”Uhhhhhh, fuck! Yeahhhh! Suck my balls!” I moaned, curling my fingersin my sister’s hair. “Suck my fuckin’ balls, baby!!”Tracy lifted her head off my cock and looked up at me with the sexiestlook I have ever seen and smiled at me.”Mmmmmm, you like that, don’t you big brother! You have such big fatballs, Ted. I’ll just bet they’re all full of delicious, hot canlı bahis siteleri cum againalready. Would you like me to suck that cum right out of your swollenballs and let you shoot it into my mouth, lover? Would you like me tosuck you off, big brother?””Ohhh God, yeah! Please! Anything! Just put your mouth back on my cockand suck it, Trace!”, I panted. I was past caring whether my sistersucked me off or I fucked her cunt. I just wanted to cum… and quick!Part 11.”Hold onto your seat then, stud, you’re gonna LOVE this!” she said,plunging her mouth back down over my rigid fucker.Tracy took my whole cock into her mouth in one gulp, then began to bobher pretty head up and down on the length of my prick as fast as shecould, taking the long, glistening shaft down her throat all the way tomy balls on each downward plunge. God, my own sister was deep-throatingme, and it felt fantastic… just like a tight, hot juice cunt sliding upand down on my cock!At this rate, I knew it wouldn’t be long before I shot my wad andfilled my sister’s sucking mouth with cum. And Tracy looked like shecould hardly wait to taste my thick hot i****tuous sperm. I began liftingmy hips up off the couch, forcing my prick deep into her throat with eachthrust until I was actually fucking my sister’s mouth!Tracy took it all easily, sucking me deep into her throat without somuch as a flinch. I guess with two well-hung males like Tony and hornyyoung Jimmy around, she’d had PLENTY of practice.She reached between my legs and fondled my balls again, squeezing themand rolling them gently in her hand while she sucked me off. She couldfeel my balls squirming in their sac as she played with them. With herother hand, Tracy reached up between her legs and I watched her slip twostiff fingers up inside herself and start to finger-fuck her hornyjuice-filled cunt.My sister was doing things that I never thought possible with her lipsand tongue and her sucking throat. I had experienced plenty of blow-jobsbefore, but never one delivered with so much depth of feeling as this.Who would have imagined that the best oral sex of my entire life wouldcome from my very own sister! I couldn’t wait to fuck her horny littlecunt too. It looked so tight the way her pussy-lips clung to her fingerseach time she pulled them out of her hole. I imagined my cock replacingher fingers and fucking that hot, juicy little slot just like I wasfucking her mouth.It was all too much for me. I felt my balls suddenly tighteningbetween my straining legs and knew that I would soon be squirting a loadof sperm right down my pretty little sister’s throat.”I’m gonna cum, Trace!”, I warned her. “I’m gonna fuckin’ cum! Jesus!Suck it, you gorgeous little cunt! Oh, Tracy, baby! Suck the cum outtamy fuckin’ cock!”I grunted loudly and fucked my prick up between my sister’stightly-stretched lips as I blasted my first wad of cum into her mouth.Tracy kept right on sucking and bobbing up and down on my prick when shefelt it jerk in her throat. When she felt the first hot spurt of cumagainst the roof of her mouth, she grabbed my balls and squeezed tightly,heightening my pleasure even more.”Uhhhnnnnnnggghhh! Godddddddd! Oh, shit! ” I moaned as my brainexploded with pleasure again and again, my cock sending jet after jet ofhot, creamy jism into my sister’s frantically-gulping mouth.My whole body shook with each shot of cum that spurted down herthroat. It seemed to last so long, I thought I would never stop comingin her wonderful clinging mouth. I closed my eyes at the height of mypleasure and saw stars. I thought I would keel over from the sheer wildpleasure my gorgeous little sister was making me feel.Tracy tried to swallow all the sperm I shot into her mouth, but therewas too much. Even after fucking little Jodie and dumping a sizable loadinto her eager little twat, I still had more than enough for my sister tohandle. The bubbling cream ran out of her mouth and dripped down theshaft of my cock, soaking my balls and dripping onto the couch. Finally,Tracy had to let my cock pull from her mouth and take a deep breath.She looked into my eyes and smiled wickedly, licking my cum from herlips with her tongue.”You really know how to give a girl a meal, don’t you?” she grinned.”It sure do, Sis,” I replied. “And you sure know how to suck a cock!”Tracy giggled and scrambled up onto the couch beside me. I pulled herinto my arms and we kissed passionately. I could taste my own cum on herlips and the thought excited me even more. Tracy broke our kiss andlooked longingly into my eyes.”Uuuuuhhhh, Ted, I’m so horny! Feel my cunt! Feel how hot it is!”Tracy took my hand in hers and guided it between her legs. We bothmoaned softly as my fingers touched her pussy. She was hot alright, veryhot… and very, very wet. Jimmy’s sperm mixed with her own droolingarousal had my sister’s gooey little hole as steamy as a tropical swamp.Part 12.”God! You’re soaking, Sis!” I said, feeling her hot juices flood outinto the palm of my hand.”Sucking your big beautiful cock and tasting your cum made me hot,baby” breathed Tracy hotly. Her lips were almost touching mine, and shehad the most gorgeously wanton look on her pretty young face. “I want youto lick my pussy, Ted!”, she panted, “I know I’m very wet down there, butsucking you made me so awfully horny! Will you, baby? Pleeeeease?!”I could never refuse my gorgeous little sister anything before, andnow with her pretty, cum-smeared face looking up at me like an expectantc***d, I just melted. Besides, if was going to fulfill my dream andactually fuck her, my cock needed time to recuperate. I smiled evilly ather and pulled my fingers from her drooling cunt.”It’ll be my pleasure, Sis,” I grinned.”Mine too, I hope!”, giggled Tracy lying on her back and spreading herlegs.”Jesus!”, I moaned, staring down at the glistening, pink slit of mysister’s pussy.Her puffy, swollen cuntlips gaped open slightly allowing a tinytrickle of pussy-cream to run down into the crack of her ass. I had neverseen a more delicious-looking cunt in my life! Licking my lips I bentforward and bent my head between Tracy’s open thighs, sliding my hands upunder those tight, round little buns of hers. Her skin felt smooth andfirm in my hands, and she moaned softly in anticipation as I lowered mylips to her eagerly-awaiting slit.”Uuuuuhhhhh, yeahhhhh! Put your mouth on my cunt and suck my brainsout, big brother!”, she gasped.The very thought made my cock twitch and throb even before my lipstouched her juicy, wet snatch. I opened my mouth wide and covered herleaking hole, giving her nether-lips a deep, soulful tongue-kiss. Tracylet out a deep, a****l groan of pleasure and I felt the muscles of herhot little asscheeks tighten in my fingers. Pressing my open mouth downover her pussy, I lifted my sister’s ass with my hands and drove mytongue up into her tasty little cunthole as far as I could.Tracy seemed to go crazy with lust, grinding her crotch up at my facewith tiny, jerky circular movements and moaning loudly as she abandonedherself to the intense pleasure I was giving her. It had been a long timesince I had felt a woman react to my mouth and tongue on her cunt like mysister was doing. My cock was already hard and throbbing between my legs,almost painfully so, as I probed and licked and sucked my sexy sistertowards orgasm. As the flavour of her pussy changed slightly, I realizedthat I was also sucking out the remains of the creamy load Jimmy hadsquirted up his sister’s cunt only minutes before. The depraved thoughtonly served to excite me even further.”Uhhhhhnnngghh! Goddd! That feels so goooood!”, moaned Tracy hunchingher hips up off the couch. “Stick it in deeper, baby. Oh, yes! Yessss!Bury your tongue in my fuckhole. Oh God, yes! Suck it! Suck my hot pussy,lover!”With those wanton words ringing in my ears, I thrust my tongue as farup inside her cunthole as I could. My nose was pressed against her clitand I could hardly breathe, but I never let up I licked and sucked awayat her. With my tongue buried so far up her tight little fuckhole, Icould feel the muscles of her cunt around my stiff tongue, clutching itand holding it inside her.”Do you feel that, lover? Do you feel how my cunt squeezes your tonguewhen you shove it way up into me?””Fuck, yeahhh! ” I muttered, my words muffled by her cunt.”Just imagine how it would feel if your cock were up inside me insteadof your tongue!” she panted.”Uhhhh God, Tracy, don’t tease me,” I rasped.She just giggled and pressed my head back down into her gooey slit.”Maybe if you do a good job of getting me off with your tongue, I’lllet you put your cock in there so you can find out, big brother.”I really didn’t need any encouragement. With a moan, I pushed my faceback between my sister’s wide-spread legs and began working on her clit,slurping up the juices that flowed freely from her hotly-aroused pussy.Within minutes, I had my sister on the brink of orgasm. Her whole bodystiffened and her hips thrust up off the couch, her firm little asscheekssuspended in my hands as I continued to munch on her spasming slit.Part 13.Wave after wave of pleasure washed over my hot-assed little sister asher orgasm flashed through every fiber of her body. Her thighs clampedtogether on either side my head, holding me so tightly to her orgasmingcunt that I could hardly breathe. I sucked up Tracy’s spendings andlicked her tasty little cunthole clean before lifting my head from hercrotch and looking into her eyes.”Oh, Ted! Baby! That was fantastic!”, she beamed. “If I’d known what atalented tongue you had, big brother, I’d have let you do that long ago!””And if I had known what a horny little minx you were, Trace, I’dprobably have done it to you years ago too. I wanted to, plenty of times,even when we were k**s, but never had the guts to try anything.””Ohhh, Ted!”, she grinned, kissing my juice-smeared lips. “I wish youhad. I’ve had a secret letch for you ever since I was about thirteen.””Really?!” I gasped, my mind suddenly filled with regret at all thelost opportunities of our youth.My sister nodded and reached for my cock, which still throbbedpainfully between my legs.”Sure! But just think of all the fun we can have now by making up forlost time, big brother” she grinned, giving my prick a meaningful littlesqueeze. “That wonderful tongue of yours got me off, but I’m still sohorny! I want you to fuck me, Ted… hot and hard.. fuck me like weshould have fucked years ago!””Oooohhhh, Baby!” I moaned, pushing her back down onto the couch.”God, yesssss! I’ll fuck you alright, Trace I’ll fuck your gorgeouslittle ass off!””Mmmmmmmmm, I sure hope so!” giggled my sexy little sister, spreadingher legs and pulling me down on top of her. “Come on then. Prove it!Shove that gorgeous big cock into me. I want to feel it inside my cunt,big brother. Show me what you can do with it that thing!””Okay! You asked for it, Sis!”, I grinned impishly.I fell on her without warning, plunging my cock into my sister’swell-lubricated little fuckhole so fast that she had no time to preparefor the shock. She cried out in pleasure and pain when my huge hard cockfucked inside her.”Unnngggghhh! Goddd! Fuuuuck! It’s so big, so big and hard!”, squealedTracy, squirming her ass around under my deeply impaling cock.”Uhhhmmmmm, yeahhh! Fill me up with that big stiff prick! Fuck me!Ohhhh, Teddy! Fuck me hard!!”My sister hadn’t called me `Teddy’ since we were k**s, and for her touse that c***dhood term of endearment now as we fucked for the first timewas incredibly exciting. I began thrusting my aching cock deeper anddeeper into her pussy until my balls rested in the crack of her hotlittle ass. Tracy’s cunt clutched at my prick deep, sucking me deep upinside her. Her vaginal muscles seemed to be squeezing my cock, massagingit way up inside her quivering cunthole.I pulled out until only the head remained inside the clasping lips ofmy sister’s upthrust pussy, then I slammed back down again, sheathingthe length of my cock once more in that hot, wet, tightness. She seemedto love the deep penetrating strokes, so I did it a couple more times,each time fucking her a little harder, getting the feel and depth of hertight little hole. God it felt great! After all these years, I wasactually fucking my sexy younger sister. I increased the speed of mystrokes, and soon I was banging away at her wildly, pounding my cock intoher hot, hungry cunt as she writhed in pleasure beneath me.”Ungghhh! Yeahhh! Take that big cock, Trace! Take it way in there,baby! Take it! Uuhh, shit! Fuck it! Fuck it!” I grunted, driving my rigidprick in and out of her bucking cunt.”Oh, yes ! Yesssss ! I want it all ! I want it deep! Deep! You’restretching my cunt so beautifully! Fuck me hard! Oh, God! Fuck me, Teddy!I don’t care if you are my brother! I want every wonderful inch of yourbig fat prick fucking me!”The couch rocked wildly and the room was filled with the wet slurpingsounds of our a****listic coupling. We didn’t know it at the time, butapparently we were so noisy, the others stopped what they were doing andjust watched as my sister and I fucked each other silly. Tony had littleCindy on her hands and knees with his cock buried to the balls in hertiny little cunt and Jodie was sitting on her brother’s erect prick, butall four had their eyes on Tracy and me as I slammed my lust-swollenprick in and out of my sister’s hot, juicy fuckhole. We were both moaningand grunting loudly as we fucked, rutting savagely like a****ls,completely oblivious to anything else but our own tightly meshing organsand the intense mutual pleasure were generating in each other’s bodies.Part 14.Tracy whimpered and moaned each time my prick slammed deeply upinside her. Each stroke of my seemingly tireless cock brought her closerand closer to orgasm, yet my own climax was still a long way off. Fuckingyoung Jodie and having Tracy suck me off had definitely taken the edgeoff for me. Despite the hot clinging tightness of my sister’s cunt, Ifelt like I could screw her forever! In any case, I intended to make surethat this was one fuck, my sexy little sister would never forget.Soon, she was shuddering and squealing in ecstasy as her cuntexploded in orgasm, but I just kept thrusting, fucking her solidly allthe way through her climax and beyond. I felt Tracy’s tight cunt convulsearound my cock, gripping me inside her as she came, then gradually loosenas her spasms faded. I became extremely excited by the fact that I hadjust fucked my own sister to orgasm. My prick seemed to swell toincredible proportions inside her, squeezed and stroked as it was by themuscles of her greedy cunt. I continued to slam my cock in and out ofher, fucking her faster and faster. Within moments, her cries andwhimpers of pleasure resumed as she rocketed towards another orgasm.”Ohhhhhh! Godddd! I love your prick! Give it to me! Fuck me! Oh God,yes! Fuck me hard! Fuck me deep! Make me cum again! Fuck meeeeee!”, shechanted. Her pretty face was flushed and her eyes were almost glazedover with lust.I was really ramming it into her now, rocking her slim young bodywith the strength of my thrusts. I grabbed hold of her asscheeks withboth hands and lifted her cunt clear of the couch, literally dragging heronto my cock as I fucked her. Tracy was fucking me back as best shecould, hunching her cunt up to meet my long, deep cockthrusts. Shegyrated her pelvis too, grinding her hot wet pussy against my groin. Icould feel my balls slapping against her puckered little asshole.I looked down at Tracy and watched the ecstasy reflected in theexpression on her beautiful face as her second orgasm peaked. Her eyeswere fixed on mine as she came and I bent down and kissed herpassionately, pumping my cock into her cunt as my mouth probed herpanting mouth.”UHHHHHH! OOOOOHHHH, FUUUUCCCKKK! I’M CUMMMMMMINGGGG!”, she squealed,and wrapped her legs up around my waist, riding out her orgasm as Ifucked her climaxing cunt with unrelenting ferocity.The incredibly tight friction of Tracy’s clasping cunt-musclestriggered my own orgasm this time, and I felt my balls suddenly get tightin their sac. I thought they were about to explode, so intense was thefeeling of pleasure between my legs. I closed my eyes tightly and yelledloudly as blast after hot blast of thick hot cum shot through theshuddering shaft of my prick and into my sister’s cunt. Each squirt ofcum was accompanied by spasms that made me feel like my balls were beingpulled from my body. I bucked and thrust above her as Tracy hung on belowme, urging me on as I slammed her ass heavily into the couch.”Yessss! Fuck me! Come in my cunt, Ted! Come in my hot fucking cunt!I’m cumming too, lover! Oh God, yes! Yes! Cum with me! Yesssss!” shehissed.Tracy’s cunt massaged my spurting cock deep inside her, milkingevery last drop of my cum out of me, and I wrapped my arms around mysister’s body and held her tightly to me. Her firm hard tits crushed upagainst my heaving chest as I filled her quivering cunt with my sperm.When our orgasms were over, we lay panting in each other’s arms for awhile, basking in the warmth of the experience. I kept my cock burieddeep in her cunt until it started to wilt. Tracy kept gently working themuscles of her cunt around it as if trying to revive it for more fun andgames, but like its owner, my poor over-stimulated prick was totallyspent.The room erupted into whistles and loud applause which I thought wascoming from the TV, but as my senses returned, I realized that someonehad turned the video off and it was actually Tony, Cindy, Jodie and Jimmycheering their appreciation of the `show’ that Tracy and I had just put onfor them.Having finished their own i****tuous couplings, the four of them hadsettled back to watch as I fucked my sister for the first time. Ourvigorous fucking had obviously excited them immensely because now Tonywas fondling Jodie, while Jimmy played with his little sister’s hairlessyoung slit.”I wanna fuck Uncle Ted next!”, said Cindy hopefully. This broughta series of chuckles from the rest of us.Part 15.I looked down at my deflated organ and smiled sadly at the nakedlittle girl.”Sorry, sweetheart! As much as I’d dearly love to…umm…”, I glancedover at Tony before I continued. It still seemed strange to be discussinghaving sex with the little 11-year-old in front of her own father. “…tofuck you, honey, but as you can see, I won’t be able to for a while yet…sorry!”Little Cindy looked crest-fallen, but Tracy sat up and went over tocomfort her.”Don’t worry, darling,” she said, “How’d you like to sleep with UncleTed tonight? That way you can get your turn with him as soon as he’srecovered enough. What do you think?””Ohhh, Mommy! Yes, please!”, cried the gorgeous little girl, andhugged her mother happily.”What about me?”, asked Jimmy with forlorn look on his face. “It’s myturn to sleep with Cindy tonight, remember?””Don’t worry, stud!”, grinned Tracy, grabbing her son by the cock.”You can sleep with me. I think your father has other plans tonight.”We all looked over at Tony and Jodie who were kissing hotly on thefloor. Tony had two stiff fingers in his eldest daughter’s cunt and wasworking on a third, while the sexy little 13-year-old jacked her fist upand down the length of her father’s long, throbbing cock.”Okay, Mom! Looks like Dad won’t mind if I sleep with you tonight,”said Jimmy giving his mother’s bare ass an intimate squeeze. “Let’s goto bed and fuck up a storm!”Tracy stopped to kiss me goodnight, then went off down the hall with herson. I picked Cindy up in my arms and carried the little girl to her roomas I had done when I first arrived, except this time we were both nakedand she was kissing me passionately. Her little nipples rubbed against mychest and her tiny tongue probed my mouth with a skill that belied heryoung age.When we reached her room, I put Cindy on the bed and lay down besideher. Her hands were all over me, fondling and squeezing my limp cock in avain attempt to revive it.”Awwww, it won’t get hard, Uncle Ted!”, she complained wistfully.”Give it time, honey”, I smiled. “Let’s just play with each other for awhile, okay?””Okay!”, beamed Cindy.She cheered up immediately at my suggestion and began to rub herlittle fist up and down on my cock, at the same time covering my neck andcheeks with a series of hot loving kisses.I stroked her soft young ass and slid my other hand between her legs.Her hairless little pussy was hot and swollen from the solid fucking she’dreceived from her father earlier. I inserted a finger into her cunt andprobed deeply, luxuriating in the warm, slippery feel of her insides asher tight canlı bahis little hole gripped my finger like vice.”Ohhhhh, Uncle Ted!”, she breathed hotly. “Your finger feels nice in mypussy, but I want your cock! Please get it hard and fuck me….pleeeeease!! I want it so bad!”The very thought of this naked little 11-year-old begging me to fuckher was enough stir my poor, over-worked cock into action, and I felt myprick begin to swell slightly in her fist. Cindy felt it too and doubledher efforts by wrapping her other tiny hand around my slowly risingerection.My finger in her cunt was stirring up the c***d’s juices like crazy andshe began to grind her ass in time with my thrusts as I finger-fucked herwet little slit as deeply as I could. She was hot for it alright. Despiteher tender age, Cindy’s little cunt was literally dripping with arousal.Obviously the regular fucking she’d been getting from her father andbrother had matured her young pussy rapidly. Yet she was still as tight asa virgin. As my cock hardened in her flashing little fists, Cindy lookedup at me with lust-glazed eyes.”Uuuuuhhhh, yesssss!” she hissed. “It’s getting hard! Mmmmmmm, nice andlong and hard! Oooh Jeez, Uncle Ted, you’re so big already! I can’t waitfor you to put in my pussy and fuck me like my Daddy does!”Oh God, yes!, I thought, watching the naked little darling jerking hertiny fists up and down the length of my rapidly-thickening cock. Fuckingthis eager, horny little nymphette was going to be something I’d rememberfor a long, long time, that was for sure!Part 16.My cock was as hard as a rock now, and Cindy was so hot, the juices fromher cunt were puddling in the palm of my hand as I fucked my middle fingerin and out of the little girl’s hot, clinging tightness. I pulled my handfrom my niece’s crotch and lay the panting young 12-year-old back on thebed.”You sure you want me to fuck you, baby?” I asked as I fondled herhairless, pouting little pussy.”Ooooooooh, yes, Uncle Ted!” she moaned, spreading her long, slenderyoung legs in open invitation. “Please hurry, make me feel good… make mecum the way Daddy and Jimmy do. Fuck me, Uncle Ted, fuck me really hard!”I knelt between her thighs and aimed my cock at her hairless slit,rubbing the bloated head up and down between her slippery little cuntlipsfor a while until I located her tiny hole.”Ohhhhhhhh, yeahhhhh, now shove it!” she moaned as the tip of my cockslid inside outer lips of her quivering young pussy. Little Cindydefinitely wanted it real bad, and she was going to get it!She thrust her hips upwards and the head of my cock parted her hairlesscuntlips and entered her tight little cunt. I let it sit for a second ortwo so her young body could get used to its size. She moaned as I felt herpussy start to spasm and open up. I slid into her slowly, inch by inch asher little pussy stretched wider and wider, her hands clenched my arms eachtime I thrust into her.Deeper and deeper my huge cock entered her body, a low groan escapingher pretty mouth as I sank in to the hilt. She arched her body toward me,her little bare legs flying up in the air as she thrust her hips hard upagainst me, that tight, wet 12-year-old pussy clamping my cock. Then, herskinny little hips started hunching up at me like a machine that had goneout of control. It was all I could do to hold onto the c***d. Her littlebody was unbelievably pliable.”Oh, God, Uncle Ted,” she whispered into my ear as I began fuckingdeeply in and out of her tight, tender young cunt. “You’re making me feelbetter than Daddy and all his friends. I feel like I’m going to comealready!”She was right. I felt her slippery little twat contractinginvoluntarily around my pounding cock, so I fucked her even harder,bringing her off within seconds. When she came, Cindy went completely ofinto a world of her own. I grabbed hold of her squirming little butt as shebounced up and down, making her squeal even louder as she felt my tightgrip on her ass-flesh.”Yeahh! Cum for me, baby! Cum on Uncle Ted’s big fucking cock!Uuunnggghhff, fuck yesssss! You love it don’t you, Cindy,” I grunted as shecontinued to writhe and whimper beneath me.”Uuuuuhhhh, yes, Uncle Ted! I love it!” she said with a gasp as Icontinued fucking her, ramming my cock as deep as I could into the hornyc***d’s cumming little cunt.Faster and I faster I fucked the squealing 12-year-old, thrusting intoher as hard as I could, her pussy clamping and spasming, her moans fillingthe room. I could feel my own orgasm building deep inside me and my cockbegan to swell, spreading her hot, tight little cunthole open even more.Slowly my climax rose, then exploded, filling her young body with a hugeload of searing sperm, spurting again and again as I continued thrustinginto her tiny, clasping little cunt. Cindy sagged beneath me when we weredone and I collapsed on top of her slender body, my cock still deeplyembedded in her tiny pussy.”Ohhh, Uncle Ted, that was fantastic! You fuck better than my Daddy!”giggled the exhausted little girl.I had felt every little spasm and quiver her tiny pussy made around mycock. Now as her climax faded, her cunt loosened its vice-like grip on myprick, but not enough to cause it to slip out. I was still stuck fast inher tightly-gripping little twat. She stretched up to kiss me and I bent myhead, but with my cock still deeply buried in her cunt, I couldn’t quitereach… she was too small.We lay like that for several minutes, just catching our breaths andslowly arousing each other with our hands. She cupped my balls and squeezedthem gently and I fondled her pointy little tits, letting my hand wanderdown to her bulging cock-filled pussy to gently rub her clit up against thebase of my cock.My cock began to swell inside her and soon I was able to pull littleCindy on top of me and start fucking her again. She bounced up and down onmy cock like a little cowgirl, all the time moaning and watching my thick,glistening cock slide up between her thighs, as it deeply impaled her tinycunt.I fucked her for ages like this, just letting her ride me at her ownpace. Then, when I felt that old familiar feeling building deep in myloins, I grabbed her by the ass and began to fuck her down onto my cocksavagely. She moaned loudly, though in pleasure or pain I hardly cared. Allthat mattered was emptying my balls into this gorgeous young k**’s hot,clinging little cunt!Cindy shuddered and screamed as I filled her tender twat with anotherload of sperm and finally collapsed on top of me. I stroked her firm littleass and kissed the top of her head, and fell promptly asleep.Part 17.I woke the next morning to the feel of Cindy’s tiny lips nibbling atmy morning erection. It was such a lovely feeling. I left my eyes closedand just lay back enjoying her hot little mouth on my prick. Thensuddenly I felt another mouth… on my balls! I opened my eyes and lookeddown. It was Jodie. The naked little minx was between my outstretchedthighs with her tight little ass in the air, sucking my balls into hermouth while her little sister licked my cock.”‘Morning, Uncle Ted”, beamed Jodie happily, lifting her pretty youngface from my crotch. “Mommy suggested we wake you up the way we usuallywake up Daddy.””Hi, honey”, I smiled weakly.Even after last night, I still couldn’t quite get used to thecompletely free and sexually open life-style of my sister’s family. Notto mention i****tuous life-style. Cindy fisted my cock with her tiny handand grinned up at me too.”You’ve sure got a big one this morning, Uncle Ted!”, she giggled,jerking her small fist up and down the length of my cock.”All the better to fuck you with, my dear!”, I growled, doing my bestBig Bad Wolf imitation.Cindy sat beside me with her legs spread wide, giving me a good lookat her tasty little cunt. I licked my lips. Nothing like a littlebreakfast in bed first thing to get the day off to a good start, I alwayssay.”Hmmmmmm, actually I might stick with tradition and eat you first,little girl”, I grinned. “Come here and sit on my face, Cindy. Jodie yousuck my cock while I bring your sister off, then you two can swap places,okay?”The girls giggled as they scrambled into position. Jodie grabbed thebase of my cock in her fist and took it into her mouth, sucking the fat,swollen head like a lollipop. God it felt good. Just thirteen years oldand she could suck cock better than any woman I had ever known. Actually,the cute little k** was too good! I had two little girls to please now,so I didn’t want to come too soon.”Take your time, Jodie, honey”, I said. “Slow and easy… make itlast, okay?””Mmmmff, mmmmmhhh!”, moaned Jodie and nodded her head as best shecould with a mouth full of cock.Little Cindy knelt facing my feet and straddled my face as Jodie tookmy cock into her hot, moist young mouth. The tight, elastic lips ofCindy’s hairless little pussy hardly opened at all, even with her thighsso widely spread, and I could see moisture drooling from the bright pinkslit of her cunt. Cindy lowered her crotch and I pressed my face eagerlyinto her pussy, dragging my long tongue up and down the tasty, wetcuntslit.”Uuuuhhhh, God,” she mumbled, looking down at my mouth slurpingbetween her skinny legs. “I love getting my cunt licked!I could certainly believe that. As I speared my tongue into her tightlittle cunthole, Cindy’s naked little ass was squirming around all overthe place and hips were hunching down to press her cunt tightly againstmy sucking mouth.”Oh, yeah! Lick me!” she whispered hoarsly. “Lick my pussy! Suck it,Uncle Ted! Ooooooooohhhhhh, yeahhhhhhh!”Her tiny young cunt tasted like honey compared to the mature, muskyflavour of her mother… fresh and clean and sweet. I probed her tightcuntlips deeper with my tongue and was rewarded with a mouthful ofcunt-cream and a simultaneous a cry of ecstasy from little Cindy.”Uuuuhhhhhh, yeah,” she gasped. “Stick it right in me! Fuck me withyour big fat tongue. Oh, yeah, fuck me! Suck me!”I gave her creaming little cunt a series of fast stiff jabs with mytongue and then took her tiny clit into my mouth and sucked hard. Cindyalmost hit the roof! I reached up and grasped her tiny asscheeks withboth hands, pulling her spread little cunt down hard over my suckingmouth and probing tongue. Cindy gasped and squealed in ecstasy.The room was filled with the wet slurping of my mouth on her youngcunt and the sucking sounds Jodie’s mouth was making on my glisteningcock. I reached under Cindy, between her legs and inserted a finger intothe tightness of the k**’s hot little fuck-hole, munching on her juicyopen cunt like a wild dog. She was moaning constantly now, her little assbucking up and down over my face like she was having a fit.I lapped and sucked and licked in a frenzy, eager to get her off sothe gorgeous little fuck could wrap her hot mouth around my throbbing,aching prick and I could do the same to her big sister. Jodie was doingfine, keeping my cock nice and hard with her hands and lips, but Iwanted to get both girls off with my mouth before I indulged myself inthe exquisite pleasure of fucking their tight, slippery little cunts.Cindy was hunching her hairless young twat down against my face,urging me to suck her quivering little pussy-slit harder. I took her clitinto my mouth and sucked hard, at the same time driving my fingerrepeatedly into her saliva-slick cunthole.The horny little twelve-year-old climaxed on the spot, shaking andshuddering and squealing out her pleasure. Her skinny little hips buckedas she thrust her cunt down over my face, rolling her ass in the sweetsatisfaction of pubescent climax. Even after I removed my mouth from herjuice-smeared cunt, Cindy’s little hips were still grinding above myface in post-orgasmic bliss.Part 18.While I had been busily bringing Cindy of with my mouth, Jodie hadbeen sucking dutifully on my cock, keeping it nice and stiff. I toldCindy to change places with her sister and hauled Jodie’s sweet youngcunt over my face. I sniffed at her pussy, enjoying the musky odouremanating from her diminutive young slot. Cindy grasped my prick withboth hands and I felt her tongue begin to lap gently over the swollenhead as my own tongue entered her sister’s juice-filled little slit.Jodie tasted wonderful, a little stronger than her little sister, butextremely exciting. I felt my cock twitch involuntarily in Cindy’s tinyfists and the little girl gasped.”You’re cock’s alive, Uncle Ted”, she giggled, then immediately tookas much of it into her hot little mouth as she could.I ran my tongue back and forth through Jodie’s tasty gash and suckedher cunt-juice into my mouth, swallowing it all down like a man dying ofthirst. She began to moan and wiggle her slim young hips down at my face.Shit, she’s a hot little cunt, I thought. I sucked harder, probing mytongue into Jodie’s tight teen cunthole as far as it would reach, lickingthe incredibly smooth, slick walls.Jodie was moaning louder now, pressing her little twat down against mymouth and tongue with little jerky hip movements. Her cuntslit wasliterally awash with juice. I had no idea that a thirteen-year-old girlcould get so wet! I opened my lips wide and licked the full length of hertiny slit, lapping her cunt-juice into my mouth like a little puppydrinking milk.As soon as I reached her clit, Jodie’s hips bucked like she’d beenzapped with high voltage. Her back arched and she gripped my headtightly with her muscular young thighs.”Ooohhhhhh, God! That feels fantastic, Uncle Ted!” she moaned. “Lickmy cunt! Uhhhhh, yeahhh… stick your tongue in and fuck my hot littlecunt!”I felt her hands on the top of my head, lightly at first, then withmore pressure as she pulled my face into her crotch, at the same timegrinding her juvenile slot down at my sucking mouth.Cindy was doing her best to suck as much of my cock into her smallmouth as she could, but it was an impossible task. Time and time again, Ifelt the head of my prick hit the back of her throat with barely half ofmy shaft in her mouth. She was just too little to deep-throat meproperly. I wanted to tell her to just suck on as much as she couldhandle and jack her fists on the rest, but my mouth was too full of hersister’s oozing cunt.I felt Jodie’s pussy convulse around my tongue and I knew she wascumming, but I was completely unprepared for the gush of pussy-cream thatfilled my mouth. The horny little k** was cumming a bucketload! I triedto swallow it all down, but a lot escaped and ran down my cheeks and ontothe bed. I put my hands under her tight little ass in a vain attempt tolift the squirming girl off my face a bit so I could get my mouth overher creaming hole. But she was too far gone to co-operate. In the end Ijust licked and sucked at whatever part of her juice-covered little cuntthat she chose to thrust at my lips.A minute later, Jodie slumped forward over me, gasping for breath. Ikept licking at her drooling slit and nibbling her swollen clit until sherolled off me, totally drained.Cindy was still trying to cram my entire cock into her tiny mouth,without much success. I reached down and eased the eager little12-year-old’s head off my prick, pulling her tiny naked body up overmine. My cock was as hard as a rock, and after licking both girls toorgasm, I needed to get my prick into one of their hot tight little cuntsreal bad… maybe BOTH of them, if I could keep it up long enough.”Wanna fuck now, baby?”, I grinned, pressing my erection against hertiny hairless mound.”Oh, yes please, Uncle Ted”, she giggled sexily. “Daddy or Jimmyalways fuck me in the mornings too.””Well, we can’t break a family tradition then, can we, sweetheart?”I rolled Cindy onto her back and spread her legs, looking down intoher gorgeous smiling face as I climbed between her thighs. She reacheddown and grabbed my prick aiming it at her tiny little slot with bothhands.”Ooooh it’s so biiiiig!” she murmured, her eyes growing wide.”Don’t worry, you’ve had it inside you before, honey, remember?”, Isoothed. “It only looks big this morning, okay?”Part 19.”Okay”, she whispered, giving me a sexy little smile. God she was cutewhen she was horny!Cindy’s eyes were wide and glittering as she positioned the head of mycock into her tiny pussy and hunched her tiny hips up. My fat cockheadpopped inside easily, forcing out a small trickle of cunt-juice. I stillcouldn’t get over how wet this sexy little 12-year-old could get when shewas aroused.I looked down and watched Cindy’s hairless little pussy-lips spread widearound my cock as it disappeared into her tiny cunt, her smooth, slipperysheath tight around me, like no pussy I had ever felt before! Slowly, Ibegan to pump her cunt, my cock throbbing in the tight confines of her hotlittle belly.”Uhhhhhhhh, yeahhh, fuck me, Uncle Ted,” she whispers. “Fuck my cunt!Fuck it hard and cum in my pussy!”Intensely excited by her wanton pleading, I started pounding my cockinto her a bit harder, pulling out almost all the way, then ramming myprick all the way in again, fucking her little pussy hard and fast with thefull length of my prick. She began to whimper, so I slowed down.”Am I hurting you, baby?” I asked, looking down into her flushed littleface.”No… don’t stop! It just feels so goooooood!”, murmured Cindy,grinding her hot little cunt up at me. “Fuck me harder if you like. Ireally love it when Daddy or Jimmy fuck me hard!””Okay, honey!”, I said, moving my hips a little faster. “How’s that?””Uhhhhhhhhhhh! N…niiiiiiiice! Ohhhhhhh! Harder….. harder……”I fucked her deeper, feeling the head of my cock slamming into the backwall of her tiny cunt, afraid at any time I was going to hurt her. ButCindy just kept moaning and squirming her little ass around, begging me tofuck her harder.Soon I was pounding the little girl as hard as I’d ever fucked any grownwoman… and she loved it, squealing and whimpering and humping her tinycunt up to meet my powerful downward thrusts. On every stroke I pulled outalmost all the way, then slammed back all the way inside her again, pumpingher tight little pussy hard and fast with the full length of my prick.I kept up the pace, trying desperately not to come too soon. Her youngcunt seemed to suck me back inside her of its own accord. The slipperysuction around my cock-shaft was incredible and the pleasure intense.Luckily Cindy was even closer to her release, my thick prick dragging backand forth over her stiff little clit was getting her off in record time.Then I felt her shudder beneath me and thrust her cunt at me real hard, herwhole body trembling.”OHH, GODDDDDDD!” she screamed, “I’M CUMMMMMMINNNGGGG! OHHH! OHHH!UUUUUUUUHHHHHHHHHHHHH!Her tiny body convulsed wildly as Cindy’s climax rocketing through her.I kept pumping her, fucking the whimpering little girl through everydelicious spasm. It must have been a good one because she seemed go limp asif she’d fainted or something. Then she opened her eyes and looked up intomine, a look of total bliss on her pretty little face.I was still pounding her deeply, striving fro my own release which Icould feel was very close. Her tiny clinging cunt was so tight and wet andher her little body so exciting and passionate that I couldn’t control myorgasm any longer. I screamed with pleasure as Cindy thrust her hips up atme, fucking me back as I pumped my load deep up inside her quivering littlecunt. Her tiny vaginal muscles seemed to tighten and release around me inrippling waves, milking my twitching cock-shaft of every last drop of sperm.After filling her tiny, little-girl cunt with my cum, I rolled to theside, my cock still deep in Cindy’s cunt. Hugging her tightly, I lay besideher trying to catch my breath. It had been one of most energetic andpleasurable fucks of my entire life.Cindy kept grinding her hips at me slowly, her hot little cunt massagingmy cock, keeping me hard. I couldn’t believe it. If it didn’t watch out, mysexy little 12-year-old niece was going to fuck me to death. She nuzzled myneck a while, just enjoying the thickness of my cock filling her youngcunt. Then she looked up into my eyes and smiled impishly.”Wanna fuck me again, Uncle Ted?”, she asked, almost coyly. “Your cockis still nice and hard.””Ohhh, baby!”, I moaned pulling her on top of me. “I’ll fuck you as longas it stays hard too!””Ohhhhhhh, goody!”, squealed Cindy. “I love you, Uncle Ted””And I love you, honey”, I replied, stroking my cock up inside her tightlittle pussy.As my insatiable little 12-year-old niece bounced shamelessly up anddown on my amazingly-stiff cock, I lay back and thought about all that hadhappened since I arrived. I was glad now that I’d decided to take my sisterup on her offer to come and visit. Otherwise I’d have missed out on thebest sex of my life. I wasn’t looking forward to returning home, but I knewone thing… I’d be visiting my sister’s family much more often from nowon, that was for sure!!The End.

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