Silent Love


Some months after my first sexual experience with another boy an opportunity with another boy at school came my way. The boy and I were both seventeen. He had the loveliest body of all the boys I had sex with – it could have been made in heaven and yet I will freely admit he was not a good looker but it was not his looks that attracted me. His younger brother, as it happened, certainly was pretty and some of the other boys my age had a crush on M. He was a boy who loved the attention and got plenty. At sixteen, he was just too young and not mature enough to possess the kind of cock or the type of body I admired. I knew from seeing A. nude often enough in the showers after games that his legs were slender and shapely, his hips elegantly contoured and his ass was beyond beautiful. It was an ass to fall in love with. His buttocks formed the most perfect orbs and somehow these orbs suggested they guarded the most perfect and the most inviting cavity you could imagine. His abdomen was slenderly muscled, the kind that almost begged isvecbahis to be kissed. It stood above a shock of dark pubic hair and a magnificent, handsome beautiful, silky smooth cock. I kept my feelings secret. I never used to know who was having sex with whom at any particular time. I was not a gossip and it was not an open topic of conversation. One thing I knew for sure was that I wanted this boy and I so wanted him to want me. I did not know at the time if A. wanted sex with me or with anyone else for that matter. It was best not to ask around or risk being labelled a queer or a tart. If boys wanted sex with you, they would gather like bees round a honey pot. That had its upside. It also meant, unfortunately, you would probably never be taken seriously in any other way. All the boys who secretly desired you but did not have the courage to follow through would be the most disapproving and censorious while those who wanted you would find a way to persuade you. You never quite knew for sure how gorgeous a boy’s isveçbahis giriş cock would turn out to be until you saw it fully erect and engorged, whatever you imagined beforehand. A’s cock was a gift, pure and simple. Long after we left school I had a fantasy of living with him, locking in a 69 or taking turns to fuck each other when I came home from outside. Believe it or not, I fantasised about marrying him somehow. Yet we were only two seventeen-year-old boys! I only had to see him without clothes in the changing room and my cock would inevitably develop a rapid rhythmical, erection, my blood flooding my aching cock in a torrent, surging in time with my heartbeats, stirring and aching my balls, just like I feel today, think back to those times. The desire I had for A. still stirs me so deeply so long after. After many years since of sex with beautiful and very sexy women, I realise now there is nothing that truly compares with the passion that one male can have for another and the excitement that craving gay isveçbahis yeni giriş sex and a boy’s body had for me. Even today it is the summit of sex for me, the Everest of desire. I think my blood was completely soaked in sex hormones sometimes. I had to hide my erotic responses to A. though until I was sure of my ground. To risk an approach and to risk rejection was to risk being “outed.” You had to know for pretty much for certain that you both wanted sex with each other for it to be a deal. One afternoon after sports four of us boys shared the bathroom and lay in the hot tubs of soapy water relaxing for what seemed like hours, occasionally stirring to pour in more hot water as the bath water cooled. Two of the boys eventually came out of the bath, dried and left the room. A. and I were diagonally opposite each other in the bathroom. The window high up on the wall was closed so the room was steamy and hot, rather like a sauna. A. didn’t say anything at all. Then without any explanation or warning he turned over in the bath and swung his gorgeous leg up over the side of the bath until he was lying on the side of the bath straddling the lip, his leg dangling down and exposing his exquisite ass to me, pale and steaming in the half-light of the late afternoon.

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