She is… Mine


The wetness between your legs. The nubs beneath your top. The bruising of your skin. The redness of your bottom. The raised skin on your thighs. The thoughts running through your mind. The slick finger that was inside the warmth. isveçbahis The metal that runs through the taut nubs. The squirms you make in your chair. The throbbing you can’t control. The deep voice that drives you wild. The lips isveçbahis giriş with bite marks on them. The panties soaked with your juice. The warmth of air on your ear. The finger on the hand with the ring. These things are isveçbahis yeni giriş all mine. Mine not just because I want them. But oh how I do want them. Mine because they were given. Given to me. She knows her power, her weakness. She is Mine. Written by TxPrincess for publication on LushStories Only! Authors Note: This was written from the Dominant’s point of view. Not truly sure where that came from, but it was apparently how I needed to say it. Thanks for reading.

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