Sexual Inequality


“So, tell me, what do you think of her,” Janice whispered to Matt. Matt and Janice were sat near the rear of the lecture theatre. The room was only half full, with about thirty or so students occupying it, but for some reason they always chose seats towards the back. Matt had hoped that one day Janice would unexpectedly slip down and suck his cock for him while he took notes. They weren’t even on kissing terms yet, but Matt hoped that they would be, one day soon. He was actually looking forward to getting his cock in her pussy. He knew that she had a disgusting mind. Well, that was evident given their current conversation. “What do you mean?” Matt replied as he watched their lecturer, Emma Davies, talk on the Psychological Sexual Practices as applied to the Human Race. He watched her wonderfully firm body stride across the front of the lecture theatre while she flicked the presentation from one slide to the next. Janice smiled, “Well, number 1: I reckon she’s definitely bi-sexual, number 2: I think she’s the one that wears the cock.” “Where the fuck did you get that idea from?” Asked Matt. “Look at her, you dummy, she’s got excellent thighs, firm and tight. I bet that comes from all that pumping that her arse does when she’s taking her female friend from behind.” Matt looked at Janice and shook his head. He then looked at Emma. He bit his lip and contemplated the idea. Matt shook his head, “She probably has a healthy sex life. Like everyone else,” He retorted, “Anyway, she probably goes to the gym a lot to get thighs like that.” Janice thought for a while on the new theory developing before her. “No,” she whispered again, “she doesn’t go to the gym, she’s too pretty, too made up. Look at her eyelashes, her pristine hair, her complexion. That’s not someone that works out.” Matt took in the details of Emma as she walked across the floor. Her long elegant legs protruded from her short denim skirt like they were pillars of eternity. They just went on forever. “Look at her thighs though, Matt,” continued Janice, “Wouldn’t you like to fuck your cock between them and suck on those tits.” Matt let out an audible gasp as he turned to Janice. “Everything okay up there?” shouted Emma. “Yes, miss,” replied Janice before Matt could say anything. Matt raised his hand in apology at being heard. He slowly moved his head towards Janice to whisper in her ear. “You’re fucking terrible. Where do you get thoughts like that?” Janice shrugged her shoulders and smirked, “Maybe I’m a bloke in here,” she replied, pointing to her head. The whole theatre started to rustle as books and notepads were quickly hurried away. Everyone was packing up. Matt and Janice missed the closing remarks of the lecture, the bit where Emma told everyone that they could go. Matt watched Emma as he too packed his stuff away. Janice and Matt walked down the stairs together; they approached Emma as they left the lecture theatre. Suddenly, Matt stumbled, forcefully, into Emma. He shot a glare towards Janice but almanbahis returned to face Emma as quickly as he could, “I’m so sorry…” he blurted out, raising his hands in the air as a mark of apology, yet again. “That’s okay, did you learn anything today,” replied Emma. “Lot’s Miss Davies, I always learn a lot in your lectures,” relied Matt. It was, after all, the truth. “Only it seemed to me you spent most of it talking to your friend her,” she pointed at Janice. Matt’s face reddened, his mouth opened and then closed. “We, ummm, we were just discussing some of the points you raised, Miss Davies,” he lied. “Please, call me Emma. So what variation of the sexual threesome involving two women and one man would you say I lingered on the most?” Her question was direct. Matt looked at Janice. The developing smirk on her face didn’t help Matt at all. Janice had to bite her lip before she let out an audible laugh. “Umm, the two women on top,” he replied, confidently. Emma shook her head disapprovingly, “If I were you,” Emma paused for a brief moment, “I would pay more attention in class,” she retorted, “You might just learn something. Next week it’s sex with strangers,” Emma glanced at Janice and then back to Matt. “How does that sound?” “An excellent topic,” replied Matt. Emma left Matt and Janice together as she walked out of the lecture theatre. “You bugger,” started Matt, “why did you push me?” “I was trying to help you get between her legs,” replied Janice, “fuck, I know I would love to.” Matt’s eyes opened, “You are something else,” he commented. Matt smiled to himself as he walked down the corridor. Janice had the biggest grin on her face imaginable, but only she knew why?*** The week progressed without further events. Matt and Janice attended two more of Emma’s lectures, he had not received his blow job from Janice and he was no closer to kissing her either. Their conversations however, became raunchier and dirtier; to Matt’s disappointment Janice always talked about what he should do with someone else, and not her. He found it strange that ‘the someone else,’ was always their lecturer, Emma. In all honesty, Matt, Emma and Janice to a lesser extent, had become more familiar as the term progressed. They were certainly on first name terms, as Matt would put it. He wondered how familiar a teacher was allowed to get with her students, but it never actually bothered him that much. After one class, Matt started to think that he may be in with a chance with Emma after all. The lecture focused on male and female attitudes towards sex. It was something that he was particularly interested in, and so it seemed, was Emma. He approached her as they left the theatre. Enthusiasm oozed from him. His sentences were clear and cleverly constructed and it was clear that Emma appreciated everything he uttered. The conversation flowed and they ended up in a nearby bar still discussing attitudes and roles. The conversation became heated only when Emma’s viewpoint, that females were almanbahis yeni giriş ultimately in control of sexual behaviour, clashed with Matt’s. Matt could agree with some of her views, but he couldn’t see ‘the controlling factor’ at all. That was when Emma challenged him. She looked directly into his eyes, “Prove it?” She said. Matt smiled and studied her face for any sign of bluff. There was none. Emma realised the conversation had halted without the desired result. She turned to the room full of students and motioned to them with her arm, “Go on, prove it with a woman from here,” she said, recovering from the awkwardness of the situation. “I can’t,” said Matt. “Why not?” “I don’t know any of them,” Matt hesitated, “they’re all strangers.” “That’s the whole point,” replied Emma, “Two people who have never met before, they click with each other,” she clicked her fingers making a very audible noise, “They are attracted like two magnets, not gravity, that’s too subtle, it has to be a strong force. The force is unbearable, their lust escalates, they strip their clothes off each other and they fuck. Now, who’s in charge?” Her words pounded into his skull with the force of a bullet, virtually shouting out the last three words. Matt’s mouth opened at her directness. He closed his mouth and thought for a while, finally licking his lips. “They both are.” Emma sighed and dropped her head in despair. It would seem that they had to agree to disagree on this one. She raised a finger and wagged it towards him, “One day, you will learn the truth,” she said, smiling. Matt felt a resounding slap on his back and lurched forward towards Emma. “Talking sex are we?” asked Janice, “May I join you, or do you want me to pick up some bloke and talk to them instead?” Matt looked at her dumbfounded. Emma laughed out loud, “Yeah, go and do what Matt can’t, control someone.” Both girls laughed, one of them, at Matt’s expense. Emma looked at her watch and decided she needed to head home, “Sorry guys, I have an early start in the morning, I need to get to bed.” Emma slipped off the chair and pulled her bag from the floor slinging it over her shoulders as she waved goodbye. Janice waited a while before looking quizzically at Matt, “What the fuck was all that about?” Matt shook his head, “Nothing. We were having a great conversation followed by a difference of opinion, nothing more than that.” Janice shrugged, pursed her lips and turned to look at the people in the bar; she watched Matt from the corner of her eye and saw that he was pondering something. Something she thought she ought to get involved with. “You fancy her, don’t you?” She asked. Matt half nodded, “Maybe.” Janice smiled to herself, “Well, I like her,” she chirped, ”she would be good for you. Maybe teach you a lesson or two.” “And what lesson would that be,” Matt inquired. Janice turned to Matt and cocked her head to one side, “One never knows, does one!” She said in a mock posh English accent. They both had almanbahis giriş a few more drinks and eventually left to go their own way. The weekend was fast approaching and Matt was visiting his parents that weekend. He was dreading the journey home. *** On Wednesday the following week, Janice and Matt were sat in their favourite location in the same lecture theatre. They were glibly chatting to one another when the room fell quiet as Emma walked in. “Oh, please, don’t stop talking on my account,” shouted Emma. Everyone laughed except Matt. His eyes were drawn to her, he watched her every move throughout the whole lecture; hardly taking the time or making the effort to listen to what Janice was telling him. Janice eventually realised his predicament and started to watch both Emma and Matt. At one point she saw that Emma looked up at the both of them and she caught her winking at them. Janice stole a glance in Matt’s direction, catching him smiling back at her. Janice looked in Emma’s direction and smiled at her. Something was going down here, she thought. Janice leant in to Matt, “You should seriously think about fucking her. You know that don’t you.” Matt said nothing. He didn’t even register her words that much. He looked at his phone one more time. The text message was clear. ‘I want you to fuck me today, after the lecture. I may have a surprise for you.’ He closed the phone and looked at Emma as she strutted and talked and lectured. She looked amazing, thought Matt. She spoke with an air of confidence. Her whole attitude to the lecture was labelled ‘sexy’, though Matt never even knew what is was about, he hadn’t taken any notice to what she was actually saying. The lecture finished at five thirty. As everyone was leaving Janice was sticking to Matt like glue. He didn’t have the heart to tell her that he wanted to be alone so he made his excuses and rushed from the theatre. On his way out, he quickly compiled and sent a text message to Emma. Outside the lecture theatre, Emma paused and fished her phone out of her bag. A smile crept over her face as she read the message. ‘I want to fuck you too. See you at seven, at the bar, wear something sexy.’ She smiled at the message and responded in a flash. ‘Not sure I should now. Teacher/Student relationship and all that?’ Her phone beeped immediately with a reply from Matt. ‘Fuck that, I want you.’ Emma was smiling to herself as she caught up with Janice walking down the corridor. “Are you going for a drink?” Asked Janice. Emma smirked, “Not tonight, I have something planned,” she replied. Both women said their goodbyes, and both smiled to themselves as they parted.*** Emma did exactly what Matt wanted. She dressed smartly and sexily. She was going to show him a good time. She thought of how all this had developed over the last few weeks, how she had got to know both Janice and Matt; and all because they talked a lot in her lectures. She started to see Matt as a sexual combatant in the male-female wars of society, yet she was attracted to him, and she thought that he looked quite dishy. Emma was sipping her drink by the bar feeling a little under-dressed for the place, if she were to be honest with herself, but she didn’t have to wait long.

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