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Subject: Sexual Adventures 18 TRUE SEXUAL ADVENTURES By Rev. Jesse Penfield Gibson, MDiv, DMin DISCLAINER: The following is based on true experiences. It consists of consensual sexual experiences between consenting adults, including barebacking and other unsafe practices. All episodes are homosexual between gay men. None involve romance of any sort. If this offends you, stop reading. If you find homosexuality erotic, I hope you enjoy. Complaints, compliments and comments to ail Please remember to donate to Nifty to keep the stories coming VIRGIN ASS Oz Campground. near Undadilla GA It’s a bit of a trip but I’m in the area. Actually, it is only about 60 miles from my home base and relatively convenient but the odd thing is that I rarely go there. An occassional weekend to hang out by the pool naked. I did a story last year about one encounter entitled Daddy Load. Since then I have maybe been back twice. It’s spring and it’s warm enough for shorts. I almost have to talk myself into going. I have to drive a 100 miles in the opposite direction the next day and that is a lot of driving but it’s Friday and I won’t be seeing Tony until Saturday. I am horny now. I had gotten off early and had done the housework I had promised myself that I had to do – about 3 hours worth- and it is 20 after 8. A quick shower and change and I am on the road. There is a pair of motorcycles ahead of me on the road out of town and into the countryside. They are not going nearly as fast as I want and I twice try to pass but the solid line comes up and the terrain is just hilly enough and they are spaced out enough that I abandon the effort and settle back to drive. It occurs to me that it would be embarassing if we all end up at the same place. We do. As we round the curve, the gravel driveway with the big banners, they turn in. Fortunately, they head on to the gate and I have to stop to pay. $7 bucks and I get the code. I turn in at the compound where the bar and pool are and there are almost no cars. No action it seemed. I get out though since I am all ready here and head up to the bar. There are 4 couples hanging around, three at the bar and one shooting pool. I ask for a Jack and coke and one of the guys slurs “Who’s Jack?”. I tried to think of a witty remark, failed and just ignored him. Sinking into a chair, I sip on the drink. The TV above the bar, a big screen is playing porn. Well, I didn’t come to drink Jack at $6.50 a pop. I came for sex. I go out to the pool. There was a knot of men drying off, nude of course, from the pool but they were a group together and heading out so there was little chance of interaction. I tuzla eve gelen escort head over to the Sugar Shack. It is pitch black and you almost have to know where it is to get there. As I head up the wooden walkway, there is no noise and no sign of life. I am not hopeful. The front room has a wooden bench that wraps around in front of me and dives back into an oblique corner as I enter, with a monitor in the opposite corner playing porn. I enter in. Off the right, a stand to suck glory hole situation with a staircase up for the one being sucked. I head up the right side hallway through the rooms there to the back. In that open space, there is another monitor playing a different porno. I am the only one in there. I judge the porn at the front to be better so I head back there. Sitting back in the corner, I am stroking my hard dick, watching the porn. The door opens and guy enters in. Okay, good, I figure. He doesn’t really look at me though and just heads on through, which is disappointing. However, I am not going to stalk him. I know that it is just me and him. If he saw me, and he might not have as I am wedged way back in the corner in a dark room, he’ll likely be back if he wants to play. He doesn’t head back. After an appropriate interval, so that I am not the creepy stalker, I head back, my hard dick still sticking out of the fly of my shorts. He is standing in the back open air area, watching that monitor, masturbating. I go and stand next to him. He is hot as hell. He has on an Eagles shirt in jersey material and basketball shorts that are around his knees. He has a fine ass, muscular legs and broad shoulders. He is black, a little taller than me and powerfully built. I actually figure him for a football coach or something. We both are stroking ourselves. I reach over and take his dick in my hand, a thick fat tool of about average length. He reaches over and takes mine in his hand. Good. He has a nice cock. A nice cock attached to a nice body. A hard cock attached to a hard body. I want to suck on it a while. I nod toward one of the little booths, door open and bench. I can sit and suck him a while. He follows me. “This is my first time here” he says. “Really? It’s not bad” I say. I am not a regular after all. It’s maybe my fifth or sixth time max. But I miss the import of what he is telling me. He isn’t turning down a blow job. Not at all. It’s thick and it’s long enough and it fills a mouth up. And it is hard and I give it a tongue bath. I am really working on it too. I am hard and turned on, stroking myself as I blow him. As far as I am concerned, this is perfect. Exactly what I wanted. Who cares if the place is tuzla otele gelen escort packed or not. That is the delusion we all have, that we need a crowd to play. Actually, if you have just the one right guy then you have all you need. And this is the right guy. Tall, muscular, black with corn rows, he is hot as hell. And for right now, he is all mine. Damn. Of course, at this point you do wonder the exact limits of the playing we are going to do. Am I going to blow him until he sprays me down with hot splooge? If so, cool. We trade blowjobs? Cool too. Maybe he wants to fuck me. He’s a bit thicker around than optimum as far as I am concerned but i will take it if that is the case. Who knows at this point. I grab his ass as I suck him. He lets me. I don’t think much about it except that he has a fine ass and I have my hand on it. Basically I am going to town on his dick with my mouth and tongue. He is moaning like he likes it. That cheers me on. I let my hand slide down between his butt cheeks and he doesn’t really stop me. That does implant a mild notion in my mind to see if he wants his butt hole played with. I don’t want to just ask him but I don’t want to fuck up the situation by misreading it either. Slowly, hesitantly, I ease my finger up the center of his ass cheeks, resting finally on his hole. I don’t stick it in but rather just massage it a bit. He hasn’t stopped me. I put some lube on my finger. As I suck him, I reach underneath between his spread legs. Up into the butt and then into the hole. I slide it in. Well, good. He steps back and turns around. He leans over, practically touching his toes. I am on the bench in the back of the booth and he is basically in the doorway. His ass is presented to me. I am smearing lube on my dick as he says, “Fuck me” I am ram a finger in there and then a second. He is tight. Well, okay. You want to be fucked, then okay. I smear it on. A finger still in and I guide my dick into his hole, trying to go in one motion. He pushes me off and steps forward getting me out of him. “Damn that’s big” he says. It takes him a second to get his courage back but then he offers up his hole again. “Slow” I begin to ease it in. Slow and easy. I figure it is painful, at least for now, but soon it won’t be. I get it all the way in and just stop there. Let him get used to it. Besides, I have my bare dick in a hot guys ass and that is cool. Then ever so slowly, I begin to truly fuck him. Easy in and out. He throws his arms back as he stands up and gets his hands briefly on my ass bringing us closer in together. I stop again and let him enjoy the fullness of it. I am beginning to think that maybe tuzla sınırsız escort he isn’t much of a bottom regularly, which is reasonable. He presents as masculine and is wearing NFL branded shorts and shirt. He kind of strikes me as a top, if stereotypes are true. On the other hand, he clearly is here to bottom tonight. He leans over again and I take that as my cue to start fucking him. Nice and slow at first. Then a little faster. He is taking it better now. In fact, much better. He bent over and has his hands against the wall and begins to push back on my dick. I fuck him a little harder. “Oh, fuck yeah. Fuck yeah” he says. Definitely. Fuck yeah. I am plowing the ass on a hot man. Fuck yeah. We are both kind of grunting. Loving it. I know I am. This hot tight ass feels great wrapped around my dick. We are not alone anymore. A guy comes along in the hall. He slows down to look but doesn’t stop. A little bit later he makes another pass. Stop and whip it out. The worst that’ll happen is you get nothing. Pass on by and you definitely get nothing. Stupid but that’s what he does. What the fuck do I care? I am beginning to fuck him hard. I am slapping up against him but he wants it hard. In fact, I am going to have to cool off or I am going to spew before I am ready. I pull out and sink back on the bench. He turns toward me and leans over and kisses me. Nice touch, I think, but I am not done. Not yet. I suck him. He is still hard. He didn’t lose his erection getting fucked like I usually do. He is hard and horny and wants it. I suck on his rigid shaft and get his balls in my mouth but I sense what he really wants is his ass plowed. I am still hard and ready for it. “I’m going to fuck you” I said He turns around and offers up his ass. It’s the same as the first time, a standing fuck. He is leaned over and I guide myself into him. Damn but he is tight. BUt he is hungry and that matters. He wants it. “I’ve never had a guys dick.” “Really, wow” I said. He is better at bottoming than I was the first time I did it but I do believe him. “Just dildoes” he said. There is a difference between a dildo and a dick. Dick is better. Ask any bottom. Right now, this ass is fine. Tight and fine. I am fucking it. As hard as I give it, he seems to want it just a little bit harder. That’s cool. Let’s go. I am able to get around and get my hand on his stiff dick but just for a second. He bends over and bangs back against me. Hard. Then hard again. I thrust forward and fuck him just that much more. “Oh, Goddamn” I say. It feels good. Too good. The primal part of me takes over. I no longer care about what he needs or wants. I need what i want. I need to cum in his ass. The pressure is building. A familiar sensation. Soon, it will be too much. There is somebody walking by again. I don’t care. we are both grunting. Moaning. Enjoying it. Hard. Forceful. Man fucking. “Oh fuck” I cry out. I ram it fully in and explode, filling his ass up. He’s not a virgin anymore.

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