Sex Toy part one


Patty’s Story, part one…..   Patty was pacing the room, tonight had been a very special night. Her Master had brought her a present, a wondrous present. Patty didn’t understand why Master had decided she needed such a gift. But the gift opened up a most wonderful set of possibilities. Master had owned Patty since she was 16. Over the years she had become totally devoted to being Masters sex slave, Master was good, he was generous, Patty had not imagined such a grand life when she had been sold into general servitude. Most people were sold into bondage as workers, workers were in high demand, Patty had an education, she would have brought big money as a worker. Patty knew that most factory workers seldom lived to see ten years of servitude, exposure to the chemicals and dangers of the work environment usually resulted in severe injury or even death to most worker slaves after just ten years.   Patty had been thrilled to find her young life would not be wasted on the factory floor when her former masters had been convicted as enemies of the state and their possessions confiscated and sold at auction. She missed her family, estate life had been good and the horror of being sold off after the collapse when her former master and mistress had gone to the gallows had almost been enough to kill her inside as well. But her new master was good and kind in his own way. He never beat her if she obeyed, he never hurt her for fun other than the little pains that made sex feel better. As she paced she went over the events of the day…..   Suddenly the door to her chamber was flung open and her Master almanbahis şikayet walked in, Patty was thrilled and ran to him and dropped to her knees and pressed her forehead to the floor waiting for his command. Master looked down at Patty, her long flaming red hair made a halo around her head on the floor. Her pale white skin covered with freckles shown in the gaps her flimsy thin robe didn’t cover.   Master said, “Patty, look up at me, I have a very special present for you.”   Patty raised her head to look at her master, her eyes shown with devotion to Master, all good things flowed from Master. When she saw what he was carrying her eyes got wide. He had what appeared to be a person wrapped in a blanket, it was a small person, it’s feet hung out from one end and long white hair hung out the other end.   “Rise Patty, See what I have brought for you”   Patty got to her feet, Master was tall, six feet and six inches, and Patty was short, five foot at most, flaming red hair to her waist, very busty and slightly chubby. Master liked her that way and she took great pains to maintain her appearance exactly the way Master wanted.   Patty noticed her Master taking in the sight of her, it made her nipples tighten up under her thin silk gown.   “Come with me Patty to your bed chamber” Patty obediently followed her Master.   Master laid his bundle on the bed and unwrapped the most amazing thing Patty had ever seen, a girl, much shorter than even Patty, long completely white hair, very pale pink skin, a small streak of equally white hair grew from her kitty. Even her eyebrows and almanbahis canlı casino eyelashes were white as snow.   Patty looked in amazement at this small creature Master had laid on her bed.   “Patty, she is yours, you will be her mistress. No longer will you be lonely when I am away. This one will keep you company, warm your bed in the long lonely nights. You can train her to do anything you wish, she was the prized slave of a woman who couldn’t stop gambling, I took this sweet girl as payment for her former mistresses gambling debt. Treat her well and she will loyal to you.   Patty stared in astonishment at this gift, Master had been generous in the past, a diamond collar and a gold link chain leash for when Master took her out in public. Jewelry to wear in public, emeralds big as patty’s nipples even dresses of silk and other fine fabric, Master liked to show her off.   Even this place she lived, as grand in a way that even the masters of her world seldom experienced, but to have her own slave!     She turned to her Master, “ I do not know what to say Master, she is beautiful, but she is so young, shouldn’t she be with her family at this age?”   Master looked at patty hard, “Patty do you question your Masters gift? Have I been too good to you?”   A horrified look passed over Patty’s freckled face, “oh no Master, never, please forgive me.” Patty dropped to her position, forehead pressed to the floor.   Patty couldn’t see it but her master smiled, his feelings for patty went beyond slave and master but he could never let her know that. “Patty, she is 16, the same almanbahis casino age as you when I bought you at auction, she is just small in stature, skinny and undernourished. I expect you to change that!”     Patty kept he forehead on the floor, but she answered, “Yes my Master, it will be as you say.”   Master smiled again, “Patty rise up, I have need of your talents.”   Patty rose to her knees to see Master’s cock, hard and tight, looking her in the face. Patty smiled, her Master wasn’t upset, he still desired her. Patty took his cock in her mouth and began to suck and lick his cock. Master took a handful of that wonderful red hair and pulled Patty to him, Master’s cock slid all the way down Patty’s throat, and he began to enjoy Patty’s skills. The girl on the bed opened her eyes and a look of horror crossed her face and she hid in the blanket.   Master picked Patty up and lay her on the bed, this would be a special night, all of Patty’s charms would be explored, Patty would orgasm many times and she would get her fill of masters vital fluid, Patty loved to drink from him and he loved to give his cum to Patty.   Hours later, after Patty had satisfied her beloved Master, many, many times, as Master left, his final word was, take care of her Patty, she is special in a way I cannot say right now but she is yours to train, train her well. Patty watched him leave with longing in her eyes, she always missed her Master terribly when he was gone. Patty went to examine her new charge. Patty looked at the bundle on the bed, the girl had wrapped herself up in the blanket as though she was hiding. Patty slowly pealed the blanket from her new companion. The blanket was harsh, made of wool, itchy, Patty made a mental note to throw it away at her first opportunity.   The girl was huddled into a ball, her long white hair tangled and dirty.

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