Servitude and Humiliation Ch. 03


“Please, please, please stop!!” I begged the older women as she repeatedly slapped my tits. My boobs had gone from the color of cream to red and bruised.

“Do they not teach you how to play with titties in the hood?” Karen snarled. “What do they do over there? I bet you’re used to sleeping in a dirty hovel, and yet you’re complaining about laying in a king-sized bed with a sexy women touching your tits? Disgraceful.”

She latched her mouth to my left nipple and sucked on it hard, as if she expected milk to come out. She let go after a few seconds and gave my tender pink nipple a hard squeeze, making me shudder. “I can’t get enough of these pretty young tits, you’ve got.” She said as if she was in a trance. “I could play with them 24/7 and never get bored.”

I was handcuffed to the frame of the bed naked while Miss Karen had her fun with me. The others were playing with me earlier but got bored and left, but not Karen. She was never tired of mocking and hurting me. The worst part of this was I could feel my pussy getting moister by the minute. This was agony but I couldn’t deny her attractiveness and her large breasts, while covered by a robe, were staring me in the face. Nipples hard as diamonds shown through the fabric and my mouth involuntarily salivated at the idea of suckling on them. I tried to avoid looking at them but that meant looking up at her face and peering into her eyes, and I didn’t want to give her the satisfaction of seeing how in pain and scared I was. I knew it would just turn her on more and make it worse. To make matters worse, there was a small butt plug stuffed in my ass, making me writher around uncomfortably. While not as large as the first one I had taken, it was still tight and made me feel like I was constipated and full. But I couldn’t deny the fact that my vagina was still slimy and horny, was the idea of having my teen butt stuffed up like that against my will turning me on as well? I tried not to think about that, and I didn’t want to think about touching myself either and give in to the fact that I was turned on by being tied up and played with by an evil harpy who just wanted to see me suffer. Unfortunately, Mistress Karen also noticed I was getting visibly turned on. She let out a snort of amusement and slapped my bald pussy, making me yelp. She sniffed her hand and rubbed the juices that now coated it. “God, you even smell like you came from a dirty home, did you grow up in a barn?”

I shook my head no, as I closed my eyes and pretended I was anywhere else in the world. “Look me in the eyes when I’m talking to you pig!” She shouted and then smeared the sticky fluid on my face.

“Here, taste how dirty you smell. I bet you really did grow up in a barn the way you stink. I thought that unwashed scent came from the hood but now I think you just grew up in a stable, living with the pigs and cows. You don’t have big enough tits to be considered a cow, but the way you move your bubble butt gives me serious piggy vibes. A nice cut of bacon that deserves to be treated right.”

I was trapped in hell; the other women had left a while ago and while they had their fun teasing me and stuffing the plug in and out of my ass and watching me grimace while laughing and touching each other, this was so much worse than their teasing. This wasn’t even teasing; she was just trying to humiliate me. She stuck a finger up my snatch and made me gasp; she moved it around inside a little bit, feeling my tight walls before withdrawing it and sticking it up my nose. “Do you smell that piggy?!” She shouted while holding her pussy juiced finger up my nostril. “Breathe it in, smell how gross you are. You are just trash that wandered in here looking for a payday, güvenilir bahis but you are going to have to pay your dues first. Now INAHLE!”

I inhaled as much as I could with a finger up my nose. It was awful, I wanted to scream and curse but I just did as she told me to do. “Do you agree that your pussy smells like it grew up on a farm?” She asked me sarcastically.

With no other choice I nodded. “Good, at least were on the same page now.” She removed her finger and whipped it through my hair to clean it.

“You are nothing but a poor piggy who is a slave to us, understand?”

I was holding back tears. I didn’t even know how to respond to a question like that. Karen slapped me across the face hard and grabbed my right boob and squeezed it tightly, digging her nails into the tender flesh. “YESSS I understand!” I tearfully cried out in pain.

“Alright then…” she got off the bed and looked me up and down with distaste in her eyes. “I’m gonna go and make myself some lunch, you lay there and think about how gross your pussy tastes. I hope your ass tastes better, if it doesn’t I may have to throw you out of the house.”

She finally left to go join her friends and I was left alone, handcuffed to the bed with pussy slime smeared across my face and a plug shoved up my asshole. My pussy had dried up after being slapped and abused so much but I could still feel the stickiness cling to my face. ‘What have I gotten myself into?’ I wondered.

I lay trapped in the bed for what felt like an eternity. It had been at least 2 hours since Mistress Karen left, and I was beginning to feel like I needed to use the restroom. I wiggled about as I felt the need to pee grow stronger the more I thought about it. I couldn’t even imagine the horrors they would put me through if I pissed in their bed, so I twisted my legs tightly and tried not to think about my burning bladder. Some more time passed, and I couldn’t wait much longer. I was sweating and wiggling relentlessly, if I didn’t pee soon I was afraid I may get a bladder infection. I called out for my mistresses, but no one responded. This was agony, and to make things even worse, I could feel a small pressure building in my bottom, cramming against the plug blocking the exit. I needed to use the bathroom as soon as possible before I ruined my chances for a college tuition. My tummy gurgled; my breakfast was itching to leave my body, but I couldn’t do a thing about it. My eyes darted around the room, I felt like a caged animal who needed to be let out. I then heard footsteps walking towards the room and my heart leapt out of my chest as Miss Anna walked in. “Has Karen still not freed you?” She asked laughing. “That women really likes to see you suffer, can’t say I blame her though.”

Her eyes moved up and down my body hungerly. “You do look ravishing my dear, like a lost lamb begging for her mother. Would you like me to free you?” She asked in a sweet tone.

“PLEASEEE Mistress Anna, I need to go to the bathroom! It’s an emergency!”

Anna walked over to me and sighed. “You youngsters really need to learn how to be patient. Fine, I’ll free you. But before you use the bathroom, I’m gonna need you to get me off again. Seeing you like this is just driving me crazyyy.” She said excitedly as she rubbed my tender left nipple in a circular motion with one hand while putting the other down her panties.

She picked up the key on the nightstand and uncuffed me. I sprung up from the bed and got on my knees in front of her, my face inches from her loins, a smell that once aroused me but now made me afraid of what would happen to me. “Please Miss Anna, I’m begging you, I think I’m about to make a mess, pleasseee let me go to güvenilir bahis siteleri the bathroom first then I promise I’ll take care of you.”

Anna sighed in annoyance and rolled her eyes. “Very well, you’re lucky I’m feeling generous today.”

She reached underneath me and pulled the small metal plug out and I felt a vacancy in my rectum that relieved me but for some reason made me miss the feeling of being full. I sprinted to the nearest bathroom and grabbed the handle only to find it locked. “Occupado!” I heard a voice that sounded like Miss Karen.

I was about to run to the next nearest restroom when I felt a warm liquid dripping down my leg. “Oh no!!” I said out loud in embarrassment.

Anna walked out of the room to see what the commotion was about. “Oh Mia, did you piss yourself?!” She said with a disgusted look on her face.

“WHAT?” Karen exclaimed from inside the bathroom.

I heard her flush and walk out. “Oh my God, what is the matter with you!? Do you have any shame at all, are you trying to get in trouble!?” Karen yelled at me


I burst into tears as Miss Stacey and Lisa walked up to see what was happening. “This stupid baby just pissed herself!” Karen said pointing at me. “God, you are disgusting! If you’re gonna act like a dog who pees on the floor, the maybe we should treat you like a dog and chain you up naked in the yard.”

I just stood there and cried, I was so ashamed and angry, and I couldn’t even think straight. “I’m…I’m sorry Mistresses.” My voice cracked through the tears. “I was tied to the bed for so long and I couldn’t wait any more it just came out, I’m so sorry!”

I kept sniffling as they all gathered around me and looked down with a disappointed look. “You are one filthy little pig; guess I was right about you being raised in a barn. Did the other slutty pigs on the farm not potty-train you? Well I suppose we’ll have to fix that.” Said Karen with a sharp tone. You really couldn’t wait another five seconds to use the bathroom? Leave her to me ladies, I’ll see to it that she’s properly punished for her insubordination.”

“Sounds fair to me.” Lisa said smirking. “Fucking baby needs to be taught a lesson.”

The rest of the mistresses walked away, shaking their heads while Mistress Karen grabbed me by the hair and yanked me to the floor roughly. She smushed my face into the smelly yellow puddle and ordered me to lick up my mess. “That floor better get clean soon, you piss-baby. You’re just a dumb baby girl with perky tits and a peach shaped ass; other than that all I see is a five-year old, snot-nosed little bitch.”

I continued to cry as I stuck out my tongue and gave the yellow puddle on the wood floor a small lick, I gagged at the taste and reared my head back in disgust. Karen sighed and stepped on my head, shoving my face into my mess again, harder this time. She moved my head around roughly with her foot, smearing my face in my own pee; “There, we can just use your baby face as a rag.” She said with an angry tone.

She used me as a mop and when she became satisfied, she reached down and grabbed a fistful of my hair and pulled my face up. “Get up and follow me, baby pig.”

She walked down the hallway and I got up and followed suit, terrified of what was about to happen to me. I followed her closely, my legs wobbling as I walked, sticky stains pressed all around my thighs. My face was covered in tears, snot, and urine; I couldn’t see myself, but I knew how horribly grotesque I looked, my face burned red with humiliation. Karen opened a closet up and pulled down a box. “Didn’t think I needed to use these ever again since I don’t have any more children running around the iddaa siteleri house, but clearly that’s not the case anymore.”

Karen pulled out a diaper and tossed it to me. “You’ll be wearing this from now on instead of panties, you hear me?”

My piss-stained face gaped in shock. “You…you want me to wear a diaper??”

“Under your uniform in place of panties, yes that’s correct. Only adults are allowed to wear proper underwear, snot-nosed little cunts who piss themselves and cry like babies should be treated as such. Wouldn’t you agree with me?”

I stood there, jaw open and gawking, still completely naked with bodily fluids smeared across my face, running down my cheeks and jaw and sore tits. An open-handed slap to the face jolted me back to reality. “Did you not hear me?!” My malicious mistress snapped at me intently.

My cherry red face was stinging, and I just wanted to curl up in a ball and cry, but I knew that was exactly the kind of thing she was expecting me to do, and it would only make things ten times worse. “Y-yes Mistress Karen, I agree.” I sullenly responded, unable to make eye contact.

“Feel free to piss and shit in it all you want, of course you’ll be responsible for changing your own diaper.” She said before reaching in the box again.

I was mortified, this was a whole new level of humiliation. “Are you disobeying me?” Karen said sharply as she noticed me standing there holding the diaper in a frozen trance.

“No mistress, I’ll put it on.” I mumbled shamefully.

The diaper was big, but still felt super tight around my slender waist. I shuffled around to try and make it more comfortable, much to Karen’s amusement. “One more thing!” She added gleefully.

She pulled a pacifier out of the box and lifted took her robe up. I watched in shock as she pushed the pacifier into her ass and wiggled it around. I stood dumbfounded as she ripped it out stuffed it in my mouth quickly before I had time to react. “You’ll be sucking on this for the rest of the day. Don’t worry, every hour or so I’ll stuff it back in a give it some more flavor for you.”

I stood there, butt-naked except for a diaper and pacifier in my mouth. It tasted horrible, I realized then she had just gone to the bathroom two minutes before me, and my stomach lurched as I tasted her dirty ass. It was earthy and bitter as I felt the flavors melt into the pee and salvia residing in my mouth. “Don’t you look like a cute little baby, sucking on a dirty pacifier like it’s a nipple. I bet you’re secretly loving this. Maybe that was squirt not piss running down your leg, you little toilet-mouth slut.” She snickered and patted me on the head mockingly.

“I don’t know if we should call you pig or baby, well I suppose it doesn’t matter since you’re both now. Oh, and all is forgiven now. Go wash your face and put your uniform back on and then get back to cleaning, I’ll come find you later, Toilet-mouth.”

She kissed me on the head and spanked my ass as she walked away. I went back to my room and looked in the mirror. I was a mess, everything from my sore red tits to the slimy reside covering my face to my blonde hair being mangled made me feel sick to my stomach. I washed my face thoroughly and put the dirty pacifier back in my mouth, I didn’t want to risk washing it too. I had a feeling they would check on it. I put my French maid outfit on and walked downstairs to go get my cleaning supplies. “Looking good!” Lisa said watching me from the living room.

“That diaper really makes your ass look nice; and the way that you suck that pacifier makes me wonder if you secretly like being treated like a pissing baby who’s only good for playing with.”

I couldn’t respond because the taste of ass was still being forced into my mouth, so I just avoided eye contact and walked to the closet to get my supplies. This may have been the worst day of my life, could I make it the rest of the Summer being treated like this?

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