Seducing Daddy


Seducing DaddySeducing Daddy, A good daughter does everything she can to make her dad feel better after a hard day at work… When he came home from work that evening he was 3 hours late. His face looked drawn and haggard, and he had loosened his tie in order toundo the top button on his shirt, and it hung at an angle. She hadwanted to be mad at him, but she saw on his face how tired he was, andshe knew he must have had a bad day. When she heard the garage dooropening, she had popped his cold dinner into the microwave, and as heslumped down into a chair she set it in front of him.“Hard day?”Advertisements“Yeah. Long.” He dug into the food, eating quickly but distractedly,still thinking about some aspect of the work he could never seem toleave entirely behind. She sat across from him at the table, andsince she had eaten herself an hour ago she just sipped at ahalf-empty glass of wine.“Why are you drinking that?” he asked, eyeing the glassdisapprovingly.“Because I like it.”He might have protested further, but he just sighed and continuedeating. After a moment she got up and poured another glass and placedit down in front of him. He looked up, his expression managing toconvey both sarcasm and thanks at the same time. He finished the foodand had a long taste of the wine, swirling it around in the glassbefore leaning back against the chair.She walked around behind his chair and started to give him a back-rub,despite mild protests. They dwindled as she dug her fingers into hisneck and shoulders, working out hours of tension.“Tell me about your day,” she said, continuing to rub. He tookanother sip and began to talk.He started telling her about contracts that had fallen through, anemployee who had showed up over an hour late for the second time in arow, random details that he knew she didn’t care about. But he washappy to humor her, if she wanted to pretend she cared, and besides,it was good to have someone to bitch to. He blathered on while shecontinued to rub his neck, and it did feel good. He felt tired enoughthat the wine started going to his head, even though he hadn’t hadmuch. At one point she reached around his neck and undid his tie,drawing it slowly off his neck, and he almost stopped her; it feltlike she did it impudently, and besides, he remembered that he shouldbe mad that she was drinking. Dammit, when he was a k**, you at leasttried to hide your drinking from your parents. But he didn’t sayanything. He was too tired.Her fingers started tracing more intricate designs on his shoulders,and they looped over to undo a few more buttons on his shirt. Did shehave to press so closely to him when she did that?“Honey, you don’t need to give me a back rub,” he said, shifting inhis seat a little to move his head away from her. “It’s very sweet ofyou, but I’m really tired anyway, I think I’ll head up to bed.” Shedidn’t take her hands off his chest, and when he shifted they tickledhis chest hair a little.She objected, of course. She was always pouting at him ifhe went to bed right away, and he did feel bad; he almost never sawher in the evenings anymore, and never for more than half an hour inthe morning, while she’d get together her things and leave forschool. She pulled him back to leaning against the chair, digging herfingers into his chest a little and chastising him as she did.“Dad, I never get to see you anymore. Besides, you have a lot oftension in your back right now, and you’ll sleep better if I canwork it out for you.”He smiled. As excuses went, it was a pretty good one. He relaxedagain and closed his eyes.She felt him relax under her fingers, and after a minute she againstarted to trace circles and lines on his back, stopping once toscratch lightly. At this he groaned slightly, which made her catchher breath, but she kept on. It seemed tonight she had a pretty goodchance. She was going to try for it.Slowly she worked her fingers down the front of his neck and a littledown his chest. When he didn’t stop her, she moved them in unisondown to his nipple and flicked it.“Hey!” he said, and stood up out of the chair quickly. “What do youthink you’re doing?” He was upset, she could tell, but she could alsotell he didn’t know what was going on yet, so she played up to it abit more.“Daddy, kaçak iddaa I’m just playing with you,” she giggled, “don’t overreact.You’d think I crashed your car or something.” She stepped up next tohim and d****d her arms around his neck. “Besides, I thought youmight be falling asleep.” She looked up at him, with her best everbut-I’m-so-cute expression, blinked her eyelids, and he smiled.“Well, okay. Sorry, I’m just snappy from work.”“I know,” she said, and hugged him tightly. She made sure to pressagainst his chest softly but deliberately. She stood on tip-toe for asecond, and gave him a feathery kiss on his neck. Moments before hepulled away, she felt a twinge in his pants and knew it was going towork.At the unexpected feeling in his pants, he quickly shifted his hipsaway from hers. What the hell? He really must be losing it. Hethought he was doing a decent job since Karen left; he and Samanthawere close, and he though she talked to him about most things–maybenot everything, but more than he’d ever shared with his dad. But thelast few years had been harder. He wished Karen were still around todeal with all this girl stuff. It made him uncomfortable to see Samgrowing into a woman, and a damn good-looking one, at that. He knewshe was dating, and he should probably be talking to her about sex,but he never knew how to start. And now this! To be reacting to hisown daughter’s body? Yes, she’d started to fill out quite nicely, andyeah, he looked occasionally–what guy wouldn’t? But wasn’t theresupposed to be some sort of circuit breaker in your body that stoppedyou from having this kind of reaction?He couldn’t help himself from stealing a sneak peek down her shirt asshe pulled away from the hug. She was wearing some tight tank-top andno bra, and the tops of her breasts were firm and very visible.Noticing her erect nipples pushing at the fabric, he felt anothertwinge in his pants. To hide it he quickly turned around and startedwalking away.“I’m sorry, babe, I know we haven’t spent much time togetherrecently. But I’ll make some time this weekend. I promise. TonightI’m just bushed.”No, he was leaving too soon! She hadn’t had time to really trysomething. But before she could react, he’d left the room. Okay,time for a new plan.She waited in her room and she heard him run the shower. She heardhim finish, and move around in his bedroom, and she saw the light gooff. This is it, she thought to herself. Daddy or bust. She gave itten more minutes for him to fall asleep, or at least get close. Thenshe stripped off her pants so that she was down to her tank-top andundies.She tip-toed across the hall and quietly opened his bedroom door. He was lying on his side, facing away from her, and she walked over andpulled up the covers and slid into the bed next to him.“Wha?” He said, groggily, and he rolled towards her.Advertisements“Nothing, Daddy. I’m just feeling bad. I thought maybe I’d stay herewith you tonight.” She tried her best to make her voice soundinnocent and slightly scared. She knew he could never resist that.“Well, okay, I guess,” he said, and she nuzzled into him, throwing oneleg over his. Her breasts were pushed against his side and her headfit nicely on his chest. She stayed still for a while until hestarted to doze off again.Something good was happening. Something nice. He shifted around abit until he was flat on his back. Then he woke up suddenly as herealized the sensations weren’t a dream. There was a hand on hiscock, tracing slow circles, and he instantly realized it was hisdaughter’s.“What the fuck?” he shouted, and half-jumped away. “Jesus, Sam,what’s got into you?” He sat half up in bed and pulled the coversover his erect cock, embarrassed and angry. He watched her pullherself up to a sitting position and his brain raced as he tried tofigure out what was going on.“Daddy, nothing’s gotten into me,” she said. “I just…I just wantedto touch you. I’m not a little girl anymore, you know. I know youwant me to stay a girl forever, but there’s pressure, you know?And…you love me, don’t you?”“Of course I love you! But this is different and you know it. Andwhat do you mean, pressure?”She bit her lower lip and looked up at him in a way that only madethings worse. “Well, I’m dating, and I just…I kaçak bahis just thought maybe Icould learn from you. You know, in a safe way. Isn’t that betterthan doing it with some guy in the backseat of a car?”He was torn. Of course he didn’t want to imagine her fucking somerandom high school k** in a car. What dad wants that! But this waswrong. You don’t learn about sex like this. He opened his mouth totell her to get back to her room, but before he could say a word sheleaned over and kissed him.“Please, Daddy. Please?”She could sense he was weakening. It had been years since her mom hadwalked out on them, and she knew he hadn’t dated at all, mostly forher sake. Okay, she may have laid it on a little thick with the“learning” bit…she’d had plenty of experience, far more than shewould ever admit. But she thought this was the best strategy. Shekissed him again and moved her hand to his chest. He gave ahalf-hearted push away, but with her leg across his, she could feelthat his body wanted her, even if he didn’t.She broke the kiss and leaned over to his ear and whispered, “I’m notgoing to tell anyone. It’ll be our little secret. I promise.Just…relax.” She kissed along his neck and moved her hand from hischest down to his stomach. Yeah, he was old enough to be her dad…heWAS her dad! But he had kept in good shape and she could feel themuscles underneath. “Baby,” he said softly, “I just don’t think…Imean, this isn’t right…you’re my daughter.” But he didn’t move awayand she knew she had won.He couldn’t believe what was happening. God, it had been a long timesince he’d had any hands on his body other than his own, and her mouthwas sweet and warm. But he couldn’t! He tried to concentrate on howhuge of a mistake this was, but suddenly she slid down under thecovers and took his cock in her mouth and all his protests flew away.She’d wanted to do this for so long, she almost couldn’t controlherself. But she held back, knowing the situation was stilldelicate. She flicked her tongue up and down along his beautifulthick shaft–even better than she’d imagined it. She licked his shaftuntil it was nice and wet and then brought one hand down to grasp atthe base. Then she took the head of his cock fully into her mouth,and she heard him groan. Sucking, lightly at first, she slowly movedher hand up and down as she traced the top of his cock all over withher tongue. At last she felt the tension in his body recede as hegave into her. “That’s right, Daddy,” she whispered, just loud enoughfor him to hear from under the sheets. “Let me suck you. Let me makeyou feel good.”Then she began to really go at it in earnest. She gripped tighterwith her hand as she slid it up and down. She sucked at his cock likeit was the best thing she’d ever had in his mouth, and she moaned inpleasure as she tasted his pre-cum. She licked at his slit and thenin a sudden motion, she pushed his cock all the way in her mouth, downher throat.“Oh Jesus, Sam, Jesus,” he panted. His little girl was sucking hiscock like a pro. Somewhere in the back of his head he realized thiscouldn’t be the first time she’d done this, but before the thoughtcould fully materialize she deep-throated him again and his brainvaporized. He felt himself building up and started to pull away, butshe put both her hands on his hips and pushed her mouth down on hiscock.“Jesus, I’m gonna come!” he managed to get out. But she didn’t stop;in fact, she brought one hand down to cup his balls. The sensationpushed him over the edge and he felt himself starting to come into herwarm mouth. She kept her mouth on his cock and he felt her throatcontract as she swallowed his load.He couldn’t think for a minute, and then it all came to him: hisdaughter had just sucked him off! He’d come in her mouth! His braincouldn’t even process it. He lay there for a minute, and then heflicked off the covers so he could look at her. She had a wide grinon her face which he couldn’t understand. Wasn’t she upset? Ashamed?He couldn’t think what to say.“Thank you, Daddy. You can’t know how long I’ve wanted that.”He just gawked at her. She wanted this? She’d seduced him! What wasgoing on?Before he could start to protest again, she sat up in front of him andslowly pulled off her tank top. She knew illegal bahis she had good breasts–theboys at school were always staring, and she’d caught her dad checkingthem out once or twice, as well. She wasn’t above using them to heradvantage. She straddled him, and watching his eyes watch her, shebegan to fondle her breasts. She pinched a nipple and licked herlips. “Don’t you want to help me?” she asked.She was afraid he’d freak out again, but instead he lifted his armsand slowly touched her breasts. At first he traced the edges, andthen he started grasping them harder, one in each hand. The feelinggave her a thrill and she felt her body reacting. He twisted hernipples and she let out a small moan. “Yes, Daddy, touch me. Please,touch me more.”Encouraged by her words, he leaned over and took one nipple into his mouth. He played his tongue across it, just like she’d done with hiscock, flicking and sucking in turn. Her breasts were perfect and firmand her nipples were jutting out as if in invitation. Without reallythinking about it he let one hand slide down to her ass. Her skin wasso smooth, god, and her small moans were beyond enticing. He felthimself starting to get erect all over again. When was the last timehe’d been hard again so soon? College? But god her body wasfantastic. He moved his other hand to her ass as well, and grabbedand stroked, allowing his fingers to slip down her crack. With herbreast in his mouth and his fingers so close to her pussy, he forgotall about his conflicted conscience.He knew she must be able to feel his cock rising again…she wassitting practically right on it. He felt her shift so that he waspressed up against her pussy lips, and he felt her wetness against hisskin. He moved his hands down farther, and let one finger slip intoher sweet hole. Holy god, he was touching his little girl’s pussy,and it felt amazing.Advertisements“Yes, god, Daddy, please, do that,” she gasped, and her low excitedvoice turned him on even more.“You like that?” he growled. “You want to be a little slut for yourdaddy? You want my fingers inside you?” And he pushed another fingerinto her cunt, driving it up as far as he could. She was so wet andtight he wanted to fuck her right then. As if she read his mind, sheshifted her hips and reached down between his legs, grabbing his hardcock and positioning the tip right at her pussy.But she didn’t move down. He looked up at her and she was lookingright into his eyes. She slid an infinitesimal amount down onto him,and then pulled back up. The little slut was teasing him! She lickedher lips while looking right at him. Her hips made a little circleand he could feel her wetness starting to cover the head of his cockas she twisted around and around.“Do you want to fuck me, Daddy? Do you want to fuck your little girl?I’ll be a good girl for you. I’ll give you everything.”Later he thought maybe he went insane from desire. He grabbed her andflipped her over onto the bed on her back, and in one smooth thrust hepushed himself into his daughter’s tight little pussy. She screamed ascream of pure pleasure, and he began thrusting himself into her, thewarmth and wetness all he could feel.“You’re…mine!” he panted. “You’re my little slut and I’ll fuck youso hard you won’t know what happened. This pussy is mine, it belongsto me!” And with every statement he thrust into her harder, buryinghimself into her teenage cunt, feeling his balls slap against herass. He didn’t think he could stop now even if she told him to, butshe wasn’t telling him to! She wanted it!“Yes! Please! Keep fucking me!” she cried. She had never felt sogood. His cock was huge and it filled her completely. She wasthrusting her hips up to meet him and she sensed his body tensing ashe got close.“Come in me, Daddy, please, I want you to come inside me.” And sheraked her nails across his back. This pushed him over the edge and hebegan to spurt again and again into her tight little pussy. Shegasped and he felt her pussy contract around his cock, draining him ofevery drop as she came. “God, yes!”He collapsed on top of her, amazed and emptied. After a minute, herolled off of her, exhausted. Slowly reality returned to him and hecouldn’t believe what had happened. “Are you okay?” he asked her.“I’ve never been happier.” She slowly pulled herself out of the bed.“Thank you, Daddy. And hey,” she whispered, moving close to his ear,“maybe next time you can come on my tits.”And she walked out of his bedroom.

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