Secret lives: Chapter 23


Sarah and I straightened ourselves up and headed for the door. I held her hand as we walked out the door into the main part of the shop. We stood back a little as the main crowd began walking out. Several people gave Sarah a smile or the thumbs up. One lady walked up to us with her husband. She looked Sarah over appreciatively. “I love that dress.” “Thank you.” “What you did in there. Just wow! That was so brave and so hot.” Sarah was blushing furiously. Which although it seems odd, isn’t really; she’s used to putting on a show but not really used to being critiqued. “Well, thanks I guess. I’m glad you enjoyed it.” “Oh we did; very much.” They wandered off and Jess found her way over to us. She stood there with her hands behind her back. “I believe I owe you something.” She brought her hands out from behind her back and in it was the rabbit dildo she had promised Sarah. “Do you two have any plans for after this?” Sarah gave me a look that seemed to gauge how I felt about these developments. I was momentarily surprised by the level of understanding we had developed with each other and I felt a surge of love and affection for her. After coming to some kind of silent mutual agreement Sarah turned back to Jess. “We were going to go to the Wild Stallion theatre. I was thinking about testing out this bad boy. Feel like joining us?” “Absolutely, just let me isvecbahis finish up here and lock up.” We wandered around the store for the next ten minutes while everyone else meandered out into the night. Jess then went about turning off lights and grabbed her bag. Jingling the keys on her ring she called out to us. “I just have to lock the back door and we can go won’t be a second.” We went and waited by the door as Jess returned. She locked the door and we turned to walk down the alley to the next block but before we had taken a step Jess spoke up. “If we cross the street at the end there, there’s another alley that will take us to within half a block of the Wild Stallion. They’re not as busy as the streets of course but the benefit is cars don’t use the alleys.” I was unsure of where she was going with this. “O.k. Do you want to go that way?” “Yes but I think we should make it interesting.” Sarah had a big smile on her face; she clearly knew what Jess was thinking. I was very curious. “So what did you have in mind?” Jess reached up and lifted her top up over her head. She stuffed into her bag and looked at Sarah. “Feeling brave enough?” It wasn’t as easy for Sarah because of her dress but she soon had the top half unzipped. She the pulled her arms out of the sleeves and tucked the top half into the waist of her dress. It appeared as though she was isveçbahis giriş only wearing a skirt. She had obviously decided not to put her bra back on after her performance; I assumed that she had no panties on either. Seeing these two beauties out in the city completely topless was a complete turn on. Jess turned to me. “Well? Are you going to join in?” “It’s not much of a challenge for me to go topless.” “That’s not what I had in mind.” She looked at Sarah and asked. “May I?” “Go ahead.” Jess stepped over to me and started to pull down my fly. I was already half hard when she reached inside and slid my cock out into the open air, but when she slid her small hand down the length of me I was instantly hard once again. “That’s more like it.” She murmured. Sarah smiled at me as Jess Gently caressed my cock. I wasn’t really sure how to react when Jess knelt down in front of me; It was then that I felt something odd. I looked down and saw that Jess was fastening what looked like a collar and leash around my cock. I was slightly bemused and a little apprehensive but having her topless and on her knees in front of me had a fairly predictable reaction though. “We don’t want him running away do we Sarah?” “Oh I don’t think we need to worry about that, but let’s not take any chances.” Sarah had a very wicked grin. “Sarah, you’re so lucky. He has such a isveçbahis yeni giriş pretty cock.” Pretty? I’ve heard it called nice but never pretty. “I know right and it tastes as good as it looks too.” “Ooh can I taste it?” This was directed at Sarah as though I had no say in the matter. I looked to Sarah with a touch of uncertainty but she had a smile on her face that made me think this was what she wanted all along. I’m not sure what look I had on my face but I’m fairly sure it turned to incredulity in the following instant. “Sure; why not?” Jess leaned forward and slowly ran her tongue along the underside of my cock. She ran it from the tip all the way down, over the leash then down to my balls. She then reversed and travelled all the way back up to the tip; leaving a cool wet trail that tingled in the night air. My cock was twitching and jumping randomly as Jess wrapped her fingers around the base of my cock, lined the tip up with her mouth and slowly slid her lips all the way down my length until they collided with the leash. Her tongue was doing the most delightful dance around my cock the whole way. She unclipped the leash then pushed further until I felt the head push against the back of her throat. She barely slowed her descent and I felt it slide down into her throat where the sensation of her swallowing felt incredible. She popped me back out of her throat and took a deep breath. Her mouth was wetter than ever and I could feel her saliva swishing around my cock as her tongue continued its amazing dance. She opened her mouth and removed my cock without sucking on it.

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