Secret Lives: Chapter 14


Several months have now passed since that wild weekend and life has settled into a comfortable routine. It was one of those quiet moments. Both of us were lost in thought as the hypnotic thrum of the tyres lulled us into an introspective world. We were now comfortable enough with each other that silences weren’t unnerving but actually comforting. Things had progressed surprisingly slowly considering our tumultuous beginning. Once the dust had settled, we came to the understanding that we did have genuine feelings for each other beyond lust, although the lust was, and still is, incredibly strong. I was spending so much time at Sarah and Neil’s place that it became silly to be paying rent on my unused flat. So, with a little trepidation, we made it official and I moved in. The relationship between Neil and I had surprisingly really grown and I consider him to be a good friend now and not just my brother. It surprised me how little I knew about him previously. Our parents probably had the toughest time of it. They’ve isvecbahis had a lot to deal with in all of this and the day it all came out was difficult for everyone. The relationship Sarah and I have is confusing for them and dealing with Neil coming out at the same time was a lot for them to process. They are still talking to us all, which is more than I expected, to be honest. Needless to say, things had calmed down with our sex life as well as the partying: more through exhaustion and a need to return to our normal working lives than anything else. The seasons had turned and it was now Autumn, so that’s cooler nights and less time spent in the spa. I’m sure the neighbour over the back was sorely disappointed but we never heard or saw much of him. Our other neighbour though, Mrs Murphy, had taken quite a shine to me. I tried to convince myself that it had nothing to do with the little show I inadvertently put on for her and that it’s all about my nice personality. But every time she needs something done isveçbahis giriş at her place ,it’s me she seeks out. She always stammers and blushes when she asks for help and she loves to watch me as I work on whatever she needs doing. I’m a little embarrassed that she clearly was aroused by what Sarah and I were doing but, at the same time, knowing I turned someone on by my exhibitionism is quite a kick and a definite boost to the ego. In fact that is very much why we were in the car. You see, although it’s not a tiny town we live in, it is very much a country area and, as such, there are certain things that just aren’t available around here that are in the cities. We had decided to take a weekend away to play before it got too cold. What better opportunity to explore our exhibitionist sides than this? We had a few things in mind but we mostly wanted to play it by ear and see what happened. It was one of those typical autumn days. Cool in the morning with lots of dew on the grass and the sun shining through isveçbahis yeni giriş it like a million million crystals. Not a cloud in the sky and barely a hint of a breeze. It was obviously going to be a beautiful day but first thing in the morning it was quite cool. Sarah was dressed accordingly in a button up shirt and a short skirt but she also wore a cardigan. I had the heater on in the car but only high enough to take off the chill. It was fairly early so there wasn’t a lot of traffic, mainly transport trucks and the occasional tourist bus. After about half hour of driving Sarah suggested we get some coffee and breakfast. Up ahead was one of those servos that had a McDonald’s and a KFC. I parked the car and followed Sarah in. I followed because let’s face it, Sarah has the most amazing ass and legs and I’m a chronic pervert that would never pass up an opportunity like that. So I drooled as Sarah casually strolled in and pretended not to notice what I was doing. We ordered our breakfast and coffee from the very enthusiastic teenage boy at the counter and went and sat in a booth to wait. “He was pretty keen to serve you,” I said with a smile. Sarah, who had that knowing smile she gets when she has a ‘puppet on a string’ chuckled.

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