Subject: Second blackout My second encounter with Cody, as I learned my buddy was named after he thoroughly owned my face with his black cum hose, did not go as expected. He showed up at my door with a boy half our age, maybe fifteen years old although I could not be sure; the kid smiled to himself after quickly sizing me up, probably realizing that with my diminutive build and size I could pose no threat whatsoever. This did not go unnoticed by Cody, who let out a chuckle and ushered the boy into my apartment without so much as an explanation. I was not about to protest, having never dared to seduce a hot kid and risk being found out, here was a cocky, cute boy and he was black, bringing to mind innumerable powerful young dark cocks I had been slobbering over and cumming to online over the years. I offered them drinks and we stood somewhat awkwardly while Cody explained that Pump, as was his nickname, lived two floors below him with his grandparents as his mother has passed away and his dad is on duty overseas. I expressed my regrets to the boy, who shrugged and let out a sigh. Changing the subject, Cody ribbed Pump by making fun of his porn addiction, which was my first indication that this was about to go a little sideways. Again, I wasn’t going to complain about any of it. “Sunday I was on for about six or seven hours straight”, Pump dropped by way of making conversation, but I was too flabbergasted to think of anything to reply. They sensed it was time to get straight to the biscuits and Cody motioned for me to kneel before them, pointing one finger down and tapping the air. I fell to my knees, silent and willing to get used by a couple of studs. It turns out that Cody’s pants stayed on the whole time. I got manhandled by Pump from the start. Emanating an assured and eager vibe, the boy came forward and unceremoniously stepped out of his sweatpants as if he were about to jump in bed. His half erect penis swung like a pendulum, beckoning me closer as I relflexively openend my mouth. “Y’all get to know each other”, said Cody before plopping himself down on the couch. Pump bit his lip and shimmied once, sending his supple cock swinging with renewed momentum. It was about çorum escort twice the size of mine, barely smaller than Cody’s. I got closer, on my knees, and wrapped my hands around it. It stiffened immediately, There was a thick vein running from the base to the head, all along his teenage cock. Pump didn’t always know how to position himself or get things exactly right, but what followed felt like a series of live reenactments of his favorite porn vids that I was wholly unprepared for although I would not call myself a victim here; he was a natural and I participated all too willingly at first. Stuffing my mouth with his superb member, the young athlete kept uttering sexy little “uh-huh” noises, approving of my total devotion to him. He would regularly pull it out to rest it across my face, making me feel the mass and weight and smell it deeply. I felt my forehead getting wet as droplets of spit and precum fell from his majestic pole. I stole a look at Cody, who was pawing himself with his sweatpants and undies hiked down below his balls, mouth slighty agape, one hand running up and down his cock, already hard. He saw me look over and swallowed his saliva, smiling again after having been caught unaware of how engrossed he was in our oral session. The boy tried every rhythm, every variation he could think of as he slid his cock into my face. This went on for so long I had cramps in my jaw but I found ways to keep receiving his bigger, juicier and stronger rod deeper and deeper into my achy throat. I blanked out and took it, listening to his animalistic grunting and hissing breathing. The oral gymnastics went on and I thought it was going to drain the kid of his stamina but he was only getting started, I was out of shape and had forgotten how randy and enduring a horny teen can be. He came without warning, which I always love, quietly emptying a steaming cup of chowder into my throat, his dick spasming hard inside my face. Cody erupted soon thereafter upon figuring what had been happening, his eyes wide with excitement. His powerful cumshots rose high into the air, landing over his muscular torso. His long dick still half inside my mouth, Pump laughed as Cody çukurambar escort playfully cursed him. I wasn’t even hard anymore. I’d surrendered any idea of pleasuring myself long ago and had become hypnotized by Pump, only feeling the urge to venerate his manhood and let him have his way with me. He stayed as hard as he had been before his first orgasm and pulled me up on my feet by the hair. He led me to my bedroom, never releasing his grip and I had to tilt my head sideways as if I was being led by the ear to the principal’s office for misbehaving. That’s when Cody took his leave, joking that I was in good hands and that he’d just forwarded my number to Pump. I felt worried at first, but Pump wasn’t going to tell gramps about his homo buddy, I reasoned. Actually there was less and less reasoning to be had at the hands of my young boss. He was perfectly fine with fucking me like a ragdoll for the next half hour, which he did. I like to take a dick. An average dick, for an average time. But there wasn’t enough lube in the local drugstore to satisfy the mileage of dick this boy was inflicting on me. I went through a mental rollercoaster as he powerfucked me without mercy, sweating and cursing me out, at times scaring me even as I felt he might be out of control. But then realizing he was just giving me good dick, the best I ever had, if too forcefully for my tastes, I made sure to facilitate his pleasure, going limp and letting my spit fall out of my mouth, gooning out to the feel of his wide shaft throbbing and vibrating in me. Letting me know he was all out of cum, Pump went to help himself to a drink while I Iay there with a face full of my snot and his seed. I blew my nose just in time for him to return and tie my hands and ankles to the bed with long socks, a dinner tie and a bathrobe belt I had lying around. Then he sat on my face, ordering me to eat his ass. I ate it hard, him resting a good part of his weight on my head as I chewed and lapped at his hairless, twitching hole. I felt so helpless that headlines flashed in my mind about being found next week still tied to the bed, my plump cheeks eaten away by Dodo the cat who never ankara escort showed himself, probably terrified by the sounds of my being roughly treated by this big boy. After what felt like half an hour, Pump announced he had recovered enough to go one more round, adding, “put your mask on bitch”. I reached for the box of disposable surgical masks and wrapped one around my face. He went back to the living room and returned with my large laptop, setting it on the low commode at the far end of my bed, facing the action. He typed “Omegle” into the browser and I immediately got it. “Get on all fours”, he growled, tilting the screen just so to pound me from behind while keeping his head out of view above the frame. Never have I ever been fucked like this before. Pump held firmly to my hip with his left hand, grabbed the hair behind my head and on my neck and tilted my head up. I felt the top of his hard dick poke at my butthole one time before he slammed his entire boy cock in my ass. I let out a loud “AH!” cry of pain and surprise as the first webcam junkie appeared on the split screen. From time to time he would reach out above me to skip an ad, but we got a pretty steady stream of cummers and gooners pulling puds of various sizes to his display of superior youth and girth, invariably commenting on and complimenting the boy’s powerful-looking, rock hard black penis, invariably drenching themselves in cum. Pump got off on every second of it, hitting my ass with unstoppable force as he mercilessly plowed through a sexual workout I could never deliver and barely take. When Pump finally shoved his pole as far inside as he could get it, he ejaculatd deep in my guts, shaking hard, his breath rattled, grunting obscenely in a victorious manner. I watched another guy shooting his load, the liquid arcing gracefully in a waterworks that brought to mind a lawn sprinkler. I closed the laptop before the guy could close his mouth, which had been agape the whole time. After playfully slapping my face a few times with his still huge and very cummy dick, Pump made his way out leaving me to masturbate furiously while licking remnants of his cum, which he generously dropped all over my bed. Between him and Cody, I was going to get gallons of boy juice dumped on me in the future and it couldn’t make me happier! Just then, a message pinged on my phone. Pump had fired his first shot: “Be good and let me get all up in that again”. “Can’t wait :P” I fired back at him.

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