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Subject: A SCOUT IN THE SNOW PART FIVE A SCOUT IN THE SNOW A SCOUT IN THE SNOW Part Five � Van T Z Boi 2017 (The usual disclaimers apply, this remains the property of the author and you do not have permission to download and post this anywhere else without the author’s permission. Please remember this is just a story and keep yourself safe. If you enjoyed this then please support and make a donation; without you would not be able to read this and they need your financial support so you can continue to enjoy stories) (HEALTH WARNING: Due to the number of comments from readers you are warned that reading this material may involve the self-indulgent loss of bodily fluid. Please ensure you have a supply of water, vitamins and minerals including vitamin C, calcium, chlorine, citric acid, fructose, lactic acid, magnesium, nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, vitamin B12, and zinc to replace that which may be lost whilst reading this further chapter) (Thanks to all who have written it is nice to be appreciated, I do enjoy reading your comments and observations and suggestions and I always look forward to reading your views on this or any of my stories. Please note the new email address ail. Now please read on. Till the next Time Van T Z Boi) From Part Four Jimmy’s cold, so icy cold hand touched my chest and he looked at me. “Your turn,” he said throatily and I felt a surge in my dick, then with an unexpected push I went sideways, “Your turn on your back,” crowed Jimmy and then I was falling, falling and the intense cold shivered the timbers of my skeleton. “Fuck,” I bellowed as the cold leached into me and then Jimmy’s cold yet hot body straddled mine and I saw his intent. Part Five The icy cold tingling as my bare back fell hard onto the crusty snow sent icy daggers of intense shooting icicles of pain throughout my body. I had experienced `brain freeze,’ now I was experiencing `body freeze’; I gasped my panting breaths forming misty clouds in front of my face, the sharp tingles biting inside me as the frosted snowflakes beneath me melted before freezing again as the cold chill of the arctic snow conquered all. The backs of my legs had goosebumps on my goosebumps and my arse felt it was welded to the ice. Prostate I lay almost immobile; the coldness shocking my body into sublime submission. I stared up at Jimmy, he was chortling, his own hot breaths clouding about him as he straddled me. My confused mind noticed that the back of my body was icy cold whilst the front still held a modicum of warmth; it sent strange sensations waving about inside me. Jimmy’s bitter cold thighs as they grasped me were freezing to the touch and my stomach contracted, trembling with icy fingers of chilly sensations as the snowcold legs grasped me, tightened around me, my skin retracting at the wintry touch. At the same time my cock was reacting as its heated exterior slid inside the icy lips of his boypussy, the exquisite torturously cold painful insertion causing my dick to swell, despite the shock to my system. His tight freezing pussy lips and his hot fuckhole was denying my cock the shrinking reaction the rest of my body was undergoing. The tightness of my ballsac as the goosebumps wrinkled the hairy skin as my aching balls were squeezed whilst the enclosing sac shrank and withered, squeezing the overworked gonads as they continued to pulse, creating yet more sperms to delight both my dick and Jimmy’s boycunt; it was exhilarating and exhausting at the same unique time. Jimmy commenced riding me, his slippery cold body rubbing up against my exposed warm areas, the icy shocks continued as ice cold skin met sexheated skin, the strange mixture of cold and heat furthering my desire and lust. “Fuck,” I grunted as the sensation of his grasping fuckhole squeezed my prick tight, the undulations of his spermy membrane as it stroked and caressed my sliding length was more than awesome. My body and mind were trying to deal with the icy shocks and the hot jolts as he rode my cock hard. A chillingly exquisite torture that made me gasp clouds of heated wheezes. “Now you know how my back felt,” he grinned and chuckling, which sent another hot wave bouncing along my dick, he added, “Skip you should see the size of your goosebumps, like a lot of nipples all over your body.” I grunted, it was the only reply I could make; my throat was contracting with the coldness and reactions I was undergoing, the shocks and delights following one another in such quick succession that I had barely time to register where the next pleasure or icy pain was coming from. His cute little ballsac, a fold of flesh empty within, as his tiny immature spheres had retracted inside his body, flopped against my stomach as he rotated his hips and then I shrieked as his hand slid down his back, down underneath his squirming boypussy to grab my own balls in his icy grip. Another round of wintry shocks jolted through me and then grinning he leaned forward and placed his other icy fingers, palm down on my pointed nipple. I bucked and bucked torn between the icy hold on my balls and the icy massage of my nipples, made worse as he moved from one mannub to the other. The sensations were amazing and my body was racked again and again as Jimmy used the cold snow to titivate part of my skin and body. He let go and sat up straight, my shaft exposed between his pussy and my snow crusted patch of curly hair then with a demonic laugh he grabbed a handful of the icy crusty snow and squeezed it around my shaft. I nearly fucked him into the air as my body jerked and shuddered as the freezing touch of snow on my cock sent me wild. “Fuck that felt good,” he grinned as I slowly slowed down, the snow around my shaft melting away as it met the heat of my dick. I sighed; part of me agreed with him, it had been an exciting tortuous seconds of sensual delight I knew it had also given him pleasure as I dimly recalled feeling his little boybud pulse, swelling against my thrusting dick as I had jerked and juddered. A wicked look came into his eyes. My brain quickly caught on. “No, no,” I protested as he spoke. “Let’s try that again,” his snow covered fingers grabbing me once more; the sensations were every bit as hot and heavy as the first time. My body quivered and quaked as the icy tendrils of sensual joy worked though me, the long sharp tingles peaking higher and higher. I sensed an icy chilliness at the top of my spine where my brain met the spinal cord, it was exquisite chilling agony and I was once more writhing with lusty depravity as he dealt me the same snow cold touch. Just when I sensed I was losing the feeling in my cock he stopped. “Time for fun,” he giggled as he started working his hips and pussy, concentrating on his own desire. A sense of normality followed, my back had gone numb now, the icy shocks dissipated and I mellowed as his warm love tunnel reheated my cold dick, the sensation returning as the blood warmed then heated. I was on familiar territory now and lay still just letting the heat warm me, readying myself for the expected onslaught of his orgasm. It was not long in coming, his hips hit a rising rhythm, one I knew very well and my hand reached out to grasp his pale white cocklet. Gently, despite my urge to fuck back, I teased the cold foreskin back, the crimson tip glowing against the winter snow, a beacon of boyish delight. As he rode me, I continued to caress his dicklet, reacting to his increasing pace. “Faster, faster,” he crowed as his lust peaked. I needed no instruction, used to his body by now I massaged and caressed his cocklet rubbing intensely at the pliable foreskin, working it up and down his pulsing beacon, the slit fully open now as his immature body sought to expel the non-existent sperms and semen which were still years away from being produced. He ankara türbanlı escort was left with the intense tingling and heated waves of delight which I knew were coursing through him. Jake moaned heavily as his climax burst, his body heaving above mine, the tight boypussy clenching hard around my dick as he went into orgasmic spasm after spasm. He was slamming hard down on me as he went into his spasms of orgasmic overdrive, his weight and intense pressure on my cock was both torturous and delightfully enticing. I gasped with each downward thrust, the pain shooting through my compressed balls was gut wrenching especially as without recovering from the first pounding I was then subjected to another. My mind went out of synch with my pain pleasure as the tyke continued to shiver and tremble above me. Dimly I realised he was experiencing dry cum after dry cum; the intensity of the snowfuck had set him off on a journey which I could only hope my dick would be able to last out. Jimmy was thrilling to the unexpected repeated series of dry cums, and he bounced even more energetically and painfully on top of me as his body went into orgasmic spasm after spasm. His eyes were blurred as the intense flashing light of bodily boyish joys continued to pulse and glitter across his closed and blinking eyelids as he instinctively moved his body to attain the next explosion. I lost count of the number of times he squealed his delight but my dick was responding to the continued pressure and massage his orgasms were having on the steely pink pole of my dick. I grunted, sensual this time, not with pain, I hit my own streak and grabbed his waist, holding him in place as I managed to fuck him from the icy ground, the melting coldness around creating wisps of vapour as our fuck heated the snow, melted it and then it hardened in the freezing conditions. I was beyond caring now, my objection only the need to explode and fire my load inside his boypussy. It was an extraordinary sensation, the freezing cold surrounds vis-a-vis our heated volcanic embrace and then I caught the slight tingle in my balls, I was there, just a few more little jerks and my cock blossomed, the heated sperms blasting up through my tubes before vaporising inside Jimmy’s still orgasmic boycunt. Jimmy squealed and bounced as yet another shock cum wave hit him and my cock pulsed its final blasts inside him. We gasped and grunted together, our hot breaths like minor clouds about our heads as we finally started to simmer down. My dick felt like it has been squeezed through a mangle and the tip tingled painfully in that certain pleasurable torturous way. Jimmy dropped down, his cold body against mine, a freezing ivory grasp as his warm lips met mine. We kissed, softly, gently as our passions subsided. I felt my shaft reduce and shrink; the sensitive tip now dead of all sensation. Suddenly the cold really bit into me and I shivered. “You’re shaking,” Jimmy sighed. “It’s fucking cold,” I replied, “we need to get back inside and warm or we’ll suffer colds or worse.” I lifted my icy hand and stroked his cold icicles of hair. “I could get frostbite on my prick,” I chuckled and felt his laughter as he shook against me. He was becoming a real heavy weight and I trembled all over with the exhaustion of the extensive fuck. Groggily we stood up. I grabbed the coat and wrapped it around my trembling body; I could feel my back sticking uncomfortably to the material. Jimmy slipped his one on, he still appeared insensitive to the cold, the coat flopped open; his boy cocklet was still stiff, an ivory prong that led our stumbling way back to the kitchen. As we walked his cold hand caressed my shrinking, flopping cock and for a while I wondered if I would ever recover from the snowy experience, but his hand regained warmth and as we entered the kitchen I felt a return of sensation to my poor squashed glans. The kitchen was like an inferno to our reduced cold state. I slipped my coat off and stood in front of the oven, basking in the welcome and wanted heated waves. Jimmy stood beside me, his body steaming as the icy patches of snow that had clung to him evaporated in the heavenly warmth. As we recovered I found I had enough energy to prepare two more mugs of hot chocolate and we sat naked, alongside each other, slowly sipping the velvety liquid. “That was awesome,” Jimmy grinned, his lips coated in chocolate and the milky foam creating a frosted moustache above his lip. “Some fuck,” I agreed, I was still too exhausted to talk much. I slumped back in my seat but then Jimmy’s hand warm from holding his mug was wrapped around my floppy cock, immediately I felt a stir but my balls twitched and a sharp tense stabbing ache caused the sensation to ebb. I looked at Jimmy, his eyes were bright with desire and his pricklet stiff and hard and pulsing nodded at me. Smiling I removed my warm hand from my mug and caressed his slim boy pickle. The spongy hardness swelled even more so in my caressing fingers and the flap of empty skin where his balls would someday blossom twitched. He sighed and leaned against me; it was clear he was very much on that sensual plateau that prepubescent boys can achieve when they can dry cum and dry cum almost incessantly and the arousing effects of the snow fucks had taken him there and there he was staying. Never one to deny a boy pleasure and bearing in mind my own exhausted state I creaked rather than sprang into action. I stood up bringign Jimmy with me; it was the work of seconds to move our chairs so that we could still absorb the heat and then I laid Jimmy on the table. He looked more than beautiful lying naked on the well-scrubbed pine table. The ivory pink of his bare skin glowing brighter in certain areas as the flickering flames from the oven illuminated his body. His cocklet, its ivory coating of satiny skin with that certain tinge of blush continued to throb and pulse, the taut foreskin caught around his dark pink glans, a wreath of paleness that accentuated the deeper blood pink of his tiny mushroom bud. I leaned over and kissed the sac fold, my tongue probing to seek the protruding edges of his prepubertal gonads but my tongue simply sank in deep into the satiny fold. His tiny boy bits were still reacting to the cold and had gone to ground. I kissed and licked up the pencil shaped shaft, swirling my tongue around the foreskin and the emerging glans, teasing his foreskin down so that it lodged under the shiny rim of his boyridge. Jimmy groaned throatily, his knees came up either side of my head and I was held between their gentle touch, his feet balanced now on the flat surface of the table. Jimmy sighed and moaned louder as I suckled the very tip of his pointed glans, working my tongue over the sensitive slit and managing to get my tongue tip to just enter the gaping gap; Jimmy shuddered and his knee touch became stronger, controlling my actions. Sensing as I knew his body so well I immediately bobbed my head up and down in swift successive movements, gaining in rapidity each time. Jimmy grunted and gurgled, his boy dicklet pulsed and I was rewarded with the knowledge and delight that I already brought him to orgasm. “Oh skip,” he bleated, we both knew it would not be the only boyjoy that was coming his way. I continued to suck and slaver the thin rod, slowing and speeding as I sensed his passion peaking and then needing respite. His knees again squeezed my head, again I sucked hard and long, taking him deep inside my mouth, even his sac fold was consumed in the heat of my mouth and he cried as his body jerked upwards from the table, trying force even more of his groin inside me as he shook and shuddered with a huge dry cum. “Again, again,” he demanded and without stopping I sucked furiously at the trembling cocklet, quickly sending him soaring once tuzla escort more into his personal boy heaven of delicious boyish delight. I spread my mouth wider and managed to work the tip of my tongue down between his legs, his cocklet was buried deep against the roof ridges of my mouth as I sought to lick at the edge of his boypucker. Jimmy growled and yowled as the sensations rose again and he shook and shivered and shuddered through successive orgasms until he squealed as a another huge wave swallowed his senses and then he sank limp against the table, his body relaxed whilst his pricklet remained stiff inside my mouth as I gently nursed the swollen tube. The banging as the front door was open and closed disturbed us and we looked up as the kitchen door opened. Gavin stepped in; he was easing off his dark navy parka, the odd icicles of snow dropping away from the furry hood. “Hi,” he grinned, dropping his coat over the back of one of the chairs and holding his hands out to the heat from the open oven door. “It’s bloody cold out there,” he sat down beside us and slid his warmed palm along Jimmy’s naked thigh. “You been having fun?” he chuckled. “We fucked in the snow,” Jimmy’s tone was proud and delighted. Gavin shook his head, “Silly buggers,” he replied, “you’ll catch your death in these arctic conditions.” “It was fun, though.” I patted him between the legs, his cock swelled through the fleecy trousers he was wearing. “An extra ordinary experience,” I warbled. “I saw your car and hoped you would have a hot drink on the go,” Gavin grinned, spreading his legs wider, his teen bulge tenting his flies. I got the hint and stood up. By the time I returned with a mug of hot chocolate Jimmy was on his knees his chocolaty mouth full of Gavin’s teen dick. “Thanks.” He took the mug and stroked Jimmy’s spiky hair. “Hot chocolate and a blowjob, life doesn’t cum any better.” “You should try fucking in the snow,” I chuckled, “awesome and chillingly thrilling,” I stroked his nipple, the pink skin tightening and peaking as I did so. Gavin groaned. “The troop is out in action,” he sighed, taking a sip ad Jimmy’s mouth slowed along his thick shaft. “We’ve scraped the snow away from most of the pensioner’s houses. Everyone’s mucking in; the boys will be heading down here soon. I said I’d sort out a hot drink but seeing as you’re here,” he stopped and purred a bit as Jimmy nibbled at his cockhead, licking away inside the foreskin and swallowing the sweet precum. Mentally with my Skip’s hat on I checked the necessary arrangements. The hall was warming up, there was plenty of coca for the hot chocolate and I knew there were some tins of soup in the stores. Leaving Gavin and Jimmy to their fun I started preparations. Carrying the supplies back to the kitchen I was not that much surprised to see the pile of Gavin’s clothes had replaced his parka, which was now gone. I grinned and set to work, as I watched the saucepans starting to simmer and with a mug of strong sweet coffee now in my hand I stood by the back door and opened it just a fraction. “Fucking hell,” dimly I could hear Gavin’s cries as I imagined him balls deep in the snow like I had been. `That’s the trouble with Jimmy, once he gets a bone in his pussy he just wants more and more,’ I thought to myself as I kept an eye on the range and an ear to the door. My ear however was chilling with the freezing draught blowing through the small gap; the weather was getting up again. I was stirring the soup and the chocolate when the kitchen door banged open and Gavin and Jimmy stomped in, Gavin rubbing his hand hands blowing cloudy breaths on them. “Fuck what a fuck,” he snorted, Jimmy giggled and laughed, he had not even bothered to replace his coat and naked just dropped it across his chair before joining Gavin in front of the open oven. He slyly grabbed Gavin’s floppy dick and the sixteen year old grunted and squealed. “Fuck off Jimmy, your hands bloody freezing,” he jerked backwards and fell onto the chair that I had been sitting in, his naked bum making a slapping sound as he landed, his cock and balls wobbling and swaying in the air. “Not nice Jimmy,” he grumbled and then sighed as Jimmy knelt down and began sucking the wrinkled tip, working the foreskin backwards until his tongue rasped against the sensitive inner skin of his glans. “You’re not forgiven,” he added, his tone only slightly less sharp, but his legs relaxed and he sank back comfortably on the wooden chair, his hand stroking Jimmy’s head, indicating the pace he wanted. Jimmy sucked noisily as I continued to stir the soup and prepare the hatchway for serving. I did not want a kitchen full of scouts, with the hot liquids it would be too dangerous. Gavin grunted and grabbed Jimmy’s head. I watched as he pushed Jimmy’s face deep into his groin, Jimmy’s cheeks swelling as he sucked and swallowed the teenage load that Gavin had clearly just delivered. “Oh Jimmy,” Gavin sighed as he slumped back on the chair. I could see his speckled dick as Jimmy slipped it from his mouth, just extending his tongue to roll it over the deep purple head, slicking up the last drips of teencum as they oozed from Gavin’s cocklsit. A rattling sound came from the front doorway and I could hear the excited chatter of voices and the stamping of feet. I opened the hatchway as the boys spilled into the hall. Roy, now seventeen and one of the Venture scouts supervised their entrance. “Timmy, shut the front door, you’re letting the cold air in,” he bellowed and I heard the banging as the door was closed. “Oh good, you have done some soup,” Roy stepped forward and placed four loaves of bread on the hatchway shelf, “I knew there was no bread left in the stores, we used it up at Ventures the other night, so I brought some down,” he grinned at me. “Mr Grant said not to worry about paying, he’s just grateful the pavement in front of the shop is cleared and safe.” I chuckled, “With the roads like they are few people will want to try for the supermarket in town, so he could be in for a bit of shopkeepers luck, his tills will be ringing like bells especially if everyone can get to the shop.” “The village streets are navigable,” Roy tugged open one of the loaves and reached for a mug of the soup, “but the main road out to town is still bad, the twins dad has got his tractor up there and I was told a snowplouigh is on its way but it’s a deep snowfall.” He tucked into his mug, dipping his bread in the soup. I was kept busy as the scouts came up to grab a mug of soup and the bread. Jimmy had slipped out and still naked sat with the boys, he was clearly talking about his adventure in the snow. Gavin had risen and was helping wash the used mugs readying them for the hot chocolate and toasting some of the bread. A big tin of jam was sitting in the hatchway and some of the boys were already spooning the jam on the toast. The hall warmed up further, heated as other later arrivals came in; there was goodnatured moans about’ keeping the door closed you lummox’ and other excited chatter as they soup and chocolate slowly disappeared. The twins had arrived with some more loaves and most of the troop were now happily munching away on jammy toast. Jimmy appeared back in the kitchen, his eyes brightly shining, he was clearly still on a high after the mornings exploits. He grabbed Gavin’s hand and tugged him towards the back door. “Come on,” he said impatiently. “Fuck no,” Gavin replied but his cock said otherwise, the teenage fat sausage was rapidly swelling and rolling his eyes at me he grabbed his warmed coat, slung it over his shoulders and followed the naked boy out into the snow. I saw a number of the scouts grabbing their own coats avrupa yakası ucuz escort and they too went out via the hall door, it looked like Gavin would be getting an audience. Sixteen year old Larry, one of the twins munched on a slice of toast, “I heard you had some fun in the snow,” he chuckled between bites. “An experience not to be missed,” I grinned back and grabbing my own coat and my coffee sauntered out after Jimmy. I could see the group of boys on the other side of the grass, I noticed the messed up area where Jimmy and I had fucked, the snow was creased and lumpy and I could make out the shape of my back and Jimmy’s. My dick swelled under my coat as I recalled fucking him in the cold and freezing snow. I was sure that memory would stay with me for years. I joined the group around Jimmy and Gavin who were shouting words of encouragement. Gavin lay on his back, he was gasping and his arms looked white and bluish. Jimmy was riding his teendick, I could just about make out an inch of his thick shaft as Jimmy reared up and down. Gavin was moaning and groaning and shivering at the same time and I knew he was reeling between the heat of Jimmy’s pussy and the icy cold of the snow. A number of the boys had their dicks jutting from between their open coats, rubbing and squeezing themselves as they watched the naked pair fuck in the rumpled snowdrift. “Fuck it’s so cold, how can he do that?” Toddy one of the scouts said aloud. “Jimmy’s a cockslut,” said Dean one of his patrolmates, “you know what he’s like at camp.” I smiled at that Jimmy was one of the best fucks in the troop and his snow adventure would only add to his reputation. Gavin was flailing around now, his hips thrusting upwards as he sought to fuck the tight fuckchute and having to deal with the icy effects of the snow. I grinned as I saw Jimmy grab a handful of snow. Gavin’s scream as the handful of snowy particles were shoved up around his balls split the air and the onlookers both cringed and chuckled loudly. “Fuck, fuck, what the fuck did you do that for,” Gavin yelled and then screamed again as Jimmy stood up, allowing Gavin’s dick to slide down and out of his boypussy, this time the snowball was placed on the throbbing teenrod, Gavin shrieking as the glacial touch froze his shaft and then Jimmy sighed happily as he carefully slid the snow encrusted teen pole back inside his heated boypussy, the snow melting to drop on Gavin’s pubes before sliding uncomfortably down between his creases. “Oh Fuck, Oh Fuck that’s soo cool,” Gavin mewled as Jimmy started to rotate his torso, the teendick being massaged by the twisting fuckhole. Jimmy hit his stride, his body moving in rhythm as he slowly bucked back and forth over Gavin’s complaining body. Gavin’s teen nubs got the icy snowy hand treatment too with a further cold squeeze of his balls. Gavin was grunting and moaning, it was clear that this was something special for him too. I was comparing how I felt with what Gavin was exhibiting; Jimmy had certainly started something with his snow antics. I noticed some of the boys had paired up, cocks were being stroked and there was a lot of careful kissing in the cold temperature. Dean gingerly knelt down, the snow making cold contact with his knees through his jeans as he began to suck Toddy’s slim dick. I felt my own dick pulse and throb and then a warm hand wrapped around it. “Fucking good show,” Larry had come to join the watchers and he slowly rubbed his welcome warm hand up and down my dick. I liked the twins, the two boys were very much into each other; they still shared a bed at home, their parents ignoring the implications of two horny boys sharing a bed. I had often shared my own bed with them both; it was always an exhausting and energetic experience, having two boy then later teen pussies to pound and plunder. The twins still liked to double fuck and I did my best to ensure that they were understanding about how careful they needed to be. I had double fucked them each so they both knew what is felt like to have two hard prongs fucking away inside their pussies but each had told me that when they double fucked someone else, the sensations of their own dicks swelling and ejaculating against each other had a more special level of intensity for them. “I feel his climax, his orgasm,” explained Larry, Jake nodding his agreement as they lay either side of me on my bed, “when we do it together, our pricks stroking against each other inside a tight pussy, it’s wonderful.” “Better than when we toss each other off,” Jake smiled, “and when we fuck each other, we never feel so close. His dick inside me, or my dick inside him and when we come well we share two cums.” Jake giggled, “I know when he’s dicking someone else.” “And I know when he is as well,” Larry chuckled, “but when we double fuck someone, wow that is such an amazing twin thing,” they both smiled at each other. I could almost sense the thoughts being exchanged between their heads and I sighed as they leaned over me and kissed each other, always an arousing sensation. Jake crunched up beside us in the snow, “Roy’s watching the kitchen,” he said and stared at Jimmy and Gavin, “Fuck me that is so awesome,” I heard the sound of a zipper being unzipped. I reached out, through the warmth of his coat to find the pulsing teen dick, repaying the welcome attention of his brother whose hand was cuddling my balls; tender from the frosty fuck they twinged excitedly in his hand. I turned to kiss Jake, the elder by two minutes of the twins. At sixteen they were still beautiful boys, their golden fair hair and elfin faces more beautiful than handsome. After kissing Jake I kissed Larry, we stood together exchanging kisses and touches. I could feel my desire returning, my bloodheat responding to their combined caresses, sex with the twins was always an experience, they worked together, sensing each other, exchanging positions as they felt each other’s needs peaking. Larry bent down to suck on my dick, the hot warmth of his mouth a huge contrast to the cold air that gusted around us, little flakes of snow forced from the trees and bushes brushing against us. I had Jake’s tongue in my mouth, his brother’s tongue wrapped around my cock and my hand was busy stroking Jake’s prick, the hot shaft throbbing in my hand. Despite my exhausting sessions with Jimmy I knew I was more than up for more, twin fucking was always a challenge and my cock was rapidly rising to that prospect. In a trice, coats were lost and Larry grunting at the shock of contact with the crusting ice, placed himself on his hands and knees on the freezing icy ground. I fell in behind him, my knees recoiling once more at the shock of the iciness on my knees, my throbbing mandick quickly sinking inside his swelling teen pussy. End of Part Five To Be Continued…???????????????????????????????? (Poor Skip he is really is snowed under with coping with the arctic happenings, but is his journey about to go stone cold? Has Jimmy had enough playing with real snow balls? Well then if you do want more and really want me to continue this story then you have to write and tell me or this could really be the end. So far a number of stories posted recently failed to get any support; will this one go that way too? It’s up to you to vote, vote vote!!!! Don’t forget if you like this then I have plenty more stories to whet your appetite, just look me up on ‘s prolific authors listing fty//authorslist.html scroll down to V for Van T Z Boi ) . Please also remember to make a different deposit in ‘s coffers for without them you would not be able to enjoy this and further chapters. All the best, Van T Z Boi) (In response to all those who are interested; the Lost/Rejected stories are still undergoing editing and once they have been posted I will announce the link. The good news is that good ole’ have provided copies of `Detained at Daddies’ and `Mummy Said’ from their records so now I have recovered all the missing stories, so mucho thanks . Sorry I can’t be more forthcoming at this time as to when I will be able to post them but please watch this space. Van T Z Boi)

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