Saving My Son’s Relationship


This story happened about five years ago. It involves family but not incest. This will sound selfish but in fact I think it helped the family.

My oldest son was in one of the military branches stationed in North Carolina. He had a new girlfriend, or should I say, fiance with a child from a previous relationship. I decided to go visit. I stayed with them and found they had a roommate to share expenses. This was not a big problem she was almost never there. They also had a friend who babysat quite often and often stayed over. I was put up in my future granddaughter’s room.

Around day three we decided to take a trip to the ocean. At this time I didn’t realize the babysitter wasn’t live in because she had been there the whole time. My future daughter in law who was pregnant with what would be their first together, wasn’t a big beach fan but Skye the babysitter was. Skye was short, about five foot one, not skinny but not fat. She was solid with thick thighs,small round soft belly and firm round tits that weren’t huge but looked so on her frame.

My son’s fiance spent most of the day under an umbrella while the rest of us played in the ocean and sand. When Skye laid out in the sun face down I couldn’t help stare at her beautiful dark tan body. Her bikini left little to the imagination. It was a string bikini with a thong bottom. She had been very flirty with my son in the water and even asked my son to rub lotion on her at one point. I found it very odd and a bit disturbing. My future daughter in law who I really liked and thought would suit him well was obviously upset.

We had a picnic lunch on the beach and things seemed to settle a bit. I went back in the water and Skye joined me. She began splashing and jumping around me. At this point I thought that she must just be one of those flirty type girls. Once back on the beach she sprawled out on the blanket looked at my son with my fiance. She must have thought twice about asking him to lotion her again, turned to me and asked me to rub lotion on her. I obliged.Now this girl had such a deep dark tan I couldn’t imagine her needing sunblock. I could tell she had more than one bathing suit because she had tan lines that didn’t match her suit.

I started up at her shoulders and bahis şirketleri began rubbing the lotion into her soft skin. As I worked my way down her back I got a handful of side boob, soft but firm. I started getting a bit nervous but very turned on. I glanced over towards my son but they were face down on another blanket with heads turned in the opposite direction. As I got to her legs her thighs parted a bit. Before I knew it I was kneeding her ass cheeks and she let out a few soft moans. I briefly brushed her slit and she moaned louder.

I had a raging hard on. I quickly finished and ran to the ocean to hide and deflate my hard as a rock cock. I thought about how close to cumming I came with this twenty something girl about thirty years younger then me.

We returned home and my daughter in law cleaned up her daughter and began preparing dinner. I was in the laundry room with my son and I gently brought up his flirting with Skye. He admitted he had feelings for her as well as his fiance. I almost got a bit angry but instead used my dad tone to talk about he had to make up his mind and choose and how it wasn’t fair to Sara his fiance, who I told him I thought was a sweetheart and carrying my grandchild.

Soon we were in the living room chatting. Sara had dinner cooking and came in also. Skye made room for her by joining me on the love seat I was sitting on. She told me a bit about her background growing up in Kentucky and asked a lot of questions about me occasionally touching me as we chatted. By this point my daughter in law had returned to the kitchen and my son was absorbed in a video game. Soon Skye’s feet were up in my lap and I was grazing her legs with my hand when I felt her rub her foot against my crotch.

Sara called for my son and when he didn’t respond she came towards the living room. Suddenly Skye shifted and sat up. My son looked at the clock and announced that he had to take Skye home and said he’d be back in an hour. I looked puzzled when Skye mentioned that she had to go home to take care of pets. Sara looked perturbed. I suggested I take her and that he stay back with his girls. I was sure it wouldn’t be a problem with gps.

I got in my car with Skye who sat almost on top of me. We continued to chat bahis firmaları and she told me that I reminded her of her dad. I remember wondering if she got this handsy with her dad. When we got to her apartment I carried in a bag of clothes for her as we continued to chat. She mentioned that she needed to shower to get the sand and salt off her. I stupidly mentioned that I had yet to do that yet too. That’s when she pulled me by the arm and said something about that we needed to take care of that.

She dragged me to her bathroom and turned on the shower and immediately stripped of her shorts and tee shirt to her bikini underneath. I was so turned on I froze and almost forgot to breath. She turned to me and pulled up my t-shirt and pulled down my bathing suit and guided me into the shower. She then removed her bikini and joined me.

She immediately reached up and kissed me and pulled me towards her. Her beautiful breasts mashed against my chest as my hands found her full round ass cheeks. She reached for soap as my hard on pressed against her belly, soft and round. I think we were hotter than the water. We groped and felt and worked ourselves up.

Skye turned her back to me as I lathered up my hands reached around and soaped up her firm round breasts, my hard cock pressing into her back. My hands found her hot little box and I slipped a couple fingers inside her. She reached back and soaped up my cock with body lotion. She then lifted up on her tippy toes as my cock poked at her cute little pink rosebud. As I began entering her ass she slipped a bit so I pushed her against the shower wall and pushed all the way inside her. She began to moan and urged me on. It didn’t take long before I blasted a load deep up inside her.

We somehow managed to clean up as we continued groping each other then went to her bedroom. This time I took the lead. I layed her down on her bed and just stared at this beautiful young lady. I then crawled between her legs and started eating her out. This girl was super sensitive and loud. She wriggled and wreathed all over the place screaming and squeezing my head between her legs. She was sopping wet when suddenly she went rigid and flooded my face with a big orgasm. I licked and swallowed it all. She kaçak bahis siteleri pulled me up to her and we cuddled for a few minutes.

After calming doen a bit she told me that it was my turn. She bent over,took me in her mouth and began sucking me. i had to stop her a couple of times to keep from blowing my load. I flipped her around to sixty nine and began eating her pussy while slipping a finger in her ass. She began bucking and moaning. She flipped around and mounted my cock and began riding me. I pulled her down for a hungry rough kiss. When she sat back up I began tugging on her nipples and squeezing her breasts. She went rigid and came again flooding out her juices.

I decided I needed to keep her on edge. I flipped her off me and immediately began lapping up her juices and rubbing her clit furiously. She begged me to stop telling me it was too intense. I just smiled an evil grin,lifted her legs and plunged my rock hard cock as deep as I could inside her. She then started telling me to pound her pussy. I could feel her clenching my cock and new I couldn’t last long. I bent down to kiss her thrust deep inside and let loose a long hard orgasm pulsing 5-6 time deep in her womb. She screamed wrapping her arms around me shuddering and shaking.

As I collapsed on top of her I felt every inch of her beautiful body against me. After a minute or two I rolled over. She just smiled and traced a finger across my chest. It was then I started to think about how fertile she must be and how we fucked bare. I must have been awkward getting to the point when she told me not to worry that she was on the pill. She also told me that nobody knew yet but she was moving back to Kentucky

We said our goodbyes and I headed back to my son’s realizing I was going to be about an hour late. I called them part way there to say that I had gotten on the wrong ramp and headed north instead of south but was now on my way back. When I got back I immediately went to shower mentioning I hadn’t cleaned after the beach.

Later that night,as gently as I could I told my son what happened. He had expected as much and said he noticed her flirting with me. He told me that despite all the flirting he had not fucked her and that her fucking me convinced him that that wouldn’t work and that he had not only a good woman but a beautiful woman to marry. I often think about that hot, tight, solid, Kentucky girl who was an absolute nympho. What would I give for one long night of love making with her?

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