Sarah’s Quest: Chapter Three


Sara experiences a totally new intimate relationship. Nothing was next, well, nothing at first. After the swingers party, my hormones continued to flow and I felt like a horny adolescent. Ted was the same old boring Puritan in bed. I found myself running to the bathroom after he finished his dozen strokes and pleasuring myself into a self induced orgasm. Spring turned to summer and I was a model mom again. The kids were home from school and we were at the pool and the park. Both kids were playing team sports so a lot time was spent going to games. It was a full time job and no time for me to be alone. You realize that summer is coming to an end when we’re running off to Walmart to shop for school supplies. I still love the smell of new pencils, erasers, and notebooks. It always held the promise of something new and exciting. This time, it also meant that I would soon experience something new and exciting for myself. The first day the kids were off to school I sat down to my computer and went to my favorite website. My mailbox was full but I didn’t have the patience to read them all. I decided to read the fifteen most recent messages. It didn’t take long to begin feeling the sexual excitement that had started my quest months ago. One of the messages was from a women in the area asking if I was bi. I wrote back saying I didn’t think so but maybe bi-curious. I asked, “Why do you ask?” This started an online relationship where we traded girl secrets and shared some of our sexual fantasies. She had been married and had some of the same feelings as I had but she also liked women. Her name was Helen and Helen said some of her best moments in bed were with women. She just said that women have a special intuition that men don’t have. Eventually, Helen got around to asking if I’d like to meet her for lunch. Now that school had started, I had the time. We met on an early Wednesday afternoon at a popular restaurant in the downtown area. I could tell Helen had money. She had written that her husband was older and had died several years earlier. He apparently left her with a comfortable estate. Helen was elegantly dressed in what I call sexy sophisticated. She carried a Christian Dior bag and her jewelry was gorgeous. Helen’s hair was immaculate, not a hair out of place. There was nothing about her out of place. bahis siteleri I felt like the younger sister wearing hand-me-downs. We hugged and told each other it was a pleasure to finally meet in person. We both ordered salad and a glass of wine. The conversation was your basic girl talk but nothing of a sexual nature. My first impression was that Helen was a very thoughtful caring person but slightly eccentric. Although I objected, Helen paid for both lunches. After leaving a sizable tip, Helen asked if I’d like to see her apartment. I was curious and it was still early so I said, “Sure.” We drove to an affluent neighborhood and stopped in front of one of the premier high rises simply called ‘The Manor’. A doorman greeted Helen and said, “Good afternoon Mrs. Price. I’m so glad to see you. You are looking lovely as always.” Helen smiled and said, “Thank you, Sam. This is my friend Sarah.” “Welcome to The Manor, Sarah,” Sam replied. He opened the door for us and we took elevator two up to the top floor. In the elevator, Helen explained that by introducing me to Sam, he would know I wasn’t an unwelcome stranger and that she was safe. It is a code in the building that everyone is expected to use. On the sixteenth floor, Helen pressed several buttons on a keypad near her door, followed by a click. We entered Helen’s apartment and it was overwhelming! The place was a penthouse. Helen immediately began to apologize. “Sarah, this place is a little over the top but it is what Mr. Price wanted. He was a great collector and loved having his things on display so other people could enjoy them with him. This wouldn’t have been my choice but after he died, I just couldn’t give up the apartment. Anyway there is a five year lease so I almost had to keep it.” “Why Helen, it’s lovely!” “Let me show you around.” I followed her around. There were two bathrooms, three large bedrooms (one used as an office), a huge living room, a dining room, and a game room. Helen said something about each room as the tour continued. “This was Mr. Price’s office and it gets dusted from time to time but is pretty much as he left it. The game room was also his. It isn’t used much these days.” I was overwhelmed by the furnishings and art work. She had an original nude by Matisse and a Picasso from his blue period. There were etchings and canlı bahis siteleri Etruscan vases and much much more. Helen said most of it was from their travels. Clearly, Mr. and Mrs. Price were first class world travelers. When I peeked into her bathroom, I could see she had only the most expensive perfumes. None were synthetic drugstore fragrances but a collection of the finest French perfumes. The place was astonishing! We sat down in her plush living room and sipped on a chilled glass of wine. Of course, it was imported French Chablis. Helen asked about my family, catching up on our e-mail exchanges. She wanted to know if anything in the bedroom with Ted had changed and of course, I had to say, ‘No’. Things were even worse. While on our second glass of wine, Helen said, “Sarah, let me show you my playroom.” “Really? You have a playroom?” “Well, kind of. Tell me what you think when you see it.” This time she held my hand while escorting me to a room that was her bedroom. I had imagined a playroom with lounge chairs, maybe a decorative gaming table, and a bar but not a dimly lit room with a decidedly feminine decor. In one corner, standing on a pedestal and lit by an overhead light, was a four foot replica of Michelangelo’s ‘David’. In another corner on an identical pedestal was an equally large replica of Venus de Milo. The bedside tables held exotic candles, a magazine or two as well as several books. On the bed was a gorgeous lacy pink sheer negligee. Pointing to the garment, Helen said, “Try it on! I thought it might be just the thing to get your husband more interested in playing.” “Oh Helen, that’s so beautiful but really, I couldn’t.” “Now Sarah, who’s acting like a prude? Go ahead and try it on.” I hesitated. She picked it up, handed it to me and pointed toward the bathroom. Off I went to change. It took me a few minutes but when I returned to her ‘playroom’, she had changed into a shear silk nightgown. She said, “Sarah, that looks simply gorgeous on you. Come over here so I can give you a hug.” Helen gave me a warm hug and a kiss that was more than friendly peck. There is a point in any situation when you realize you have reached a point of no return. Clearly I had reached that point and I wasn’t going to turn back. “Sarah, while I light these candles, take a moment and look at canlı bahis one of those magazines on the nightstand.” There was a gay and lesbian magazine showing same sex couples in erotic situations and another was called “Bound and Gagged.” “I like seeing how couples look with alternative lifestyles and I get turned on when seeing them together,” she said. “What do you think?” The candles gave off a seductively soft glow along with a mixture of exotic fragrances. The scents were intoxicating. This atmosphere along with the wine made me feel relaxed and tranquil. I said, “Yes, I can see what you mean, Helen,” as I looked at pictures of men sucking each others’ cocks. She slipped into bed next to me. I didn’t really know what would come next but Helen did. Helen brought her lips next to mine and give me a soft romantic caress. I was caught up in the moment and we began to explore each other’s intimate places. Everything went into slow motion. Women have certain sensitivities regarding other women and know just how to respond to each other. She removed my lacy gown in stages, finally lifting it above my breasts and over my head. I was nude in front of a woman I barely knew. Helen stood up and took off her nightgown and said, “Well, Sarah, what do you think as she posed naked in front of me.” “Wow, you are really pretty, Helen,” and she was for her age. Helen was trim with a tight ass but the most outstanding aspect was her tits. They were pendulous breasts, hanging on her chest with a slight upward curve. They stood out like ripe fruit begging to be picked. Helen’s nipples and aureoles were totally hot! They were large pink and puffy. I never thought I would be so attracted to another woman’s breasts. They seemed to be pleading for attention and I couldn’t wait to get my lips on them. I didn’t have to wait long. Helen moved closer so I could fondle her voluptuous boobs and suckle her delicious nipples. It is as if she knew what I was thinking. I was sucking another woman’s tits for the first time and had a surprisingly voracious appetite for them. She wasn’t idle helping me feel a deepening passion for another woman that I couldn’t have possibly imagined before. Helen delicately placed her hand between my legs slowly massaging my pussy, finding all the right spots. Helen moved my legs so they hung over the edge of the bed and gently spread them apart so she could reach my tender places. At first she kissed my thighs working slowly inward and upward. Helen had such a nice soft touch, something I had never experienced with a man.

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