Subject: Runaway Boys Life Chapter 9 Hey everyone, the votes are in and the winner is chapter 9 Runaway boys life and then Matties new life followed by Find my way. So it will next year before I post chapter 10 of Runaway boys life. Hey everyone. Nifty needs donations. Please donate a buck if that is all you can afford. I’ll match everyone up to my $15 I get from papa for my allowance. Just Please fty/ Thanks for all the great comments. If you’d like to he notified of new chapter updates concerning this story and others, I’m starting an email list. Just drop me a little note saying which story and I’ll add you to that stories list. Chapter 9 Coach Buttons was working with Evan on his new rings routine. Evan had grown a few inches this past year. His weight training and muscle bulk has enabled him to up his routine with more hands stands and arm spreads. Coach even added a new double flip full twist landing to his routine as well. They had been working on his landing for two days now. Evan was very proud that he had just about had this new routine nailed. He thought that If he could per-fect the landing, then he could win gold at the grand opening classics gymnastics tournament next month. Coach told Evans to hit the showers and take a nice soak afterwards. He did a really good work out today. Coach then went over to watch Dillon go through his new floor routine that the new boy Mattie had showed him. He was very impressed with Dillons improvement ever since he hooked up with him. He was wondering why he hadn’t seen the boy or Gary for that matter, these last two days. He was starting to wonder if they were even going to try out for the team. He could only hope that they would show up soon. ————————- Where are my men at Mr Henry asked his friend. I don’t know. They took the boys there dinner about two hours ago. Maybe they went for a walk, his friend said smiling. Mr Henry was wondering what was taking his two men so long, so he decided to head out to the barn and see for himself. He called out to them but got no reply. He noticed that the horse was very agitated in the stall next to where he had the boys locked up. He took his key out and unlocked the door. When he opened the stall he didn’t see the boys anywhere. He stepped into the stall and noticed some slight movement coming from under straw. Okay boys. I see you moving under the straw. Play times over. He was pissed at these boys insolence. He went over to the boys and kicked the pile. Uuuggghhhhh. Wait, that wasn’t a boys voice. He quickly bent over and removed the straw to discover his two men tied and gagged under it. Dam dam dam he screamed at his men, as he pulled the gag out of his mouth. What the fuck happened to the boys?. Did you let them get the drop on you two? No boss, someone else snuck up behind us he said. Mr Henry untied his men’s wrist and legs. Get up and search the area for them. After an hour of searching, they found tracks from a vehicle that had turned around. It was most likely the vehicle the boys escaped in.. He couldn’t figure out how they were found. He tried to figure out his next move. Dammit. This throws a screw in all his plans. He now needed another way to get the money. He had a plan formulating in his head. This will work he thought. —————— Ring ring ring ring Hello In a disguised voice. I want one hundred thousand dollars at midnight tomorrow night, dropped ot pff at the whistling bouy at alligator point. When I have the money, I’ll give you the location of where your boys are at. We want to speak to our boys. Click. Did you get the location? Sorry sir. It was to short. We do have the general area. Where’s that. Western Tennessee. Okay, let me call the captain and give him the update. Mr and Mrs Boyd, I must know if you can get that kind of money up in that short of a time frame. Yes, we can mortgage our house and I can mortgage my bakery shop. No sis, I can’t let you do that. Danny no, you can’t sell that painting. I promised momma that I wouldn’t sell it unless family lives were in danger. She even had that addendum notarized into her Will. This meets those conditions. Okay Danny but I’m going to pay you back somehow. No your not sis and that’s final. It’s been nothing but a sour memory in our families history. I’m going to be happy to finally be rid of it. Danny opened his phone book and dialed a collector who told him, to call him if he ever wanted to sell his painting. Ring ring ring. Hello, I hope this is important. It kinda late and I have a flight to catch at midnight. Mr Davis. Yes and who wants to know? This is Danny Sorenson, I have a situation where I need to come up with one hundred thousand dollars by midnight tomorrow. So why are you calling me? I don’t know who you are. I’m definitely not going to just give you that kind of money out of the blue, especially at this hour. I understand that sir but you told me to call you. You said if I ever decided to sell my mother’s painting that you’d buy it. It was last appraised for two hundred and seventy thousand dollars. Well that is a whole different situation. Plus that’s a very fair price. How do you want to make the transfer. I need to have one hundred thousand dollars immediately. You aren’t in some sort of trouble are you? Hold on a moment sir. Sis, can I tell him? Head nods. Sir, my nephew Gary and foster nephew Mattie have been kidnapped. The kidnapper just called a half hour ago asking for one hundred thousand dollars by midnight tomorrow. The money is to be dropped off at the whistling bouy off alligator point. Mr Davis took a deep breath when he realized that they had to be the same boys.. Is your foster nephews last name Bentley by chance, he asked. Sis, what’s Matties last name? David, you have that written down somewhere, don’t you? David grabbed his notebook and flipped through the pages to where he wrote down those notes from the tape recordings he had of Mattie. He quickly turned a few more when he found the name. It’s Bentley Danny. Why do you asked? My buyer for the picture that I just called, asked me? That’s strange David thought. What’s your address Mr Sorenson, I’m coming right over. I’ll text it to you sir. Click Well Danny, what did he say? He’s on his way over here. Where is he coming from? I don’t know Sis. That seems very strange Danny. You call him out of nowhere and ten minutes later he’s on his way here. ———————- Mr Davis stood up from the chair that he’d spent the last two days in. He needed to make sure Dawson was okay before he left. Dawson had stirred awake while Mr Davis was still on his phone. He swung his legs over the side of the bed and stood up. He walked over to the bathroom to take a piss. When he came back out, he went to the closet and started getting dressed. What do you think your doing Dawson? Coming with you of course. I can’t talk you out of this, can I? You know better than to ask that sir. Okay, let me help you then. Dawson was helped into his pants and then his shoes. He pulled his shirt on with some pain. Then he grabbed his jacket and they were ready to go. On the way out, Mr Davis was stop at the nurses station. She needed to have Dawson sign himself out. The doctor came over and told Dawson to try to avoid strenuous activity for at least a week. He gave him a prescription to help with any discomfort and pain. When Mr Davis exited the hospital, his driver was waiting with the back door opened. After he and Dawson were inside, Mr Davis called his friend in Texas. He asked him to call an undisclosed bank president to come open his bank. Their car soon pulled up out front of the bank and after identifications were verified, they went inside. A half an hour later, Mr Davis came out carrying a briefcase. He told his driver the new address of there next stop and they were again on their way. Twenty minutes later, the car parked in front of the address he was given. It was a nice cozy house for the area. Dawson got out first followed by his friend and employer Mr Davis. A State Trooper stopped them at the front steps. May I ask what your business is here? I’m Mr Davis, as you can see by my credentials. This is Dawson my private investigator, we are here to purchase a painting. Do you mind opening the briefcase? No, not at all, if it will get me inside faster. He quickly opened it and revealed its contents. Just as quickly, he closed it again. Satisfied, the officer let them both go inside. Hello, is there a Danny Sorenson here? Yes that’s me. You must be Mr Davis. The men shook hands. Sir, I don’t have the painting here. I figured that you wouldn’t but that’s not way I’m here. Then why. Are these Garys and Matties parents? Oh how rude of me. Mr. Davis, this is my sister Lisa and her husband David. Good to meet you sir. I was surprised when Mr Sorenson called me tonight about selling thar picture. I’ve been after that particular one for many years now. But when the reason why he was selling it was revealed to me. I knew that fate had bought us all together. I don’t follow what your saying sir. Mattie Bentley is my ward. His father was my good friend and I’m his personal lawyer and handle his businesses. In his Will was a clause that if Matties parents died, I would become his guardian. I made a call to a friend in Texas and he made arrangements for me to make a withdrawal from the First Citizens Bank. That’s good, they will open tomorrow at nine am. No, I don’t think you understand. I withdrew the money already. But its almost ten pm. Yes I know. That’s why I called my friend, so they’d open the bank. You mean, that they opened the bank for you tonight. Yes, is that strange. I’ve never heard of a bank opening up after hours. You must be important. Well I guess things are done differently here in America. Where are you from? British Columbia, Canada. So here you go, Mr Davis said handing the briefcase to Danny. Danny put the briefcase down on the table and opened it. Inside was twenties, fifties and hundreds. There’s one hundred thousand dollars in there. Then he reached into his inside jacket pocket. He pulled out a yellow manila envelope and handed it to Lisa. What’s this? It’s for taking care of Mattie and all your expenses. We can’t take this. Why? It’s just not right. What if I was to say that Mattie would want you to have it. Tell you what, deposit it into your bank account. If you don’t find a need for it then donate it to your favorite charity. Okay. Mr Davis, I’ll make arrangements in the morning to transfer ownership of the painting to you sir. Danny, there is no need for you to give me the painting. David opened the briefcase. He, Lisa and Danny just stared with a slacked jaws at all that money. They had never seen that much money in one place before. We don’t know how to thank you. You don’t need to, you took Mattie in when he needed a home the most. ———————- The captain pulled the stick back and to the left bursa escort at the last moment as he deployed a batch of countermeasure flares to the right which the missiles heat sensors turned towards. The missiles veered slightly away from the helicopter and exploded just after the flares were deployed. The underside belly of the helicopter took most of the explosions impact. It caused the helicopter to lose control and go into a spinning decent. The captain fought hard to get the helicopter back under control. The four F18’s broke off their pursuit after the target crossed into Canadian airspace. Mattie and Gary’s gurneys were thrown against the side of the helicopter as the explosion broke loose the anchors holding them in place. Smoke was coming out from the rear part of the helicopter as both of the jet engines failed. Power was diverted back to the propellers but the helicopter wasn’t going to stay up for long. Base one base one we have been fired upon and have taken major damage. They also reported that Gary and Mattie were slightly injured when their gurneys broke loose and slammed into the side of the helicopters compartment just after the explosion. Base one base one. Clear the field, were coming down hard with no landing gear. The captain called out for us to brace ourselves. Bbbbbbaaaaaaammmmmmm, the helicopter slammed belly first onto the ground and slid forward before it turned onto its side as the blades dug into the ground, tearing up the lawn. Finally they came to a stop as the rest of the team, rushed out of the house to help get everyone out. Andrew and Paul in just their pj’s followed everyone outside but kept their distance. The flood lights were turned on as several team members used fire extinguishers to put out the few small fires that were burning. All five members and the pilot were okay but Mattie and Gary had gotten pinned under a m50 that broke loose from its mount. Mr Dennison had made a call when it was reported that they had been hit. With some luck and man power, they finally were able to get Mattie and Gary out. A tracker trailer pulled up with a crane attachment mounted to it and started to load up the damaged helicopter. The clean up crew had already started removing all the evidence. The team carried the injured and crying boys inside where Mr Montgomerys doctors were already waiting and ready to help them. Both Mattie and Gary were put into a king size bed and treated for their cuts and brushes. Gary’s foot had broke again in two more places and had to have a pin put in his bone. Mattie received a total of sixty three stitches from all his deep cuts and gashes he had. The doctors gave them something for the pain and to make them sleep. Andrew and Paul were extremely tired and curled up at the boys feet and fell asleep. It had been a long two days but Mattie and Gary were safe now. ———————– Ring ring ring Hello. Bert, this is Mr Henry, I have a little job for you to do. It’s good to hear from you sir. Tonight at midnight, a water package is going to he dropped off at the alligator point whistle bouy. I was told that you do some illegal lobster diving in that area. I need you to be there, underwater before the package arrives. It is imperative that you don’t get caught. If you have access to an underwater scooter, I’d highly suggest that you use one. Bring extra tanks along with you as well. Do not tamper with the bag. It will be locked and I’ll know if you do. You remember my skipper friend. He’ll pick up the bag from you that same morning when you reach the docking area. I’ve already wired ten thousand dollars to your account as payment. Do you understand your job. Yes sir, it will be done as you requested. ——————— Ring ring ring ring Hello Disguised voice You’ll put the money in a water tight bag and lock it. Be there at precisely midnight tonight or you’ll never see either boy again. Click Sir, we were able to close in the area based on his first call. He is just north of Memphis in the town of Westhaven. Good going. I’ll update captain Stanley. Lisa honey, I’m running over to Waves Diving shop. I’m positive that they will have the bag that we need. Okay love. Mr Boyd, do you mind if I tag along. No sir and it’s David. From everything you’ve said and these officers have verified, your family. In that case please call me Edward. It’s a pleasure to meet you sir. The men left to go get what was required. ——————– Officer Hawkins and officer Miller arrived in the same vehicle that morning. They didn’t see any reason to drive two vehicles to the station. Good morning gentlemen. We were able to make five of seven arrest last night of the fugitive police officers. Two of them were photographed crossing into Mexico earlier this morning. I also just received the area that the boys kidnapper is at. It’s a town called Westhaven, Tennessee. I’ve already alerted the state police who are going to coordinate things with the local police there. Our concern is the money drop tonight. The kidnapper picked the best night for him and the worse for us. There’s going to be a new moon tonight. The only light will be coming from the green blinking light on the bouy. The Coast Guard is going to handle the coverage from the water and we will work the docks and shore areas. Hawkins, I want you to work directly with Miller and go investigate those businesses linked to the officers that were arrested. Also this week, I need the two of you to interview all of the people who were arrested during the time, the desk Sargent was in his position. We must free the ones who are truly innocent and recover their property and possessions if possible. Yes sir. Officer Hawkins held the door open for his friend officer Miller who was on crutches. The two men had a team of five other officers who had all volunteered for this assignment. They all got down to work. —————– Good morning mayor. Well I’ll be dam, how are you doing Gary. The two men hugged. I’m doing very good Nelson. So what pleasure do I have seeing you today. I’m glad that you asked. I’m having a little gathering at my private estate this coming weekend and wanted to invite you to come. Well I’m sure that I can get the time off for such an important gathering. Good and is little Nelson and Dustin still living with their daddy? You know better then to ask that. Of course I have my two precious angels living with there daddy. Now that the wife has run off with my councilor, who else can take care of my needs. That’s great to hear. Make sure to bring them along. It will be a sleep over event. So what’s the special occasion anyway. We are going to initiate a new member into our little family of fun. He’s this summers intern. I must say he knows how to polish my knob with only a little force. Hes also a popper piggy. What do you think about making it a trio initiation and add Dustin and Nelson to the mix. Their eleven and thirteen now. They both are already well versed in the pleasures of man boy love. I think that’s a wonderful idea. I’ll make an appointment for your boys tomorrow to get measured and fitted for their outfits. Good and I’ll make sure they get their. We’ll see you this Saturday afternoon around one pm. Great I’ll see you then. ——————— A meeting was coming to order in the corporate offices of Jamerson and Carlson. Gentlemen, we both want to thank you, for all of your calls of sympathy for our fathers and mothers deaths. We have asked you all here today to discuss a loop hole that we’ve discovered in the original charter. Our fathers three way partnership had a clause in it written by Mr Bentley homself. It states, that if a bloodline partner can not be present at each year’s stockholders meeting then that partners partnership can be voted out. Anyone related to any of the original partners are bloodline. We will be able to split all the shares amongst all of the other surviving bloodline family members in the company that hold shares . Gentlemen, that is those of us that are present at this meeting. But I thought that the son of Anthony Bentley is alive. We don’t know that for sure. He has been missing for over four months and is believed to be dead. We have decided that after the minutes are read at tomorrow’s stock holders meeting. The Bentleys partnership will be dissolved. But what about the land that our mines are presently on. That property has already reverted to the Bentleys lawyer Edward Davis. Plus he’s an extremely smart and wise man. Don’t you think he’ll fight this? If we must, we’ll shut down all those operations and begin somewhere else. Enough of this Wesley Jamerson said as he stood up. Uncle you’ve gone mad, if you think this little ploy of yours will work. I’ve already talked to the other younger sons and nephews who have been given shares in this firm throughout the years. I know that together we hold eight percent of the shares. That will be enough to block any vote that requires a unanimous vote. Since I’ve been given this seat at this board for a full year as of today. As well as being ten years of age. According to the original draft which was explained to me in detail by someone I won’t mention. My position on this board is now permanently sealed. Ah, my dead brothers little thorn in his side is now my thorn. I see that you have finally grown a pair of balls. Apparently your friend forgot to advise you, that you can be replaced at the annual stock holders meeting by a majority vote. Thus, that would revert your shares control back to the adult whose bloodline is on the board. Wesley didn’t know about this loop hole and now felt he may have spoken out of turn. He was defiant still. I know that there’s at least forty five percent of the stock holders that are still loyal to Mr Bentley and will vote accordingly. Yes, that’s right nephew you think what you want to but after tomorrow’s meeting. I’ll be shipping you off to military school. Maybe they can whip you into shape. If not, I know of many ways to make your life miserable. Let’s vote All those in favor Ayes rang up around the table but Wesley who was still an arrogant little boy. His uncle didn’t call for those against. But little Wesley was smart enough to state his vote before the vote was declared. I vote nay, Wesley shouted. The minutes keeper had to record this vote into the record. If anything, his uncle did follow the corporate laws. The votes have been recorded and the matter at hand has failed to pass. Gentlemen this meeting is adjorned. Wesley jumped up from his seat and sprinted out of the office and went straight to the back staircase. He went down three flights of stairs before turning and disappearing into the back service elevator. Back at the office. Gentlemen, I’m sorry that my nephew has spoiled our day. But you must admire his resolve. But at tomorrow’s meeting, we will vote the little pest off this board. Then we will split up all of Bentleys shares. But what if your nephew is right. And the stock holders voted bursa escort bayan according to your nephews estimate. Then with our youngest sons combined shares, that would put the vote over the top. I suggest that you lock your son’s in their rooms tomorrow. Then we won’t have anything to worry about. I’ll see you gentlemen tomorrow. Damon, I leave it up to you to secure Wesley until the day after tomorrow. Then you’ll escort him to Brookeshire boys institute in the Neatherlands. That place will turn my insolent little nephew into an obedient little boy who will jump to obey all of his uncles commands. He’ll take the place that you once had the privilege of occupying. Yes sir. Thank you sir. Now go. Damon bowed his head and left to go find his young charge. Damon knows exactly what’s in stored for Wesley cause Mr Jamerson was the man who took him from that place when he was just five years old. He is now thirty two and has experienced many different things in his life. Even being Mr Jamerson boy. But he was to old for that now. He has been Wesley’s care giver his who life. And has done everything to protect his young charge especially from his own father and his uncle. It was he who explained the business workings of his father’s dealings. Damon was there at the beginning. He may have only been five but he understood that something big was happening that day. He took every word into his little mind as he sat there on Mr Jamerson’s lap as the man toyed with his little dkckie. Over the years as he grew older Mr Jamerson had Damon share his bed with him nightly. All through those years, Damon was at the man’s side. He knew him better then anybody, knew the ins and outs of Mr Jamerson’s business dealings. He knew all the crooked back door deals he made as well. He knew where his young charge would be at. As this was where he went, when he wanted to be safe from prying eyes. He would give Wesley the time he needed to set his plans in order before he went to collect him. ———— Phones were ringing off the hooks at several households within a half hour of the meeting ending. Wesley contacted all the younger sons in the bloodline who held shares in the company. He updated them on what happened and told them to take what they needed and leave their homes before their fathers returned. One boy questioned this idea. If you stay, you’ll be locked in your room and be shipped off to military school by the end of the week. Call me on the dial phone at the druggers store once you leave. Make sure to dump your phones in the parks pond before you call me. We will all meet up later today. Wesley sat back in the no longer used château that his dead mother left for him in her Will. Besides the picture above the fireplace and some small trinkets, that’s all he had to remember her by. He just had to sit and wait now. He knew that Damon would soon be around to collect him. ————– Jimmy had been given the day off today from his duties. Mark had mentioned to him that he had set up an appointment for him at the address he sent to his phone. Jimmy rang the bell on the non descriptive buildings door. A boy wearing a leather chest strap that showed off his hard little nipples and wearing a pair of white see thru mesh short shorts answered the door. Hi there Jimmy said as he looked at the boys outfit. His dick started to harden as looked at the boy who looked over his body as well. A smile came to the boys face as he saw a lump appearing in the tight white speedos that Mark had given him yesterday to wear. You must be Jimmy. My father awaits you inside. Jimmy was escorted into what looked like a leather making shop, where a forty five years old man sat. The boy went over to him and sat in the man’s lap. Okay boy, strip. Let’s see what we have to work with. Jimmy was momentarily stunned. Help him Simon, the man said. Simon jumped up and proceeded to remove all of Jimmy’s clothes. There he stood naked with his hard five inch dick standing straight out from his body. Bring him off Simon or his cage will never fit. Simon dropped to his knees and took Jimmy’s hard dick down to the root. He was an expert cocksucker. Jimmy instincts kicked in and he thrusted his dick in and out of the boys warm mouth. Grab his head boy and fuck his throat hard. Jimmy tentatively put his hands on the boys head and started slowly thrusting in and out. The man got up and soaked a handkerchief with hardware poppers. He wrapped the rag around the boys head. The fumes were inhaled instantly. The old man whispered into his ear. Fuck that throat hard. Thrust your hips in fast. Now go faster and faster. Jimmy’s senses had been overtaken by the fumes as this man controlled his thoughts and actions. He cried out and shot five pulses of cum into the kneeling boy’s mouth. The boy didn’t swallow the sweet essence but continued to suck Jimmy off. Fifteen more minutes and three more orgasms. Jimmy was shooting blanks as his fifth orgasm hit him. Simon stood up from his kneeling position and opened his mouth to show his daddy all the cum he had in his mouth. Harry nodded to his son, who turned and started kissing Jimmy. He shared all the boys sweet tasting cum with him. Both boys were lusting as they inhaled the poppers fumes. Simon didn’t even have to push down on Jimmy’s shoulders as he went down to his knees by himself. He stared at the hard throbbing five inch dick bouncing in front of his eyes. Open up boy and put Simon’s dick in your mouth but don’t you dare suck him off. Jimmy did as he was told but lightly used his tongue to play with the underside of cock in his mouth. Daddy, his licking my dick with his tongue. Boy that’s going to cost you my hand across your ass later for disobeying me. Jimmy moaned loudly at the idea he was going to be bare bottomed spanked by this man who was controlling all his actions now. Fuck his face son. Fuck him hard his daddy said. Simon instantly slammed his cock all the way into Jimmy’s throat which causes him to gag. He grabbed his head with both hands and started slamming in and out of his mouth and throat over and over again and again. Sir, do I have permission to cum sir . Yes boy, you are free to cum today as many times as you can until I lock you back up again. Aaaaaahhhhh Simon groaned as he fired off a month’s worth of pent up cum. Don’t you dare swallow his cum boy, until I say you can. Jimmy was in mid swallow when he heard that command from the old man. He was still gagging as Simon continued to slam his dick into the back of his throat over and over again and again. Simon had just shot his sixth load of cum and could give no more. He fell to his knees. Show me that cum filled mouth boy. Jimmy opened his mouth so the man could see all of his sons cum he had shot in the boys mouth. Now share it with my boy. Jimmy’s mind was no longer his. He obediently followed the older man’s command. The two boys French kissed and licked up all the cum in each other’s mouths. Then off their bodies. They licked down to each other’s dicks as they licked them clean. Exhausted from having so many orgasms, the two boys laid down together intertwined. The man came over carrying a box. He opened and removed a steel cock cage. He easily slipped it on to Jimmy’s deflated cum emptied balls and dick. He then put the tiny lock through the hole and locked it in place. He took the two keys and put them on two chains and hung them around the boys neck. He took the other cage that had a sounding rod attached to the inside the cage. He lined up the stainless steel rod with his sons piss hole and pushed it in. It went in easily, with his sons piss hole so well lubricated with cum. He inserted and locked the tiny lock in to place. He put the keys to his boys cage around his neck. Jimmy and Simon were now awaken. Simon immediately knew that he was locked back up but this time his pee hole also was penatrated as well. It was a new arousong feeling to him. Jimmy noticed he had an extra weight down below. When he looked and saw that his dick was locked into a metal cage, he had a spontaneous orgasm that caused his whole body to shake. This bought a big smile to Simon band even bigger one to Harry. His friend Gary was spot on about this boy being a perfect addition to their little family. Okay Simon, time to get Jimmy here measured for his initiation outfit. —————– The dive shop had exactly what they needed to put the money in. When David went to pay for it, Edward placed a hundred dollar bill down. No Edward, you’ve already have done enough. No David, I haven’t. If I had acted faster and demanded more then Mattie would never have gotten your son mixed up in his affairs. Then that would have been a greater loss to all of us Edward. Because then our families wouldn’t have ever met. And our hearts wouldn’t have been able to share the love that we received by having Mattie in our lives. The owner of the store listened in on the conversation. You two wouldn’t be talking about the boys who jumped off the pier the other day would you? Yes we are. They are our boys. In that case, neither of your money is any good here. I can’t add anymore stress to your family’s by having you pay for this bag and lock. Sir, I really appreciate that thought but you have a business to run and the money I spend is tax deductible. If you really feel that strongly about this, then you can take the money and donate it to a charity of your choice. Edward and David left to head back to the house. Edward hoped that Dawson was able to acquire the item he asked him to get. ——————– Danny had left the house and went to his security vaults chamber on the second floor of the bank he has his account at. He took his painting out of the vault and waited for the assigned escort to arrive that would take him back to his sisters house. The armored truck arrived and the painting was loaded up. Danny rode in the front seat and they headed back. Another vehicle followed behind for added security. Unseen by them we’re two trucks that pulled out after they went by. They were being followed. The two trucks were running parallel to them on the next street over. They were ready to make their move when an ambulance with two motor police stopped at the house where they were going to make their move to rob the painting. They had no choice but to call it off. ——————– Waa waa waa waa Andrew and Paul had awaken to the sounds of Mattie and the other boy crying in their sleep. Paul called for his daddy to come quickly. Mattie had called out for Gary to not leave him. That he needed him in his life. Gary responded with his own plea for Mattie not to leave him. Then screaming came out of both boys mouths as they bolted sitting up awake. They saw each other and hugged as they continued to cry. It was a good five minutes before they realized that they weren’t alone in the room. Mattie turned his head and saw Paul and Andrew sitting at the end of the bed. He screeched out and dove for his besties as escort bursa he hugged them for dear life. Then he looked over his shoulder and saw Mr. Montgomery. Mattie stood up and cried out in pain as he jumped off the bed into the arms of Mr Montgomery. Mattie buried his head into his chest and cried like he had never cried before. Mr Montgomery held Mattie tightly. It’s okay Mattie, cry, cry it out. Your safe now, no one can harm you ever again. Mr Dennison had came over to the two. Do I get a hug also. Mattie saw Mr Dennison, his daddies other bestie. He reached his arms out for him to take him. Mattie cried some more until he stopped. Mattie would you please introduce us to your friend. Mr Montgomery, Mr Dennison this is my brother Gary. His parents are my fostering me. Paul and Andrew, Gary is my bestie like the two of you are. The boys giggled knowing what that meant. It’s nice to meet you Gary. I would like to thank you for looking out for Mattie here. Blushing Gary said thank you. Do you boys feel like you could eat some food. Oh most definitely pops M You remembered. Of course I did pops D Gary, Mr Dennison and Mr Montgomery are two of three of my daddy’s besties. Since before I can remember, I’ve been calling them pops M and pops D. I think that you should as well. Mattie, Gary said pointing between his legs. Oh pops M, were going to need our diapers changed. I believe that Andrew’s will fit us just fine. It was Andrew’s turn to blush as he scooted off to get two diapers and supplies. Pops M changed me and pops D changed Gary. Two wheel chairs had been dropped off earlier that morning for the boys. They were each helped into one and Paul pushed Gary as Andrew pushed Mattie. The amount of food spread out on the table bewildered the boys. There were stacks of pancakes, stacks of french toast, a pile of scrambled, eggs,, a dozen of overeasy eggs, a dozen of peeled hard boiled eggs, a pile of sausages, a pile of bacon, a pile of ham, a stack of waffles and an omelet station, six kinds of cereal, oj, milk, cranberry juice but Mattie didn’t see any grapefruit juice. Pops M, you out of grapefruit juice. You know it’s my favorite. Just then Andrew’s Meme came in pushing her cart with a pitcher of freshly squeezed grapefruit juice. Mattie saw meme and burst into tears as memories of his mommy came flooding back to him. Of my poor dear, meme said while kneeling down to comfort him. We thought we would never see you again. Andrew’s meme and his mommy’s meme were besties. It’s okay my baby, let it out. Gary wheeled himself over next to Mattie and hugged him as well. Meme pulled Gary into her arms as Gary began to cry also. Meme wiped both boys eyes of their tears. I’m both your memes now. Come to me when pops M says no cause I never do. Mattie wiped the back of his hand across his eyes and moved over to let Gary roll in next to him. The boys starting eating. Thirty minutes later, Mattie and Gary were still eating. The men laughed knowing it was good to see such appetites from the boys. Gary and Mattie finally pushed their wheel chairs away from the table and patted their full bellies. ———————— One by one, the sons of the bloodline board members arrived at the location set forth by Wesley. They all showed up except for one, Regent. He was the boy who questioned this whole thing. They didn’t need him as he only had one share of the companies stock. But they did know that they needed to find another place to lay low until tomorrow’s stock holders meeting. Damon knew the perfect place to go. They all loaded up in Damon’s Land Rover and headed over to his only true friends cabin beside these boys. ——————- Ring ring ring Hello Perry, is everything alright. No, Mr Davis. The annual stock holders meeting is tomorrow and I found out that there’s a clause in the original charter that if a bloodline partner fails to show up, then they can be voted off the company. Then his shares would be split evenly amongst all bloodlines present. I didn’t think that either of them knew about that clause Edward thought. Perry, I want you at that meeting tomorrow and demand that all the meetings minutes be read from the previous year. You’ll need a bloodline member to second your request but I don’t think that will be a problem for you. That will give me about six hours to get an injunction against the old charter since it wasn’t signed by all partners when it was notarized. Especially Jamerson and Carlson. So his brother and relatives shouldn’t be able to enforce that loop hole. I have something very important to deal with tonight, then I’ll be on the first flight back. Yes sir. I’ll do my best. I have full confidence in you Perry. ———————– Harry had been cutting and riveting and sewing the leather harness, cuffs,, boots, collar and shorts together and had finally finished. The upper chest harness was exactly like the one that Simon wore. It went fully around his chest and back just above his rib cage. Two leather straps went around and over his shoulders and connected to the chest strap on both front and back sides. Another leather strap crossed his back and connected to each shoulder strap in the back. The front leather strap crossed his chest over his pert little tits. Thats where two stainless steel rings encircled each of them. Simon helped Jimmy into his crotchless leather shorts that exposed his boyhole and allowed his cock cage to be on full display. Next Simon pulled on Jimmy’s leather thigh high boots that had a D ring made into the outer ankle side. Next Simon put on two fur lined leather wrist cuffs with a D ring on both. The last item was an inch wide leather neck collar with a one inch O ring attached to the front. Jimmy’s hand was taken by Simon’s hand and he lead him over to a full length mirror to see himself. Looking upon himself in the mirror dressed In his leather outfit caused himself to have another violent orgasm. Simon then lead Jimmy over to Harry who pulled him down across his lap. Count out each one I deliver. Smack One sir. Smack Two sir Smack Three sir as he started to sniffle from the intensity of the strike. Smack Full on crying Four sir. Smack Tears dripping off his cheeks as the redness rose Five sir. Harry pulled the crying boy up into his arms to comfort him. You did very good receiving your punishment. In the future don’t disobey anyone’s commands cause they will punish you. Harry looked down at the boys dick and saw that he had cum dripping out his head. Simon, bring me that other box on the table. Harry took the keys from around his neck and unlocked Jimmy’s cock cage. He then gave it to Simon to clean. He opened the new box and pulled out a cock cage exactly like Simon’s. Since you two have the same outfits, I’ve decided that the two of you will have the same cock cage. Jimmy shuttered violently as the sound on the cock cage penatrated his pee hole. Harry this time gave the lock to Simon to put on Jimmy. Simon looked up into Jimmy’s eyes who smiled and nodded his head. Simon skid the tiny lock through the hole and together they snapped it close. They leaned into each other and kissed tenderly. Another half hour later Jimmy’s custom made leather outfit was hanging up next to Simon’s matching outfit. Their boots side by side. Jimmy kissed Harry and thanked him for helping him. Then Simon escorted him to the door. The two boys embraced one another an kissed tenderly for a few minutes. Be here Friday night after your shift. We will help each other prepare. I need to teach you how to prepare yourself. Another kiss and he closed the door. Simon walked back into the room. His eyes all shiny. You like him don’t you my boy?. Yes daddy. Well, I definitely know he likes you. How would you like it if he comes around more often. Oh yes daddy, please. Okay let’s get you cleaned up and into bed, we have a busy day tomorrow. There was a late order for two more initiation outfits. The boys will be here tomorrow morning. ——————— It was eleven fifty eight when Mr Boyd reached the whistling bouy. He waited two minutes and at exactly midnight he dropped the water proof bag onto the bouy. Turned his boat around just as a large wave crashed over top of the bouy. When Mr Boyd looked back, the bag was gone. ————————- Bert was directly under the bouy when the drop was made. He saw the bag splash into the water from below. He hooked the bag onto the underwater scooter and headed directly for a predestined location. He had three spare air tanks with him so he could make the distance safety. It would take Bert another hour and a half to make the drop. Then with one tank left, he headed for his boats docking slip. He made the whole trip with not one incident or any sight of trouble. ———————- Dawson turned on the monitor once he was sure the bag had been dropped. The signal was strong and showed its direction. Something had to be wrong as the signal came ashore and than headed back out to sea again. It went exactly two point two miles off shore into international waters and stopped. The Coast Guard could do nothing unless they reentered US waters. ———————– Gary and Mattie woke up back in the bedroom. Pops D was sitting in a chair watching over the boys. You two fell asleep right away after breakfast. We bought you back to bed. I had my top tech install a secure phone line in this bedroom. I felt it’s a good idea that you call your parents so they won’t worry. You must not tell them where you are Gary. You are here illegally but since your a minor and a U S citizen, I’m sure you wouldn’t be in to much trouble. Mattie, you are still in danger until the people responsible are bought to justice. Even though your a Canadian citizen, we still must be careful. —————— Ring ring ring ring ring Hello A long pause Hello Mommy. Mommy, Gary said crying. Oh my baby boy, are you okay? Mommy I don’t have much time to talk. But I’m safe and okay. Where are you sweet heart. I’m so sorry mommy but I can’t tell you. I must go now mommy. Bye, tell daddy that I love him. Click Sir, no trace was possible. That call was from a secured phone line. The signal bounced off of three different continents. The Boyds and Mr Davis sat down and listened to the recording two more times. They weren’t totally convinced that they were both safe. Matties name was never mentioned. Maybe he only released Gary and Mattie was still with the kidnappers. I’m sure that everything is going to be alright. This is my direct phone number. Call me for any reason what so ever. I have a flight leaving in one hour. I need to see a judge in Canada first thing in the morning. I’ll give you a call tomorrow evening. The boys had a really scary time but are safe now, right? Jimmy’s initiation outfit is all finished and looks good on him. Simon seems to think so as well. The gymnastics club tryouts are in five days, will the boys get back in time to tryout? Is Mr Henry the master mind behind the kidnapping. Will Mr Davis lose the mining company. Will there be an inquiry into the helicopter shooting. So many questions and no answers until the next chapter. Merci beaucoup Mattie

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