Room Service Pt. 02


Warning: The following story contains heavy filth fetish themes inclusive of Pee/Fart fetish material.

Room Service Part 2 – The First Morning.

Written by HumbleHeretic

The nice thing about inns these days was that they tended not to ask questions as a general rule. This made them the perfect place for momentary trysts or excursions by those in possession of heavy taste. There were of course also cases where less than legal activity tended to occur in the secluded rooms, but such things were to be expected in today’s society full of adventurers, a lot of whom weren’t that different from ruffians.

But more often than not, it was a place for lovers young and old to get away from the eyes of the public or even those of their families. It was a common tale for noble ladies to enter with men of less noble birth and not leave until the morning of the next day. Such romantic tales were a staple in the current inn of focus. With the shabby doors and thin walls, it was common to hear certain sounds, for instance, that of a man and woman kissing so fiercely that they became out of breath.

This was exactly the sounds heard by the young man that had his ears pressed to a random room door he’d been passing on his way. A blush marked the virgin young man’s face as the sound made him imagine a pair kissing so heavily as though they were trying to eat each other’s faces!

Chhuuuppp~ Chuupp~

He had always dreamt of finding a fair maiden of his own and had of course thought of all the things he’d do when he did. Kissing was at the top of the list in the innocent chap’s fantasies, the soft touch of a girl’s rosy lips would often have him touching his own as he daydreamed with a look of longing.

But he never knew that such an act could be so aggressive! The intense, wet suction noises spoke volumes of the unknown pair’s vigour as they went at it. Honestly, he started to think that he wouldn’t mind finding a wild girl himself if it meant that he could experience the same.

“Donald… bro are you eavesdropping again?”


A sudden call from his buddy almost caused the young man to soil himself!

“Bro, come on, you know we’re not gonna get our money back if we’re late to the guild right?”

“Alright, alright!”

The young man grumbled as he reluctantly moved away from the door and went to accompany his friend. Before they left, he couldn’t help but cast one last look of envy at the door, his determination ignited as he made the promise that that would be him one day.

…Although, his thoughts would definitely be way different if he knew what was actually going on in that room…


The sounds heard from outside were even louder within the room itself. The intense, wet suction noise was just as one would expect from a couple aggressively making out, however the reality was a bit different.

Chhuuuppp~ Chuupp~

The regret Marcus was feeling at this time was the greatest he had ever felt in his life, so far. Every waking second he spend in this room was a hellish experience that made him wish he’d never stepped into it in the first place. From ever since a while ago, a disgusted scowl was decorating his face, it was an expression his facial muscles had forgotten until only just recently.


The sound of his own tired lips wetly smacking against another filled his ears, a constant reminder of the act he was currently in the middle of. Though, the noise was unnecessary as just the smell alone was enough to make him constantly think of the biggest mistake he’d made in his life!


A light and lazy moan escaped the lips of the recipient of the young rogue’s kiss, it was a sound different from what one expected when the subjects lips were locks with those of another, but that was under the assumption that one was using their actual lips.

Skin green like fresh grass glistened in the morning sunlight as the large figure sprawled out languidly on the bed. Rippling muscles accentuated her curves from the clawed tips of her toes all the way up her thick thighs, wide hips, pudgy stomach and thick arms. Her naked chest was well endowed with a pair of mammaries tipped with puffy nipples of a darker shade of green. One of these large breast was being grasped and groped by a green hand that was large enough to completely cover one’s face.

The large Orcess, Ruth, was thoroughly enjoying her morning, as could be seen by the state of her erection. Following the large dark green balls resting between her meaty thighs was a colossal green cock that ascended from her crotch like a cobra ready to strike. The swollen phallus was as bulky as the Orc herself, the girth of the engorged prick, that looked as though it would soon grow its own abs, could hardly fit into the pair of comparatively small hands that tried and failed to wrap around it.

Chhuuuppp~ Chuupp~

The owner of said hands was meeting the large green cock face to face, or rather, mouth to head.


Marcus escort izmir tried not to gag but physically couldn’t help himself, the stench in his nose and the taste in his mouth had already surpassed what a filthy deviant like him would consider disgusting. There was the feeling something unbearable moist and sticky clinging to his upper and lower lips as he aggressively suckled on the slick, stiff, bulbous object that was simply too big to fit in his mouth.

The suction noises echoing in the room, and even making its way outside, of course was a result of the human making out with the phimosis covered head of the Orcess’ grotesquely engorged cock! The thick green foreskin coming off the end of her long, girthy member completely covered his mouth area as he reach deep inside the rubbery phimosis to suck on the swollen glans. The stickiness of Ruth’s inner foreskin was properly felt as it brushed against the areas right below his nose, his chin and his cheeks.

The source of the smell that caused the human to gag incessantly was of course the residual cock cheek that left nasty, greasy stains on his facial features as he slurped the leaking pre-ejaculate from the Orcess’ twitching single eye.

Chhuuuppp~ Ueeellggh~

The hot, engorged shaft of Ruth’s mighty green bitch breaker constantly throbbed in his hands, he had to use a great deal of strength to hold it in place as to avoid it jerking around too much and painting his face in the rotten cock muck, more so than it already had.

His constant retching was not only a result of the smell, but also from the sample of the fermented dick curdles that he’d already slurped clean of the tip of his Orc mistress’ cock. The taste of the gritty smegma was just as bad as it smelled, even the taste of the Orcess’ moist farts that she’d pumped down his throat could barely compare! It was to the point that the human actively tried to coax out more of the salty precum from her cock just to try and wash a bit of the foul taste out of his mouth.


Ruth tensed up as she felt her slave’s tongue suddenly penetrate her pisshole! In the end, Marcus found that the mouthfuls of cock spittle he was already drinking down wasn’t enough, he went a step further and shoved his tongue straight into the dark single eye on the swollen head.

His tastebuds were immediately assaulted with the flavour of old sperm, it was a strong and potent taste, but it was at least nowhere near as foul as the properly fermented cock cheese stubbornly coating his tongue. The human desperately grinded his slimy appendage into the Orcess’ pisshole, his actions caused Ruth’s large balls to tense as he was rewarded with an even large mouthful of hot cock spittle.

As the Orcess moaned, the human greedily gulped down her fluids, and though not by much, he succeeded in alleviating the sickening taste in his mouth, if ever so slightly. Of course, he still had the revolting stench to deal with, which made him almost choke on the slimy precum more than once. Thankfully, the quantity of smegma he’d scraped from the tip of her glans was just the tip of the iceberg, he only hoped and prayed that he wouldn’t have to touch the thick layers of grimy dick cheese that he could see printing through the lower portion of her thick foreskin! A sticky, slimy noise was made every time Ruth’s thick foreskin slid over the grimy cock filth, it was actually one of the sources for the sounds filling the room.

With the large green cock throbbing in his hands and the bloated orbs tensing below, the human allowed the Orcess’ hot, slimy fluids to spurt into his mouth and trickle down his throat, not knowing that all of his efforts would soon be rendered pointless.

“Oh hey, make sure the bed doesn’t get wet.”

This random statement momentarily confused Marcus, but before he could try to ask what she meant, he pretty much figured it out for himself the next moment.


The human only momentarily felt a hot bulge shoot up the Orcess’ pisspipe before his cheeks suddenly puffed out like a chipmunk’s! Marcus pupils contracted and his mind froze, but “thankfully” the order from his mistress was understood by his body.

Gulp~Gulp~ Pssshhhhhhh~ Gulp!

Large, audible gulps emanated from Marcus’ throat that had begun moving on its own to accept the flood of hot liquid that was gushing into his mouth! The human’s tongue was directly pushed out of Ruth’s pisshole by what could only be describe as a geyser of urine whose force was fouled by the Orc’s powerful bladder!

“Ever been so horny that you forget you’ve gotta piss?”

Marcus of course couldn’t answer even if he wanted to, his eyes were twitching, and his face was spasming as he was literally forced into guzzling down Ruth’s hot piss with his best efforts. His hands were still wrapped around her cock, and he could clearly feel the hot urine rushing through her bulging urethra as his thumbs pressed against it.

The Orcess was completely letting loose inside his escort izmir mouth, the quantity of piss filling his mouth and rushing down his throat at every moment was so great that his face was turning red as he tried to keep up with her flow. The human had of course drunk pee before, on multiple occasions. He’d even had a proper glass full of foul Kobold urine right before his fated encounter with his new mistress. However, as was the convention, the Orcess’ urine was on a totally different level.

The unending stream of piss pouring into his mouth and down his throat was almost hot enough to burn his tongue, in fact, there was already steam filling his nasal cavity and puffing out of his nostrils as he desperately swallowed. As soon as he returned to his senses from his stupefied state, the smell hit him like a bull demon! The intense stench of ammonia burned his sinuses and caused his face to warp even further. But even worse than the smell was the taste.

The whole reason he’d so aggressively pursued the Kobold girl’s piss from before was because he’d heard rumour of how bad it was. Well now he could safely say that the morning piss that Ruth was emptying down his throat was even worse! It was so concentrated that the Kobold’s pee seemed like common ale in comparison!



The human let out an aggrieved and muffled moan but still kept his mouth locked over the Orcess’ gaping pisshole, his Adam’s apple rapidly moving up and down as he chugged her golden nectar like he’d found water in the dessert. The steaming hot liquid waste had already formed a large pool in his stomach, yet more just kept coming. His stomach was soon filled to capacity with the frothy mess and his belly began to expand.

Marcus was growing more and more desperate and worried that his belly would soon burst as he tried to carry out his mistress’ order without fail, but thankfully the Orcess stopped pissing just as he was nearing his tipping point.

“Haaaaaah~ nothing like taking a hot piss in the morning to feel refreshed.”

Ruth relaxed her tensed muscles and sprawled on the bed. The feeling of completely emptying her bladder was a truly gratifying one. Even more gratifying was the fact that she now had a portable pisspot that would always be at her beck and call without her having to lift a finger, and he’d even done a good enough job that the sheets were still dry even after she’d emptied a full orc-sized bladder’s worth!

The pisspot in question wasn’t doing so good. Marcus’ belly was more bloated than it had ever been, inside his stomach was a sloshing, frothy mess of pure Orcish urine. It felt like he’d swallowed the contents of a boiled kettle, his mouth and throat were almost numbed after swallowing countless mouthfuls of the briny liquid waste. There were a least a few pints now sitting heavily in his belly that jiggled from the slightest movement.

But of course, the worst part was the foul smell filling his nose and the even fouler taste filling his mouth! Even now there were still a few small jets of pee spurting into his mouth from the Orc’s dickhole. His tongue was bathed and marinated in the hot swill until each and every one of his tastebuds was familiarized with the potent flavour of his mistress’ golden nectar.

If there was one upside, at least the taste on her putrid cock cheese had been successfully washed from his tongue, replaced with a flavour that was at least comparatively better.

The same couldn’t be said for his sense of smell though. The revolting stench of the fermented smegma was still present on his sinuses, only added to the pungent odour of super concentrated, orcish morning piss. The moist steam constantly puffed from his nostrils with every breath that he took, he actually had to close his eyes to stop them from burning amidst the vapour.

The human’s entire body convulsed, and his bloated stomach lurched, causing the piss in his belly to slosh around and froth up even more. His lips were still placed over the warm, slick head of Ruth’s cock while his hands was still gently caressing her bulky, throbbing shaft. Precum that was now a lot runnier after mixing with the urine in Ruth’s pisspipe resumed trickling into his mouth. His gagging was muffled by the glans in his mouth and the thick foreskin surrounding it that still reeked of rotten orcish cock cheese.

One was relaxing after doing her business and the other was left in a sorry state after being used as a cock polisher and then a urinal right after. It was a scene far removed from what one imagined to be a couple intimately kissing in the privacy of their room.

“Alright, that’s enough for now.”

As soon as ruth said these words, the human’s lips finally detached from her one eye-monster and Marcus doubled over the edge of the bed, violently coughing and retching. He clutched the edge of the bed until his hands turned pale as he gagged, as if trying to expel a large object from his throat. Yet, no matter how his throat spasmed, no matter how his stomach lurched and churned, it frothy, liquid contents stayed put while refusing to leave his system.

At this point Marcus had lost all ability to rebel, either psychologically or physically. Even if he were to jab his fingers to his uvula right now, the option to regurgitate the pungent, steamy liquid filling his stomach was not allowed. To say that the human was aggrieved would be an understatement, the presence of the collar that he could feel on his neck even when it wasn’t visible was a constant reminder that his life was no longer his to command.

“If you’re done being dramatic, I’d like to take care of my equipment.”

Apparently the Orcess hadn’t finished maintaining her equipment the evening before, probably because she’d been interrupted by Marcus’ arrival. The human wondered what her maintaining her equipment had to do with him, but he would soon find out.

The wooden bed creaked as the weighty Orcess got up, she then walked over to where her stuff was leaning against the wall without even shoving her cock back into her drawers. Marcus was treated to a view of Ruth’s large, doughy as cheeks undulating as she walked, restrained only by a pair of black underwear. Gone were the rags she was wearing before, replaced instead with a strange garment that the human had only recently acquired during a recent dungeon raid. As slave to the Orcess, all of Marcus’ possessions had properly switched hands, he was ordered to bring the things he had stowed away inside his own room to the orc, and naturally that also included the special pair of undergarments he hadn’t even gotten the opportunity to wear himself.

The underwear seemed to be tailored specially towards someone of his class, the material was super thin and incredibly stretchy. The special garment that was perfect to use during covert operation instead had its best feature utilized in a way that it perfectly stretch over and fit the form of the Orcess’ large ass despite appearing much too small at first glance. The elastic band of the underwear was situated just below her pudgy stomach while the leg portions stopped at barely an inch below her large, doughy butt cheeks.

The sight of the strange black underwear that matched well with the Orcess’ green skin caused the human to stare at her butt for a short while, but then remembering his current predicament, he defiantly looked away. While still trying futilely to throw up the many pints of hot piss filling his belly, the human thought that he never wanted to be anywhere near that ass again. Unfortunately, it really wasn’t up to him anymore.

“Okay boy, roll over.”

Marcus barely had time to react before his gagging was cut short as his body flipped over, he was left in a position like a dog asking for a belly rub! Given his previous position, he ended up with the back of his head hanging just over the bed.

“Alright, now back up a bit…”

Loyally following her command, Marcus found himself scootching further unto the bed until his head was properly on the mattress but still near the edge.


The human’s eyes shook as his heart beat loudly in his chest. He was unable to turn his head to see where the Orc was, but he could clearly hear he moving closer towards him. The next thing Marcus knew, a large dark shadow was looming right over his face! Unfortunately, as a result of him waking up screaming earlier, thinking that everything until now was a bad dream, he’d been given the order to stay quiet. This meant that he wasn’t even allowed to scream as he saw the large blubbery mass falling towards his face!


The legs of the bed once again creaked while the edge of the mattress where the human’s head had been had sunk down considerable. Marcus’ head was instead replaced with the Orcess’ large ass while most of his upper body had dipped lower along with the mattress, this of course meant that his head was fully smothered, squished even, under the heavy Orcess’ huge butt!

No sounds were made as the human still couldn’t scream, however his ire was made clearly known by the heavy thrashing of his free limbs. His arms and legs roughly beat against the bed, causing the sheets to become wrinkled and fly about. Yet despite all of his thrashing, the human never attempted to shove the large ass off of his face. Such an act would be in defiance of his master, which was obviously not allowed, therefore unless the Orcess gave him the order to grope her butt, he had to keep his hands to himself and allow his face to be sat on. Though he wouldn’t have been able to lift her off either way.

“You’re really energetic this morning huh.”

Ruth of course felt the human’s full-bodied protest, but the Orcess had no plans to order him to keep still, after all, his futile struggling was a big part of the fun. With the quality of the collar she’d put on him, she could have easily turned him into a half-minded puppet that stoically followed all of her commands without fail, however rather than a simple-minded object, the Orcess wanted a fun toy that she’d never grow bored of. And so far, the human had been performing just as well as she’d hoped.

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