Subject: Robbie’s Big Willie (4) This us a fictional story about the singer Rob is Williams. I just saw an old music video of this hit guy and though he needed attention. He was big in the 90’s and was so hot. Sexy and totally uninhibited in his sexuality. And I had totally forgotten about him until now. Now I have never met the man. So thus hit story is pure fiction. To you Robbie. You smoldering sex machine you. Robbie’s Big Willie (4) … Yes Robbie was naked now. Fully so as I yanked his briefs down his legs. After some crotch rubs through them and some face to dick worship I had to pull them down. To get at his mighty star dick. I was in shock that I had hooked up with this superstar. And even more shocked that I was here with him and about to have at this hot super star and his big dick. And there before me was Robbie’s meaty cock. Big and uncut. The head poking out at the tip and the tip itself with a drop of his precum already pushed out at the end. He was definitely ready for some fun. “Here ya go man” he said to me. Then he shook his body from side to side. Hips moving and dick flipping about in front of him. Slapping on one side of his lap and then to the other. The thing smacking hard upon his skin. And as it flew side to side before me the big meaty slab made me all the more hungry for him. I reached for Robbie’s dick and grabbed hold of it to stop it’s motion. Then just held it in my hand. Looking at the delicious slab before me. “Damn. This is nice” I said “Go on man. Suck” he said to me “Open that mouth and suck me off” So I did. I opened my very hungry mouth and took his dick into it. Sliding my tongue up under his heavy mersin escort cock head and shaft. Then I started the motions of sliding down his cock. Taking some of the meaty tube in. Then when I was half way down is topped and pulled back up on him. My lips tight around the thick shaft as I pulled back and off his dick. I then let my tongue move up and around the head of his beefy dick. Tasting the tip of him. I was still holding on to his cock base as I licked up the head some more. Tasting the drool that started to pool at the tip. He was already precumming. Feeding out his goo to my hungry mouth. And man was it tasty. Lightly salted with hints of something else. Maybe pee. I was not sure, but it was pleasant. So I continued to suck on him. Sliding back down again. Then continuing the suctioning as I came back up, and repeating the process. Soon I was slurping up and down his very big dick as he was at full mast now. A big thick schlong that was about near eight inches for sure. The bull head was fat and beefy. And it was drooling copious amounts of precum now. “Damn!” I chirped as I looked at the log “Is pretty fucking big man” I gripped at the thick meaty shaft. The veins surrounding the fleshy column were swollen like his dick. Pulsing with blood that was moving through them to keep him erect. “Fucking fantastic cock” I stated “Just like I knew it would be” “Well fucker” he huffed “Just get to blowing it up man” “Keep sucking my fat dick” I felt him pull at my head. Urging my to continue his cock worship. I was again just inches from his fat dick. Licking at my lips again as I was about to retake his dick in my mouth. I opened escort mersin my.mouth up and pulled it over his dick. Robbie saw this and pulled me down more of his cock than I was planning to go down on. And over two thirds of his salami was shoved into my face and throat. I felt my face fill up, my throat fill up and in knee the gag reflex would kick in. He was big after all. “Awe fuckk” he moaned out “Take it man. Take it all in that fucking mouth” And he started to hump at my face as he fucked my head. Thrusting that very big dick into my throat over and over. So yes I did gag after a few hard thrusts. I had to free my choking throat from his big dick. I pushed off his thighs and pulled myself from his dick. Gasping for that much needed air as I did. Robbie smiled as he looked down at me. Eyes wet from the tears that were pooling out from them. All from the lack of air and the raping of my face. “Damn. Such a great fucking mouth” he said. His hand stroked at my face. An almost gentle stroke. Then he leaned down and kissed me. Saying that I was a very good cock sucker. But then he pulled up again and grabbed at my head. He then pushed his big dick back at my face. Ordering me to suck on his log some more. I looked at him. His face stern and serious. Then back down at his dick. It looked somehow bigger than before. A huge thick club that I had somehow swallowed almost whole. Something that at that moment I could not believe I had been able to do. “Get back on my dick fucker” he growled “That hit mouth is mine to have” “You will suck my fucking cock” “And then that fucking whore hole will be mine” “And I will fuck you silly mersin escort bayan with this” Then he swung his big cock at my head. Smacking it across my cheek. The thing smacked my face hard. And I chirped out a soft cry. “Ughn” I huffed But Robbie just smacked at the other side of my face. Then he rubbed the dewy cock head against my nose and mouth. Telling me he needed my mouth back on him. I smelled the drool covered cock again. It was now ripe with his smell. The growing smell of sex that was oozing from this hot star. And that cock was still quite a sight to behold. I looked at him and the dick again. Then decided that I did need to continue to worship this God. Least I piss him off and I get no more of him. So I wrapped my fingers around the thick dick again. Feeling the meatiness if Robbie’s big dick again. Then I licked at my mouth as I was to go back down on his big dick. I opened my very hungry mouth again and went down on Robbie’s dick once more. Sliding down half of the huge dick in my hand again. Tasting the salty goodness of his flesh and the precum drooling at the tip. Relishing in it again “Yess” he moaned out again “Suck. Fucking sick that dick!” He pulled me back down his big club again. Forcing the huge dick into my throat once more. And again causing me to gag from his size. And he would roughly hump at my face some more as he choked me out. Then again push me off his big wet dick. Moaning again from how he liked the sensations in his cock. “Now man” he then said “Now I am going to get that man pussy ready” “Get up here and let me see that hole” I crawled up in the bed for him. Naked as the day I was born. Then Robbie pulled at my legs. Hauling me to the edge if the bed. Then he dropped down to his knees. I felt his hands on my ass. Grabbing at the cheeks. Then as I looked back at Robbie, he shoved his face between them. “Ughnn” I moaned out … To be continued

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