Subject: Road Trip Shenanigans Chapter 4 This story is 100% false, but is based on a real person. Feedback is always appreciated! Road Trip Shenanigans Part 4 ********* “A lot of things actually.” Alex responded. “Like?” I asked. “Well as you can already tell, I’m into bondage, public has turned me on since we messed around in that national park once, filming kinda turns me on since we’re both photographers, and I wouldn’t mind being in a threesome or at least watching one.” he mentioned. “Woah, I never would have guessed that you would be a kinky one. I thought you would be an innocent twink.” I remarked. “What’s a twink?” “Almost little body hair, skinny or toned, usually very boyish. Like your body is that of a twink, but your face is a lot more scruffy. It’s a compliment really.” I mention to him as we locked eyes. “Well thank you Sam. I feel honored.” he said giving me a wink. At that moment, I got a message. It was from my friend Colin. “Hey man, I’m back in town and saw that you were here and wanted to see if you were down to hang out.” I showed the text to Alex and asked him what he thought. “Well we could see if he’s down for some fun.” he said, giving me a wink. I replied to Colin to meet me at Alex’s house in about 15 minutes. We both realized that we needed to look at least somewhat decent since the hot and sloppy sex we just had made us smell like cum and sweat. We walked down the hallway and Alex turned the shower on and we both got in. Alex started to wash my back and soon he was eating me out again. I was moaning from the constant penetration that his tongue was giving me and soon enough, I was already leaking precum. Just as I was about to get off, he stopped and I helped him up. Soon I started to wash his back as well and I got to my knees and started to eat him out. His tight hole tasted so delicious as I lapped over it several times over. I turned him around and his hard cock slapped me in the face. I took his cock in my mouth and started to blow him with ease. I could feel he was getting close to cumming so I pulled off of him and gave him a smirk. “For later.” I said and he responded with a wink and a smack to my ass. “Oh do it again daddy.” I begged him. “Good boy, you’ve been a bad slut. You are such a cum whore aren’t you boy?” he said. “Yes daddy, I’m your cum whore!” I begged. I felt another loud smack on my ass and another and another. It felt like about 10 smacks on my ass as I felt the hot water sting my ass as it started to get red. Alex turned off the shower and we both dried each other with him patting my ass light before kissing it. It was at that moment we heard the doorbell ring, we both hurried to Alex’s room as we tried to find our clothes. After getting dressed we made our way to the door and welcomed Colin. “Hey what’s up Colin?” I greeted him. “Hey man!” Alex greeted him. “Not a lot my dudes, just got into to town and thought you guys might wanna do something.” Colin answered, stepping through the door. He stood at 5’9, with medium length brown hair that had curls, brown eyes, a pretty toned, yet skinny body weighing about 150lbs, he had his hat on backwards, wearing a light jacket, and a pair of skinny jeans that showed off a noticeable bulge. We walked back to Alex’s room and remembered that some of his `prized items’ are still laying around the room. I kicked the dildo under the bed and Alex covered the box with a blanket. “What’s been going on here boys?” Colin asked. “It smells like sex and cum.” “What do you mean dude?” I replied. “Well something most have definitely happened here. There’s some ropes on the bed, a gag of some sort and whoever these belong to.” He said lifting up my boxers with 2 fingers. “Not sure what to tell you man. I had a girl here before Sam came over.” Alex answered. “Sure you did, I noticed Sam was limping a little, and the way you two look at each other and the fact that Sam is already growing a boner right now.” Colin replied. I looked down and noticed that I was tenting in my shorts. I guess going commando wasn’t the best thing. I gave a quick look to Alex who gave me a nod to continue. “Well maybe I thought that your ass looked hot in those skinny jeans that you wore.” I said, not even aware of what I just said. Alex just gave me a flabbergasted look as I pretty much just told one of my best friends I’m gay and I like his ass. “Well that’s certainly interesting. Thanks for the compliment.” Colin said, still kinda shaken up. “Are both of you gay?” “Pretty much.” Alex answered. “Well I’m cool with it, you guys are still my friends.” Colin stated. “Thanks dude. We appreciate it.” I said. “So are you guys boyfriends?” Colin asked. “I guess friends with benefits.” Alex responded. “Well let’s see you guys kiss.” Colin stated. Alex and I looked at each other and just gave a shrug. We leaned in and started to kiss. In just a bit, we were dueling with our tongues in each of our mouths. I let Alex be the dominant one here and withdrew my tongue to my mouth to play with Alex’s. I moved my hands down to his lap, groping his now hard dick through the shorts. He in turn, started to fondle my balls before sticking his hand down my shorts and slowly jerking me off. “Fuck this is hot dude. You guys should do more.” Colin said excitedly. Alex and I looked at each other and just nodded with each other and we looked back at Colin who was massaging his sizeable bulge. “Come on and join in.” Alex suggested. “About time.” Colin replied. Colin got up and walked toward gaziantep travesti us. I greeted him by kissing him on the lips. At first I was gentle, soon I got rough, I pushed my tongue in his mouth and started to feel around. His tongue was trying to fight mine as they started to duel. I removed Colin’s hat and started to grab his hair a bit, running my hand through his luscious hair. Soon I had my hand rubbing against his stomach feeling up his developing abs. Alex felt left out and got up to walk towards me. He put his hands around me and began to plant kisses on my neck. Meanwhile Colin’s hands were starting to move around my body a while I moved my hand to his ass to give it a good squeeze. Alex, in turn, started to grind against me. I could feel his cock getting very hard against my ass. With both hands, he lowered my shorts down and soon my hard cock was sticking straight up to Colin. He grabbed it with one hand and began to lightly jerk it off. I lifted up Colin’s shirt and began to suck on one of his nipples, even gently biting it causing him to moan. I began to unbuckle his belt and unzipped his jeans to pull them down. He had a pair of American Eagle boxer briefs and a sizable bulge in them. I dropped down to my knees and began to start licking at Colin’s underwear. I lowered his briefs down to finally free his erect 7″ cut cock. He was trimmed from his stomach down to his pubes and a pair of balls that were bounce balls shaped. I immediately took his cock in my mouth and began to suck him. Colin started to moan at the feeling of my mouth around his cock and grabbed the back of my head to go deeper. I looked up at him and Alex as they started to make out now. Their tongues fighting each other as Colin grabbed his hat to put it back on. Alex’s hard cock was tenting through his shorts and I could even see a wet mark in his gray shorts as he started to leak precum. I pulled Colin’s cock out of my mouth and pulled down Alex’s shorts and free his cock. I took him in my mouth while I was jerking off. My left hand grabbed around to grasp Alex’s ass and with my right hand, I grabbed Colin’s ass. I took Alex’s cock out of my mouth and began to suck on Colin’s. I switched back and forth for a few more minutes before I got up and joined them in the make out session. After the make out session, Alex and I got on the bed and Colin proceeded to join us by getting on top of me. He immediately pushed his cock in my mouth and started fucking my face. He put his hands on the back of my head and started forcing me down his cock. I didn’t take him to be an aggressive guy, but I didn’t mind. Meanwhile my hands had move to squeeze Colin’s ass cheeks apart, prying closer to his hole. I could start to feel Alex’s mouth on my cock as he took it down his throat as he fondled my balls with his hand. “Fuck Sam, you’re a freaking pro at sucking cock!” Colin moaned as he continued to fuck my face. “I can’t believe I’ve been missing these past few years of you being a cockwhore!” I could hear the headboard hit the wall consistently every time Colin thrusts his dick down my throat. I finally got the courage to start probing his ass with my fingers and slipped just a single digit in. Colin moaned from my finger him as I just let it sit there inside him. He was so incredibly tight, even tighter than Alex when I first played with his ass. Alex in the meantime has stopped sucking me off and was laying down to the side jerking off while watching us. I slipped my finger further inside Colin till it was all the way in. I could feel that he was close to cumming and soon he just held his dick down my mouth and busted his load down my throat. I could feel the thick creamy shots go down into my stomach and I withdrew my finger from Colin’s ass. He withdrew his cock from my mouth as some of his cum started to leak a little from my mouth. “Fuck man. That was incredibly hot dude. That might have been the best bj I’ve ever gotten! Colin exclaimed. I’m glad my hard work was appreciated by him, maybe he could be an additional option for fun. “What else do you like to do?” He asked me. “Turn around and I’ll show you.” I replied. He surprisingly did without question and soon his ass was right in my face. The two small globes were tan which was surprising. Maybe he went to a tanning booth or sunbathed nude sometimes. I went ahead and split his cheeks apart and came across his lightly haired pink hole and dove in. Colin was wiggling around from all the pleasure I was giving him as I tongue fucked him with more passion than I’d given Alex. After a few minutes of rimming him, I wanted to tease him a little bit and stuck one of my fingers inside him again. He seemed to not mind, so I added an additional finger into him. He actually liked it even more and told me to go deeper despite my fingers being already deep enough in him. He was incredibly tight, even after the rimming and first finger, I wanted to loosen him up more. I began to scissor my fingers causing his hole to spasm even more and thus made Colin say something that I didn’t think I would hear from him. “Fuck me Sam.” “Are you sure?” I ask. “Yeah, I’m curious about it. After all my years dating Rosie, she never came close to wanting to do what you did to me.” he responded. “Okay well go lay on your stomach.” I told him. He got off of me and proceeded to lay in front of me with his legs spread apart and his ass facing up. I put my hands on his hip, just feeling the muscles in them. I moved gaziantep masaj salonları my hands to roam all around his back until finally reaching his ass. I spread his cheeks apart and pushed my cock against his hole before finally shoving the head in. “Holy fuck!” Colin screamed. I was about to pull out before I heard him to ask me to just go a bit slow and let him get used to it. After a few minutes he gave me a nod to continue, so I slid more of my dick inside him till I was all the way inside him. Colin was moaning from the feeling of something being inside him for the first time. “Shit dude, you’re tighter than Alex when I first fucked him!” I exclaimed. We both looked at Alex who was fingering himself as he jacked off watching us fuck. “Keep going guys, this is so hot to watch!” Alex said. I began to start pumping in and out of Colin with a little more power, just repeating over and over again. Once again my balls started to slap his ass repeatedly in time with my thrusts, I leaned my head against him and began to bite the back of his neck slightly. I hope Rosie doesn’t mind, but oh well. I move my hands all around his sides and began to pound him even harder. Colin began to moan uncontrollably, I thought maybe Alex’s neighbors might hear him. I gave Alex a look to have him join and he just shrugged, clearly having a lot of fun. He got up and got in front of Colin with is his cock just inches away from his mouth. Colin opened up his eyes and immediately looked up at Alex’s eyes and took his cock in his mouth. He sure is straight lol. Colin took Alex’s dick fully down his throat in a matter of a few seconds. He was gagging a bit, but seeing him struggle was pretty hot to watch, not gonna lie. Alex moves his hands to Colin’s head and starts forcing him to get more cock down his throat. I began to get that familiar feeling when you’re about to cum. “Fuck Colin! I’m about to cum in your tight pussy bro!” I moaned. “Hell yeah Sam! Fill me up!” Colin exclaimed. That got me really going now. I started to fuck Colin like a jackhammer. I was thrusting into him as fast as I could, slapping my pelvis against his ass finally I went balls deep into him and unloaded. I released my seed deep in Colin, immediately filling him up to full capacity. Colin moaned in approval as I bred him. In turn Alex started to moan uncontrollably and it seemed like he was about to cum. He let out a big gasp and soon came to a steady breathing as he pulled his dick out of Colin’s mouth with a little amount of cum leaking from his dick. I pulled my dick out of Colin’s ass with a slight pop and my cum beginning to leak out his gaping hole. I moved my hands to his shoulders and raised him up so we were right up against each other. I leaned my head forward and he turned his head as our lips met. I forced my tongue into his mouth and began to suck Alex’s cum out of his mouth. There didn’t seem to be a lot, I guess he must have swallowed it. My eyes looked down and noticed Colin’s hard cock was leaking precum, I immediately began to jerk him off slowly, causing him to moan in my mouth. Alex got down to his hands and knees, and crawled right over to Colin and began to suck him off. I withdrew my hand and began to lightly touch his stomach and began to move up as I reached his hardening nipples. I gave them a light squeeze and Colin moaned even more in my mouth. I got sidetracked and Colin snuck his tongue into my mouth and began to feel around in my mouth for some of the cum I stole from him. It didn’t take long before Colin came, I could hear him moaning as we broke off our kiss. I could hear the soft humming coming from Alex as I saw him swallowing Colin’s load. I pulled up Alex off his dick and we began to make out. I immediately wanted to taste some of his cum and stuck my tongue in his mouth. I guess I am a cum whore, oh well. “Holy shit guys, that was flat out incredible. Shit that might have been one of my best sexual experiences ever! Wow!” Colin gasped as he recovered from his post orgasm release. He looked at Alex and I as we broke off the kiss and just gave him a smile. “It gets a lot hotter to be honest. Usually Sam is an absolute bottom for me. He’s only fucked me once and I’ve fucked him about 7 times. We just started to get kinky in the last few hours.” Alex said. I gave him a wink when I heard him say it. “Shit man, I’ve been missing out on some amazing stuff. How long have you guys been messing around for?” asked Colin. “Since we went out to Colorado back in April.” I answered. “Damn dude! Wish I knew you were gay, I would have loved to have your mouth on my cock a lot of times.” Colin said. “Guess I should have made it more obvious that I liked dick.” I said. We all just laid in bed for about 5 minutes before getting up and putting on our clothes and getting some lunch. We ended up getting Buffalo Wild Wings and sat in the booth, Alex sitting next to me and Colin across from us. Usually Alex plays footsies with me unintentionally (well at least I thought) when we would study together or go out to eat. Maybe he was giving me signs about wanting to get it on. As soon as the waitress took our orders, I could feel Alex’s foot touching my own and I looked at him with a look of “Really? We’re doing it here?” He just gave me a look of oh hell yeah. I felt his foot start to move up slowly on my leg before he reached down with his hand groped my hardening cock. He slowly moved his hand under my sweatpants and gaziantep escort bayan began to jerk me off slowly. Colin just looked at us and thought we were crazy to do this kind of stuff in public. I gave him a shrug look and told him that it was pretty normal for us, I switched my gaze and looked at Alex who just gave me a big goofy smile. He jerked me off with a little more speed, I looked down and saw that my dick was massively tenting in my sweats, of course Alex’s hand helped my make pants a lot bigger. Despite me cumming just about a half hour ago, I was about to cum again. I was sweating profusely from this exhilarating moment and Colin could sense I was close to. “Do it Sam.” I heard him mouth to me. After that, I started to cum. It was a good thing that I was wearing shorts because I could feel my cum start leaking through my boxers. Alex moved his hand to cover my cock head and corral some of my cum before pulling his hand out of my pants and stuck one of his cum soaked fingers in his mouth. Jeez this guy was too much to handle for me, but I love him so much. I looked down and thankfully my cum wasn’t leaking through my sweats. Phew, what a relief. After a few minutes, our waitress brought out our food, we pretty much devoured our wings in a few minutes. After a while, we got our receipts and headed towards Alexhouse. Once we got there we went back to his room and all sat down on the bed with me being in the middle of them. “So…. what do you guys want to do next?” I ask “I think we all know.” Colin answer as he leaned in and kissed me. Alex pulled down my sweatpants and started to caress my legs. I was already getting hard as Colin stuck his tongue in my mouth and pushed me down onto the bed. He was being more aggressive and I was more than okay with it. He lifted up my shirt and pulled it off. Alex pulled down my shorts and boxers and soon I was the only one naked. Colin flipped me over exposing my ass and pulled off his shirts. He then pulled down his jeans and boxers and slapped my ass. “I hope you’re ready for this cock Sam.” Colin said. “Yes sir. I’m ready.” I answered. Colin smacked his cock against my ass before pushing my cheeks apart and entering his fingers inside me. I quickly opened up for him and he withdrew his fingers and stuck his cock in me. He went ahead and thrusted his cock all the way into me until I felt his balls rested against my ass. He didn’t wait for me to get used to it, he just pounded away at my ass. It hurt at first, but soon it felt sooooo good. “Holy fuck Colin, you feel so good inside me sir!” I exclaimed. “Love your tight ass Sam. Even tighter than Rosie’s pussy!” Colin moaned as he continued to pound me. I looked over to Alex and saw that he was already naked and jerking his cock off. He saw me looking at him and got in front of me and stuck his cock in my mouth. It felt good to get that feeling of being full on both ends. I looked up to meet Alex’s face as he had his mouth opened, soft moaning, and eyes slightly opened. He looked like he was having a great time as was Colin who continued to fuck me with a lot of passion. I wonder if he’s like this with Rosie. “Fuck Sam, I’m about to bust inside your whore ass!” Colin screamed. “Yes sir. Please breed my pussy.” I grunted as I felt Colin launch one last thrust and shot his load. I could feel his cock shoot his thick creamy cum deep inside me. Almost 8 shots of his gooey cum flooded my guts and it felt good to get full. After a bit, I turned my attention to finish off Alex. He still had his same pose, so I decided to what he lowkey loves the most. I moved my hands to his ass and squeezed them eliciting a moan from him. I moved my hands closer to his tight hole as I spread his cheeks apart and slipped a finger in his hole. He still felt so tight no matter how many times I rim him or finger him. I slide my finger all the way in and start fingering in and out of him causing him to moan a little bit more louder. I quickly found his prostate and began to massage it gently. Alex responded by moaning more loudly and aggressively moving his hands to the back of my head and forcing me to take in his cock more. I looked up at him and we locked eyes, his blue eyes melted right into my soul and he grunted one last time before cumming down my throat. I could feel shot after shot get blasted down my throat as I swallowed it all. I think there was about 9 loads of cum busted from Alex’s dick which I definitely didn’t mind a bit. I withdrew my fingers and his cock from my mouth and noticed that I had already cummed on Alex’s bed, maybe it was when Colin was pounding me and the pleasure was too much. Colin had pulled his deflated cock out and I could feel the cum dripping out of me and onto the floor. “That was an amazing experience guys, unfortunately though I gotta go meet up with Rosie. Let me know when you guys meet up again and I’m in town, I’d be down to do more of that.” Colin said as he slapped my ass one more time as put on his jeans and shirt. “Alright sounds good man. Lot of fun today!” Alex said. “Yeah it was a ton of fun. Hope to see you soon!” I said. With that Colin departed from the house and we saw him drive off. Alex closed the door and looked at me. “So what did you think?” he asked. “I liked it a lot, I didn’t think you get involved that much except getting blown and jerking me off in public. Which by the way, don’t do it again.” I said. “Yeahhh I don’t know why I did it. Just instinct I guess, I won’t do it again unless you agree to it.” he responded. “So what did you want to do next?” I ask “You!” he said, giving me a wink. ********************** Thanks for reading part 4! If you liked what you read, email me ail. I love hearing suggestions and feedback (both positive and negative). 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