Return of Bob: Part Two of Three.


Return of Bob: Part Two of Three.Day ThreeWe were both having breakfast, no one was in earshot of us, not that they would have been at that time in the morning. Bob reached a cross the and held my hand, I love you he said, I love you to Bob I replied, do you wanna move in with me, I don’t want to lose you again, I had tears in my eyes, I’d love to Bob, if you want I’ll sell the house and we can get somewhere smaller like an apartment, never had much time for that gardening lark anyway and an apartment would be far more manageable with the work I do, got somewhere in mind Bob I asked, I’ve been looking Bob said, I’m not get any younger, well after the two days we’ve had Bob I would have put you as a teenager for your sex drive you can still get it hard at the drop of a hat, plus your a pretty long stayer, last night proved that you had me in that first position last night for a good thirty minutes, did you enjoy it he asked, fuck yeah I repliedSo what’s on the itinerary for today I ask Bob, busy day he said we should get to the next hotel by six, we have two visits to do which will leave us two hours at each attraction, sleepy time on the coach I think. I’ll believe that when it happens I replied, Bob was deep in thought and stroked his beard, yeah you may be right about that he said, I’ve got an idea you may like. We had another hour or so while we waited for the passengers, so Bob pulled the two blinds down at the back of the bus and we had a cuddle and fondle for thirty minutes on the back seat, there you go Bob, this is what teenagers do on back seat of the bus and I hope you’ve put your briefs on today as you can see your cock down the side of your leg when your sat in the drivers seat, bahis şirketleri he laught, I’ve got them on, that was just for you yesterday, I know I sniffed them while you were in the shower, you pervert he said.Passengers loaded and we were on our way, I was sat behind Bob this time and watched him through the mirror for the whole journey, wow I was smitten with him. We arrived at the next attraction Bob got on the mike and informed the passengers of pick up time and stuff, again we had to go to a coach park not to far away. Bob parked up and we relaxed again on the back seat, again he pulled the blinds on both side down, I watched every move he made. He sat down and unclipped his tie, undid his shirt and took it off, I didn’t say anything I just watched him strip off to his briefs, he then asked me to do the same, it’s your turn he said with a big grin across his face, I look quiet puzzled at him, to fuck me right here right now, it’s fucking turning me on at the thought of you fucking me on my bus.Bob sat in the Isle seat on the back, he leant back and spread his legs, the bulge in his brief looked enticing so I got on my knees and rubbed and mouthed his package, I pulled his briefs off then he moved over to the exit seat leant back and put one leg on the seat headrest and one leg on the rear seat head rest, the sight of his large white arse and hole gave me a hard on, wait a minute he said I’ll put the big towel on the seat don’t really want to get spunk stains and lube all over the upholstery.Bob returned to his position, legs up and spread, fuck me hard and fuck me deep he said, I got in position and penetrated his hole, the look on Bob’s face was that of pain, keep going he said I’ve bahis firmaları never had a b**st that big before, I followed Bob’s instructions to the letter, he grabbed onto the head rest as I pounded his hole, his face was all scrunch up, it was really hurting him, I asked him if he wanted to change position, he refused, may later he said, I slowed down a bit and the pain went from his face, he started to take deep breaths one thrust after another, his tits were resting on his belly as he was in such a compact position, I caressed them and squeezed his nipples, We were both sweating, Bobs sweat ran off his face and onto his big belly, I rubbed his sweat all over his belly and made it shine.After banging Bob’s hole for ten minutes or so he wanted to change positions, he got up and turned his back to me, he put one foot on the floor and his knee on the seat, he bent over and pulled his arse cheeks apart. This is probably one of my favourites sights, his cock and low hanging balls hanging between his legs and his fat belly hanging behind them, I took the similar position, one foot on the floor and one on the seat, Bob then asked me to film me fucking him, I reach into his jacket pocket and pulled out his phone, I asked him why he wanted it filming, he replied, so I can have a wank when your not here, I replied, well I’m gonna be with you all summer, plus I’ll be moving in at the weekend, oh right he replied, nice of you to tell me, now stick your cock in me and give me a good fucking. I aimed the camera with one hand then guided my cock in with the other, I pressed record and started to fuck Bob, ahhh that good he said. I slowed down a bit so I could get a good shot of my cock stretching his kaçak bahis siteleri rim. Does that feel good Bob, it feels fucking great. I stopped filming and put the phone down then grabbed Bobs hips and gave him some hard deep fucking, I could here his hard cock slapping against his belly, Bob was gripping the arm rest as if his life was in danger. I think it’ll be easier next time Bob, I fucking hope so he replied. A dozen more slow hard thrusts later and I shot my load in Bob and withdrew my cock and slapped his arse. I told him to stay in that position while I wiped all the spunk from his arse and the leakage that ran down his legs, I sat on the seat behind his and said I fucking love that sight of your arse, balls and cock just hanging there, I wish Id given you a good rimming and fingering before I fucked you, well you can always do that tonight Bob said. Well that was the morning sorted, now what’s in store for us this afternoon. To cut a long story short we just relaxed on the bus in the afternoon and played sloop teenagers on the back seat. The evening was good though as Bob let me rim and finger his arse. After which I gave home a good sucking and he shot his load in my mouth and to follow Bobs example I swallowed it and licked his cock clean afterwards. Now I was loosing count at how many times Bob and I had sex and we were only on day three, Day four would be different, very different. Bob asked me if I’d ever visited a sauna, never Bob I replied, he explained to me about it and that it’s was only across the road from the coach and HGV park, fuck Bob your a right sex maniac, sounds good though. Bob had not been there for a few years as he’d not done this tour so he went online to see if it was still open, it was that’s and Bob said he we pick a bloke up we can share him, I’ll fuck him then you can fuck him, you OK with that Bob said, fine, I replied.Return of Bob : Part Three of Three (within the next few days).

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