Rediscovering Diana Ch. 04


This is the fourth part of a story based on conversations between two good friends. Voting has been positive enough for me to feel that this should be continued and there are a few more ideas in the pipeline. Constructive criticism would be welcome.

As usual, the story is set in a place where there are no STDs or other communicable diseases and no unwanted pregnancies. All characters involved in sexual acts are well over 18.


The rest of Diana’s week was relatively uneventful. She called Jenny during her lunch break every day. Their frank, friendly chats left her hoping that she and the younger woman could become friends, not only lovers. Diana was really looking forward to seeing her again at the weekend.

Unfortunately, when Saturday came around the weather was awful. The kids’ sporting activities were cancelled. The covered courts at the tennis club were reserved for team practice when it rained, which meant Diana had no excuse to go out. Of course professional football was not cancelled, the Swans were playing away anyway, so Charlie headed off to the club to watch the match with his mates, leaving Diana at home with the kids.

Diana decided to go through the children’s old clothes to see what could go to their local charity. She was sitting on the floor in the spare bedroom, surrounded by heaps of clothing, when the doorbell rang.

Much to her surprise, she found Jenny on the doorstep, dressed in a hoodie, shorts and running shoes, though she had only run from her car, parked a couple of places down the street. Even so, her hoodie was distinctly damp.

“Come in, come in! Let me take your jacket.” Diana ushered the blonde girl into the house and held out her hand for the wet hoodie.

Jenny grinned and shrugged her shoulders. She put down the fashionable little backpack that she carried with her in place of a purse, then unzipped the hoodie and took it off. Diana was not at all prepared for what the girl was wearing underneath. Jenny giggled at her reaction and did a slow spin, holding her arms out horizontally. She was wearing a yellow mesh top with only a strip of elasticated fabric covering her pert breasts. While, strictly speaking, everything was covered, nothing was left to the imagination. Diana couldn’t decide if the overall effect was sweet or slutty. The top disappeared into a pair of baggy grey running shorts. Jenny had slipped her wet running shoes off, revealing a cute pair of matching short yellow socks. She looked good enough to eat.

Once Diana had hung the hoodie on the coat rack in the hall, Jenny came closer and stretched up to kiss Diana. Diana’s hands were all over the younger girl’s body, caressing and squeezing as they kissed passionately. Suddenly she realised where they were and broke away saying, “Not here.”

Diana led Jenny up to the spare room to finish tidying everything away. The spare bed was a temptation but they ended up sitting on the floor and chatting as Diana tidied.

Jenny was in a very bubbly mood. She told Diana a bit of her life story: how she and Matt were childhood sweethearts who had discovered sex early. Her exhibitionist streak fitted nicely with his voyeuristic tendencies and lack of jealousy, getting her known as the school’s blowjob queen.

They went to the same university together, where Matt discovered surfing while studying computer science. Jenny’s innate talent for reading people and understanding them emotionally let her breeze through her degree in psychology, while discovering she enjoyed sex with girls too.

It turned out that the surfers were a group of geeks who also enjoyed lazing around, drinking beer and hacking into computer systems around the globe. That was something Matt turned to his advantage after graduation when he wrote a number of firewall and anti-malware which were picked up by a multinational for an eight-figure sum, setting the two of them up in their current opulent lifestyle.

Matt and his right-hand man had left that morning to go to a convention. They would be away for a week.

With all the clothes sorted, Diana got up on her hands and knees to tidy the heaps away. Jenny stopped chattering abruptly. “God Diana. I wish I had an ass like yours, not just my skinny girl butt.”

Diana was flattered but laughed it off. “I wasn’t always like this. Having two kids changed me, you know.”

Suddenly she felt Jenny kneeling close behind her. The younger girl squeezed her bum through the comfortable yoga pants and lycra thong that Diana liked to wear around the house. Diana reacted by arching her back, pushing back against Jenny’s hands. Jenny ran her hands up Diana’s body, under her t-shirt, finding her unencumbered breasts. Her nipples were already erect, pressing into Jenny’s palms. Jenny tweaked the hard nubs between her thumbs and forefingers, eliciting a gasp from Diana. She wasn’t usually a fan of pain but had felt that stimulation directly between her legs.

Jenny pulled Diana up into a kneeling position and kissed the back of her neck mersin escort while continuing to play with her breasts and nipples.

“Get up on the bed,” whispered Jenny. Diana complied, kneeling on the edge of the bed with her bum in the air.

“Oh, I like that view,” said Jenny with a giggle. She playfully swatted Diana’s bottom with both hands, then massaged the spots where the slaps had landed. Much to her surprise, Diana’s body again reacted with arousal.

Jenny ran her hands up to Diana’s waist and grabbed the waistband of the yoga pants, peeling them down to Diana’s knees. Diana had a fleeting moment of panic; what if the kids came looking for her? The adorable sensations from the kisses that Jenny was placing all over her exposed behind soon overcame her worry and she settled down to enjoy being worshipped. Jenny teased her, a mixture of sensual kisses and other provocations, raking her fingernails across Diana’s firm bottom, licking, sucking and even nibbling her skin. Little by little Jenny’s touches moved closer and closer to the narrow strip of lycra covering Diana’s pussy, building the anticipation.

When Jenny finally reached the thong, running a fingernail up and down the thin strip of fabric, Diana shivered involuntarily. She so wanted to be touched, licked, taken by the younger girl. As Jenny increased the pressure of her fingertip, Diana could feel her pussy lips easing apart around the now wet material.

Jenny was enjoying the view. A damp circle was spreading across the grey fabric and the trimmed brunette hairs of Diana’s outer lips were starting to reveal the pink wetness between them.

At last, Jenny peeled the thong downwards too. Diana could feel the warmth of Jenny’s breath on her wet pussy. Jenny stuck her tongue out and licked slowly from clit to pussy, scooping up juices as she went. Both of them let out groans of enjoyment.

Jenny leant forward and plunged her tongue into Diana’s sodden pussy, as deep as she could, pulling the labia wide apart with her fingertips. Diana felt exposed yet incredibly aroused as Jenny devoured her with enthusiasm.

After a couple of minutes, Jenny moved her attention upwards, licking her way up to Diana’s rosebud. She used the flat of her tongue to work copious amounts of saliva into the tight muscle, helping Diana to relax and enjoy the sensations. That was followed by Jenny using the flat pad of her thumb to massage the muscle harder, easing it open slowly. Diana was in sensory overload. She had explored anal play with other girls many years ago but never as good as this. Diana felt Jenny place the other hand on her ass, squeezing and running a second thumb up and down her crack. The two probing thumbs alternated at pushing into her tight anal opening, going gradually deeper, making her more and more excited.

To Diana’s frustration, Jenny stopped before she came. “I brought you a gift,” said Jenny. “Pass me my bag.”

To reach the backpack, Diana turned on her side and stretched across the corner of the bed. Jenny dug a two-inch black cube out of her bag and handed it to her. When Diana opened the box, her suspicions were confirmed. It contained a shiny steel anal plug, the head about the size of a large cherry, narrowing to a quarter-inch stem, with a white cut-glass jewel embedded in the base. Diana had seen such objects online but had never imagined owning one.

Jenny took the plug from her and covered it in a lubricant that she had also taken from her bag. With one hand she spread Diana’s ass cheeks and with the other she eased the plug into the tight orifice where her thumbs had been playing only moments before. Diana was surprised by the cold sensation and then how easily the metal plug went in. She knew it had spread her wider than ever before but only felt a comfortable fullness as the numbing lube worked its magic. As the muscle closed around the stem of the plug, she realised how excited it was making her, right on the edge of her orgasm.

Jenny ran a fingertip along Diana’s pussy lips. “Oh my God, Diana, look at all that cream!” Her fingertip was followed by the tip of her tongue, lapping at the juices that were oozing from Diana. She turned Diana onto her back and spread her knees wide before diving in to lick her creamy pussy.

It took just a couple of licks to spread her labia wide, framed by her trimmed dark hairs, all covered with the sheen of her juices. Jenny slid two slender fingers into Diana’s sodden cunt and licked slowly up towards her clit. When she got there, it only took one lick to send Diana over the edge. She held Jenny’s mouth over her clit as her pussy spasmed around the girl’s fingers and her anus gripped the stem of the plug.

Jenny crawled up Diana’s prone body to kiss her passionately. Together they shared the pussy juices that covered Jenny’s fingers, lost in the closeness of the moment.

Suddenly they were roused by the sound of a bedroom door opening.

“Mum?” It was the voice of Diana’s 13 year old son Ben. “I’m hungry”.

Diana mersin escort bayan leapt from the bed and quickly pulled up her thong and pants. “I’ll be right there Ben. You go on down.” She ran her fingers through her disheveled hair before going down to the kitchen, with Jenny following a couple of steps behind.

Her daughter Sara had heard them moving around and also appeared for a snack. Diana presented Jenny to the kids, getting a strange look from Sara and a simple “Hi!” from Ben. Diana quickly fixed them a sandwich and milkshake.

Standing together behind the counter as the kids ate, Jenny put her hand on Diana’s ass and whispered in her ear, “Mummy, your nipples are showing.” Diana glaced down and confirmed that they were plainly visible, tenting the thin fabric of her shirt. She blushed. Jenny ran her hand down Diana’s ass and pressed the head of the plug. It was all Diana could do to stifle a groan of pleasure. She had to move away, tidying the kitchen as she tried to calm down.

It wasn’t long before the kids had eaten and returned to their rooms and their usual weekend activities. Sara had her head buried in a book while Ben preferred his console games.

Diana looked across the kitchen at her girlfriend, petite and sexy in her yellow top and running shorts. She led Jenny across to the dining table and leant her against the edge, sitting on a chair between the girl’s feet. She ran her hands up Jenny’s thighs, straight up under her shorts, stopping on her mound. She could feel the heat radiating through the thin fabric, which was distinctly wet.

Rubbing her thumbs downwards, she found a thick seam and then some poppers. It turned out that this sexy mesh top was actually a one-piece bodysuit and Jenny was wearing nothing under it. Diana tugged the poppers open and the stretched fabric retreated upwards, leaving only the running shorts between her and her prize. In seconds, Diana had the shorts pooling at Jenny’s feet. Diana leant forward and planted a tender kiss on Jenny’s smooth mound, breathing in the scent of the girl’s arousal.

Jenny lifted her feet up onto the edges of Diana’s chair and spread her knees lewdly. Diana placed her hands on the inside of Jenny’s thighs and used her thumbs to ease her pussy open. As the outer lips spread apart, the slightly protruding, candy-pink inner lips opened too, revealing a prominent swollen clitoris, everything covered in copious juices. Diana placed a tender kiss on it, getting an appreciative “ooh”. Then she used the tip of her tongue to circle around Jenny’s clit, watching her reaction. Jenny’s head was back, her hips wriggling around, searching for a more intense contact with Diana’s tongue.

Thinking back to their last evening together, Diana worked her index finger and middle finger into Jenny’s sodden pussy. It felt so warm and wet, swallowing her fingers with ease. Jenny tilted her head back and rocked her hips gently as Diana worked her fingers in and out.

“Put another in,” whispered Jenny. “Fill me up.”

Diana slowly worked her ring finger into Jenny’s pussy alongside the others. She was mesmerised by the way the tight little opening stretched around her fingers and the quantity of juices it produced.

Diana leant in harder, opening her mouth to suck hard on the girl’s clit, pushing her abruptly over the edge. She had forgotten how vocal Jenny was! She lifted her head to say “shh”, breaking contact and leaving Jenny gasping, mid-climax. How beautiful she looked like that.

They locked eyes and Diana resumed the motion of her hand. Jenny was tighter now but Diana overcame that by pushing harder. Jenny mouthed at her, “Yes, keep going!”

As Diana pushed, Jenny produced more juices, which started to run down Diana’s wrist and forearm. Diana slipped off her chair and knelt at the girl’s feet, pushing her three fingers deeper and faster. Suddenly Jenny groaned, “Cumming.” Her body convulsed around Diana’s fingers as she came hard, squirting juices all over Diana’s shirt.

As Jenny came down from that intense orgasm, Diana eased the bodysuit upwards, kissing her way across her stomach. Pushing the mesh up further she reached the elastic of the fabric covering her pert breasts and found a nasty red welt below her left breast.

She ran a fingertip over it lightly. Jenny winced and looked down at the blemish on her otherwise perfect body. “That’s a rope burn from last night. It happens sometimes.”

“A rope burn?” Diana wasn’t sure what Jenny meant.

“Yes, a rope burn. Matt and Jason tied me up and fucked me. Well worth the after-effects.” Jenny’s face was a wicked smile now. “I can show you the video if you like.”

Diana got each of them a glass of juice while Jenny got dressed and they settled down together on the sofa in the front room with Diana looking over Jenny’s shoulder as she fiddled with her phone.

“Is that a smart TV?” asked Jenny. Diana nodded and turned it on. It was Charlie’s pride and joy and Diana felt rather naughty using it for watching escort mersin sex.

After another couple of taps on her phone, Jenny had the big screen showing the footage that she had cued up. Four cameras showed different views of a room that Diana hadn’t seen during her tour of the house. After a few seconds, Matt and another guy their age led Jenny into the centre of the room. “That’s Jason,” Jenny explained. “He’s VP of new product development.”

Matt stood behind Jenny and kissed her neck while Jason kissed her mouth and ran his hands over her body. Diana wondered how it would feel to have two guys touching her like that.

It wasn’t long before they had stripped Jenny naked, her pert young body visible from four different camera angles on the screen. The dynamic of the scene had started to change, with Matt holding Jenny still while Jason touched and posed her.

Jason stepped away for a moment and opened a large cupboard. One of the camera angles revealed that the cupboard was full of ropes, harnesses and other strange objects that Diana didn’t recognize. He returned with two lengths of blue rope.

With the first rope Jason quickly made a harness around Jenny’s rib cage and breasts. The ropes bit into her skin, sandwiching her normally pert breasts between ropes that passed above and below them, knotted in the centre. The other rope was looped around her waist and the top of her left thigh before being knotted in place. He clipped two carabiners into the ropes along her left side and Matt lay Jenny on the floor, on her right side and tied her arms in a folded position behind her back. It was obvious that they had all done this before. Jason let down two more ropes from the top of the screen and clipped them into the carabiners. Then he stepped back and pulled those ropes taught, slowly lifting Jenny off the floor. Matt looped another two ropes loosely around Jenny’s left knee and right ankle and helped Matt raise the helpless girl off the floor.

When she reached about waist height, they stopped hoisting and tied the ropes off before stripping off their t-shirts and shorts. Both of their cocks were hard, pointing at Jenny and flopping around as they moved.

Matt ran a hand up the inside of Jenny’s right thigh. When he reached her bare pussy he curled a couple of fingers and slid them deep into her. She was obviously very wet.

Jason positioned his long, thin cock in front of Jenny’s face and she obediently opened her mouth wide. He took hold of her head and slid his cock deep into her mouth., stopping with his pubis about two inches from her nose. He had hit the back of her throat. When he pulled out he moved around to his left, tilting her head back. On the next stroke he stopped again at the same depth, then grabbed her by the back of her neck and pushed deeper. Jenny’s body was jerking around as his cock went down her throat.

Diana was concerned and put her hand on her friend’s shoulder. “That looks a bit rough.”

Jenny turned her head and gave Diana a reassuring kiss. “I love being used like that. You should try it.” Diana was suddenly conscious of how her body was reacting to the scene playing out before her. Her nipples were rock hard, pushing against her thin shirt.The plug in her ass felt huge as the muscles between her legs tightened. She was getting very turned on.

On the screen, Jason was now fucking Jenny’s mouth, with long trails of saliva dripping to the floor each time he pulled out. Matt had straddled her right leg and was fucking her pussy vigorously. They watched as this double fuck brought her to a full-body orgasm, her convulsions dislodging the two cocks from inside her.

The guys swapped places. Jason adjusted the leg ropes so that both of Jenny’s legs were in a bent position, almost seated. He grabbed some lube and applied it to the head of his cock. Diana caught her breath as she understood he was aiming for Jenny’s asshole.

He found the spot and pushed his way steadily inside, provoking a deep groan from both Jenny on the screen and Jenny watching. The lube seemed to do its job well and he was soon sliding his full length in and out with ease, far easier than it had been in her mouth. Matt was fucking her mouth, matching Jason’s timing so that they were both in deep at the same time and pulled out together.

Diana sensed that the guys were now trying to cum, using Jenny to get off. She wanted to be in Jenny’s place.

Sure enough, after a couple of minutes Jason tensed up and unloaded his cum deep inside Jenny’s asshole, followed soon by Matt who pulled out and came all over Jenny’s face and hair. The girl on the screen was a wreck, covered in sweat and cum, her hair dishevelled, still hanging helplessly in the middle of the playroom.

As Jenny shut down the video feed, Diana wanted more. She kissed the side of Jenny’s neck and cupped her breasts. Jenny leaned back against her and guided Diana’s hand down inside her shorts. The gusset of her bodysuit was soaked and warm. Diana released the poppers and slid her fingers through the wetness, seeking out the girl’s clitoris. She used two fingers to sandwich that little nub, then started to rub up and down. In less than a minute Jenny was cumming again, writhing around as Diana held her.

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