Subject: Rebuilding the bond Chapter 19 Chapter 19 By midmorning the next day, I was already sweating and bored. We had to check out of our room, but the truck wouldn’t be done for a while yet. I sat on a picnic table, under the hot summer sun, sipping a large soda from the fast food joint. “Should be done in another hour or so,” Dad said, sitting down across from me, his shirt also starting to mat down with sweat. There was no sign of Troy today, he was probably out towing cars, otherwise I would be in his room, if anything just to stay cool. Over Dad’s shoulder, I saw an old dirty farm truck pull up to one of the pumps. The guy that got out was young, and from a distance, almost looked familiar. “I’m going to cool off in the waiting room a bit,” I told Dad. We had decided not to spend too much time in there, as there were only two chairs, and a number of people coming and going. Dad just grunted as he took off his cap to wipe his forehead. I strolled over to the garage and waiting room, keeping an eye on the guy at the pump. He was in dirty jeans, a pair of work boots, a cut off T-shirt, and a ball cap. As I neared he looked up at me, when our eyes met, we both recognized each other at the same time, it was the kid who had fucked me, along with his Dad, the night before. He quickly looked back at the pump, so I decided to go inside. The small waiting room was deserted, the cashier having stepped into the garage for a moment. I mulled around, looking at the candy bars and air fresheners on display, when the door opened and the kid came in. He looked round for the clerk, “just stepped in the back.” I said casually. “Oh” he responded, and leaned up on the counter, waiting. I took a breath, stole my courage, and walked up to him, “I’m Ian,” I said, stretching out my hand. şişli travesti “Oh, uh, James,” he said, taking my hand and giving it a firm shake. For someone so young, his hands were as rough as an old man’s. He had clearly spent his life working hard. I looked around, no sign of the clerk coming back anytime soon, “So, you enjoyed last night?” I was surprised at how bold I was being, but figured I’d probably never see this guy again, so why not. He also looked around quickly to make sure we were alone, “Ummm,” he stalled, before responding, “yeah, I guess. You, umm, you do that alot?” “Na,” I said with a chuckle, “just a situation I found myself in.” We stood there awkwardly for a moment. “Have you done that before?” He looked a little uncomfortable, “no. My Dad does though. He and Troy are buddies. Troy always texts him when he has, well, someone in his room.” “Oh really?” I said with a smile, “so why did you come last night?” “Dad said it was about time I got laid. `A man needs to know how to fuck.'” he said in an attempt to imitate his father, we both chuckled. “Girls around here don’t put out, so I guess he feels that fucking a queer is the next best thing.” “Well, you fucked real good,” I said, slapping him on the shoulder. “Na, I can last a lot longer when I’m jacking off in my truck, but your ass, well you saw how fast I got off.” “Nothing wrong with that.” I said with a smile. “If you are interested, I can give you a quick blowjob in the bathroom before I leave.” He looked a little shocked by this. Before he could answer, the clerk came back in, and greeted him. I decided I better get out of there, so I headed outside. I could see Dad still at the picnic table, now talking on the phone, so I went around to the side of the building where beylikdüzü travesti there was a men’s and women’s restroom. I decided to just lean up against the wall and wait, I had no idea if he would take the bait or not. A few moments later, James came around the corner, still looking unsure of himself. I slipped into the men’s room, he quickly followed. This was a small, single, white tiled room, with a toilet and sink. I clicked the lock behind him and guided him to the toilet. He dropped his pants and sat down. His cock was small and cut, and his balls were almost completely hairless. I took his flaccid dick into my mouth and started working it. I played with his balls while bobbing up and down on his growing dick. I knew this wouldn’t take too long, but I wanted to put my best foot forward and give him a really good bj. I could hear his breathing getting faster, he was already getting close, so I stopped. “What’s up,” he whispered. “Nothing, just don’t want you to cum quite yet.” “Oh, um, okay,” he paused and bit his lip, “can I see your ass again?” I chuckled, turned around on my hands and knees, and dropped my pants, exposing by ass and what I was sure was still a red, raw, whole from last night. I could hear him let our a breath, this was clearly exciting him. “Wanna fuck me again?” “I ain’t got too much money on me.” “Don’t worry about it,” I laughed,” this one is on the house.” He didn’t take much convincing, in a flash he was down on his knees behind me, spitting on his dick and rubbing it against my warm hole. Slowly he let it penetrate till he was all the way inside of me. Then he started thrusting. At first, he was trying to be quiet, so the slapping of skin hitting skin couldn’t be heard outside the bathroom, but as he worked it, istanbul travesti he started to speed up and forgot all about the noise. “Oh fuck,” he moaned. “You like that, don’t you?” “Oh fuck yea, I’m gonna…” “Yeah, give me your load” “Oh, fuck!” And with that, he blasted another nut deep into my guts. He was breathing deeply, and collapsed on top of me, resting his face on my upper back. He pulled his dick out of me, letting a glob of his jizz splatter on to the floor. “God that was amazing,” he said standing up. “I’m glad you like. Hope I can do it again sometime.” I rubbed my elbows, which were sore from the hard tile floor. “You, uh, you think maybe you can fuck me sometime?” “You ever been fucked before?” “No, but I, well, I always wanted to. “You get out to these parts much?” He asked as I buckled my pants and washed my hands. “No, just passing through. You ever get to the City?” “No. Never left the county, actually.” I chuckled, but then realized that must have come off very rude. “Sorry, but you should come to the City sometime.” After drying my hands, I pulled another paper towel off the rack, pulled a pen out of my shorts, and jotted down my name and cell number. “Hope we can meet up again.” He smiled, just as I was about to leave he asked, “can I kiss you?” I looked back, smiled, and walked up to him. He was a little shorter than I, so I had to bend a bit, but our lips gently made contact. Slowly, my tongue slipped into his mouth and his into mine. We could have stayed there all day if we wanted, but I decided to break it off. “Get in touch sometime.” I said with a smile. “Will do,” he replied happily. I unlocked the door, and slipped out. I rounded the corner to find Dad looking around “There you are! They are done, we can go now.” “Nice.” I said following him to the garage. As we were pulling away, I could see James climbing into his truck. He nodded at me, I nodded at him, then we went our separate ways. I doubted I would ever hear from him again, but I really hoped I would.

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