Subject: Randy – gay male This story is about a male to male sexual encounter, if you are under 18, offended by homosexuality, on it is illegal where you live please do not continue reading. Please don’t reuse or repost this story with out written permission Email comments to hoo Randy I had recently joined a new gym not because I did not like where I was going before but because the place I was working out now was much closer to home, so that I would spend less time and money driving across town. Let me tell you about myself I’m 31 years old, about 5’10, 190 pounds, have dark brown hair, and green eyes. I’m not in perfect shape but some would say I’m hot. I don’t think I’m GQ cover material but I been told that I am a good-looking guy. I have an average size endowment with shaved balls and trimmed pubes. I was at the time this happened still fairly new to having sex with men; I had only had a few encounters here and there with a few guys. So I was at the gym doing my work out after work as a do most days. Only today I noticed a cute looking guy checking me out on the gym floor. I could tell he was trying not to be noticed, but since I had he obviously was not doing such a good job. Me being very shy by nature I didn’t do much but check him out. Since I didn’t really know anyone there I thought it best to let him make the first move. A few days later on a Thursday I think it was, I saw him there again this time he winked at me. I winked back and smiled, we both want on with our workouts. After I finished I looked around but did not see him anywhere so I went to the locker room and striped down to go relax in the steam room hopping that I might find him there, but alas he must have left kızkalesi escort already. Now its Sunday Morning and I decided to go to the gym and swim some laps to help me continue to lean myself up a bit more. My gym has a glass wall on one end of the pool that is two stories high. I had been in the Pool swimming for about ten minutes of my planed 30 minutes swim when I saw my guy looking in the pool as I came to rest at the end of my lane. He was standing on the lower level looking directly at me, I’m sure he was watching me for some time with out my knowledge. We looked at each other and nodded, he went off to another area of the gym and I went back to my laps. All during my swim I could barely concentrate on anything my mind wandered about him, what he was like, what he wanted to do with me and thousands of other thoughts. I truly was hoping to find him in the steam room or sauna when I left the pool. Not being able to stand it any longer I left the pool before I planned too. When I got to the steam room he was in there sitting in the middle and some other guy near the door. I sat down at the end of the bench on his right. For a while I just sat there, then the other guy left. We were both stealing little glances at each other, I could tell there was tension and both of us were kind of shy. Then this guy comes in wearing long sweats and begins to do jumping jacks. After a few minutes he left, then I commented that that was odd for that guy to be jumping around in the heat. So he tells me “you will meet some strange ones around here” then He asks me if I’m new around here. I told him that I only joined a few weeks ago. He then says that I will tarsus escort meet more soon. So I just say him well I’ll be on the look out. Next he asks, “Have you been hit one by anyone here yet?” I reply “NO, Why?” now thinking I’m about to get hit on. Then he says “well your young and good looking” I reply “Thanks” Would you ever do anything with another guy? Is the next thing he asks me. Yeah, I would if the right guy was interested, I tell him. Then I move closer to him so that our legs are close to touching. Very carefully he putts his hand on my knee as I sigh from the feel of his touch. I start to do the same to him, he begins to work up to my naked crotch feeling my shaved balls and my hardening cock. The feeling of this handsome mans hands on me in such a public place was very erotic. I looked down and saw that he was hard too and took his beautiful cock in my hand and stroked it as he was doing to me. At that point we both looked in to each others eyes, I could tell that he wanted more. He leaned in and gave me one of the hottest kisses I have had up until now. Before I knew it we had our arms around each other kissing like we had been lovers for years with his tongue going into my mouth exploring its depths. My tongue wrestling with his as we made out in the heat of the steam room. All this and I still did not know this guys name or anything, we broke from our kiss and continued to jack each other off. He was leaking large amounts of precum and I was leaking to but not as much as him, I’m not a leaker normally but this time I was so turned on that the precum was dripping from my hard sensitive cock. He got on his knees and took me in his anamur escort warm wet mouth, god it felt so good that it was all I could do to hold back. Sensing this he pulled off my cock and came up and kissed me again. He stood up in front of me, I leaned in and took is cock into my mouth. He had the most perfect dick to suck, about 6-1/2 inches long, cut and slightly thicker than my own cut six inch dick. I sucked him savoring the taste of his sweat precum until he told me that he was close and wanted us to cum together. We resumed how we were before both stroking each others cocks. He began to moan softly and shot his load seeing him cum caused me to fire of my load right after his. We kissed again, he asked me if he could give me his number. Of course I agreed to accept it. He left and went to the showers, I fallowed him a minute behind taking the shower head across from him. I tried my best to not stare at him or act strange as the was another guy in there too showering at that time. Back at the lockers I got dressed and went to fix my hair back into a spike with some gel. He was also at the long vanity. He pushed a scrap of paper over to me. I took it and put it in my pocket and looked back in the mirror as he breathlessly mouthed “call me”. We both left the gym me ahead of him. As soon as I got in my car I pulled out the scrap of paper and found that he had only written his cell number on it, no name. I thought to myself dam I still don’t know my mystery man’s name. And he did not know mine either. So I nervously dialed his number as I drove hoping he might answer. After a few rings I got his voice mail and learned his name was Randy. So I let him a message and waited for a call back. I had been home a few minutes when my cell rang. It was Randy. We talked a few minutes and got to know each other and what we liked. Before hanging up we planed to meet again at the gym the next day. That was almost a year ago and we still get together and enjoy each others bodies when we can.

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